Faggot13 - The Pain of Growing Up

Sep 18th, 2016
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  1. >I mostly got over him but, sometimes, when I remember his caring hands, his warm smile, those beautiful moments of him teaching me to play my guitar, his warm embrace on those faithful nights and...
  2. >I'm sorry, I shouldn't be telling you all this. You're a great friend tho, thanks for listening to me. It hurts messing it up like this but, with friends like you, I can stop regretting hurting him so much.
  4. >Sunset Shimmer, the love of your life is talking to you once again
  5. >Sadly she's talking about that idiot again, the stupid Sentry
  6. >Look at her eyes, they are still so full in love with that guy
  7. >What the shit did he do?
  8. >Yes he taught her how to play the guitar
  9. >And yes he was the only one that truly cared about her when she was an evil bitch
  10. >Pretty handsome too, do you remember when you took a peek on his abs? So tight.
  11. >Wait, stop getting so horny boy, that's not the time for that.
  12. >Shimmer almost has hearts for pupils with how she's describing her love life with her.
  13. >It makes you sick
  14. >"Say" you finally decide to answer"ever thought of moving on?"
  15. >"Oh all the time," she says "but I just haven't found the right guy to make me forget about him, you know?"
  16. >"Well" you finally decide to say it "what about, someone like me?"
  17. >"Oh I don't know, bud" She laughs "I wouldn't want someone as wimpy as you. Haha, just kidding, bro. You know I don't mean it"
  18. >"y-yeah, haha..."
  19. >You shut your mouth like the good old beta kid you are and keep listening to her blabbing about Sentry once again.
  21. >You hate that guy so much.
  23. >"Oh hey, Flash!" Sunset said while she walked right behind him.
  24. >"Oh, Sunset! Hey... again." She nervously said.
  25. >You were walking right behind them while holding Shimmer's books.
  26. >"So how are you doing?"
  27. >"I'm doing alright, thank you for asking again. You know I have somewhere else to be right now. See ya." He says as he almost ran away from her.
  28. >"Ok then... bye." Sunset said while slowly waving away while her face showed a painful expression.
  29. >"I'm never going to be able to talk with him ever again, am I?"
  30. >"Forget about that jerk, Sunset. You know, I'll always be with you, forever."
  31. >Pretty smooth, cringe-lord.
  32. >"Oh, thank you so much, bro." she says while she proceeds to hug you.
  33. >"You're the best friend a girl like me could have."
  34. >You can feel the tears filling your throat while you nod respectfully at her.
  35. >"Fucking Flash Sentry." you think to yourself "this is all your fucking fault.
  37. >"Hey, guys?" You heard a voice speaking behind Sunset. It was Sentry.
  38. >"I'm sorry for acting like a jerk just now. It's just that, I'm still a little uncomfortable by all this, you know? But I'm glad that you got yourself someone else, Sunset."
  39. >"What, him?" She suddenly said while breaking the hug "Oh no! We're just besties, he is just helping me with my stuff."
  40. >Flash, understanding your painful situation, looks at you and gives you an understanding look.
  41. >"Oh, I see. I'm sorry man. Anyway, I do have to go right now but I'll catch you later, alright?"
  42. >"Yes, of course! Bye bye, Flashie! I mean, Flash!" She excitedly said while waving her hand. "Oh, you heard that? he doesn't hate me!"
  44. >Great, now you will have to suffer three hours of her telling you how great that piece of shit is.
  45. >Fuck you, Flash
  47. >At night, you constantly listen to her on the phone.
  48. >Most of the time it was alright, she talked about Twilight and the other girls.
  49. >But when she talked about Flash, oh boy.
  50. >Two hours of an emotional rollercoaster.
  51. >She went from happy to depressed, to angry, to melancholic, to excited, to crying.
  52. >But you were there for her. To comfort her.
  53. >Honestly, you didn't know what she was thinking half of the time.
  54. >She always missed that jerk, but then she was angry at him and then she was depressed.
  55. >That faggot, how could he have left her?
  56. >A girl with such a perfect body, beautiful face and such an innocent soul.
