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  1. Welcome, Hunter.
  3. This message should reach you at the middle of the fourth month of your calendar year, in the year 2019. If you are reading this, something has led you to search for things which bring excitemen
  4. t to an otherwise predictable world.
  6. What you are reading is the first clue in a grand Hunt. It is not the first Hunt, nor of course will it be the last one, but this hunt is MINE, and so it is to me that you must prove yourself.
  8. The treasure which will belong to the most successful Hunters and their clan is neither gold, nor jewels, nor the pieces of worthless paper that pass for money in this sad age; instead it is Bit
  9. coin, a digital treasure forged from deep mathematical truths, in an amount equal to 1 million USD.
  11. I have shattered this Bitcoin treasure into one thousand pieces, using the splitting magic of the wizard Shamir. To reassemble it, you or your clan must find exactly four hundred of the pieces,
  12. and meld them back together using Shamir's spell of recombination. Once you have done so, the treasure will be irrevocably yours.
  14. To test the resolve, courage, intelligence and savvy of would-be hunters, I will provide clues as to the locations of these thousand key fragments at every so often.
  15.  Some keys will require deep knowledge of a certain subject--others will simply require the ability to travel to remote locations, or perform feats of strength. The difficulty will increase unti
  16. l I am satisfied that I've found a group of hunters worthy of taking the prize.
  18. However, my first 3 keys are available to anyone who can make a simple journey to one of the following locations planetside. Of course, if you have an understanding of cryptography you might be
  19. able to get these clues without going there:
  21. The first key will appear at these four locations 37.784038, -122.417812 / 40.758931, -73.985099 / 34.062628, -118.129485 / 42.360342, -71.087282 at April 16th local time noon 12pm.
  23. The second key will appear at these four locations 39.93685, 116.45426 / 22.281185, 114.156715 / 35.654811, 139.748974 / 37.503827, 127.031035 at April 17th local time 12pm.
  25. And the third key will appear at 51.5082944, -0.2013407 / 0.3474019, 32.6036514 / -33.8881323, 151.1901988 / -34.596118, -58.373290 at April 17th ldocal time 12pm.
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