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  1. 1. How Do I List All Available Packages?
  2. apt-cache pkgnames
  3. 2. How Do I Find Out Package Name and Description of Software?
  4. apt-cache search vsftpd
  5. To find and list down all the packages starting with ‘vsftpd‘, you could use the following command.
  6. apt-cache pkgnames vsftpd
  7. 3. How Do I Check Package Information?
  8. apt-cache show netcat
  9. 4. How Do I Check Dependencies for Specific Packages?
  10. apt-cache showpkg vsftpd
  11. 5. How Do I Check statistics of Cache
  12. apt-cache stats
  13. 6. How to Update System Packages
  14. sudo apt-get update
  15. 7. How to Upgrade Software Packages
  16. sudo apt-get upgrade
  17. However, if you want to upgrade, unconcerned of whether software packages will be added or removed to fulfill dependencies, use the ‘dist-upgrade‘ sub command.
  18. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  19. 8. How Do I Install or Upgrade Specific Packages?
  20. sudo apt-get install netcat
  21. 9. How I can Install Multiple Packages?
  22. sudo apt-get install nethogs goaccess
  23. 10. How to Install Several Packages using Wildcard
  24. sudo apt-get install '*name*'
  25. 11. How to install Packages without Upgrading
  26. sudo apt-get install packageName --no-upgrade
  27. 12. How to Upgrade Only Specific Packages
  28. sudo apt-get install packageName --only-upgrade
  29. 13. How Do I Install Specific Package Version?
  30. sudo apt-get install vsftpd=2.3.5-3ubuntu1
  31. 14. How Do I Remove Packages Without Configuration
  32. sudo apt-get remove vsftpd
  33. 15. How Do I Completely Remove Packages
  34. sudo apt-get purge vsftpd
  35. sudo apt-get remove --purge vsftpd
  36. 16. How I Can Clean Up Disk Space
  37. sudo apt-get clean
  38. 17. How Do I Download Only Source Code of Package
  39. sudo apt-get --download-only source vsftpd
  40. 18. How Can I Download and Unpack a Package
  41. sudo apt-get source vsftpd
  42. 19. How Can I Download, Unpack and Compile a Package
  43. sudo apt-get --compile source goaccess
  44. 20. How Do I Download a Package Without Installing
  45. sudo apt-get download nethogs
  46. 21. How Do I Check Change Log of Package?
  47. sudo apt-get changelog vsftpd
  48. 22. How Do I Check Broken Dependencies?
  49. sudo apt-get check
  50. 23. How Do I Search and Build Dependencies?
  51. sudo apt-get build-dep netcat
  52. 24. How I Can Auto clean Apt-Get Cache?
  53. sudo apt-get autoclean
  54. 25. How I Can Auto remove Installed Packages?
  55. sudo apt-get autoremove vsftpd
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