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The Abyss (stories)

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  1. CHAPTER ONE - The Sulphurous Seas.
  2. The Sulphurous Seas is an atomic wasteland and is the direct result of Calamitas’ wrath. To put it simple, long ago, Lord Yharim forced Calamitas to incinerate the oceans due to the fact that The Sea King, Amadias refused to partake in the ancient ritual to summon the Moon Lord. In the present day, the former seas are left to rot. Becoming a literal pool of acid, this took toll on the wildlife that previously lived there. You find these depressed bodies of water and find it strange and peculiar. After awhile, you build a specialized suit designed to sustain the sulphuric acid in the water. You finally get to dive and see what inhabits the seas and what you see is what would change the science of evolution entirely. You had the feeling that NOTHING lived in those waters but you were wrong. All the ocean life has mutated and adapted to the harsh environment. From former great white sharks turned to vicious, deformed maulers to sulphuric crocodiles. You decide to keep distance from the marine life but a blue figure catches your eye. A bright blue, aquatic serpent with graceful jaws and beautiful scales. It looked absolutely nothing like the other animals. It swam through the water with great power, taking notice of your presence. The serpent knew what you were and what you were capable of. The beast sped to an ancient seal and used it’s mighty tusks to open it. What lies beneath it was a large trench so deep, the titanium flashlights on your suit could not reach the levels. The scourge implied you traveled down the trench to what is called The Abyss. Foolishly enough, you listen to the scourge and slip down the hole. Little did you know, what you would see in the depths would haunt you for the rest of your life…
  4. CHAPTER 2 - Neptune's Hell.
  5. No one has ventured into the darker layers of the abyss and returned. You are exploring the higher layers of the abyss full of strange but, beautiful life that can't help but poke at your curiosity of these almost unnatural parts of the ocean. You venture down deeper and deeper. An hour later, the pressure is immensely increased but its nothing your trusty diving gear could not handle. You are marveled with every sight of the stunning abyss life. You pass by the carnivorous morays, the shy but deadly cuddle fish and even a few giant squids. But as you go deeper, your surroundings begin to blacken, being consumed by what looks to you as a void. You get anxious, for now the only light you receive is from the small siren following you and a few stray higher layered abyss life. You are in the light no more. You have reached a level of the depths from what you can consider Neptune's Hell. You pass by a few horrors, even a Leviathan. But something catches your eye. All you  see are faint yellow splotches of light, traveling slowly. The figure is unidentifiable but you feel the immense power in its moves as it treads gracefully through the aquatic void. The creature approaches you with no sign of fear. Your abyss suit is starting to suffer from the pressure. Even the brave siren who dared help you on your adventure was paralyzed from what it saw. The serpent-like creature is as close as ever to you and you are frozen with a fear you have never experienced before.  The yellow light reflected off of it's hard, scaly blue skin. It has no teeth but rather a mouth the size of a large submarine. Its almost whale like. You snap back into your instincts and as fast as humanly possible, pull out your magic mirror and travel home. You stay traumatized of the day and will forever be driven insane from the voices in your head of the supposed followers of the creature. Your sanity will never heal from the effect that the abyss has left on your poor, poor soul...
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