A date with Dash [Kinderquestria/Wip]

May 14th, 2019
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  1. This post got me thinkin
  2. >Are any of y’all degenerate enough to fuck a Kinderquestria pony, even when the adults are at best mentally equivalent to six year-old human children?
  4. >You are Anon
  5. >And you have finally come to terms that you will never see another human woman again
  6. >You have finally accepted the fact that the only emotional and physical love you will ever feel in your life from now on will likely be from a pony
  7. >So yes, starting now, if you had the chance you would tenderly love a poner
  8. >Even if they have horse parts
  9. >You would still smooch their horse face regardless
  10. >Besides, living a life without the love and warmth of another living thing at your side sounds like a hell that you would much rather not go back to
  11. >With this realization you feel like many new opportunities are open to you and your future is filled to the brim with new possibilities.
  12. >This would all be true if it weren't for the fact that all these ponys act like children
  13. >Yes you were ready to accept a pony's physical characteristics, but you couldnt get past their child like behavior
  14. >Trying to romance these child like ponys just didnt feel right
  15. >Of course you had tried despite this feeling
  16. >Maybe there was something about these horses you were missing
  17. >You tested the waters by going on a few dates with some ponys hoping to find a more mature acting adult behind their childlike personality
  18. >Unfortunately you were met with unfavorable results
  19. >The first pony you had tested was Rainbow Dash
  20. >She was one of your best friends and the two of you spent a lot of time together
  21. >She always seemed to try and act more mature whenever you two would hang out as well
  22. >You know you had feelings for her, but you weren't sure if they were feelings of close friendship to a child or maybe they were an unlit fire of love for this mare
  23. >A date with Dash would help you understand how you feel as well as help you see if there was something beneath her child like exterior that you could relate to
  24. >She had seemed very excited when you had asked her out
  25. >So excited that she immediately flew into the air and did a loop de loop
  26. >"Oh my gosh ! I cant believe the most awesome human in Equestria wants to go on a date with me! This is gonna be so awesome!"
  27. >That was one thing that you found very cute about Dash
  28. >She was always so easily excited
  29. >However after her little aerial display she lands in front of you now looking a bit more confused than excited
  30. >"Uhhhhhh, what exactly do you do on a date."
  31. >Yup, easily excited, even for things she doesnt quite understand.
  32. >Now how do you explain this to this pure child pony?
  33. >You can feel a tiny bit of blush creep up on your face
  34. "Well, we just kind of hang out with each other and do things that we both will enjoy, usually get a meal together and just enjoy each others company."
  35. >Dash seems lost in thought, pondering your words, when suddenly a light bulb goes off in her head. "I think I understand what you mean Anon! Dont worry Im gonna make sure this is the coolest date you have ever been on! Im gonna go home and start planning it out right now!"
  36. "Well Dash I already had......."
  37. >Before you could finish explaining that you had already planned out your date with her, she zooms off towards her cloud house in the blink of an eye.
  38. >However mere seconds after her departure, Rainbow rockets back, and stops right in front of you. "I almost forgot. I will pick you up in 3 hours!"
  39. >Before you could even think about saying anything to her she is gone in a flash again.
  40. >Well this has been an interesting turn of events
  41. >Maybe this for the better though
  42. >With Rainbow setting up the date, you would be able to gain more insight on what she enjoys and what she feel like you might enjoy
  43. >Its definitely the perfect opportunity to figure out her place in your heart.
  44. >You decided to head home and get somewhat cleaned up for your date with Rainbow
  45. >Some nicer clothes, a clean shave, as well as a nice hot shower.
  46. >Now being fully prepared you had decided to wait out the final hour till your date with Dash by reading a book on your favorite chair
  47. >You were mostly to distracted by your own thoughts to read however
  48. >You wondered what Dash could possibly have planned for the date
  49. >When the two of you hung out she would mostly followed you around and did things that you had planned on doing
  50. >She never really suggested any activities except for having you watch her do tricks or pull off the occasional prank
  51. >Whatever you suggested for an activity she would always be 100% on board with
  52. >Tonight will be different however, because she is the one leading the show now
  53. >Your actually a bit excited as to see what she has planned
  54. >You will get to see more of what she enjoys to do
  55. >Finally pulling your face away from your book, you see that Dash is running little bit late
  56. >Almost an hour late really
  57. >You start to question if letting Dash plan out the date was a good idea
  58. >However you hear a loud hoof banging at your door
  59. >Setting your book down, you get up and open the door and see the rainbow maned pegasus
  60. >She didnt really seem any different from her usual appearance.
