Juni is for lewd (JuniperxAnon, retarded quickie, smut)

Jul 24th, 2017
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  1. >>Juni is for lewd. very lewd.
  2. >You could literally turn her into a living cocksleeve for you to use by simply sweet talking a bit and promising her a place in some random movie
  4. >become her 'manager'
  5. >find her a small place in some retarded sitcom, like a background character or maybe even a secondary character
  6. >assist to all her shootings
  7. >She comes up to you, beaming and eyes wide filled with hope and glee
  8. >"How was I?!"
  9. "Ehhh... it was okay."
  10. >"What?! Okay?! What was wrong?!"
  11. "Well, you still feel kind of... off on screen, but I'm sure it'll get better soon enough."
  12. >Her face turns anxious, she starts chewing on her thumb
  13. "Let's just hope they keep you around long enough."
  14. >You see her eyes widen at that, and you smirk
  15. >"No! No no no! That can't happen! I need to get better! I need to become perfect!"
  16. "Well, we could try something..."
  17. >You grab one of her hand and pull it against your growing bulge
  18. >And she gasps, her cheeks reddening
  19. >"I-I'm not sure how this could--"
  20. "Best way to get rid of the jitters is to get experience in front of a camera baby,"
  21. >You turn and nudge towards one of the huge stationary ones not two meters away
  22. "And we got everything we need, right here..."
  23. >Your hand finds her side and you caress your way up, giving her breast a little grope, while you pull her hand even harder against your pride, before you start pushing it up and down in a slow stroking motion
  24. >"I-I don't know..."
  25. "Look at you, you're beautiful,"
  26. >Her eyes stop flickering left and right and find yours
  27. >And you give her the most genuine smile and gaze you can manage while molesting and forcing an underage to stroke your hard cock
  28. "It'd be such a waste for the world to not see that,"
  30. >You lean forward, and she recoils slightly
  31. >And your lips find her neck, and you give it a kiss
  32. >A shiver runs down her back, and her hand gives your member a squeeze
  33. >It wasn't intentional, but it still makes you groan
  34. >"Y-you really think so?"
  35. >You thrust your hips forward and grind your groin against her lower stomach, pressing her hand harder against your shaft while you use your now free hand to roam the small of her back
  36. >And she yelps when you give her ass a squeeze, pulling her cheek apart
  37. "Fuck yeah, you're hotter than any of the bitches getting roles nowadays,"
  38. >You give her neck a nibble and she coos in return
  39. "None of them compare,"
  40. >You keep fondling her ass while your other hand shifts lower and slides under her shirt
  41. "But I know of the perfect accessory that would make you look even better,"
  42. >She gasps, and then moans when your hands find their respective targets, one giving her small underdeveloped breast a harsh squeeze while you pushed the other between her legs and pressed your fingers against her flowers, her panties stopping you from entering her
  43. "My dick inside of your mouth,"
  44. >She gulps
  45. >"N-no, we can't, n-not here, what if someone--"
  46. "The next shoot isn't for another few hours, we got at least an hour,"
  47. >Your fingers find the hem of her bra and you pull it down before they instantly latches onto the exposed skin
  48. >And you give her hard nipple a squeeze
  49. >"A-and you're sure I'd look even prettier w-with... you know..."
  50. "You'd look like a million bits, honest."
  51. >She ponders over it for a few seconds, but her hormones get the better of her, your hands expertly aiding her in picking the right decision
  52. >"Okay,"
  54. >Ten minutes later
  55. >She's on her knees, slobbering over your hard cock, her shirt lifted up to expose her small perky tits
  56. "Fuck, you're beautiful,"
  57. >She gives a happy hum
  58. >And you turn around to fiddle with the camera's settings, zooming in on her face
  59. "Yeah, just like that, just look at you, you're a fucking pro, I can't believe they didn't ask you to cast that new transformer movie,"
  60. >You lean down to give her tits a squeeze
  61. >And you groan when she tries to force another inch of your shaft down her small mouth
  62. >You feel your tip hit her uvula, and sure enough, she starts coughing and hacking
  63. "Woah there, don't force yourself too much or you'll ruin your make up!"
