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  1. *snip where I interview Garlan to see if we mesh as mentor/protege*
  2. You tell Page Garlan, "Very well, meet me at Ascending the Shallam Road."
  4. Ascending the Shallam Road.
  5. Standing in the boundary between light and shadow, a Dawnstrider Guard silently appraises all within sight. Surrounded by an aura of magical energy, a Shallamese djinn watches the area with dark, mysterious eyes. A runic totem is planted in the ground. Shimmering elemental robes swirling around him, a Magus of the Guard holds his staff at the ready. A large chest made of glowing crystal rests on a small table. Rising out of the ground, a crystalline plinth contains ornate writing. A Priestess of the Guard stands here, keeping watch over the city. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. There are 3 cube sigils in 3 groups here. An heraldic pennon flies here, bearing the city arms of Shallam. A proud kirin awaits here, eyes smouldering and scales alight as it radiates a sense of righteousness. A brightly coloured jack-in-the-box rests quietly on the ground. An elegant white letter is in danger of being soiled here. A shimmering orb lies here, illuminating the surrounding area with a slight glow. Wings flaring, a pegasus tosses his regal head impatiently. The shining figure of a guardian angel floats in the air here. A stool is here. A wooden bench is here. A large barracks is here providing the city's forces with rest and refuge.
  6. Adherent of Light, Silas Maynard is here. He wields a solid platinum mace adorned with gold in his left hand and a platinum-plated shield edged with gold bearing the city arms of Shallam in his right. Page Garlan is here. He wields an ornate steel rapier in each hand.
  7. You see exits leading north, east (open door), southeast, south, and west (open door).
  9. Garlan gives you a respectful salute.
  11. You give Garlan a respectful salute.
  13. You beckon to Garlan.
  15. Garlan begins to follow you.
  17. Garlan follows you to Templar Library.
  18. Constructed of the same granite stone as the rest of the building, dark wooden panelling lines the lower half of each surrounding wall here. Countless varieties of comfortable seating arrangements are available in this deceptively large room, accompanied by great, colourful pillows thrown in haphazard heaps over the thickly woven carpets, and down-stuffed cushions lying upon the large couches. Sturdy wooden tables and matching chairs stand shadowed in the dark corners of the chamber, while individual armchairs can be seen placed at sporadic intervals all the way around the room. The most remarkable pieces of furniture in the room are a series of large bookcases housing the collective works of Paladins, Guardians, and Templars. A candelabrum hanging in a central position provides adequate lighting for the entire room, while smaller sconces along the walls permit reading well into the night. A runic totem is planted solidly in the ground. There are 2 monolith sigils in 2 groups here. A frost wyrm stands out of the way, surveying the area with interest. A dark brown oak bookcase is here. A dark brown mahogany bookcase is here. Page Garlan is here. He wields an ornate steel rapier in each hand.
  20. With an assessing eye, Chord looks over Garlan carefully before motioning for him to kneel before him.
  22. Garlan kneels onto one knee, demonstrating his humility and respect.
  24. You say to Garlan, "Do you swear to constantly strive to uphold the Templar code, to let every action you take be balanced in Valour and Justice and to never know the folly of action without temperance?"
  26. Page Garlan says, "Yes I do."
  28. You say to Garlan, "Do you swear to listen to my guidance without fail, to surrender your education to my care and your well-being to my will?"
  30. Page Garlan says, "Yes I swear."
  32. You ask Garlan, "Do you swear to become a Knight without parallel, to not only stave the flow of Chaos, to save the realm from the oppressive forces of Evil, to wield Light against those who would spread Darkness, but to Grow and live in the Light's name?"
  34. Page Garlan says, "Yes I swear."
  36. You say to Garlan, "Then I swear to you, my Page, that I will serve as an example for your actions. I will guide you to the path of righteousness, educate you in all that you wish to know, and care for you even as I care for myself. We shall stand together and fight the unholy enemies of the Light, and grow together in our time."
  38. Garlan nods his head emphatically.
  40. You draw an icy blade of cerulean steel and slash the air in front of you in a single movement.
  42. You draw a blade wreathed in cerulean flame from an ivory Shallamese scabbard in a crisp salute.
  44. You have tmoted: Chord taps an icy blade of cerulean steel upon Garlan's head, and whispers a prayer. Chord then takes a blade wreathed in cerulean flame to his heart, and prays once more.
  46. Oaths sworn, Chord offers Garlan his right hand, to help him from the ground.
  48. You say to Garlan, "Stand, my Page."
  50. Garlan follows you to Before the Shallam gate.
  51. A runic totem is planted in the ground. Deneen stands here, carefully taking in his surroundings. A cute little humgii is sitting here placidly, attached to a leash. A blue-bordered banner hangs down from the gates, displaying a mighty victory of the Light. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Lying flat on the ground is a key-shaped sigil. There are 5 Templars of the Guard here. A huge statue of the Scimitar of Yen-Sorte stands here, thrusting skywards.
  53. You say to Garlan, "Your first task will be to reach level 75. We'll need to get you to Logosian before long, but I've another task before that."
  55. Garlan nods his head emphatically.
  57. You ask Garlan, "What are the stats on those rapiers?"
  59. Page Garlan, Protege of Justiciar Chord says, "*stuff*."
  61. You nod your head emphatically.
  63. You say, "Good blades, then. So you should have no issue with hunting at the moment."
  65. You say, "Very well, you're at your own leisure. Spend your time well, my Page."
  67. You give Garlan a respectful salute.
  69. Garlan nods his head emphatically.
  71. Garlan gives you a respectful salute.
  73. You easily vault onto the back of Narojia, the frost wyrm.
  75. You pull back the reins on your mount and jump off to the south.
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