  61. >You were wondering if she might alter her appearance for your date, but really you didnt mind regular Dash
  62. >One thing however caught your attention
  63. >It appears as if she had ate some pasta at some point after the two of you parted ways earlier because her face has tomato sauce staining the fur all around her muzzle
  64. >"Hey Anon! You ready for our date? Lets get going! Rainbow happily states oblivious of her tardiness as well as the tomato sauce on her face
  65. >Though usually you would be a little upset with the fact that she was late
  66. >And kind of a mess
  67. >As well as how she didnt seem to care about either of those things, really all you could do was smile at this situation
  68. >It just seemed to cute to you
  69. >You retrieved a hanky that you had stashed away in your pocket and dabbed it lightly on your tongue
  70. >Kneeling down you begin to rub the pasta sauce off her muzzle
  71. >She tries to move her face away from your hanky, but you are to skilled at the art of cleaning dirty pones
  72. "Hey Dash. There you are. I was beginning to think that you might have forgotten about our date." You say lightheartedly
  73. >"Hey come on Anon, stop it! What are you doing?" Dash now sounding a bit annoyed at you.
  74. "Just a little bit right here.......andddddd done!"
  75. >You withdraw your hanky from her muzzle and place it back in your pocket
  76. >There was no longer any red coloring on her face
  77. >Except for a light tinge on her cheeks
  78. >"What the hay was that for!?"
  79. You chuckle lightly "Sorry, just a little something on your face. Thought I would help and clean it off."
  80. >She huffs and pouts a little "Yeah well I can deal with it myself."
  81. >This makes you smile even wider
  82. "Hehe your right. Sorry about that. I will make sure to ask next time. Anyways what did you have planned for today"
  83. >Suddenly reminded of the reason she was here, her face gets brighter. "Oh yeah! Your gonna love what I have got planned Anon! Come on lets get going!"
  84. >Dash suddenly rockets off into Ponyville leaving you standing in your doorway
  85. >getting to Ponyville was a 10 minute walk for you, 10 second flight for her
  86. "Ummmmmmmmm Dash?"
  87. >Suddenly she zooms right back in front of you
  88. >"Heh sorry about that, got a little excited i guess."
  89. "No worries Dash."
  90. >You begin to make your way to Ponyville with Rainbow Dash now flying right by your side
  91. >You make tiny conversation with with Dash while walking to Ponyville, trying to get more info on what exactly you are gonna be doing
  92. >She insists on not giving away the surprise
  93. >She does however flash you two tiny pieces of paper that say "admit one"
  94. "Ooooo what are the tickets for Dash?"
  95. >"Dont worry Anon, you will find out soon enough! Just know that its gonna be super awesome!" You can see the sparkle in her eyes that let you know she is just barely able to contain her excitement
  96. >You would be lying if you said you weren't starting to get excited yourself
  97. >Finally you both make it into Ponyville
  98. "Where to now Dash?"
  99. >"Ummmm here little me cover your eyes."
  100. >Dash swiftly flys behind you and covers your eyes with her hoofs
  101. "Uh Dash? Why are you blinding me?"
  102. >"To not spoil the surprise Dummy!"
  103. "Well how am I supposed to see where im going?"
  104. >"Ummmmm just walk the direction I tell you and I will make sure you dont peak."
  105. >You begin stumbling around while Rainbow Dash gives you directions
  106. "Is this really necessary?"
  107. >"Of course it is, now take a left! Now take a right! Oops I meant Left! Keep going straight! Wait, watch out for that rock!"
  108. "Wuhhh!" You feel your shoe catch the end of a rock and your whole body falls to the ground
  109. >"Anon!" Rainbow rushes to your side. "Are you alright Anon?"
  110. >You lift your face from the dirt and meet her magenta eyes
  111. "Ugh, yeah im fine."
  112. >Her eyes go wide and you can hear Rainbow gasp
  113. >"A-anon y-y-your hurt! I-I im sorry I didnt mean to get you hurt!"