  57. >I mean sure, she was a cunt, but it was his responsibility to crack that tough exterior to bring out the delicate flower inside.
  58. >What an idiot, not being able to take his chance.
  59. >While Sunset was talking, you could feel your feelings blooming more and more, you couldn't hold them in forever.
  60. >So you decided right there, right now, that you were going to tell her how you felt.
  61. >But before that, you had to be sure.
  62. >"Hey, Sunset" you started "what do you think of boys that confess on the phone?"
  63. >"Pfft, what?" she laughed "Why would anyone do that? That's so creepy. What, are they not confident enough? Also, what do you mean by "confess"? That just makes it weird, you know? Flash never confessed to me, you know? He instead knew how to make a girl fall for him~"
  64. >"I see..."
  65. >Fucking Flash Sentry, it's your fault that this conversation will extend two more hours.
  67. >Another time, you invited Shimmer to the movies.
  68. >This was going to be the perfect date for you two.
  69. >First you will watch a romantic comedy with her.
  70. >However, you wouldn't hug her yet, you didn't want to scare her.
  71. >You know you have to give her some space to get comfortable around you.
  72. >Then, take her to eat some ice cream, listen to what she has to say.
  73. >You'll pay for it, of course.
  74. >Finally, you'll walk her back home and you'll earn a kiss on your cheek, which will make her fall for you little by little.
  75. >It's the perfect plan, however-
  76. >"Hey man, what are you doing here?"
  77. >Flash Sentry. What is he doing here?
  78. >"I'm doing nothing" You answer "just waiting for Sunset to go to the movies."
  79. >His expression changed.
  80. >"Wait, she's coming too?" You could see him getting nervous.
  81. >"Yeah, got a problem with that?" You say, trying to reaffirm your manhood.
  82. >"Well yes, I mean no... It's complicated. Anyways, it's nice that you're trying to be with her but, you have to be more assertive around girls, bro."
  83. >Wha- Who does this guy think he is? Giving advice to you?
  84. >"Well I'm sure I can do it just fine."
  85. >"Alright then, but I'll give you a small tip." he said while sitting right next to you "If she agreed to come to the movies, you have to make sure that she's into you. The easiest way to know that is to slowly and subtly touch her fingers. If she doesn't move away, then let the magic flow."
  86. >But you didn't need his advice, your plan was flawless.
  87. >"Alright fine, whatever. Thanks anyways."
  88. >"Good luck. I'll be gone before I meet her alright?"
  90. >Finally, you're in the movie theater with your Sunset.
  91. >Your plan is going alright but the movie is almost done.
  92. >You wonder if his advice is actually good.
  93. >You do what he said and touch her fingers with yours.
  94. >However she moves her hand away.
  95. >...
  96. >That was humiliating, why did you follow his advice?
  97. >Fucking Sentry, he is a piece of shit.
  98. >You don't need his ideas anyway, you can conquer her heart just fine.
  100. >Another day, another launch hour you sit with Sunset and her friends.
  101. >They mostly talk with each other, sometimes to you.
  102. >You don't know why Rarity and Fluttershy look at you with sad eyes from time to time.
  103. >While Rainbow Dash laughs and calls you a whipped fucboi.
  104. >God she's the worst cunt.
  105. >But as long as you can sit with your Sunny Bunny, everything will be just fine.
  106. >Except she starts talking about Flash.
  107. >That piece of shit asshole, always ruining everything.
  108. >Whenver she brings his name, the entire table gets silent.
  109. >It has to be the most awkward conversation topic.
  110. >Everyone in the group of friends knows that Twilight has a crush on him, but Sunset keeps talking about him with no end.
  111. >To the point that Twilight is afraid of getting close to him because he is always trying to avoid Sunset.
  112. >But you don't care about that, the more he avoids Sunset, the bigger chance you have.
  113. However, even you feel bad for Twilight when Sunset goes on one of her rants about that dick.
  114. >Sometimes the group suddenly stand up and leave, tired of her.
  115. >Except for Fluttershy, she wouldn't dare to leave a friend talking to herself.
  116. >Luckily it wasn't very often when she talked about him with them.
