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  1. The booming trance coming from the DJ downstairs thrummed in her eardrums, Majima leading Catrina to a large seating area, instantly plopping onto it with his legs spread apart lazily. A over exaggerated sigh was heard from the older man, lighting a smoke. "All that walkin' got my fuckin' legs beat. Figured y'would like it here, that 'cool kid' music."
  2.  Catrina nodded lightly, looking around and seeing no one else in the same resting area as they were, maybe it was closed off for VIPs.. She didn't really care or didn't want to ask, at least it was away from all the noise. Sort of. Still kinda loud. "Yeah, I'm.. Definitely not one to work out, so its equally hell for me too, dude." She snickered, sitting down next to Majima.
  3.  "Haw..?" Majima's jaw hung, a brow raised comically as he eyed his partner in shenanigans. "Now what're you doin' all the way over there?!" He cackled, hand on her thigh. She was basically elbow to elbow with him.
  4.  "..Sitting." Catrina was poker faced, blinking at him. "Like humans do. Put their butts on seats and y'know, s-"
  5.  She was cut off by Majima nonchalantly grabbing her by the hips, yanking her onto his lap, back against his bare chest. "There we go.. Muuuch better, princess." He smirked, hands no longer gripped at her hipbones and resting his elbows on the edges of the couch, the smell of cigarettes intensifying throughout the girl's senses now. Cat blushed heavily, even if she was used to this kind of action from Majima by now, and actually welcoming it since she didn't know how to be forward.
  6.  "I-I could've done that myself, y'know."
  7.  Still cocky, looking back at him.. Maybe on purpose. Fooling around was always quite fun for her. Stress relieving in a way, Cat was able to be more of herself without fearing what people around her felt, with someone she trusted deeply by her side. Majima's smiled widened, admiring her bravery. Especially in such a loud place like this, it usually got to her.
  8.  Maybe it was time to test things a bit further.
  9.  "Ah.. But y'know I'm doin' ya a favor." His voice lowered, hot breath felt in the back of her neck. His tone always changed like the flip of a switch, unpredictable. Cat loved it. Far more than she expected. "Don'tcha? Don'tcha like sittin' in my lap like this..?" Majima's chin was now resting on her shoulder, leaning forward and holding her wrists gently. "M-Mmh." Cat could only grunt, biting her lip as she struggled to think of a way to respond.
  10.  Those gloves grasped at her wrists a little tighter, hot breaths felt against her skin as he chuckled with a wheeze. "Am I that breathtakin'~? I gotta say the same for you, babe, everytime I see ya like this, I can't help but get all.. Tingly!" He cackled, knee bouncing a bit, making her hips shift.
  11.  Cat wanted to know what he meant by 'tingly'. Even though she already expected what.
  12.  "Aw c'mon, princess, you were all talk before!" He teased, prying into her. "I'm on your lap d-dude, what do you expect?" The girl looked back with some slight trouble in the position she was.
  13.  "For ya t'squirm~." A sing-song tone that trilled in her ears. Catrina whined, feeling a heat ball up in her body as her knees tightened together. Majima looked down at her delicate legs curiously, baggy cargo pants hiding them, to his displeasure.. But. That was for later. For now, this was an entirely different way of gaining that, with the environment they were in. This will be fun.
  14.  Majima hummed, trouble making thoughts roaming about his wild mind. "Lookit what I'm doin' to ya.. Why're your legs all together like that~? Don't want me t'get ya' soppin' wet again?" His grasp on her hands lessened to now settle on her thighs, one of them however getting her heavy jacket off, noticing she was getting uncomfortably hot, especially with how humid it was in the club they were in.. "Majima.." She whimpered shyly, looking down at her feet.
  15.  "Tell me whats runnin' through that pretty lil' head a' yours, baby."
  16.  "..You got a half chub going on down there."
  17.  Majima scoffed. "And?" Shameless. Absolutely shameless, it drove her mad. Confidence Cat wish she had at times. "You're weird." She stuck her tongue out at him, kicking her legs playfully. "An' weird y'fall for, sugar." Good point. Majima caught her tongue sticking out of her soft, chapped lips, catching it in his sloppily. The girl. No. His girl. Couldn't help but squeal.
  18.  His kiss was messy, tongue frequently escaping from her mouth at times and frantically going back in for more. This man was a wild ride for sure, but it was a wild ride she wanted to be on forever. One of two rides she clung onto for dear life. After a moment, Majima pulled away with a cocky curl on the corner of his lips. "Never gonna get tired a' them cute lil' lips of yers.." He cooed, hand holding her chin a bit tightly to keep her looking at him straight in the eyes.
  19.  She would feel his glove hands gliding down towards the bottom of her t-shirt and back up once he got under it, groping at her chest. "N' a nice pair a titties on ya too~." Majima snickered before pecking her on the cheek to show that as usual, his odd compliments were genuine. Catrina melted against his grasp, feeling fingers tease her perky nipples and then sliding back down.. To the rim of her pants.