  114. >Dash begins to sniffle and tears start to form in her eyes
  115. >You put two fingers up to your nose and see a tiny bit of liquid crimson covering them
  116. "Easy, easy Dash, its just a tiny nose bleed, nothing serious."
  117. >You take out your hanky from earlier and press it to your nose
  118. >"B-but y-your b-b-bleeding! We need to get you to the horsepital quick!"
  119. >Rainbow begins frantically looking around for the nearest hospital
  120. >Before she can spaz out even more you put your hand on her shoulder in order to stop her inevitable panic attack
  121. "Dash, look at me."
  122. >Rainbow hesitantly meets your eyes
  123. "Dash, im fine. There is no need to go to the horsepital."
  124. >"B-but I made y-you trip a-and your nose is... b-b-bleeding badly, a-a-and im ruining the d-date and...and..."
  125. >Rainbow Dash looks as if she was going to burst into to tears at any moment
  126. >To avoid this you remove your hand from her shoulder and give her snout a quick poke
  127. >"H-hey!" Dash looks up to you with a slight bit of irritation.
  128. "Dash, it was an accident, and like I said im fine. See the bleeding even stopped." You point to your nose
  129. >"B-but.."
  130. "Plus I feel like you put some work into this date and I really dont want to miss out on the awesome surprise you had planned." you say with a reassuring smile
  131. >Rainbow contemplates your words, and then rubs away any tears that may have escaped her eyes earlier
  132. >"Heh your right, you differently dont wanna miss out on what I have planned and neither do I. Besides we are the toughest ponys in Ponyville! It will take more than a fall and a little bit of b-b-blood to send us running!"
  133. "Thats the spirit! Now how about we walk the rest of the way to the surprise without covering up my eyes?"
  134. >"Oh! There is no need, we are already there!"
  135. >Rainbow points to your left and sure enough you guys are right out in front of Sugar cube corner
  136. "Wait, Sugar cube corner was the surprise?"
  137. >"No dummy. The surprise is inside. Cmon lets go inside!"
  138. >Dash speeds of inside leaving you sitting on the ground outside
  139. >Why did you need to cover your eyes again?
  140. >Deciding your not going to get any answers to your many questions laying on the ground, you get up, shake the dirt off, and make your way inside Sugar cube corner
  141. >Walking inside the gingerbread house you take in the sight before you
  142. >A line of ponys is assembled in front of the entrance
  143. >some are even dressed up in archeologist outfits
  144. >There is a projector set up behind a few rows of chairs
  145. >The walls of the bakery are covered with pictures of Daring Do striking an actiony pose above a large line of text
  146. >You bend down to the Rainbow pony in front of you who was second to last in line and eagerly trotting place
  147. "Huh, so were watching a movie about Daring Do?" you whisper into her ear
  148. >Dash suddenly whips around in place and you are both now face to face
  149. >Being eye level with Dash, you are able to see the stars in her eyes. She looked like she was about to burst from the excitement.
  150. >"Isnt it awesome!? This is the first Daring Do movie ever released and now were about to see it! I told you this was gonna be the coolest date ever!"
  151. "Yeah I gotta admit Dash you definitely outdone yourself, I cant even remember the last time I saw a movie. Im honestly pretty excited."
  152. >Hearing this Dash beams at you with a smile that could rival Pinkie's while jumping up and down.
  153. >"Just you wait Anon! It gets even better! Notice anything special about the ponys here?"
  154. >You look around the room and dont see anything the particularly stands out, Mrs.Cake at the counter collecting tickets, Pinkie dishing out popcorn, and a bunch of ponys dressed up as adorable little explorers
  155. "Hmmm cant say I do Dash, care to explain?"
  156. >Rainbow rolls her eyes. "Uuuuu look around Anon! How many colts and fillys do you see?"
  157. >Now that she mentions it you dont see any children present
  158. "Oh yeah, whats up with that?"
  159. >"Take a look for yourself Anon."
  160. >Rainbow points a hoof at the nearest Daring Do poster
  161. >Examining the spot on the poster where her hoof was pointing you see two large red letters "EV"
  162. "I still dont get it Dash."
  163. >Rainbow gives slight groan "Uh hello Anon? The movie is rated EV, for extreme violence! This movie is for only the bravest of the brave! So that means no kids!"
