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  1.  - Picked the gun. Didn't cast lead magic. Disappointing
  2.  - One-hit KO. Wasn't expecting that
  3.  - No sound. Bad
  4.  - Typical drawing issues that all isometric games start with concering overlap. I've seen worse
  5.  - Sun spell has weird hit detection for projectile spawning especially while standing at a corner of a wall
  6.  - Sometimes I would stand behind a wall and get shot through what I thought was the upper corner of the wall. Didn't see the projectile either
  7.  - Please let me choose when to start again. Dying dozens of times while typing this
  8.  - Spreadshot is a surprise. Confused by lack of spell at first. Upgrades could do with a name shown as tooltip when hovering the mouse over them
  9.  - This has come much closer to a bullet hell than Monolith. I am bad at bullet hell
  10.  - In the end I always opt for teleport and splitshot, because that seems like a much easier way to handle combat than casting sun or homing orbs
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