PlasticsDB to do list

Aug 20th, 2013 (edited)
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  1. PlasticsDB To Do List
  3. STATUS UPDATE 14 April 2021: BACK TO WORK. I have, at great expense, purchased all remaining parts I didn't own other than the Metal Bit Chip (if you're looking to sell one hmu), and once I have them all and have completed testing and reviewing, the database or at least the parts section thereof will go public. I have added these parts to the to-do list as I will now be able to confirm the information first hand.
  5. --------
  7. Realised I could put my own progress notes online so people can stalk my progress if for some reason they want to.
  9. I now have all parts in my possession, barring the Metal Bit Chip - the weight for which has been estimated via densities and a functional copy is being made. I am finishing writing the final two entries and after this, formatting and organising, before initial launch aimed for June 12th.
  11. There are 119 Beyblade entries total.
  13. The following is all that needs to be done in terms of major revisions:
  14. Bit Chips - Photograph Different Versions (may already have this), refine article, even if we don't discuss diff performance for each mold (as they're generally the same) it would help to have pictures and weights if nothing else.
  16. Draciel MBD: need to retake photos with a fresher tip.
  18. FACB Combos: These need a new name, probably just Spin Stealing Attack, and this needs to be edited into articles.
  20. Weights need to be added, pages formatted and info put into each article including parts pages.
  22. Other:
  23. AR and WD diameters coming later, maybe
  25. Clutch Descriptions for each Engine Gear Base Type (DONE: See Dark Effigy G (First), Appolon G (Final), Wolborg 4 (Normal))
  27. Overall go-over to elaborate on shorter entries.
  28. Check later entries for SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Ver.) only being called SG Metal Flat Base
  29. Check later entries for SG Grip Change Base being called Customise Grip Change Base
  30. Check for instances of SG Shells being called Casings!
  31. Change Stamina to Survival in line with PLA phrasing
  32. Check General Spelling/Grammar
  33. Check spellings are Americanized where appropriate for part names etc.
  36. Stuff that I need to go back over or update or make small additions for things I forgot:
  39. Types based on parts that therefore need to be written about:
  40. Driger V2 Combos, Circle Survivor Defense, Semi Flat Base Stamina combos, Circle Survivor/Weight Based Defense hybrid info, Note in Zombie article about zombie/spinstealer misnomer thing.
  42. Other stuff I need to do before initial release: Copy stuff that is used by more than one bey into the articles other than the first one I wrote, put links into most of the articles (kinda clunky to do), general final check-overs of stuff, add any overalls I missed (on Hasbro g-rev alternate versions), update type pages part lists from CC list (all at once when done rather than having to redo it with each update). Update and make a page for the "competitive plastics in 12 beys" thing I wrote ages ago.
  45. Pictures needed before initial release:
  46. AR/SAR Orientations for fixed SAR setups (most taken, need editing)
  47. Comparison of "Wing" and Great Tiger SAR (put great tiger SAR on top of dark green "Wing", line up and done) (Er wait aren't they the opposite way around or something? That needs to be noted with that photo) also check how official images show their orientation and if it changes at all re: inverting SARs
  49. <3 - th!nk
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