Xero Jihao

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  1.     ▶ ❝ Beginning of the End ❞
  3. Username: yoonpear
  4. Password: 3
  5. Slot: the swan
  6. Back Up Slot: the rose (personality might contradict)
  8.     ▶ ❝ Don't Be Sad ❞
  10. First Name:jihao
  12. Last Name: xero
  14. Nickname(s): zero, jiho
  16. Birthday: september 3rd 1994
  18. House of Birth: House of Shadowed Destiny
  20.     ▶ ❝ And Don't Give Up On Your Dreams ❞
  22. Face Claim: too_morrow_
  24. Backup Face Claim: pae_ee_reee
  26. Height: 177cm, 5"8
  28. Weight: 60kg, 132lbs
  30. Tattoos?: Yes. a bird on his right shoulder blade facing in
  32. Scars?: Yes
  34. Piercings?: Yes,  tongue, helix, lobe, inner conch, bellybutton
  36.     ▶ ❝ Dreams Will Come True One Day ❞
  38. General Health: he's fairly healthy. he doesn't go to the gym but he enjoys dancing. he tries to eat balanced but even if he doesn't it doesn't matter because he has a fast metabolism
  40. Mental Illnesses?: no
  42. Alcohol?: Yes
  44. Smoke?: Yes
  46. Impairments?: no
  48. Disorders?: no
  50.     ▶ ❝ There is no Person as Beautiful ❞
  52. Personality: he likes to make sure everything is in its place and we'll organized. he can't stand a mess and will most likely clean things for people if they aren't doing it themselves. he likes when things are clean because there's just so much more room and less things to worry about where you put. he's also a hopeless romantic and would love to meet his actual soul mate. he falls in love too easily, and it is sadly a bit easy to convince him that you love him because of how much of a hardship he went through just to find the perfect relationship. he hates when people put other people down to make themselves feel bether and can't stand bullying. he never let's anyone tell him what to do and the only criticism he takes is constructive. he hates it when other people are torn down and he's grown to be strong-willed in a way that when people try to bring him down he won't go down. jihao is hardworking and will do anything (except cheat and kill and all those illegal things) to get his goal. he's a big dreamer and has a huge future planned out and multiple back up plans in case the main one fails. he always has plans and back up plans and back up back up plans etc etc etc. he never only has one way to do things. he can come off as cold when he's focused because he waves people away or sends them a light death glare. it's hard to get him to do anything when he's focused aside for the thing he's focused on. if he's focused enough then he'll forget to eat and sleep. he has intense periods of pain in his knees sometimes because he broke them when he was younger and they often leave him either immobile or in a wheelchair for about one or two weeks which makes him super frustrated. he gets super defensive about this because he thinks he's basically useless in this form. he also has this kind of thing where if he's so focused he won't eat or sleep that no one can make him eat, sleep or do anything until either he passes put or he finishes the project or whatever he's focusing on. but on the other hand he's also really submissive and likes to please other people by doing what they want him to do. he's not a leader but a follower and will usually listen when you tell him what to do. his tone of voice can come across as aggressive sometimes and it makes him seem a lot scarier and menacing than he really is. his voice gets low and gruff and a scowl starts to form, when he starts talking like this it probably means he's upset.
  54. General Mood: calm and happy
  56. Likes: mead, bears, autumn, warm/thick clothes, bumblebees, garden snakes, corn snakes, hot showers and movie marathons
  58. Dislikes: hot water, sexist people, warm weather, people who get butthurt, rings
  60. Fears: fires, bees
  62. Habits: pulling on his hair when he's tired
  63. -staring at something when he's distracted
  65. Trivia: has an Egyptian mau named Kane
  66. -has a horde of winter gear
  67. -doesn't like buying expensive stuff and hates how the price goes higher every year or so
  68. -he has a design for another tattoo; saturn on his inside left wrist
  69. -he helps out at his dad's blacksmith place
  70. -has a munchkin named cocoa
  72.     ▶ ❝ As a Person Who Dreams ❞
  74. Backstory: he never had family problems. he lived with his dad because his mom passed away while giving birth to him. hiS father was often at work so he spent s lot of time by himself with his cat. when he was with his dad, they would go places and have mini vacations. his dad was basically his best friend. he had one or two really close friends and no one else. he though it was better to have a few close friends than multuple fake friends. the only thing he knows about his mom is her name and that she had red hair. he alwas wishes he got to spend more time with her and has a photograph of her up in his room. his father didn't hide any memories of her but will only talk about her if brought up.
  76. Family: xero liuhwen/dad/blacksmith/5
  78.     ▶ ❝ A Dream You Dream Alone is Only a Dream ❞
  80. Sexual Preference: male and female
  82. Romantic Preference: male and female
  84. Love Interest: just put him with anyone as long as it's someone
  86. Backup Love Interest: ^
  88. Relationship Status: BEG: they're just strangers working at the same place and they talk every now and then.
  90. MID: they become close friends but don't really spend a lot of time outside of work together
  92. END: they're super goofy around each other and look like they've known each other for years and they end up together
  94. Are they out of the closet?: yes
  96. How did they meet?: at the market stall they work to gather at
  98. Scene Suggestions: - jihao trying to register something in but the item isn't here and the customer is getting mad so li helps him
  99. -lI is restocking the stall when jihao scares him
  100. -li and jihao taking a small break while the costumers have quieted down
  102.     ▶ ❝ But a Dream You Dream Together is Reality ❞
  104. (everything from here to the next section is the fake story the slots will tell people in order to keep their identities a secret; you can repeat some stuff if you'd like)
  106. Full Name: xiao jiang
  108. Nickname(s): n/a
  110. Birthday: june 19, 1997
  112. House of Birth: House of Tumbling Rock
  114. Personality: he's quieter around people he doesn't know
  116. Background: his mom is alive but the parents have divroced and now he lives with his dad. dispite this he goes to visit his mom every now and then. he has an older sister name jiyan who passed away when she was 20 and she was like his best friend. the two did every thing together and we're basically inseparable.
  118. Occupation: waiter
  120. Sexual Preference: male
  122. Other: where hE lives
  124.     ▶ ❝ Keep Walking Towards Your Dreams ❞
  126. Scene Suggestions/Interactions: -maybe jihao getting his saturn tattoo
  127. -jihao talking to his cat while his knees do that annoying thing because he's bored and someone just walks in
  128. -jihao walking into a room filled with the other guys then falling because his knee pain things start again
  129. -jihao and li playing with his cat when they're supposed to be talking about something else
  130. -jihao and li at the place they work trying to keep up with the amount of people
  132. Links to any gifs/pictures I can use of your face claim??: nope :)
  134. Other: nope
  136. Note to me: I really like the sound of the story so far and I'm excited to see how it will develop!
  138. Note to you: For all of the yes or no questions, explaining or giving detail is optional but if you'd like to add it in then you may have a higher chance of getting in. I hope you still enjoy making this form and I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to do this monster. I wish you the best of luck in writing and I can't wait to read your forms!! :)
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