  117. >That was your job, unfortunately.
  118. >"So yeah, when I went to the movies the other day I crossed my path with him and we talked for like 10 mins. Oh, that was the best thing of that day."
  119. >So that's why she arrived late.
  120. >"Yeah, that's cool. Now please, can we talk about something else?" Rainbow Dash said.
  121. >"Jeez, no need to get angry. What's wrong with you."
  122. >"Well you talk about him so much that he doesn't even eat in the cafeteria. Can't you see that he is avoiding you for a reason?"
  123. >"Hey, you can't talk to her like that." You say, backing her up.
  124. >"Oh shut it, fucboi, this doesn't concern you." Dash said.
  125. >"...I'm not a fuckboy" you mumble.
  126. >"Ugh!" Twilight had enough, she angrily stood up and walked away.
  128. >And thus, the discussion in the table began.
  129. >You weren't very good with people fighting with each other, especially if they were girls.
  130. >For some reason they tend to scream a lot louder than men.
  131. >You decide to slowly walk away while they were busy in the heat of the altercation.
  132. >They already knew each other when you met Sunset for the first time.
  133. >And ever since you remember, the only times they fight are for the same reason.
  134. >Because of Flash Sentry.
  135. >Oh how much you hated this guy.
  136. >What an annoying, smug kid.
  137. >You still wonder what does Sunset look in him.
  138. >And why she doesn't notice you at all.
  139. >You've been trying to hide your feelings, but by now she'd probably do something, right?
  140. >I mean, a boy and a girl together, it's pretty obvious, right?
  141. >But then why she doesn't see the love in your eyes for her.
  142. >Oh this is so annoying, you thought.
  143. >If only he wasn't here, then maybe you two could be together.
  144. >You sat in the hallway trying to rest when you hear instruments coming from a near classroom.
  145. >Someone is playing in the middle of the break?
  146. >You take a peek and of course, it had to be Flash and his band "Flashdrive."
  147. >What a stupid name, who lacks the self-awareness of that?
  148. >Well whatever, at least, the other two band players know how to play.
  149. >Maybe Flash too but you didn't know much about instruments to give a real opinion.
  150. >After they finished their song, they began talking.
  151. >"Yo, I heard they were fighting in the cafeteria." On of the members commented.
  152. >"Really? what happened?" asked the other one.
  153. >"I think it was Sunset Shimmer and her friends again."
  154. >"Oh no." Flash said while shaking his head. "Why is this happening? What is wrong with her?"
  155. >You try to be as quiet as possible.
  156. >"Hehe, guess she still likes you."
  157. >"Still likes me? She is stalking me. She's practically obsessed. I don't want to call her this way but, she may be a little bit, you know."
  158. >" crazy?"
  160. >"Hey I told you not to call her that! but..." He sighs "I don't know, man."
  161. >You keep listening to the conversation.
  162. >"I mean I'm flattered that she still remembers our time together. She is such a cute girl after all but, maybe I should talk to her."
  163. >"What are you planning to say?" One of his friends ask.
  164. >"I don't know. I'm good with words tho, so I'll probably be fine."
  165. >"By the way, who's that guy." one of the members of the band said while pointing at you.
  166. >Oh crap.
  167. >"Him? It's Sunset's friend." Flash answered.
  168. >"Oh right. That guy."
  169. >"What do you mean, that guy." You answer.
  170. >The group of friends sighs and they tell you to come in and close the door.
  171. >"Look, man, we need to talk, alright? I hate seeing bros in your position" Flash said.
  172. >"It is fun, tho." Another one said.
  173. >"Hehe, yeah, but it's still not cool." Flash answered.
  174. >"What are you talking about?" You ask.
  175. >They look at each other.
  176. >"You like Sunset, don't you?"
  177. >How could they know about your secret crush?
  178. >You try to hide your face by looking at the ground.
  179. >"Nah bro, it's cool. I understand, she is cute and she can be very sweet but, I've seen how she treats you, you know?"
  180. >"She treats me fine, thank you." You said half embarrassed, half angry.
  181. >"Well you may think that but... well, you know what friend zoning is, right?"
