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Sep 26th, 2021
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  1. Hello!
  2. NB: I'm Nabi, the illustrator who designed Amelia. Today's guest is...this person!
  3. I'm Amashiro Natsuki, the illustrator also known as Nachoneko and Gura's mama
  4. NB: Today we will draw together
  5. NC: I'm so nervous
  6. NB: hello! i'm nabi, the illustrator for ame-chan - and today we have.. this person! -- NC: i'm amashiro natsuki / nachoneko, illustrator of gura-chan
  7. NB: We talked together but Gura's latest thumbnail looked interesting so we wanted to draw Gura and Ame together
  8. Gura and Ame's situation? Please recommend something to us
  9. NB/NC: Kiss? That sounds hard
  10. NB: Okay let's just decide on our own. This is no good.
  11. NB: Kissing is okay but I don't know what would happen to Ame. No kissing!
  12. NB: An AmeSame baby might be cute. But I don't really draw many babies
  13. NB: It might also be cute to draw baby AmeSame holding hands
  14. NC: Wanna do it kinda like Gura's thumbnail or a different vibe?
  15. NC: How do you add a layer? NB: This way NC: Is it okay if I draw facing this way? NB: Gura is shorter than Ame
  16. NB: I think it would be nice if they were close together NC: Ah, this is difficult
  17. NC: Will we be able to draw this well, I wonder?
  18. NB: I think this will look really cute once it's finished NC: I'll do my best to make it look cute
  19. NC: Is there a tool to transform? I wanted to make just her face bigger. Well, whatever
  20. NB: I think I can make it bigger. Or I'll make mine smaller. Ah! I couldn't do it. Oh it's working
  21. NB: It might also be cute to put some cat ears on the both of them, although I thought of that just now
  22. maybe it'll be cute if we give cat ears on them
  23. NB: Nacho, do you like short people? NC: I like both tall and short characters. NB: Which do you like to draw? NC: 140-150cm is the easiest to draw for me
  24. NB: What about your favorite food? Although I already know. NC: Pineapple pizza and pineapple burger. NB: You like pineapples? I just ate a pineapple
  25. NC: Which fruit do you like best? NB: Mikan, probably. Lately I really like pineapple too
  26. NC: If you eat too much pineapple though, your mouth starts to hurt
  27. NC: The place where they're holding hands looks like it'll be hard to draw. What should we do?
  28. NC: Aren't hands hard? NB: It might be nice if Ame is holding onto Gura's hand
  29. NB: I also reached 300k subscribers on YT. I think that I should do a 300k celebration stream. I can't speak Japanese! But everyone congratulated me
  30. NB: Then I'll draw Nacho here NC: What size would be good? NB: Maybe around 140-something cm? NC: I think it was around 141 or 142cm. NB: It's 141cm
  31. NB: I think it would be good to draw these heights. NC: I might get in the way of the trident NB: We can draw ourselves in the background or it might be cute to have us sitting down, looking over
  32. NB: I wonder if Nacho will show up if I search Nachoneko
  33. NB: What about having us look over while smiling? NC: I wonder...
  34. NB: Are you a cat? NC: That's right NB: Do you like fish? NC: I like salmon
  35. NC: I dislike tuna. NB: Why? NC: It's all mushy and stuff
  36. NB: Tuna is yummy NC: It's a bit too fresh NB: Is there anything you like aside from salmon? NC: I like seabream
  37. NB: This is good! It's good if you eat it as sashimi
  38. NB: Mayoko? NC: It's sushi with mayo and corn
  39. NB: Why are you so cute Nacho? NC: Because hennyano is cute (her black cat mascot)
  40. NB: Should I also give you some hands? NC: Hands are so difficult
  41. NB: How long can you be here? NC: Any amount of time is good, I have unlimited time
  42. NB: What do you like the most about Gura? NC: I love her voice a lot
  43. NB: I was so surprised from the first time I heard her
  44. NC: But I think everyone's voices fit their designs so well:
  45. NB: When I first heard Ame, it felt like she had the voice that I imagined her to have
  46. nacho: Ame's debut got me surprised
  47. NB: We all watched their debuts together, didn't we? We were so surprised
  48. NC: Gura's outfit stream was also really late wasn't it? Like very late at night NB: Yeah but we watched all of them. Her song was so good
  49. NB: Even now I still watch Gura's singing a lot through clips and stuff
  50. NB: This looks like a family photo
  51. NB: It would be nice if Yukisame could also join us (Calli's mama)
  52. NB: Now it looks like we're married, doesn't it? Everyone is a cat. We got married
  53. NB: Lately how's the weather in Japan? NC: It's good. But I don't really go outside so I don't know what it's like everyday NB: It's been raining a lot lately
  54. NB: Nacho is a shut-in, aren't you? NC: Yeah
  55. NB: Then do you really not go outside? NC: Nope, I never go outside
