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  1. April 19th patch changes
  2. Balance: Stability change – only 1 stack can be removed per second.
  3. Balance: Unlimited target spells like Static Field get a 10 target cap.
  4. Balance: Several more specific skill adjustments to address WvW concerns.
  6. [11:40]
  7. NEW AOE CAP??
  9. [11:41]
  10. -Final World Links-
  11. NA
  12. Now: 12 Worlds – 4 Tiers
  13. Before: 24 Worlds – 8 Tiers
  14. For simplicity sake, we just took the current top 12 worlds to use as host worlds, and then we reversed the bottom 12 to create the pairings. Using just population metrics gave us slightly different results, but not different enough to merit the additional player confusion.
  15. Yak’s Bend & Anvil Rock
  16. Blackgate & Eredon Terrace
  17. Jade Quarry & Isle of Janthir
  18. Tarnished Coast & Devona’s Rest
  19. Dragonbrand & Sanctum of Rall
  20. Fort Aspenwood & Borlis Pass
  21. Sea of Sorrows & Gate of Madness
  22. Maguuma & Kaineng
  23. Stormbluff Isle & Crystal Desert
  24. Darkhaven & Ferguson’s Crossing
  25. Henge of Denravi & Sorrow’s Furnace
  26. Northern Shiverpeaks & Ehmry Bay
  28. [11:43]
  29. April 19th
  30. WvW Reward Tracks & Participation System (Beta)
  31. World Linking (Beta – Population Balance)
  32. Provisions Master Ability Line
  33. Desert BL Layout Rework
  34. Proofs of Heroics (Currency)
  35. Tier 1 WvW Armor
  36. Cultural Armor Vendor
  37. 18/20 Slot Bags for badges
  38. Removal of experience gain in WvW
  39. Addition of Tomes of Knowledge to Rankup
  40. Increased cooldowns on all Guild Tactics by 5-10 minutes. This effects things like Chilling Fog, Airship Defense and Emergency Waypoint.
  41. Objective Map Markers display current upgrade level as silver pips.
  42. Shield Generator skill cooldowns slightly increased.
  43. Balance: Stability change – only 1 stack can be removed per second.
  44. Balance: Unlimited target spells like Static Field get a 10 target cap.
  45. Balance: Several more specific skill adjustments to address WvW concerns.
  46. Likely 2 Weeks Later
  47. Alpine BL rotated back in
  49. [11:43]
  50. The new plan is to let the community more directly influence our priorities than they have in the past. We’d still like to do the scoring update next, and then the seasons/battlegroup stuff, but if it turns out those aren’t community priorities then we’ll strongly consider postponing them to work on whatever ends up being the #1 thing the community voted for.
  53. List of changes that were made to DBL. You’ve noticed most of them, but I’ll list it for others. Oh and Alpine is identical to it’s original state, but with HoT updates (resource nodes are all located inside objectives, support for auto-upgrades and guild claiming).
  54. Fire Keep
  55. Lord Room
  56. Less Gargoyle Turrets
  57. Front half of lava is covered
  58. Added two additional bridges into the lord room
  59. Outer Gates
  61. [11:43]