  164. >huh didnt even know extreme violence was a rating
  165. "Ah I see, well seems like it will be an interesting movie then."
  166. >"Of course its gonna be interesting movie Anon! This movie is the real deal! It has everything from Daring Do to awesome explosions and epic fight scenes! This might as well be the greatest movie ever made!"
  167. >Boy she sure is passionate about this movie, you wonder how violent a movie made by baby ponys really could be
  168. >Guess your gonna find out
  169. "Oh jeez, that does sound pretty intense Dash"
  170. >Dash puffs up her chest a bit "Heh, dont worry Anon, Ill be here right by your side if it gets a little to much for you."
  171. >That was your cue to roll your eyes as hard as you fucking could
  172. >This coming from the pony who was having a borderline panic attack over a tiny bit of blood not even a few minutes ago
  173. With a bit of sarcasm you reply while trying not to snicker " Thanks Dash, I dont know if I could handle a movie as ultra violent as this one without someone brave and strong like you around to protect me."
  174. >Not seeming to pick up any of the sarcasm Dash sticks out her chest even more and adopts a smug smile
  175. >"Dont sweat it Anon. Your in good hoofs with me."
  176. >Suddenly you hear a pony shout from across the room "Next up dears!"
  177. >You and Dash now noticing you were both next in line had made your way to Mrs. Cake
  178. >Dash hoofs over both yours and her ticket
  179. >Mrs.Cake takes the tickets while telling you both to enjoy the movie
  180. "Here Dash, go get our seats, I will grab us some snacks"
  181. >Dash nods and makes her way to the rows of chairs while you head over to Pinkie Pie
  183. "Hey Pinkie, whats poppin?"
  184. >"Tehe popcorn silly!"
  185. >Huh, cute
  186. You chuckle, "I suppose your right. Anyways could I get your biggest thing of popcorn and your largest soda?"
  187. >"One large butter popcorn soda coming right up!"
  188. >That doesnt sound right
  189. "Uh Pinkie those are...." but before you could even finish the your sentence pinkie has a large drink and popcorn set in front of you SEPARATE from each other
  190. >"What were you saying Nonny?"
  191. "Uuuuu nothing. Say Pinkie, when did you guys start hosting movies here?"
  192. >"We started just a couple of days ago Nonners! Mr.Cake said it would be good way to get more ponys to come into the bakery in the evenings!"
  193. "Huh well it is pretty packed in here so ill say it was definitely a good idea."
  194. >"I absolutely positively agree Nonon! We get to have movie partys every night and I get to watch all the movies and make all the popcorn balls I want!" Pinkie now bouncing up and down
  195. "That does sound nice, were you planning on watching the Daring Do movie as well?"
  196. >Pinkie freezes mid bounce and falls to the ground
  197. >"No way ponay! That movie is rated EV for extreme violence Nonzo! EXTREME VIOLENCE! Besides me and the cake twins are gonna watch Sunshine alpaca climbs the tallest hill upstairs on the small projector! Did you wanna come join us?"
  198. "Thanks for the offer Pinks, but im kinda here with someone." you say while pointing over at Dash who was rocking back in fourth in her chair with excitment"
  199. >"Oooohhhh your here with Dashy huh? I see how it is now." Pinkie now smirking at you begins to wiggle her eyebrows "Got anything special planned for after the movie or......during?"
  200. "What exactly are you trying to imply Pinkie?" you say sternly
  201. >Her face goes back to her normal Ponk face and she says plainly "I dunno."
  202. "W-what?"
  203. >"Oh Nommy, you better hurry! It looks like the movies gonna start!
  204. "Oh uh right! thanks Pinkie!"
  205. >You grab your soda and popcorn and make you way towards the open seat near Dash while Pinkie retreats upstairs.
  207. >"Jeez Anon, what took you so long?" Rainbow says with the tinniest hint of annoyance
  208. "Sorry about that Dash, I was just having a quick chat with Pinkie Pie. Didnt mean to keep you waiting."
  209. >"Well its good you got here when you did! I was able to snag us the best seats in the house, and ponys left and right have been trying to take your seat!"
