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Oct 4th, 2020
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  1. mike [at] MONAD28-09-2020
  2. Hi everyone, major update from the team.
  4. We're still trying our best to have wide-scale stability, and are faced with multiple issues, often very hard to track. Unfortunately the majority of these issues are rooted in MONAD's software systems and bitstreams, not in our hosting provider, or in the hardware. We have been working hard to fix these issues for the last months.
  6. Initially we thought that the software would be significantly easier than we imagined, for the last few months we've tried our best to both satisfy customer demands for features, while accomodating with compensation. But it turns out that this has created a tremendous burden on the engineering team, as a result the team ends up spending 80% of their time making short-term solutions to answer a ticket or integrate a bitstream. This created a larger and larger list of technical debt, and has resulted in our inability to launch a dashboard, and to solve machine instability issues. However its become very clear that we tried to do too many things, keep everyone happy, as a result doing neither well.
  7. [09:33]
  8. We are now immobilized and unable to make progress.
  10. Given the low in the market, we have decided to focus our efforts on repairs, software updates, and debugging of stability issues. To give us the room to focus:
  12. 1. We will shutting down all customer machines for 2-4 weeks with daily compensation (see below)
  13. 2. We will delay responses to all tickets and messages during this time. All tickets will be replied to after we finish the repairs.
  14. 3. We will delay any new accounts and purchases. All purchases will be fulfilled after we finish the repairs.(bewerkt)
  15. [09:33]
  16. This will give our team the time to focus and move quickly targeting key issues Our goal is to come back as soon as possible (hopefully 2 weeks, possibly 4 weeks) with
  18. 1. A stable hosting platform.
  19. 2. A simple configuration dashboard.
  20. [09:33]
  21. We will be topping up $0.7, $0.8, and $0.9 per unit per day, for V2s, F2s, and R2s respectively.
  23. It's a difficult decision, but I believe this is the best for all our customers. As we stand today, MONAD's technical team is totally immobilized, we will not survive as a company, and all our machines may turn to scrap metal. While 2-4 weeks may seem like a long delay, I sincerely regret not making this difficult decision 3-4 months ago.
  25. In the long run, this period will yield everyone dividends.
  27. The moment we see things are stable and ready, we will email all customers and reconfigure the machines. Please look out for an email from our team.(bewerkt)
  28. [09:35]
  29. If anyone has any questions, I'll be available for Q&A this Friday. In the meantime, we are going to begin digging into solving issues.
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