  62. Wider Fighting spaces
  63. Lava has been reshaped and is often covered by grates or larger platforms
  64. Dolyak routes have slightly changed, this is especially true for the south side
  65. It’s easier to walk around the outside of the keep from the south side to the north side (less backtracking)
  66. Upper Dunes
  67. Half of the dunes are gone, it’s easy to see into the fire keep from above
  68. There’s a new faster path into the fire keep from the south side.
  69. Less spawns up here, since there is less space for them.
  70. Veteran Sand Wurm event moved slightly.
  71. Oasis
  72. There’s a new smoothed path into the SE side of the keep.
  73. North Shrine
  74. Got rid of the huge random stone wall
  75. Shrine is now atop a metal grate over lava
  76. Air Keep
  77. Lord Room
  78. Less Bird Turrets
  80. [11:44]
  81. More staircases leading up to room
  82. Outer Gates
  83. Wider bridges
  84. No Bird turrets on bridges
  85. Less Jump pads everywhere (these are now staircases or ramps)
  86. It’s easier to walk around the outside of the keep from the south side to the north side (less backtracking)
  87. South Shrine
  88. Staircase leading up to SE Camp instead of jump pads
  89. Less bamboo bridges, these are more straightforward
  90. No river, elevation of the floor has been raised
  91. Oasis
  92. Jump pads removed, new regular path leading into keep area
  93. Earth Keep
  94. Lord Room
  95. More routes leading up to platform
  96. Canyons
  97. Wider fighting space
  98. Less big rocks
  99. Less Teleporters
  100. Overall
  101. Barricades Removed
  102. ~12 Hay Bales scattered about. These are no fall damage locations.
  104. [11:44]
  105. Phase 2: Scoring Update (QTR 4ish)
  107. One of the next big features the WvW team is planning on tackling is making improvements to our Scoring system. This will also come with some additional rewards improvements that we were holding off on. The update is currently projected to take at least 3 months to implement, and could easily go longer. (Fair warning, this post is really long and detailed)
  108. Overview
  109. As part of WvW 2.0 we plan to update the way WvW matches are scored.
  110. We are doing this for a few big reasons:
  111. Reduce the need for 24 hour coverage by reducing the effects of off hour capping (night capping)
  112. Losing while your team is asleep is no fun
  113. Reduce the number of runaway matches
  114. The feeling of hopelessness when your team is down 100,000 points after a single day
  115. Give players a real opportunity to make a comeback
  116. Matches are often decided in the first
  118. [11:44]
  119. Placement
  120. Points for 1st – 3/6/9
  121. Points for 2nd – 2/4/6
  122. Points for 3rd – 1/2/3
  123. Action Level
  124. Time of day (Time Band) determines the minimum Action Level for the skirmish, but if the Action Level from actual map participation is higher, that will be the value used.
  125. This is to mitigate the effects of nightcapping without strictly saying that 12am – 8am is simply a lower scoring time period.
  126. Prime Hours
  127. Action Level 3 (Cannot be increased)
  128. 4 PM – 10 PM
  129. Subprime Hours
  130. Action Level 2
  131. 10 PM – 4 AM
  132. 10 AM – 4 PM
  133. Off Hours
  134. Action Level 1
  135. 4 AM – 10 AM
  136. Similar to the participation calculation for an individual player in the Rewards Update, but at the full cross-map level.
  137. Each map calculates it’s action level separately and then sent to the server at the beginning of each 2 hour skirmish.
  139. [11:47]
  140. The map action level is a weighted average of the points generated by each of the three teams.
  141. The server averages the action level of the 4 maps and then lets the clients know what the current action level is
  142. Action Level is set at the beginning of a skirmish and cannot change until the start of the next skirmish.
  143. Action level should not be game-able
  144. By a small number of players
  145. By a single side
  146. By two sides coordinating to trade kills or objectives.
  147. With a grace period, so that 200 people logging off simultaneously right before the start of a new skirmish doesn’t suddenly drop the level.
  148. Last Stand
  149. Last Stand describes the final day of any week long matchup
  150. During Last Stand, skirmish placement points are tripled
  152. [11:47]
  153. This is intended to provide a final comeback mechanic for teams that are behind and give teams that are behind hope that they are still in the match.
  154. Note: We have tentative plans to move reset times back to Saturday so that Last Stand can happen on Friday night.
  155. Last Stand Placement
  156. Points for 1st – 9/18/27
  157. Points for 2nd – 6/12/18
  158. Points for 3rd – 3/6/9
  159. Skirmish Scoring
  160. Points for Capture
  161. Objectives will award score (for the current skirmish) both on capture, and again on each tick.
  162. This is the method that Edge of the Mists scores objectives, and prevents teams from getting nothing for capturing an objective, but then losing it before the tick scores.