  210. >The best seats in the house had been the two plastic chairs in the very back row that looked like they belonged more in a classroom than at a makeshift movie theater
  211. >However you can see that there aren't really any better chairs to choose from by the look of what is available
  212. >You would rather be in a seat more closer to the screen, but being in the row farthest to the back isnt really that big of a deal since the room that the movie is being shown in isnt all that big in the first place
  213. >Plus you wont have to worry about ponys complaining about you obstructing their view
  214. >"Cmon Anon take your seat! The movie is about to start! Rainbow says with excitement while patting your plastic school chair positioned next her own
  215. >You take your seat next to Dash while handing her the the bucket of popcorn which she eagerly digs her muzzle into
  216. "Thanks for grabbing the seats Dash. I knew I could count on you to get us a good spot." you say trying to sound sincere
  217. >Hearing your praise Dash pulls her now butter covered muzzle out of the popcorn bucket
  218. >"No problem Anon!" She chirps with a mouth full of popped corn
  219. >Rainbow suddenly looks to the left and right to make sure nopony is watching and then looks back to you "Hey Anon?"
  220. "Hmm?"
  221. "You wanna know why these seats are the best in the house?"
  222. "Why is that Dashy?"
  223. >Suddenly she begins to slowly bring her face closer to yours
  224. >Her sudden approach causes you to freeze up
  225. >Wait! Is she really going in for a k-k-kiss?!
  226. >This is all so sudden, and a million questions are going through your head
  227. >Do you let her continue, do you stop her, is it to early in the date for this, is it really okay to kiss a pony that acts like a kid, will she be upset if you reject her kiss, does she still have popcorn in her mouth?
  228. >She pauses her approach
  229. >Her face is now just a few inches away from yours and you can now smell the butter staining her muzzle
  230. >She whispers "The best part about sitting in the back is that you can watch all the scaredy ponys in front practically wet themselves
  231. >With that Dash pulls away from you face and shoves her face right back into the popcorn bucket and
  232. >You let out the breath that you didnt know you were holding in
  233. >Your not sure how to respond to what just happened
  234. >Your heart is beating a million miles an hour and all you can do right now is bring the soda up to your mouth and take a hard sip from the straw
  235. >The lights in the room go out except for a few dim lights in the back
  236. >You can see Mr.Cake pushing over a projector on wheels
  237. >Rainbow noticing the dimming of the lights, removes her face from the popcorn bucket a second time and looks over to you with wide eyes and an even wider smile
  238. >"Oh my gosh Anon! The movie is starting!" Her smile fades quickly however "Anon are you okay? Your face is all red!"
  239. You take nervous sip from your soda. "Y-yeah, just a little hot is all, i-im fine."
  240. >"If you say so Anon....."
  241. >Dash quickly whips her attention over to the wall where the movie will project
  242. >The projector that Mr.Cake was setting up comes to life and the movie starts to project on a piece of blank fabric pinned to the wall of the bakery
  243. >All the ponys in the bakery let out various "oooos" and "aaaahhs" as the movie appears on the wall
  244. >You take this moment to collect yourself
  245. "Just calm down Anon. Things might have got a little tense their for a moment, but everything is going fine now. Just sit back, and enjoy the movie with Dash." You think to yourself
  247. >Getting all your spaghetti back in your pocket, you sit back and watch as the movie plays
  248. >The movie begins with a Daring Do look alike walking around what looks like a middle eastern bazaar made entirely of cardboard
  249. >You know its a look alike because Dash whispers to you that the real Daring Do's eye color is just a few shades darker than the actor on screen and her mane isnt as curly as the actors mane
  250. >You feign interest and try to keep on watching the movie
  251. >Daring Do walks around the cardboard bazaar for a few more minutes until she comes up to a strange tent that looks like it was made from a bunch different kid blankets that had been stitched together
  252. >The prop design in this movie is very....creative
  253. >Daring enters the tent and as soon as she is off screen less than happy music plays as the camera pans over to show that she is being followed by two "menacing" looking ponys
  254. >One of them is dressed up with a large pirate hat, eye patch, red polo shirt, and a hoof covered in brown construction paper which you guess is supposed to be a peg leg
  255. >The other pony is wearing a brown vest, cowboy boots, and a stetson. He also has a fake scar underneath his eye that looks like it was put on with colored marker
  256. >This sudden reveal of the two cause some of the ponys in front of you to gasp in shock, but you can only snicker to yourself
  257. >They just look so adorable in their little outfits, they could hardly be described as menacing like they are intended to be
  258. >If you saw them in person, it would take a lot of will power to just not scoop them up and rub their little tummy's
  259. >You check on your date to see if she is getting as much enjoyment out of this as you are
  260. >However she doesnt seem to share your reaction
  261. >Rainbow is currently frozen in place with eyes wide as dinner plates, there was also a slight lapse in her breath
  262. "Hey Dash, you doing okay?"
