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Aug 20th, 2013
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  1. PlasticsDB To Do List
  5. STATUS UPDATE 27 July 2014: Still plan on finishing this despite leaving the WBO, so progress has resumed. May well release it to the public/WBO at some point in the future depending on how various things go, I'm still undecided etc etc. Disappointed with plastics discussion deteriorating/errors and misunderstandings I thought dead resurfacing in my absence (guys, read the CC list at least, or relevant blog posts or whatever, wrong answers are worse than no answers in the long run), but that was inevitable and I am just being grumpy. Got a number of entries done today, though, so that's good!
  7. Realised I could put my own progress notes online so people can stalk my progress if for some reason they want to.
  9. Note all generic parts are done or are part of something else listed, unless noted. Numbers in brackets are the number of parts (two-part ar's are two parts, shell+casing+shaft/tip/etc are three parts but shells are generic and all complete (overalls aren't counted, but where done are noted).
  11. Beyblade Entries:
  12. Driger V2 (AR, Overall and all mold differences done) (2)
  13. Gaia Dragoon G (4)
  14. Spike Lizard (2)
  15. Trypio (1)
  16. Wolborg (AR Done) (2)
  17. Wolborg 03 (Uriel) (3)
  18. Zeus (Core AR, BB and CEW only) (3)
  20. There are 119 beyblade entries total. As you can see I've left a lot of the annoying ones til last, though this is mostly by accident and a lot of really annoying ones are already done!
  22. Part entries/misc parts I am procrastinating finishing:
  23. Wide Defense: Cover recoil of protrusion, and overall recoil vs other ones (i.e. aside from this, edges are less exposed and things bounce off the rounded parts. Protrusion itself is quite small and becomes rounded quite quickly (probably due to hitting other WD's? Wish I had a high fps camera), and not really more significant than corners (and no more than attack points on 10-series wd's)
  24. Wide Survivor: Cover use for SSUA, link to triple tiger for attack, Also cover for defensive zombies.
  25. Metal Ball CEW: Needs to be written and added to articles now I have it
  26. Right EG (Metal Semi Flat): Mostly a composite of stuff that's already done
  27. Bit Chips: Needs names, some extra work and tidying up.
  29. Stuff that I need to go back over or update or make small additions for things I forgot:
  31. MAJOR: Dragoon V2: needs update based on new info on Wyborg and Burning Kerberous SG's, as well as a general go-over
  32. MAJOR: Dranzer V2 is really rough aside from the SP
  33. MAJOR: Rock Bison: Wow this needs to be simplified and clarified a whole lot ew.
  35. Rock Bison, Dark Effigy G, Driger G: Update for zeus sg zombie use (not very good but still needs mentioning)
  36. Dragoon GT: Update with Zeus Shaft and SG Zombie Tip Use (really not good but still needs mentioning)
  37. Gaia Dragoon V: cut excess info that belongs elsewhere when done, go back over for consistency.
  38. Trygle: Need to mention jumping base fitting many sg's but sucking
  39. Cyber Dragoon: Need to mention jumping base 2 fitting many sg's but sucking and check AR notes (think I did this already but check again).
  40. Dranzer S: Need to write SonoKong small performance diff note, and note about tip not extending from bb in stamina mode in many.
  41. Griffolyon and probably various HS releases: Move alternate versions etc to Related Beyblades where feasible.
  42. Metal Driger: SG section needs a little work.
  43. Kid/Master Dragoon: AR section needs more work.
  44. Galman: just needs a little go-over in terms of the overall and formatting.
  45. Galzzly: need to cover main AR with other SARs, as it's bad but not totally useless.
  46. Wolborg 4: Entry is pretty rough.
  47. Gigars: Function of EG with clutch bases, eg how it works and how this pans out needs explaining. Also, entry is verbose.
  48. Driger F: Base is somewhat rough and what WD's it works with need checking. Verbose.
  49. Uriel 2: Verbose (even with the amount of information required for a part few will use, it's pretty wordy. Needs going over.).
  52. Types based on parts that therefore need to be written about:
  53. Driger V2 Combos, Circle Survivor Defense, Semi Flat Base Stamina combos, Circle Survivor/Weight Based Defense hybrid info, Note in Zombie article about zombie/spinstealer misnomer thing.
  55. Other stuff I need to do before initial release: Copy stuff that is used by more than one bey into the articles other than the first one I wrote, put links into most of the articles (kinda clunky to do), general final check-overs of stuff, add any overalls I missed (on Hasbro g-rev alternate versions), update type pages part lists from CC list (all at once when done rather than having to redo it with each update). Update and make a page for the "competitive plastics in 12 beys" thing I wrote ages ago.
  58. Pictures needed before initial release:
  59. AR/SAR Orientations for fixed SAR setups (most taken, need editing)
  60. Comparison of "Wing" and Great Tiger SAR (put great tiger SAR on top of dark green "Wing", line up and done) (Er wait aren't they the opposite way around or something? That needs to be noted with that photo)
  62. <3 - th!nk
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