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  1. The world of argyle is a red dead redemption style world, where the west is still wild and civilization is either thriving or teetering on the edge of chaos depending on where you live.  The gun is law, and the bullet is judge.  
  3. There are two major factions of this world that are playable.  While these are the player races, there are more.
  5.     • Human kin, humans, elves, gnomes, halflings, and dwarves.
  6.     • Beast kin, aarakockra, dragonborn, halforc and tiefling.
  8. Humankin, have  heavy focus on technology, and society.  These races favor law, order, modernization.  Firearms are prevalent, and their creations have manifested a rift between the races, a flavored racism and distrust against those not under the same banner.  While a beast may be welcome in the human kin cities, there will be distrust, skepticism, and malice.  
  10. Beastkin have very little respect for their human counter parts, and are divided into two types of gathering, tribes and settlements.  In a tribe you will typically see one race of beastkin (a tribe of tiefling, a tribe of orcs, ect), and form a smaller group.  They are usually travelling nomads but not always, and are less likely to be very welcoming to other beastkin races, let alone let a human kin race near.  Settlements are the opposite, they are large and compose of many beast kin races, often even welcoming travelling human kin races for their trade.  While the gold is nice, the mistrust and hatred is still thinly veiled, as any human finding themselves in a beast kin settlement will quickly find themselves an outsider.    
  12. Concepts:
  13.     •  New weapon "affixes" that will be attached to ALL magical items, each with bolstering effects when used against an opposing race.  A weapon may be enhanced, with human technology or advancements, and when used against a beastkin race it would ignore any and all effects of dis-advantage.  Or maybe it comes as a modified weapon, which when used allows the user to change the weapons damage typing once per short rest, but this modified damage type only works against beast races.
  14.     • Savage weapons, your weapons of the beastkin are simple but effective.  Clubs blessed by an old god, that when landing a critical hit against a human race, causes them to forego their bonus action next turn.  Swords imbued with spirits of the wild, that allow it to rend and rip through metal armor as if they weren't wearing any.
  16. The world as it is now.  The west is largely held by human kin, and recently they have waged a bloody war to claim land of their enemy.  As the players join the world, a recent war just ended with the beats kin losing a large settlement in a landslide defeat.  Resentment is high, and many beasts fear they are on the losing side of history.  But word is, confidence is building in the east, the largest settlement has sent word to their smaller tribes and groups that they have their greatest weapon yet.  Who can say what is true, but if rumors are to be believed, then the beastkin have found a way to summon their angry and righteous gods of old.
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