  263. >Your question breaks Rainbow out of her trance "What!? Yeah! Yeah! Im fine! Just watching the movie is all hahah...." she replys
  264. "You just looked like you were a bit..."
  265. >"S-scared? Me? Why would you think a pony as awesome as me would be scared of a movie with Daring Do in it! This stuff might be scary for the ponys in the front row, but not for me, nope! she reassures you
  266. You push the soda you had been sipping on over to her "I was gonna say thirsty."
  267. >Her face goes instantly red and she quickly takes the soda from you and hoofs over the popcorn
  268. >She looks away from you obviously embarrassed and takes a hearty sip from the soda
  269. >You reach over and ruffle her mane a bit with your hand
  270. >Dang this horse being so darn cute and
  271. >Dash lets out an audible huff from her nose as she loudly sucks soda from the cup
  272. >Finally you both turn your attention back to the movie and continue watching
  273. >The movie continues to play out with Daring talking about some precious artifact with an old gypsy mare and how she has to go get it so that way it doesnt fall into the wrong hooves ect...
  274. >Nothing else very notable happens in the movie, Daring keeps on going to all these different locations and is shown to be constantly tailed by these two other ponys. A few more "shocking" moments happen throughout the movie however which cause many varied reactions from the ponys sitting in front of you.
  275. >These "shocking" moments in the movie include such events like Daring Do getting a paper cut, a chase scene that has the cowboy fast walking after a fast walking away Daring Do, Daring gets a sliver, a very slow no contact fight between Daring Do and the pirate pony, and a moment where the big bad calls Daring a stupid flank head.
  276. >That part where Daring had got a sliver really got to some of the ponys watching because as the scene played out, you could see a stallion who was in the front row high tale it out of the theater
  277. >Even the part where the main antagonist had called Daring a flank head had caused a pony to feint out of there seat
  278. >Jeez, if this stuff is enough to get such a response from these little poners than you can only imagine what effect the PG13 movies you have back on earth would have on these smoll horses
  279. >You glance over at Dash
  280. >She has been oddly quiet through out the movie
  281. >You swear she was going to be chirping all kinds of Daring Do trivia at you, but she hasnt spoken a word since the beginning of the movie
  282. >As soon as you turn your head, your eyes meet hers
  283. >Dash lets out a tiny "Eeep!" and quickly flicks her head back towards the screen
  284. >How long has she been staring at you? Has she even been watching the movie?
  285. >You deemed these questions less important than Dash's wellbeing and quickly push theme out of your mind
  286. >You are able to tell based on the way she was trembling in her seat that she was indeed scared
  287. >The last thing you wanna do is force her to watch something she wasnt enjoying for your sake
  288. "Dash....if this movie is to much, we can leave. I really wouldn't mind.
  289. >She hesitantly turns to you with an awkward smile "C-cmon Anon what are you saying? Th-this movie is f-foals play! Are you really trying to imply that im sca..."
  290. >Before Dash could finish her sentence a loud crash accompanied by the gasps and shrieks of numerous ponys could be heard
  291. >Dash's eyes go wide and she freezes mid sentence
  292. >You glance over at to the screen to see whats terrorizing these ponys now
  293. >Apparently Daring had just been booped by the big bad villian so hard that ketchup had started to leak out of her nose
  294. >Though it was likely used to simulate blood, you could easily distinguish it as ketchup based on how its appearance and consistency had resembled tomato paste more than it had actually resembled blood
  295. >Being a master of making spaghetti has its perks you suppose
  296. >You turn back to Dash and she is now neither looking at you nor the screen
  297. >She instead has her eyes glued to the ground and she is shaking a bit more rigorously than she was before
  298. >Your starting to become genuinely concerned for the well being of this little pony. The last thing you want her to have is a panic attack because of some dumb movie
  299. "Dash, I think we should leave, this movie is to-"
  300. >"N-no way Anon! I-I told you im not s-scared!" Rainbow aggressively whispers to you with eyes still focused to the floor
  301. >You let out an audible sigh
  302. >There is no getting through to this stubborn poner. She is obviously terrified yet she is to proud to admit it. At this rate she will end up having a panic attack or based on how much of that soda she sucked down earlier, something a lot worse could happen to her.
