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  1. Medovník
  5. Dough
  6. Boil 10 tbs of milk (or smetana - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smetana_(dairy_product) ) with 160g of sugar, 70g of butter, 2 eggs and 3tbs of honey.
  8. When it starts boiling and mixture gets thicker add 2 ts of baking soda. Careful, as it will gain quite a lot of volume suddenly.
  9. Let the mixture cool down, otherwise the dough will be "rubbery" and difficult to work with.
  11. Mix the mixture with 500g of plain flour into dough. Divide it into 5-6 pieces. Roll the piece flat and cut a circle out of it. Size of the circle will be the size of your final pastry.
  12. Bake the dough in pre heated oven on 200 °C for a few minutes ( I believe you can figure out how long, just don't burn it). Repeat wit all the pieces of dough you have.
  13. Don't forget to bake the remains of dough you got when cutting out the circles, it will get used too.
  15. Cream
  16. This is where things get interesting.
  17. You need "instant pudding". Internet tells me that it should be roughly the same in the US. Also there are going to be differences in packaging and stuff.
  18. The one we use is this - http://www.thegermanbakery.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/image122.jpeg . It should be 43g package.
  20. So, you make pudding, using 2 vanille pudding  packages, 0,5l of milk and 150g of powdered sugar. Let it cool down.
  21. Mix it with 250g of butter. Then for flavour add strong black coffee and rum (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuzemak but I have done this with other distilled beverages).
  22. Recipe says 3tbs of coffee and 2tbs of rum, but I would say this really depends on you and how strong you want the flavours.
  24. Assembly
  25. Layer of baked dough, layer of cream, layer of baked dough, layer of cream... and so on until you have no circles of baked dough left.
  26. Then you cover the whole cake with cream.
  27. Remember those remains of dough we had left? Grind it! You can add nuts to it. Cover the cake with it. Let the cake settle down for a day. You are done.
  31. This is how it should roughly look http://www.svetsvateb.cz/files/1322093750.jpg
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