  182. >The f-word.
  183. >They said it.
  184. >"I-I know what it means."
  185. >"Well there you have it" Flash continues "She's using you without even knowing."
  186. >"What do you know about Sunset?" You answer, now angrier than before.
  187. >"I dated her, man."
  188. >Of course, you completely forgot about her.
  189. >"And even if she changed her ways and is not that big of a, well, naughty girl, some things take some time to die."
  190. >"Yeah man" his friends continue "She used to manipulate Flash all the time in doing whatever she wanted."
  191. >"She used me" he continued "and I see that is happening again, but the worst part is that she doesn't even notice it."
  193. >But you don't believe his snake tongue.
  194. >"You know what? I don't like you talking about my friend like that." You say.
  195. >"Come on, man, I'm just trying to help you." Flash said.
  196. >"By bad mouthing her? I find that very offensive. Goodbye." You finally said while you walk out of the room.
  197. >What does he know about her, anyway?
  198. >He is just bitter, he doesn't understand the new Sunset.
  199. >Jealous that he lost his chance with her.
  200. >Angry that she was mean to him and that he won't have it again.
  201. >It's almost time for class, so you walk into your classroom.
  202. >You see Sunset alone in it too.
  203. >"Hey, what's up?" you ask.
  204. >"Oh nothing, the argument got a little heated and some teachers had to get in." She sighed "They scolded us pretty hard."
  205. >"Don't worry, Sunset, they were in the wrong in that discussion." You say, trying to console her.
  206. >"Oh shut up" she angrily said, "They were kind of right."
  207. >"Oh. I see..." You back down a little and sit down on your bench.
  208. >You didn't want to make her angrier than she was, so it was better to let her cool it off.
  209. >But she didn't stop.
  210. >"I mean, what's wrong with me?! I thought I changed... Now they are angry with me and Flash hates me."
  211. >Maybe, just maybe...
  212. >"Well Sunset, sometimes you need to stay with the people that care the most for you."
  213. >You extend your hand and grab hers. "Like me".
  214. >Her stare tore your soul apart.
  215. >A look of disgust and annoyance.
  216. >"Don't be a creep, alright? I don't nee that right now."
  217. >She pulls her hand back and walked to her seat, leaving you looking at her.
  218. >Your self-respect was crushed.
  219. >The only good thing about this was that no one saw you.
  220. >However, when you turned around to see the door, you could see Flash looking straight at you, shaking his head in disappointment.
  221. >You felt like you wanted to cry, but you controlled yourself.
  223. >For the rest of the class, you doodled on your notebook.
  224. >Nothing much, just small circular patterns.
  225. >Every now and then, you'd turn to see Sunset, but she was looking out of the window with an angry expression.
  226. >Was she angry with you? her friends? Flash?
  227. >Whatever the reason, you were feeling pretty bad from what happened.
  228. >Today wasn't a good day at all.
  229. >When the final bell rang and it was time for everyone to go home.
  230. >However, while he grabbed his school bag, you noticed that Shimmer stormed out of the room, without even looking at you.
  231. >Weren't you always walking home together?
  232. >Why is she acting like this?
  233. >Doesn't matter, though, you blew it up.
  234. >Maybe you didn't pick the right time.
  235. >Or you didn't use the right words.
  236. >Whatever the reason, it didn't matter now.
  237. >You cannot go back in time and now your actions were set in stone.
  238. >Once everyone left the room, you slowly walked out of the door, with your head full of regret.
  239. >You didn't want to do anything, just sit at the computer and waste time.
  240. >That way, no one would see you cry.
  241. >If no one knows you did, it may as well never happened.
  242. >While on the hallway, a hand grabbed you by the shoulder.
  243. >you turned around and saw Flash.
  244. >The torment never ends.
  245. >"Hey are you busy right now? Maybe we could hang around for a while."
  246. >You were going to say no, but you were only able to shake your head.
  247. >"Aw come on, the guys want to head out." Flash pointed at his band mates and two more guys waiting for him.
  248. >You don't usually hang around with people, so why not give it a shot?
