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The Curious Incident of The 9/11 Israeli Mural Van

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  1. The Curious Incident of The 9/11 Israeli Mural Van
  2. --------------------------------------------------
  4. http://transweb.sjsu.edu/MTIportal/research/publications/documents/Sept11.book.htm
  6. >There were continuing moments of alarm. A panel truck with a painting of a plane flying into the World Trade Center was stopped near the temporary command post. It proved to be rented to a group of ethnic Middle Eastern people who did not speak English. Fearing that it might be a truck bomb, the NYPD immediately evacuated the area, called out the bomb squad, and detained the occupants until a thorough search was made. The vehicle was found to be an innocent delivery truck.
  8. 'Middle Eastern' is codeword for Israeli here. One Dominik Suter, an Israeli national, was the owner of 'Urban Moving Systems Incorporated', the name of the company on the van.
  10. Further research shows 'Urban Moving Systems Inc', a small moving company recieved $665,000 in 'federal aid' in 2001, a ridiculous amount of money for a small privately owned business:
  12. https://web.archive.org/web/20080808181459/http://www.fedspending.org/faads/faads.php?reptype=r&database=faads&record_id=2039277&detail=3&datype=T&sortby=i
  14. (archive.org link as the original record has now been stripped from the site database!)
  16. >Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?
  17. http://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=123885
  19. >The arresting officers said they saw a lot that aroused their suspicion about the men. One of the passengers had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock. Another was carrying two foreign passports. A box cutter was found in the van. But perhaps the biggest surprise for the officers came when the five men identified themselves as Israeli citizens.
  21. >The driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers, "We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem." The other passengers were his brother Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari.
  23. Here's an actual police scanner recording from the incident:
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Huf2Kz7bV2k
  26. >"... It's a big truck with a mural painted of a... of an airplane diving into New York City and exploding."
  28. >"We got both suspects under Kay, we have the suspects who drive...drove in the van, THE VAN EXPLODED -- we have both of them under Kay let's get some help over here..."
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