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  1. cat /etc/portage/package.use
  2. net-misc/openvpn passwdsave
  3. media-video/ffmpeg threads
  4. media-video/cheese v4l
  5. media-video/mplayer v4l v4l2 fbcon
  6. x11-libs/qt-qt3support kde
  7. x11-libs/qt-webkit kde
  8. x11-libs/libX11 xcb
  9. media-libs/mesa xcb
  10. #x11-libs/cario xcb svg
  11. #x11-wm/compiz-fusion emerald
  12. net-misc/openvpn passworsave
  13. media-libs/gd fontconfig
  14. #x11-wm/compiz -gnome -kde -kde4
  15. #x11-wm/compiz-fusion -gnome -kde -kde4
  16. #x11-wm/emerald -gnome -kde -kde4
  17. #x11-themes/emerald-themes -gnome -kde -kde4
  18. #net-im/psi extras xscreensaver
  19. gnome-extra/avant-window-navigator thunar
  20. dev-libs/pwlib v4l v4l2
  21. dev-libs/libxml2 icu
  22. kde-base/okular chm djvu ebook
  23. net-ftp/pure-ftpd anondel anonperm anonren anonres caps charconv -paranoidmsg -postgres
  24. net-misc/openssh -X
  25. media-video/ffmpeg threads
  26. virtual/ffmpeg threads
  27. media-libs/freetype kpathsea
  28. app-text/lcdf-typetools kpathsea
  29. app-text/texlive doc cyrillic science xetex
  30. dev-libs/libgcrypt static-libs
  31. net-libs/opal sip
  32. net-libs/ptlib wav
  33. dev-libs/popt static-libs
  34. dev-libs/libgpg-error static-libs
  35. sys-fs/lvm2 -static
  36. media-libs/phonon -vlc
  37. app-text/texlive-core xetex
  38. app-admin/conky X ncurses portmon truetype math mpd weather-metar weather-xoap
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