  163. EotM currently awards roughly 3x the objectives tick score on capture. EotM should be normalized to 1x tick score when WvW 2.0 rolls out, so scoring is consistent across all of WvW.
  165. [11:47]
  166. Capturing upgraded objectives is worth higher amounts of Warscore and Participation(individual rewards.)
  167. Holding upgraded objectives is worth higher amounts of Warscore per tick (PPT).
  168. A fully upgraded keep would be worth double the current value, so 25 -> 50
  169. Castle – 35/46/57/70
  170. Keep – 25/33/41/50
  171. Tower – 15/20/25/30
  172. Camp – 10/13/16/20
  173. Points for Kill
  174. The amount of score earned from PPK will increase to be proportionally more siimiliar to the amount of score earned from PPT (Points Per Tick.)
  175. A rough number would be 1 -> 5, with diminishing returns on killing players who have been alive for less than 5 minutes.
  176. Caravans
  177. *Warscore for Caravan Kills, Caravan Delivery and Sentry Capture should increase by at a similar rate as PPK.
  178. Ex: If killing a player is increased from 1-5 points, killing a dolyak should also increase from 1->5 points.
  180. [11:48]
  181. Communicate Warscore actions in world better.
  182. Ex: Kill a dolyak and a +5 Warscore floater appears above the corpse for a few seconds.
  183. *Top center point graph should give better feedback when it updates.
  184. Ex: the line should flash and refill everytime objective ownership changes.
  185. Rewards
  186. Skirmish Rewards (Every 2 Hours)
  187. Grants Reward Track Points (large amount)
  188. Amount based on world placement at the end of the Skirmish
  189. Requires at least some recent participation (Reward Level 1 or higher)
  190. Reward Track Points Awarded
  191. 1st – 2000
  192. 2nd – 1500
  193. 3rd -1000
  194. Amount also modified by the number of Ticks a player participated in
  195. 8 possible Ticks per Skirmish
  196. For each Tick a player participated in, they will earn an 1/8th of the full reward amount
  197. Indirectly awards whatever items are on WvW Reward Tracks
  199. [11:48]
  200. skirmish Summary Bouncy Chest type UI to claim rewards
  201. Displays skirmish world placement and reward points
  202. Fills reward track bar and grants any item reward if a new tier is achieved
  203. Match (Every Week)
  204. Grants a huge amount of Reward Track Points
  205. Amount based on world placement at the end of the Match
  206. Amount also modified by the number of Skirmishes a player participated in.
  207. Requires participating in at least 10 Skirmishes to earn the full reward amount.
  208. For each Skirmish a player participated in, they will earn an 1/10th of the full reward amount
  209. Grants WvW Armor Upgrade Tokens
  210. Also grants Tournament Tickets as an additional reward during tournament weeks.
  211. 1st – 6,000 Reward Track Points & 3 Armor Tokens  (+300 Tournament Tickets)
  212. 2nd – 4,500 Reward Track Points & 2 Armor Tokens (200 Tournament Tickets)
  214. [11:48]
  215. ***3rd – 3,000 Reward Track Points & 1 Armor Token (100 Tournament Tickets)
  216. Match Summary Bouncy Chest type UI to claim rewards (Fancier than Skirmish)
  217. Displays match world placement and reward points
  218. Fills reward track bar and grants any item reward if a new tier is achieved
  219. Veteran Bonus
  220. Stacking Reward Track multiplier gained for playing consecutive weeks of WvW.
  221. Each consecutive week of play (starting with week 2) grants a 10% bonus to reward track points earned.
  222. Stacks up to 3 times.
  223. Week 1 – No Modifier
  224. Week 2 – +10% Reward Track Points
  225. Week 3 – +20% Reward Track Points
  226. Week 4+ – +30% Reward Track Points
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