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  1. # I copied this from another person. I have not been able to find the link. once i do i will link it here.
  2. # i made some modifications - mainly adding variables
  3. # this script causes the zerotier interface to not be accessible by other applications which is why it didn't
  4. # cut it for me
  5. #!/bin/bash
  6. #create netns
  7. sudo service zerotier-one restart
  8. INF='<zerotier interface name>'
  9. IP='<zerotier ip>/24'
  10. # could be wrong here. need more info
  11. GW='<ip in same subnet as zerotier>'
  12. WPREFIX='<path to wine prefix>'
  13. APP_PATH='<path to app inside wine>'
  14. sudo ip netns delete myNamespace
  15. sudo ip netns add myNamespace
  16. #link iface to netns
  17. sudo ip link set $INF  netns myNamespace
  18. #set ip address in namespace
  19. sudo ip netns exec myNamespace ifconfig $INF $IP up
  20. #set loopback (may be needed by process run in this namespace)
  21. sudo ip netns exec myNamespace ifconfig lo up
  22. #set route in namespace
  23. sudo ip netns exec myNamespace route add default gw $GW
  24. #force firefox to run inside namespace (using eth0 as outgoing interface and the route)
  25. sudo ip netns exec myNamespace env WINEPREFIX="$WPREFIX" wine $APP_PATH
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