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Shortest oOo code 'Hello World'

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Aug 30th, 2015
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  1. This prOgRAm PRiNTs HElLo world. theRe Can bE mAny vArIatiOns Of hello woRlD In OoO cOdE BuT ThIs One woRkS. ThE SiZE oF ThE CoDE hAS tO be THree TImeS ThE sIZe of the BRaInfuCk codE excluding whitespacE aNd PunCtUAtioN. ooO codE WorkS wIth cApiTalIZaTion anD it TriEs tO ImITate hOw TEeNAgEr trOLls use capitAlIZaTIoN To DrAw ATtenTiON
  3. It turns into this:
  4. ThisprOgRAmPRiNTsHElLoworldtheReCanbEmAnyvArIatiOnsOfhellowoRlDInOoOcOdEBuTThIsOnewoRkSThESiZEoFThECoDEhAStObeTHreeTImeSThEsIZeoftheBRaInfuCkcodEexcludingwhitespacEaNdPunCtUAtioNooOcodEWorkSwIthcApiTalIZaTionanDitTriEstOImITatehOwTEeNAgErtrOLlsusecapitAlIZaTIoNToDrAwATtenTiON
  6. which turns into this brainfuck: (Not made by me, but the shortest 'hello world' in brainfuck AFAIK)
  7. ->+++++>>>+>+>+>-->>++[+++[>++++++++<-]<+]>>.-[>->>>>>[+<]>--]>+>--.->---..>+++>.>>>++++[.<]
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