  303. >Really you can only think of one course of action at this point to avoid the worst case scenario that doesnt involve you both leaving the movie early
  304. >You really hope this works and doesnt make things really awkward
  305. >Turning your vision back towards the screen without looking towards Rainbow Dash you slowly slide an arm just a tad bit underneath the tip of her wings in order to pull her closer to your side
  306. >Feeling your arm slowly snake its way around her back causes her to flinch violently in surprise. From the corner of your eye you can see Dash look up to you with her scarlet face
  307. >"A-Anon w-what are you.....?!" she mutters in slight embarrassment
  308. >You pay no heed to her question and slowly continue to reach for her side while you pretend to watch the movie.
  309. >She offers no resistance to your arm and you actually feel her wing closest to you begin to unfurl and travel over your back as well
  310. >As soon as your hand meets its destination and her wing meets hers you both slowly pull her into one another
  311. >The fact that the chairs were lacking arm rests and weren't fixed to the ground allowed you both to achieve a greater amount of closeness
  312. >You can feel the entirety of her now
  313. >You can feel the cozy warmth that her body heat gives off
  314. >You can feel her once vigorous trembling begin to rapidly reduce in intensity
  315. >With your hand at her side, you can now feel the contractions of her lungs with every breath she takes
  316. >However most important of all however, you can feel her lean into you and nestle her head as close as she can into the side of your chest
  317. >Originally you had only meant to comfort Dash and quell her fears, but now you were the one being comforted
  318. >This closeness that you two had achieved brings rise to a new feeling inside you
  319. >Or maybe this feeling is not a new one, but one that you have forgotten a long time ago
  320. >If you had felt something this sublime before, then surely you would remember it right?
  321. >Your not quite sure how to describe this new feeling
  322. >Would it be right to call it love, or maybe its something more than that?
  323. >If you were a great poet than surely you could do justice to describing this feeling with no less than a 1000 lines of poetry
  324. >But unfortunately you can only think of one word that could possibly do justice in the defining of this emotion
  325. >That word would be complete
  326. >Knowing that she is there at your side, nestled against you, depending on you, makes you feel complete
  327. >You hope you can feel this way forever
  328. >A sudden flinch from Dash knocks you out of your cheesy inner monologue
  329. >She tries to press herself deeper into your ribs and you can feel her wing pull a bit harder at your side
  330. >You glance down at her in order to see what caused such a sudden reaction
  331. >She was no longer staring at the floor, but instead was now intently watching the movie which you had seemingly forgot about
  332. >She is currently using her free wing to shovel popcorn into her mouth while spilling plenty of kernels onto your pants
  333. >You smirk and turn your view back to the movie
  334. >Thats right you were here to watch a movie with Rainbow Dash
  335. >Forget all that mushy stuff, just enjoy the rest of the movie with this cute pone
  336. >And thats exactly what you planned to do with Dash snuggled up to your side
  337. >The movie had continued to play, and you could feel every slight jump and flinch Dash had made, however she never took her eyes away from the screen unless it was to tell you about how something that had just happened in the movie was different from how it happened in the book or some other factoid about Daring Do
  338. >Though you didnt quite share her enthusiasm for Daring Do trivia, You were happy that she was finally able to enjoy the movie without being terrified
  339. >The warmth provided by Dash's body heat paired with the darkness of the room around you had started to make you a bit too relaxed
  340. >You dont usually fall asleep while watching a movie in a theater, but with this big soft ball of fur and heat leaning against you, you were finding it quite the task to keep your eyes open
  341. >You had made the mistake of leaning the side of your face against the top of Dash's head. The softness of her hair paired with the sweet fruity like scent had only increased your comfort as well as drowsiness
  342. >She hadn't seem to mind this and actually seemed to adjust her position against you a bit so it was more comfortable for you to lean against her
  343. >You would close your eyes and find yourself in a sort of half sleep until Dash would jump at a scene in the movie which effectively shocked you awake for a few moments until your began to slowly close your eyes again
  344. >This cycle continued until the room lights came on and Dash shot up from her seat with a loud cheer
  346. >You sit up straight in your chair and look around the room trying to become aware of your surroundings
  347. >You look to the screen and see the words "DARING DO: The Movie" scroll up the screen followed by seems to be the movie credits
  348. >A glance around the now lit room reveals that you, Dash, and a grey pegasus you believe to be Derpy are the only ones left in the theater
  349. >This room was fairly packed when you had originally arrived, where did everypony go?
