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May 22nd, 2015
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  1. FUCK (Fucking Uncovering of the Crypto Key) is a security vulnerability found in OpenSSL, FreeSSL, LiberatedSSL, FunnySSL, HyenaSSL, CyanoSSL, ByteLocker, TruthCrypt and many other cryptography software. The bug is much more dangerous than all other recently discovered bugs like NOODLE, Nosebleed or goto hell.
  3. The typical scenario is as follows: Alice wants to send a private message to Bob. She encrypts it with a secret key known only to her and him. However, Ursula wants to know the content of the message as well. She uncovers, unlocks, uncurtains, unfolds, unveils, unwraps or usurps the key. Now she has access to ALL communication that was, is, and will be encrypted with that key.
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