  250. >So you all walk out of the main entrance.
  251. >"Where are we going?" you ask.
  252. >One of them points out that the closest thing to doing is to waste some time at a small burger place.
  253. >While walking through the street, you see Sunset Shimmer sitting by herself in a park.
  254. >Half of yourself wants to go and hug her, but the other half remembers the trauma of her actions.
  255. >"Hey guys, I'll be right back, you go on without me." Flash said.
  256. >You see him walking into the park and sit beside her.
  258. >After you all arrive at the burgers, they start talking about getting friend zoned.
  259. >"Man, don't worry about it." one of them said "it's shitty but we've all been there. Remember that time? With the girl with the hips?"
  260. >Everyone else laughs.
  261. >"What an evil bitch, but you couldn't do anything else but stare at them."
  262. >"...I'm not friend zoned" you mumble, trying to keep what's left of your self-respect.
  263. >"Don't worry about it, you'll get over it. The first time is the hardest but you'll be able to forget that ho."
  264. >"But, she's my friend." You answer.
  265. >They all look at each other.
  266. >"Man, we've known her since she dated Flash, you know? And from what he told us, that mean cunt is still down there. He told us how she scolded you."
  267. >You try to hide your embarrassed face.
  268. >"Chill, bro. I mean it was funny, seeing someone whipped is always funny, but it builds you, you know?"
  269. >You decide you want to change the subject.
  270. >"Speaking of, where is Flash?"
  271. >"Him? well, he went to talk with her. She's been acting pretty crazy lately, you know? And he went to calm her tits down."
  272. >As you think about what he said, the waitress brings you whatever you ordered.
  274. >Two teenagers were sitting on the bench of a park.
  275. >From afar they could 've seen as a young couple, enjoying their lives.
  276. >However, that wasn't the intention
  277. >Flash Sentry was talking with Sunset Shimmer, trying to make her stop acting that way.
  278. >He was always nervous when he was near her because she tend to act a clingy with him.
  279. >She was never able to let him go.
  280. >In fact, ever since she stopped acting like a horrible person, the love she felt for him grew and grew.
  281. >Since she believed he was the only person that truly accepted her when she wasn't a nice girl.
  282. >Imagine what he could give to her if only he accepted her in his heart once more.
  283. >"You need to stop doing this, Sunset. It's not healthy." He said.
  284. >"I don't care if it isn't, Flash, I still have you in here." She said while touching her chest.
  285. >"Yes, but you forced yourself out of mine, ripping it apart."
  286. >"I know, but I can heal you, I can make the pain all go away." she said while caressing his chest.
  287. >In disgust, he slapped her hand away.
  288. >"Stop! Look, I heard what you did today in the cafeteria. If you keep acting this way, everyone will hate you again."
  289. >"But-"
  290. >"No more buts, Sunset. You lost me long ago, but you still have your friends."
  291. >"I don't want them if I can't have you, Flash!"
  292. >What did she say?
  293. >"Sunset, please, listen to yourself." He said, scared of her.
  294. >"You're that important to me." She got closer to him while caressing his fingers.
  295. >"Remember how you taught me how to play the guitar? I do remember your warm fingers against mine."
  296. >She slowly put her mouth close to his ear.
  297. >"And I know that some part of your body still remember mine~" She playfully said while caressing his leg.
  298. >He was a strong teenager, but a teenager nonetheless. Having such a beautiful girl talking to him was making him doubt himself.
  299. >"I changed, Flash, I'm a good girl now, please, let me show it to you." She said before biting his ear.
  300. >"Well, maybe not that good."
  302. >Her playful breath tickled his ear.
  303. >He felt his body dormant, almost as if she was putting him under a spell.
  304. >The memories of the past were flooding his head.
  305. >The kisses, the hugs, the erotic nights.
  306. >Those were indeed the most enjoyable moments and not even just for the sex.
  307. >However, with the good, came the bad.
  308. >Other things began to hit his mind like a brick.
  309. >The discussions, the times she made fun of him or when she manipulated him.
  310. >Just like she is doing right now.
  311. >"Stop!" He said while pushing her away and standing up.