  56. NB: Then what do you like to do for hobbies? NC: Eating, gaming, sleeping
  57. NB: I don't wanna go outside NC: But I like going to the beach, so that's at least ok NB: When I saw the sea while visiting Tokyo it was really nice
  58. NC: I drew her really small so the resolution isn't very good
  59. NB: Maybe I should shorten her bangs, like a kid
  60. NB: It looks like you love playing games, which ones do you like? NC: FPS games and minecraft. What about you? NB: I don't really play games, but I like playing with others
  61. NC: Have you ever played MC? NB: I've played it once before with a friend. It's hard but I wanna play it. NC: It would be nice if we could play together on the same server
  62. NB: The software we're using is also different NC: Yes, and the pen as well, so it's harder to draw than usual
  63. NB: Which vaccine did you receive? NC: Pfzier NB: I think the Japanese name is different isn't it? I got my shot yesterday. NC: Is your arm ok? NB: My left arm really hurts
  64. NC: I think I heard that you'll be fine in 3 days NB: Is that so?
  65. NB: It would be nice to go overseas NC: I've never been overseas NB: As expected of Nacho
  66. NB: Do you like traveling? NC: Yeah, I like going on airplanes and looking at the sky
  67. NB: When have you been going to bed lately? NC: In the mornings NB: That's pretty bad
  68. NB: I think a lot of illustrators tend to go to bed in the morning NC: I suppose so, since we're pretty free. I feel more energetic at night. I don't like the afternoons
  69. NB: Do you have any pets or anything? NC: Nope, but I had one at my parent's house. But I really want a cat
  70. NB: Ame's face is so big
  71. NC: I've always wanted to give her an ahoge, I should give her one. Gura's face looks like this doesn't it? Then it would end up looking like this with an ahoge
  72. NC: Gura said during her steam that she wanted an ahoge but couldn't get one. NB: Ame also asked for a gun, specifically a shotgun
  73. NB: It's become so quiet
  74. LUMINA: かわいい
  75. NB: How good is your English? NC: Eh?! NB: What's with that reaction? NC: I can't speak English at all NB: That's the same as me then NC: No, Nabi can definitely speak some English
  76. NB: An hour has already passed NC: So fast...
  77. NC: I wonder if we'll be able to finish this... NB: Well well, it's fine even if we take a while
  78. NC: Ah! NB: Are you okay? NC: I thought my lines disappeared
  79. NB: Nacho's voice fits so well with how you look NC: Really? I'm so happy. I feel the same way about Nabi NB: Is that so? I didn't think so NC: Yeah your expressions are very fitting
  80. NB: Do you like singing? NC: I do NB: Then what about a karaoke stream? NC: I'm not very good at singing NB: I still wanna hear
  81. NC: If it's a song that's mixed properly, I think I could let you hear NB: What about in a stream? NC: I don't think I could sing in a stream
  82. NC: I listen to your singing a lot NB: No, please you don't need to listen to me singing. It's better if you don't NC: It's so good though NB: No, I'm tone deaf NC: No you're not
  83. NB: If you're bad at singing, even mixing the song wouldn't help much
  84. NB: I also thought "Hey, if it's mixed I could just sing badly", but that wasn't the case
  85. NC: I would be too embarrassed to let the mixer hear my raw singing voice
  86. NB: It is embarrassing to let others hear your voice after all, to the point where you wanna die
  87. NC: I need to focus NB: Good luck, let's do our best to finish
  88. NB: I haven't been reading the comments at all NC: I've been peeking at the comments but I can't understand any of them aside from the Japanese ones
  89. NB: Let's study English together NC: I seriously can't speak any English
  90. NB: I think it's good to learn from listening. Babies in the womb listen to their moms right? So I thought I should learn English like that
  91. NB: When I watch Ame's streams, I can't understand anything. NC: Same, I can't understand anything when I watch Gura
  92. NB: There's a cat in your ribbon NC: That's right, hennyano is there
  93. NB: Why is it called Hennyano? NC: No clue
  94. NC: I drew a weird looking cat and called it Hennyano (hen na neko)
  95. NC: I thought I pushed a weird button and panicked NB: It's okay because I can't see your screen
  96. NC: We're so silent NB: Oh no no no
  97. NB: I don't know exactly how much I can say, like what sort of stuff we can talk about
  98. NB: They're asking if we've always been friends from before. We've known each other since we drew Gura and Ame...I think
  99. NB: So we've known each other for about one year
  100. NC: We met through the fortune of AmeSame
  101. NC: I don't know how much will get done though NB: We'll draw very slowly today
  102. NB: Can you cook? NC: I can make rice and cookies. What about Nabi? NB: I can't cook at all but I want to try. I can make shabu shabu NC: Shabu shabu is...uh..amazing
