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Assignment 1

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  1. <h1>Lets Talk About Art</h1>
  2. <h3>Introduction</h3>
  3. <p>
  4. <em>I really like art.</em> Its great because you can create something out of almost any idea. There are so many ways you can create art. Here are some of the most common types of media.
  5. <ul>
  6.         <li>Painting</li>
  7.         <li>Drawing</li>
  8.         <li>Sculpting</li>
  9. </ul>
  10. To learn more about art <button>click here</button> or keep reading.
  11. </p>
  12. <h3>More About Painting</h3>
  13. <p>
  14. Painting is usually done on a stretched canvas. There are two different types of paint. The first kind is acrylic paint. This paint is more common and better for beginners. Acrylic paint drys <strong>quickly</strong> and can be layered to cover mistakes. It is water based.
  15. The other type is oil paint. Oils take much longer to dry and constantly blend. They are oil based so they must be thinned with turpentine.
  16. </p>
  18. <table>
  19.         <tr>
  20.                 <th>Painting</th>
  21.                 <th>Drawing</th>
  22.                 <th>Sculpting</th>
  23.         </tr>
  24.         <tr>
  25.                 <td>Acrylic</td>
  26.                 <td>Pencil</td>
  27.                 <td>Red Clay</td>
  28.         </tr>
  29.         <tr>
  30.                 <td>Oil</td>
  31.                 <td>Ink</td>
  32.                 <td>White Clay</td>
  33.         </tr>
  34. </table>
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