100% Consistent Current Skip Setup

HamburgerSan Jul 18th, 2015 (edited) 280 Never
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  1. Setup:
  2. 1. Do a full Jump off the second platform in the room
  3. 2. Move right into the wall when you are below the ceiling just behind it
  5. Video:
  9. Explanation:
  11. Here's my theory on what causes the camera glitch, and judging by the 100% consistency of this setup I think it is correct.
  13. As you are falling down at the start of the room, a horizontal camera lock is in place that gets lifted(the camera starts to mimic Pamela's left/right movements) once Pamela reaches a certain Y-axis position. This position happens to be just below the overhanging ceiling that prevents you from moving right at the bottom, so if you are able to move to the right under this ceiling while the camera lock is still in place, the camera will start to follow Pamela when she is now on the right side of the screen.
  15. The reason why this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't after a normal jump from the top of the room has to do w/ y-axis pixels(and/or subpixels), or in terms of practical application, how many frames you held jump for. Since Pamela is falling much faster than 1px/f or w/e, a random height jump could cause her to be(and these are all hypothetical numbers) able to start moving right at the bottom when she is 0px below the ceiling, 1px below the ceiling, 2px below the ceiling, etc..., and you want her to start moving right as close to the ceiling as possible to be far enough right when camera lock is lifted. If the first frame Pamela is able to start moving right is a frame where she is 8px or something below the ceiling, the camera lock may already be lifted.
  17. By random chance, this setup is trivial to reproduce 100% of the time and lines up Pamela's y-axis positioning perfectly for the trick. As for the movement at the bottom of the room, it looks like if you move right into a point low enough on the wall you will push up against it without wall sliding, essentially buffering the movement past the wall to occur on the first possible frame. I believe when the wall becomes thin(when you are below the ceiling just behind it) is when you are safe to move into the wall. You don't have to move left before moving into the wall like I was doing in the video(I wasn't sure if it was necessary or not at the time, but it isn't). You also don't have to dash from the first platform in the room to the 2nd; you can jump instead.
  19. I did it a couple times in a row just to show how easy it is. Ignore my fish bonks; I haven't quite gotten the jumps in the horizontal section down yet, but as you can see the skip is free even if you do end up bonking the fish.
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