  312. >"F-Flash?" She said, not knowing what just happened.
  313. >"You're, you are doing it again, Su-... Shimmer. Playing with my feelings for you."
  314. >"Your feelings?" She said, a smile trying to draw on her face.
  315. >"But it's over, you hear me? It's over."
  316. >He walked away, but Sunset caught his arm.
  317. >"Wait, come back!"
  318. >That was the breaking point.
  319. >He was about to snap at her but was able to control himself.
  320. >"You know what?!..." he sighed "No, stop. Shimmer, I don't want to talk to you ever again. I was worried about you, but you just showed me that you haven't changed a thing."
  321. >"B-but-"
  322. >"Enough, Shimmer! Don't talk to me ever again!"
  323. >He forcefully pulled his arm back and walked away, not giving the girl a chance to answer.
  325. >After walking for a couple of minutes to the restaurant with his friends, he could feel the tears swelling up in his throat.
  326. >He almost let her control him like she used to do in the past.
  327. >Flash hated that feeling of powerlessness, of being controlled like if he was a puppet.
  328. >He thought that he finally got over her but, it was obvious she still knew how to push his buttons to make him do whatever she wanted.
  329. >He regrets giving Sunset that kind of power over him.
  330. >If she tried just a little harder, she could still convince him to do her whim.
  331. >He hates to admit it, but he is still under her spell after all this time.
  333. >Finally, you see Flash sitting on the table all of you.
  334. >You've been talking for a while now, having fun and messing around.
  335. >However, you all notice that the guy is almost trembling.
  336. >"Whoa man, what happened?" One of them asked, "What did she do?"
  337. >"No, nothing. Don't worry about it." He said, trying to hide his worried expression.
  338. >"Come on, man, you know that you can trust us, alright?"
  339. >He looked at all of you and, after thinking it for a while, he decided to tell you what happened.
  341. >It was hard to believe, that she would do something like that.
  342. >But by the way, he acted, you could see that it really affected him.
  343. >"Why did she do that?" You ask.
  344. >"Because she used to get everything she wanted that way. By manipulating people into doing her wishes and whims." Flash answered, now more calm than before.
  345. >"So she's the same cunt as before, eh? Just with a goodie two shoes skin." One of his friends said.
  346. >"Come on, forget about her.We were having such a good time. This guy is cool. He's a dork, but he is cool."
  347. >"Hey, I'm not a dork!" You say.
  348. >"Who spends all of his nights in front of the computer?"
  349. >"Me..." You finally said.
  350. >"Ya man. Don't worry tho, you're still alright. Stick with us, we're going to do something this weekend, wanna come?"
  352. >It was almost nighttime when you all got out of the burger place.
  353. >You don't remember the last time you had so much fun with other people.
  354. >You were so busy helping Sunset with her problems that you completely forgot about having some fun for yourself.
  355. >"Hey bro" Flash said before parting ways "The reason I told you all about what happened today was so you'd understand that she's not who she says she is." She thought for a moment for a better way to say it "I mean, old habits are very hard to die."
  356. >You thank him and then return him.
  357. >As you lay on your bed, staring at the ceiling, you still wonder if what he told you was true.
  358. >Well, you'll think about that tomorrow.
  360. >Next day, while walking to school, you see Sunset Shimmer.
  361. >Trying to ignore all the events that happened yesterday, you try and go say hello to Sunset.
  362. >"Hey, how are you doing, Sunset?"
  363. >She turns around and says hello in a very cold way.
  364. >Still hurt by how she answered you yesterday, you decide it would be for the best to let her be.
  365. >The day goes without any incident, until lunch break.
  366. >You were going to sit beside the girls once again, but at the last minute, you decide that wouldn't be the best idea.
  367. >So you go and look for the classroom Flash and his band were playing at.
  368. >For once, you were glad to be eating with classmates.
  369. >The banter, this time, was fun instead of hurtful.
  370. >You felt that you could be a lot more open than with the girls.
  371. >Thinking about it, you were never a big friend of them.
  372. >They wouldn't even know your name even if you asked them about it.
  373. >But these guys were a lot funnier.