  64. >You give her a moment to recover, and she nods, before you pull her face back up and angle your wet cock with her mouth
  65. >And your crown pry her soft lips apart a second later
  66. >And she engulfs as much as she can
  67. "You're so hot I could come, just like that,"
  68. >And you can feel yourself getting close
  69. >You'd really want to release on her face, to paint it white with you seed
  70. >But she's got a shoot in less than an hour, so that's a no no
  71. >You could come in her mouth and make her swallow tho
  72. >But then an idea hits you, and your cock gives a happy throb
  73. "I've got an idea, I know just the way for you to get more comfortable on screen, here, get up,"
  74. >Your cock bobs up and down in the cold air when it leaves her warm embrace, and you help her up
  75. >You're such a gentleman
  77. >She looks at you, quizzically
  78. >And your hands shoot forward and under her skirt, and her eyes go wide when your fingers tug her panties down
  79. >"W-wait,"
  80. "Shh, it's okay, I'm not going to fuck you, not like this."
  81. >You lift the front of her skirt to give your eyes access to her treasure
  82. >Her slit is simply perfect
  83. >You can barely see the pink insides with how tight and unused they look, and it's completely bare
  84. >Not a hair in sight
  85. >Fuck
  86. >You pull the underwear down some more, trails of her love bridging it, telling you how much she's enjoying herself
  87. >You groan and your dick twitch in anticipation
  88. "Here, gimme a hand,"
  89. >You don't wait for her to give it to you, you grab it yourself and pull it down to your balls
  90. >And you start jerking yourself off, using your free hand to make her slightly squeeze your jewels, before making them roll in between her fingers
  91. "Fuckkk, yeah, just like that, just keep playing with them, nngh!"
  92. >You're so close
  93. >And she simply looks in awe at your member and the blur of your hand
  94. "I'm gonna come, ahh, shit!"
  95. >You thrust forward and she gasps in surprise when your crown slightly part her petals
  96. >You rub against it for a second, before you lose it
  97. >You shoot your first salvo with your head still pressed against her petals, sending your seed dripping down the length of her slit, then you aim slightly lower
  98. >You groan again while you push forward once more, rubbing the top of your shaft against her moist, inviting flower
  99. >Your second and third shot hits her thigh and buttcheeks, and then you aim even lower, giving your shaft more pumps to coax the rest of your orgasm out and right over your target
  100. >And you give a heavy sigh when you feel the last drop leaving your tip
  101. >Then you look down to admire the results of your work
  102. >Sure enough, her immaculate pussy is completely whitened by your seed
  103. >But that wasn't the plan
  104. >Your eyes drift down some more, and you see her panties covered in semen, your juices pooling on it
  105. >And you grin
  107. "There you go, you'll wear this for the next shoot,"
  108. >Her eyes go wide when your words hit her
  109. >"What?! B-but I can't! Th-that's--"
  110. "Trust me girl, if you can pull it off and play the next part as if your pussy wasn't bathing in my cum, then you'll officially be the best actress in the world, and I'll make sure to get you a role in that daring do movie,"
  111. >"Really?!"
  112. >Heh, too easy
  113. "I swear I'll do everything to make it happen girl, but you gotta do your part."
  114. >She looks down, her blush creeping its way back up her cheeks when her eyes roam her covered panties
  115. >And not two seconds later, she pulls them up
  116. >She wiggles her hips for a moment, adjusting to the weird sensation
  117. "You girl, you're going to become something else, something the world has never known,"
  118. >Her eyes find yours and you find that dreamy stare once again
  119. "But maybe you could give me a hand cleaning up...? See, I didn't bring underwear backups,"
  120. >You don't need much more for her to get back on her knees and tend to your wilting shaft
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