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  1. Travis Musgrat > How are you doing today
  2. Jiny > fantastic...what can I do for you?
  3. Travis Musgrat > WELL
  4. Travis Musgrat > who o i contact for scheduling a fight
  5. Travis Musgrat > and why do your leaders call players homosexuals
  6. Jiny > hmm....I would recommend going to either Tim Pest or Delucian
  7. Jiny > and I wouldn't know anything about that....
  8. Travis Musgrat > 1 more things why are players kicked when they reimburse pilots they kill but are expected to reimburse players they did not
  9. Jiny > perhaps they were rude in local or failed to listen to requests from leadership after they should have already known the rules?
  10. Travis Musgrat > lol
  11. Travis Musgrat > i said i would pay the ships i killed
  12. Travis Musgrat > but the guy wanted me to pay for like 12 other ships
  13. Jiny > well, the rules are clearly posted....so if you failed to read them and then decide to be rude about it...
  14. Travis Musgrat > wasnt being rude he was the one calling homosexual
  15. Travis Musgrat > i said i would pay for the ship i killed
  16. Travis Musgrat > but why should i be required to pay for ships i didnt shoot
  17. Jiny > i still don't see the part where anyone called anyone gay, homo, or anything along those lines
  18. Travis Musgrat > ive already sorted him a 48 temp ban that will start tomorrow so im not concered about the guy
  19. Travis Musgrat > kept referring that i was in a realationship with 2 other pilots in my former corp
  20. Travis Musgrat > that aside whyshould i have to pay for ships i did not shoot
  21. Jiny > do you mean the word "mate"?
  22. Travis Musgrat > yes
  23. Jiny > that's a brittish word for friend, associate, comrade....
  24. Jiny > not a gay reference
  25. Travis Musgrat > thats very offensive where i live so my gm bro is going to ban him for a while tomorrow
  26. Jiny > well that's up to CCP....but something tells me they aren't going to see it that way
  27. Travis Musgrat > that aside why should i be required to pay for others ships whom i did not shoot
  28. Jiny > you were part of a group of rule breakers....together you killed a bunch of ships...
  29. Travis Musgrat > i was not a part of any group
  30. Jiny > not how it looked from this side
  31. Travis Musgrat > so why should i be required to pay for ships that were kill after i was killed
  32. Travis Musgrat > even those that were not killed by the bs that i was not with
  33. Travis Musgrat > and if that is the case the gang that killed me should be required to pay for my ship since they are they ones that engaged me first and forced me to jump in between gates several times
  34. Jiny > you should not have been out in that ship
  35. Travis Musgrat > and i was not aware of that so i agreed to pay for the ship i killed and was going back to switch and was killed by a different gang
  36. Travis Musgrat > but the guy said i would have to pay for every ship that was killed after i was dead even if i or those 3 bs were not on the mail
  37. Jiny > Kill: SheFlung Dung (Merlin) so you weren't with them, but the 3 of you are all together on this mail?
  38. Travis Musgrat > how is that hard to believe
  39. Travis Musgrat > i tackled ther merlin and they helped kill it and i left after they tried to kill me
  40. Travis Musgrat > 2 armor bs and a drake dont exactly go together
  41. Jiny > http://rvbeve.com/red/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=272886 I don't see them on your kill....don't look like they shot at you to me...
  42. Travis Musgrat > i jumpeed gates several times so if you understand basic game mechanics you clear aggro by doing so and those that shot you will not appear on the mail
  43. Jiny > yes I am aware of how the game works....but you jumping a gate doesn't really prove anything does it?
  44. Travis Musgrat > and it was a ffa afaik so plenty of people were shooting different people
  45. Travis Musgrat > saying that because they didnt shoot me bc i was in their gang doesnt prove anything
  46. Jiny > regardless....you were given a chance by a TL....you ranted and raged at him, then you wardec RvB....so....what exaclty are you expecting me to do here?
  47. Travis Musgrat > matei have 876 billion isk so i dont have a problem paying for their ships if you give a valid reason for shooting them
  48. Jiny > I thought mate was a derogatory term?
  49. Travis Musgrat > yes it is
  50. Jiny > so.....
  51. Travis Musgrat > same as ******
  52. Travis Musgrat > **********
  53. Travis Musgrat > etc
  54. Travis Musgrat > you get the point mate
  55. Travis Musgrat > i said i would pay for the ships i killed in my drake
  56. Travis Musgrat > but just not the ones that were killed during the fight that continued after i die
  57. Jiny > well that time has passed, you were rude to my members, then to one of my TLs....now by your own definition you are being rude to me, enjoy your wardec
  58. Travis Musgrat > why should i pay for this http://rvbeve.com/red/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=272834
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