Islamic Supremacy and a distributional notion of truth

JaysonSunshine Aug 17th, 2019 145 Never
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  4. a tyrant is abhorrent regardless of the flag he flies
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  7.  .In Order for the Hidden Imam to Reappear We Must Engage in Widespread Fighting with the West..
  8. RCastle  14:24:24
  9. yo mugz !!!
  10. DeAza  14:25:05
  11. 8 billion people.  a few Hydrogen bombs would solve a lot. I'm a a volunteer.  For years already i'm a me
  12. RCastle  14:25:14
  13. deusexbee: !!! WB
  14. DeAza  14:26:54
  15. member of a dutch organisation trying to legalize suicide, in a human way.  Justice just criminalized the whole organization.
  16. RCastle  14:26:56
  17. oh dang misread that :-(
  18. * RCastle kicks his chair
  19. DeAza  14:28:21
  20. Stop breading like rabbits
  21. DeAza  14:32:56
  22. Hmm Didn't know Martin sheen drove Chystrel '56 New Yorker in Badlands
  23. Nice ride
  24. yawn
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  28. The United States is the primary aggressor in regards to Iran.
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  32. Raven`X  14:37:20
  33. It takes two to tango.
  34. + innit  14:38:06
  35. There's no comparison between the aggression levels of Iran and the USA.
  36. The typical American is wholly uneducated and massively propagandized on this topic.
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  41. It's like when Americans perceive North Korea as the aggressor.
  42. We literally annihilated their country before.
  43. Every structure destroyed.
  44. Imagine how we'd feel if we were just attacked by North Korea in the past -- which has never happened.
  45. But the attacked the entire country.
  46. And destroyed every city.
  47. Los Angeles, Chicago, New York...
  48. Then, we'd know what they've gone through on our behalf.
  49. Imagine us going through that and then hearing reports that they perceive us as the aggressor.
  50. You'd have to conclude they were a frenzied, war-loving culture entirely out of touch with reality.
  51. @ Ross  14:44:06
  52. this video will open the eyes of those who do not understand islam's war on the west --->  --->
  53. + innit  14:44:58
  54. The primary form of supremacy the West needs to concern itself with, Ross, is whit supremacy.
  55. Then, maybe, Muslim supremacy is next.
  56. @ Ross  14:45:35
  57. dont  you know God made them better
  58. + innit  14:45:51
  59. All supremacy systems are dangerous.
  60. Islam is, for more than 50% of Muslims worldwide, a supremacy system.
  61. That's not true for Muslims in America, though.
  62. @ Ross  14:47:17
  63. sure it is ... the boston masacre was conducted by muslims
  64. + innit  14:47:17
  65. Our societies are very strong -- they're not going to fall from the outside.
  66. They're going to collapse from within.
  67. Ross, are you familiar with the rise of Nazism?
  68. One of the things Nazis did was selectively report (and fabricate) true crimes done by Jews.
  69. @ Ross  14:48:07
  70. what do you want to say about it
  71. + innit  14:48:29
  72. If I only ever tell you true things about Jews, I can come up with dozens of crimes committed every day.
  73. This will create the perception they are much more criminal than other groups.
  74. I have never said a false thing, and yet I have spread propaganda.
  75. So, it's not enough for you to ensure your criticism of Islam are true.
  76. They need to be true *and* representative.
  77. White supremacy is a much, much, much, much bigger threat to the USA than Islamic supremacy.
  78. It's not remotely close.
  79. The US president is a white supremacist.
  80. @ Ross  14:49:58
  81. i do not think the muslims or the jews, per se, are the problem in the world ... it is that the world has rejected what God says for their own ways
  82. + innit  14:50:06
  83. Much of the GOP in Congress are white supremacists.
  84. Much of the GOP voter base are white supremacists.
  85. Meanwhile, Muslims have very little power in the USA.
  86. @ Ross  14:50:51
  87. i hope you do realize that the usa was created by white protestants
  88. + innit  14:51:04
  89. How is this relevant?
  90. The United States is a secular nation -- always has bene.
  91. And it has nothing to do with what we're talking about.
  92. + Raven`X  14:51:30
  93. White protestant slave owners who didn't want to pay taxes.
  94. @ Ross  14:51:32
  95. you are complaining about the usa being a nation of white supremist
  96. + innit  14:51:38
  97. Correct.
  98. All supremacy systems are opposite the ideals of the USA.
  99. James Madison said so directly.
  100. In fact, he stated supremacy systems are the *primary threat* to the republic.
  101. @ Ross  14:52:18
  102. its not that they were opposed to the taxes, they were opposed to being slaves of england
  103. + innit  14:52:28
  104. How is that relevant?
  105. Th next fallacy will cause me to disengage.
  106. @ Ross  14:53:14
  107. it is relevant to ---><Raven`X> White protestant slave owners who didn't want to pay taxes.
  108. + innit  14:53:27
  109. I see.
  110. His comment was to your comment that I already questioned the relevancy of.
  111. This is how conversations get derailed.
  112. @ Ross  14:54:04
  113. england did start taxing the coloneys to pay for its war with france
  114. + innit  14:54:17
  115. What is the relevance of noting that European protestants were the primary founders of the secular United States?
  116. + innit  14:56:11
  117. Ross, I am a machine learning expert.
  118. The standard of truth is that your presented distribution is close to the 'true' distribution.
  119. That it.
  120. It's not that the element  you selected is true.
  121. That standard is very easily leveraged for propaganda.
  122. I could show you 5000 cases of black men raping white women.
  123. And science has noted a lot of people will learn that most raping is of black men on white women.
  124. Even though that need not be true, given the true data I presented.
  125. + Raven`X  14:57:25
  126. Oh, is that lania?
  127. + innit  14:58:28
  128. The best way to discuss subdistributions or single elements, especially for contentious topics, is to zoom into that element by noting the parent distributions.
  129. I can give an example:
  130. "Hey, I want to discuss this particular case of rape, which involves a black man and white woman. I'll note that of all rapes, only X% are of this type."
  131. So, yeah, Islam is a supremacy system for more than 50% of human on Earth, and that is not compatible with the ideals of the West.
  132. We should limit the immigration of people with such supremacist ideologies.
  133. But it's not the primary supremacist threat to our civilization.
  134. So I'd recommend something like, "I want to talk about Islamic supremacy and its threats to our civilization. It should be noted that the most dangerous supremacy system facing the West right now is white supremacy..."
  135. If you don't do that, and then make notes about white protestants founding the USA without highlighting the relevance, I can't distinguish that from discriminatory views, at least in parts, towards Islam.
  136. And that is also not consistent with the ideals of the West.
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