  374. >For once, you could actually answer their insults without feeling disrespectful.
  375. >It seems like it would be a nice thing to do from now on.
  376. >Still, you never stopped thinking of Sunset.
  377. >Was she still angry with you and her friends?
  378. >What about Flash, was she still thinking of him?
  379. >Actually, are you still angry with him?
  380. >He hasn't done anything but trying to help you.
  381. >Maybe he's not the asshole you thought he was.
  382. >He's actually really nice.
  383. >"Hey guys," You say after thinking for a while "is it hard to play an instrument?"
  384. >"Why? you want to play in our band?" One asks.
  385. >"Well no, but I think it would be cool to learn to play the guitar or something like that."
  386. >"It's more practice than anything," Flash said, "After a while, you'll get the hang out of it, but you need to practice every day."
  387. >"In that case, would you mind teaching me?"
  389. >It's been a couple of months since you asked Flash to teach you how to play the guitar.
  390. >Since then, you've been hanging around him and his friends.
  391. >Well, I guess at this point you can call them your friends too.
  392. >Luckily your breaks have never been as fun and your weekends are a lot more lively.
  393. >However, on the inside, you still loved Sunset.
  394. >Even after the way she treated you.
  395. >Even after ignoring you the next day.
  396. >Even after ignoring you, for these last two months.
  397. >That's right since you stopped trying to talk to her, she didn't even try to apologize for how she acted.
  398. >You thought that you would test her, so you were going to let her start the conversations this time.
  399. >Not even once, did she do it.
  400. >Not at school, nor online.
  401. >Many times you wanted to break that rule you made and go and say hello.
  402. >But you were able to control yourself.
  403. >Sometimes looking at your phone at her profile picture for many minutes a day, toying with the idea of calling her.
  404. >Why wouldn't she call you? At least to say hello?
  405. >It's not fair, you're the one that always cared for her, worried about her problems and listened to what she had to say.
  406. >Why did you let her control you that way?
  407. >But at least, you found other people that would help you out of this situation.
  408. >Thinking about your new friends, you decide to change your profile picture and add a dumb selfie you took with Flash and your new friends.
  409. >Yeah, it feels a lot better than the one you had with Sunset.
  410. >Looking at it now, it looks cold and embarrassing.
  411. >After some playful banter on the comment section, you decide to finally go to sleep.
  412. >You were happy that you were learning how to play the guitar, even if you sucked at it.
  413. >It was a nice activity to share with your new friends.
  414. >Something to keep your mind away from her.
  416. >The next day, on your walk to school, someone touched your shoulder.
  417. >As you turn back you're surprised that it was Sunset Shimmer.
  418. >"Hey! How are you doing?"
  419. >You're a little shocked that she suddenly spoke to you.
  420. >Why would she do that?
  421. >However, you were happy to see that this time, your crush started the conversation herself.
  422. >"Oh hey! It's been a while. I'm doing fine!"
  423. >After that you start talking.
  424. >It was really nice, catching up with her.
  425. >She even smiled like she used to when you two were together almost every day.
  426. >She laughed at your jokes and you enjoyed seeing her smile.
  427. >Like old times and you were happy to be with her.
  428. >"Say, I saw you changed your profile picture yesterday."
  429. >"Uh? Oh yeah."
  430. >"So you're friends with Flash? That's really nice to hear. You know, I was thinking that, maybe, you could invite me to hang with you guys. You know since we haven't been able to talk with each other for a while."
  431. >Oh.
  432. >So that's why.
  433. >That smile wasn't because she missed you.
  434. >Or because she felt bad and wanted to compensate her actions.
  435. >It was because she found a window to talk with Flash once again.
  436. >That's all you were for her, a window, a tool to be used for other ends.
  437. >For a split, yet the eternal second, the girl you loved so much turned into something else.
  438. >Physically she was the same.
  439. >But you were seeing someone else.
  440. >Someone that disappointed you.
  441. >A shell of something that you used to appreciate so much.
  442. >Was she always like this?
  443. >Listening to what Flash and his friends said, she was.
  444. >Nothing but a manipulative girl.
