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  1. 1.Nuclear Actan needs a backsprite.
  3. 2.Need full body backsprites for nuclear Costraw, as well as the following non nuclear shinies: Buizel, Gligar, Gliscor, Mismagius, Theriamp, Chupacho, and Pufluff.
  5. 3.Need shiny sprites for Flaaffy, and the following nuclear forms: Magikarp, Gyarados, Costraw, Trawpint, Gligar, Gliscor, Tubjaw, Tubareel, Nupin, Gellin, and Actan.
  7. 4.Several shinies have colour inconsistencies between the front and back sprites.  The affected shinies are as follows: Owten, Glavinug, S51-A, Unymph, Titanice, Ratsy, and Lanthan.
  9. 5.Several shinies of canon Pokémon are inconsistent with their canon colorations.  The affected shinies are as follows: Mankey, Flaaffy, Spritzee, Aromatisse, and Sylveon.
  11. 6.Reposition the following shinies and nuclears to be consistent with their normal sprites: Kinetmunk, Gararewl, Grozard, Terlard, Tofurang, Fortog, Folerog, Smore, Pahar, Baaschaf, S51, Nucleon, Masking, Dramsama, Colarva, Fafurr, and Shrimputy.
  13. 7.Fixed color inconsistencies in Feliger's and Nucleon's icons.
  15. 8.Fixed the animation errors in Pajay's and Laissure's icons.
  17. 9.Fixed some weird artifacting in Mankey's and Sylveon's icons.
  19. 10.Added shiny icons for all obtainable Pokémon except Tubjaw, Tubareel, and corrupted nuclears. PhantoonNigjht is currently working on those.
  21. 11.TM94 Dazzling Gleam now has the fairy TM colors. It previously looked like a psychic-type TM.
  23. 12.Sachet now has the proper sprite instead of using the Whipped Dream image.
  25. 13.Partially implemented battle animations for the Apricorn balls. They have their intended appearance while being thrown, but still look like normal Poké Balls while shaking. Fixed the trade and summary sprites for the Lure and Nuclear Balls to be consistent with how they look in the bag. And the Nuclear Ball actually appears on the summary screen in the first place now.
  27. 14.Female sprites when necessary
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