  20.  "Nn-Majima-we ca-"
  21.  "Yer safe wit' me babe."
  22.  A serious tone, lowered again and comforting. Quiet. Even among the ruckus of the club, she heard it. It was like the only thing she could hear, the sound of his voice. Immediately, all stress dissapeared. The hand teasingly fiddled with the fringe of her panties. "I just wonder how fuckin' soaked I'm makin' ya~!" Maniacal laughter, a beaming, menacing smile on his face.
  23.  Christ, she was attracted to this.
  24.  Majima's fingers slipped inbetween her coated slit, eyes wild and filled with lust, just as much as she was, even if she was reluctant to show.. "Fucking -shhhit- sweetheart." He hissed, tugging her cargo pants down, panties down to her thighs. Catrina gasped, eyes squeezed shut for a second before remembering that she was safe here, with him. "Can't help it, yer pussy looks fucking pretty with my fingers all up in that goodness. Now stay still, gorgeous!" He growled as his thumb began to rub against her clit, while a index finger prodded through her entrance.
  25.  Cat felt her hips move on their own, body raising up and down in shock from the contact of those cold gloves. The flashing, vibrant lights shined against their forms, area dimly lit and the two barely noticing anything else but themselves, as it should be. Majima rose his hand back up, fingers covered in a thick coating of Cat's arousal. "Mmh, fuckin' nasty~.." An accurate remark, his tongue being dragged along in between his gloved fingers to taunt the smaller one.
  26.  The Mad Dog's boldness made her cringe, but she adored it at the same time, in a way it guided her out of her own personal bubble. Even right now. "Why y'tryna look away, kitten? Lookit me.." He cooed, noticing how her head was trying to move away from the grasp on her chin while he was licking his gloved fingers. Shyly, she looked at him purely in the eye, an expression of endearment that had him wrapped around her little finger every time.
  27.  In that moment he couldn't help but mash his lips against hers, both hands now cupping her face, taking the messy glove off beforehand. Catrina tasted herself on his tongue, that sweetness combined with salt and alcohol, a flavor combined through both their mouths, it made her squirm madly. Majima backed off with a wet gasp, tongue licking his chapped lips. "Ahh! Fuck, yer gettin' me way too hard t'handle. Were gonna have to fix that, eh?"
  28.  Cats eyes wandered down to those tight leather pants of his, directly to his crotch. Yeah, it was definitely bulging outta there, it isn't the biggest in the world, but Catrina is small, anything to her is big. As she raised her hips, a hand reached below Cat to unbuckle what got in the way of his relief, cock highlighting his briefs with a wetspot of pre.
  29.  Just looking at it made her thighs shake, wetness drooling out of her lips and connecting to the hardness behind the cloth. Majima guided her hips back down to grind against her, fingers leaving indents into her skin. "Mmm, be a good girl n' keep goin'.." He leaned back against the sofa, hand running up her back.
  30.  Small hands held onto his knees, working her hips in circles and thrusts against his crotch, soft, delicate whimpers huffing out of her throat, looking back with glassy eyes. Catrina isn't very vocal, but her expression and body movements usually say all. "Haw? Whats wrong~? My girl close?" He taunted, dragging the nails of his bare digits down her back, making her moan even louder.
  31.  "I.. C..-gh-.."
  32.  With a small squeak coming from her, Majima lightly tugged her hair back as he leaned back up with a hand in between her legs, playing with her clit in a rushed pace, wanting to satisfy her, and make her feel absolutely wonderful. "Look at that pretty lil' face.. All mine tonight." He smirked. All Catrina could hear right now is the bass of the music, and the soothing sound of Majima's voice close to her ear.
  33.  His mouth glided down from her ear to her neck, sucking and biting roughly on the sensitive skin there, as finger entered back into her, fucking intensely. He wanted to feel her body writhe and twist against his. And so it did. She could barely take much more before a small puddle of fluids were now dripping off his lap, he didn't expect her to squirt, and that only made it all the better.
  34.  Catrina's hips moved faster as her orgasm hit her like a freight train, the wet mess combined with her rough grinds made Majima's session come to a close himself, holding her hips tightly to where shes likely to feel it in the morning. Not that she minded, didn't have anything to do tomorrow anyways. "Mmmhnhn, fuuuck, baby~!" He cackled wildly with a mixture of moans and groans, giving a light smack to her thigh. "Look what you did, y'got a wet mess everywhere!"
  35.  Looking down at their laps, she felt even more shame realizing it got a bit on the seat, and floor.. Dear god, how far did she shoot? But Majima didn't say that in a bad way, no, he was impressed! "Didn't know you liked sittin' in my lap that much." He remarked cockily. Cat groaned, slumping on him over-dramatically. "Fuuhuhuuck.." A sinful whine, curling up on his body. "You. YOU do this to me." She pointed at him, poking his nose.
  36.  "And? Are you complainin'?"
  37.  "...No."
  38.  "S'what I thought."
  39.  Cat blew a raspberry at him, and he did so back. A couple of trouble making gremlins.
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