  445. >"...Are you ok?" She asked.
  446. >"What? Oh yeah... What did you say?"
  447. >"Don't be a dummy" she laughed, "I said that if it was alright for me to hang around with you guys." She said while holding your arm.
  448. >She never held your arm before.
  449. >In fact, she moved away when you tried to touch her before.
  450. >This time, however, it was you who was disgusted.
  451. >"I'll ask them" you finally said.
  453. >"So that's what she said." You finally said.
  454. >You were sitting in the classroom with your friends as usual.
  455. >You were telling them what Sunset told to you and how it hurt you when you finally realized that she was using you all this whole time.
  456. >First as a drain to complain about Flash and now as a proxy to get closer to him.
  457. >"Ignore her." Flash finally said.
  458. >"No, man, I need to tell her to fuck off." You said. Your other friends agreed with this statement.
  459. >"No, you don't understand. You may think that this is the right move, to feel good about yourself, but trust me, she knows how to convince people."
  460. >He nervously crossed his arms, remembering painful thoughts from the past.
  461. >"The more you speak with her, the more you get entangled in her words. If you go and try to speak with her, she will slowly take you to where she'll be able to convince you."
  462. >"But, what else should I do?"
  463. >"Just ignore her. It's the only way to beat people like her."
  465. >So that's what you did. For the next couple of weeks, you ignored Sunset Shimmer.
  466. >Calls, texts, chats, everything.
  467. >At school, you tried to be as cold as you could possibly be, without trying to be rude.
  468. >Truthfully, this was a very difficult period.
  469. >After all the things she has done to you, you still wanted to be with her.
  470. >A small yet strong part in you still loved her and wanted to be with her for every single minute of your day.
  471. >But you had to remember constantly that she would throw you away the moment she didn't need you.
  472. >Every single moment that your phone rang, she spoke to you or wanted to hang out with you, you had to tell yourself over and over again.
  473. >"She just plans to use me, she just plans to use me."
  474. >After a while, however, she stopped trying to get closer to you.
  475. >Even if there was the smallest of doubts that she was genuine, they all died when she stopped trying.
  476. >Not even a sorry for all the trouble.
  477. >She just let stopped trying, almost as if she was bored with you.
  479. >"It hurts, but you have to keep letting her go." Flash said.
  480. >"I know, but it still hurts seeing her every day sitting in the same classroom. Still, I'll keep working on it." You answer.
  481. >"That's great to hear."
  482. >"By the way, you know my side of the story but has Shimmer tried to contact you again?"
  483. >Flash sighed before answering.
  484. >"Of course. She keeps trying to talk with people close to me to get to me. However, almost no one in my circle of friends or relatives really likes her."
  485. >He then looked at the ceiling trying to get into a more comfortable position to think.
  486. >"It's also hard for me, you know? She also has her strings on me and it's scary that she keeps trying to pull them back to her. Hehe, lucky for you, she isn't interested in you."
  487. "I guess." You answer.
  488. >There was an awkward pause between you two.
  489. >"What are you going to do now?" you ask him.
  490. >"For the time being, nothing. I'll just try and keep away from her. Who knows, maybe she'll stop one day."
  491. >"And if she doesn't?"
  492. >He went silent for a while.
  493. >"I don't, I don't actually know. She may even be able to get what she wants." That last part saying it to himself more than to you.
  494. >"But that's my problem now, don't worry about it. You're free from her grasp from now so be happy about it."
  495. >The bell was about to ring when you two grabbed your stuff to go back to class.
  496. >"Thanks for teaching me to play guitar once again, you're a good teacher."
  497. >"Yeah, sadly me being such a good teacher has brought me way more trouble than I wanted." He joked. "Anyway, I'll see you later."
  499. >After that, you went straight into your classroom and sat on your seat.
  500. >Since you were the first on your classroom, you were able to see all your classmates slowly get inside.
  501. >You saw Sunset get inside, crossing her gaze with yours, but ignoring it completely as if she was looking at a wall.
  502. >But you're finally free from her.
  503. >And hopefully, you will never fall like this ever again.
  505. The End
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