  103. NC: Should we start coloring now? NB: Yes, let's
  104. NB: It's the lineart! NC: Yeah! Lineart!
  105. NC: Ah, I can't see it (the skin color). Well whatever
  106. NB: Can you imitate Gura-chan? NC: A
  107. NB: Woah! I thought you were really Gura for a second there
  108. NB: Everyone is saying "A"
  109. NC: I can't tell what color this is screen is so white. NB: Is your screen that white? NC: I usually draw with a dark background
  110. NC: You can't blend it unless it's on the same layer
  111. NC: Wait, actually I'm not sure. I might be lying. My eyes have become weird
  112. NB: Then do you want me to put a background color? NC: That's oaky NB: I wanna try
  113. NC: Oh! NB: What is it? NC: It's nothing NB: You keep saying that
  114. NB: Do you like ice cream? What flavor? NC: Milk or strawberry, I also like chocolate and matcha NB: You just like everything
  115. NB: I like milk
  116. NB: Blonde hair is really nice NC: I agree. Oh there's a clipping tool
  117. NC: I feel like drawing softwares will eventually disappear. You can use these sorts of websites to draw NB: Yeah and you don't have to download anything
  118. NB: Nacho, you forgot to color the hand here NC: Ah
  119. NB: Oh I thought that was the whole hand NC: I drew a finger there just now
  120. NB: You can also use paint NC:Ah, the bucket tool? How do you use it
  121. NB: It won't work. I give up
  122. NB: It's already 1am NC: So fast. But maybe it's because we started late
  123. NC: This won't become white NB: What won't become white? NC: The white isn't white. Ah, nevermind I fixed it
  124. NB: Aren't you sleepy because it's nighttime? NC: It's okay, I already slept already in the evening
  125. NC: It looks different once you add color NB: That's true
  126. NC: I don't know what I did just now
  127. NB: There was almost an accident
  128. NB: I need to focus~
  129. NB: it's so cute.. - NC: deciding on the hair color is hard - NB: yeah i know what you mean, but that color is so cute
  130. NB: Wait, the background color is too similar to Nacho's hair color NC: It's okay to make it white again
  131. NB: When did you decide on that design? NC: It was quite a while ago
  132. NC: What year is it? 2020? NB: 21 NC: Like 2 years ago then. NB: You're 2 years old then
  133. NC: should I say this? My age is ???? okay?
  134. NC: I don't remember my age NB: That makes sense if you're older than Gura
  135. NB: Are cats your favorite animal? NC: Yup! Cats are so cute
  136. NB: Ah I forgot to put Hennyano on your head NC: Oh the hairpin?
  137. NC: Just a little bit more NB:'s not "just a little bit more", wait up!
  138. NB: Are you planning to go to Comiket this year? NC: Nope NB: Have you gone before? NC: Nope, I haven't. What about you? NB: Probably?
  139. NB: I wanna make a book NC: I want to make goods
  140. NB: The character design is so nice, especially the colors
  141. NC: It's a family photo! NB: We've become a family!
  142. NB: I'm gonna erase the background now
  143. NB: Do you like spicy foods? NC: I guess so NB: I've been eating spicy Japanese ramen NC: I like stuff that's yummy and spicy
  144. NB: I tried some ramen with fish in it NC: Ah, I know what you're talking about. Was it good? NB: Yeah
  145. NB: The pronunciation of "hennyano" is cute
  146. NB: Hold up, let me put some shadows on your hair
  147. ayamy あやみちゃんねる: 二人様かわいすぎ
  148. ayamy あやみちゃんねる:
  149. ayamy あやみちゃんねる:
  150. NB: Let's see each other next time~
  151. NB: Is there anything you'd like to say? NC: Please continue to take care of my daughter NB: Same here, please take good care of our daughters
  152. bye bye
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