Ghiaccio alibi

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  1. 8:00- You get up a little late and head down to the dining hall to wait for breakfast to be ready. Inside, Donkey Kong and Lash seem to be playing a game of... charades or some shit? It looks incredibly stupid and you do your best to ignore it. As time goes by, most of the other houseguests arrive as well.
  4. 8:30- Kaiba, Flanders, and Xemnas emerge from the kitchen with food and a plate of smoothies. Maya mentions that the smoothies are for the planned beach party later. It's kind of a stupid idea but it might be a good waste of time? Regardless, you go eat breakfast. Great.
  8. 9:00- The beach party is supposed to start at 10 so in the meantime to head to the play room to try to figure out the purpose of the ball pit. Why the fuck does it even exist? As you ponder these mysteries, Grimmjow walks in and starts talking some mad shit. It takes all of your willpower to not beat his ass right then and there. It helps that he leaves not long after. What a fucking dick.
  11. 10:00- Everyone arrives at the pool beach, including you as you are part of everyone. Maya hands out some smoothies but you decline to drink any and decide to build a sand castle. It seems you're not alone in this endavor as Lei Shen is trying to build one of his own and Xemnas is building a sand... heart thing? It really doesn't matter cause yours is going to be the best.
  15. 10:30- So the bad news is Grimmjow is a fucking asshole who kicks over your sandcastle as he's leaving. If there wasn't the whole class trial thing (and your stand was working) he would be a fucking corpse by now. But no, no. You got to keep it together. You decide to wind down by taking a cold drink from the cooler, drinking up, and then swimming in the pool with some of the others.
  20. 11:15- Well, that's enough of that. As you climb out of the pool it seems a couple others have left already but that's fine. You and Flanders head out with you going back up to your room for a bit.
  24. 1:00- You're pacing around the hallway for a bit when suddenly you see something being thrown at you at a crazy speed! You dive to the ground and get back up to see what was just thrown at you. It was... a fucking sword?! Oh that's fucking it! Picking up the sword, you run into the dining hall to potentially warn everyone about what is going on... only to see Flanders and Xemnas lying unconscious on the floor. Maya, Kaiba, Lash, and Mustache Girl are standing by, looking just as confused as you are.
  25. Clearly there's a plot in motion but you know already who is behind this. That Grimmjow motherfucker! Based on the aquarium schedule, he's upstairs right about now... you'll get to him first. Without a word, you run back out and head upstairs to the art gallery where you lie in wait...
  29. 1:30- Waiting might not be very exciting but the rage that fills your veins keeps you going.
  33. 2:00- Grimmjow walks by, it's time to strike. You leap out with your sword and get ready to beat his bitch ass. Surprisingly, he seems to accept the challenge and is ready to take you on... which is a stupid mistsake on his part, cause you're the guy with the sword!
  34. What the two of you don't expect is Popeye being nearby who puts himself between the two of you. Oh come on! This guy has it comin-
  35. You're promptly shut up by Popeye punching you right in the face. He does the same with Grimmjow who proceeds to fuck right off. Popeye takes the sword from you and tells you that there won't be any more trouble and to make sure of it, makes you follow him back down to the dining hall.
  39. 2:30- Not wanting to get punched in the face again, you go with Popeye and head back downstairs. Lash and Kaiba are still down there again (but any unconscious bodies are gone) and the four of you awkwardly sit around for a bit. Mustache Girl walks in herself a few minutes later.
  43. 3:00- After checking the time, Lash suddenly calls for Monokuma and begins asking him stupid question after stupid question. What the actual fuck is she doing? Monokuma himself seems to be getting more and more annoyed by this antics. It doens't help that she just keeps going but eventually Monokuma fucks right off.
  46. 3:30- As soon as Monokuma leaves, Lash smiles as if she just won the lottery and insists you all run up to the courtyard with her. Popeye says he needs to keep watch down here in case someone tries to cause more trouble but the rest of you go upstairs. What could it possibly be?
  47. Turns out to be a fucking load of nothing. The courtyard is the same as always, though it seems Lash was expecting something different. Whatever. You decide you've had enough bullshit for the day and head back to your room.
  51. 4:00- Just as you start getting comfortable, the monitors go off...
  52. "A body has been discovered!"
  53. Yeah, what the actual fuck?
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