  350. "Uhhhhh Dash, where is everypony?
  351. >Dash stops practicing her midair karate moves that she must of saw in the movie and looks to you "Those scaredy cats have been leaving left and right throughout the whole movie Anon! Where have you been?
  352. >You guess they must have left while you were dozing off
  353. >"They sure dont know what they missed that movie was amazing!" Dash says while midair kicking an imaginary ninja
  354. >Derpy suddenly flys up into the air unintentionally bumping into Dash's side forcing her back to the ground "I agree Rainbow Dash! That movie was spectacular, but what I wanna know is where was Sunshine alpaca? I thought he was supposed to be climbing a really big mountain in this movie." Derpy begins taps her chin with a hoof
  355. >Rainbow gets back up on all four hooves looking a bit more than peeved "Jeez Derpy, watch where your flying! Your lucky my cat like reflexes didnt make me knock you out!"
  356. >Derpy gives Dash a nervous smile "Oh, sorry about that Rainbow Dash! It wont happen again."
  357. >You do your best, but you cant help but snicker at Dash's words
  358. >Dash turns around to face you now still looking slightly upset "Hey! What are you laughing at Anon!? Im serious, my hoofs are like lethal weapons!" Dash begins chopping at the air showing off the lethality of her forehooves
  359. You stifle another laugh. "Oh, I see what you mean Dash! I definitely wouldnt want to be on the receiving end of those hoof chops."
  360. >You can see Derpy cover up her mouth with a hoof in order to stop any of her giggles from reaching Dash's ears
  361. >Rainbow Dash flexes a forehoof showing off the not really sizeable muscle "Heh, years of cloud busting Anon!"
  362. >You let out a slight chuckle and ruffle her mane with a hand for the seconded time tonight
  363. "Cmon Dash, lets get out of here."
  364. >Dash nods with a smile and follows you out of the bakery/theater
  365. >You open the door leading outside and are met with the surprising sight of Luna's moon in all its solemn glory hanging high in the night sky
  366. >Its dark outside already? Sure it was a bit late in the afternoon when you and Dash left on your date, but you thought you would maybe have some sun left by the time the movie finished
  367. "Jeez Dash, how long were we watching that movie? Its already dark out." you question the ever chipper cyan pony by your side
  368. >"It was only a few hours Anon, like 4 or something, but I know how you feel. That movie was so awesome that it really only felt like we had only been in there for like an hour!" She says gleefully
  369. >Ugh, you were you really watching the movie for that long? You had a feeling the movie was kind of dragging on, but you didnt think it would be that long. Maybe you had actually nodded off longer than you had originally thought.
  370. >Rainbow Dash lightly prods at the your pant leg in order to steer your attention towards her
  371. >When you look down in her direction she beckons you closer with a forehoof.
  372. >Obliging the cute little pone, you kneel down so that your face to face with her
  373. >Dash quickly checks the immediate area for any possible eavesdroppers. Apparently satisfied with the result of her brief search she eagerly whispers to you "Hey Anon, I bet you Pinkie would be willing to give us another showing of the movie if we bribe her with cupcakes."
  374. >Heh, figures Dash would be up for another 4 hours of that Daring Do movie. The offer isnt actually that bad considering you would get to snuggle your little Dashy some more, but your stomach is telling you that you need eat something other than just soda and popcorn for dinner tonight
  375. "Tempting offer Dash, but I was actually wondering if you had anything planned for after the movie."
  376. >Dash stares at you with a blank expression. "Something planned for after the movie..." she quietly repeats until her eyes suddenly go wide with panic "Something planned for after the movie! I...I...I totally had something else planned for tonight Anon! we are gonna uuuuuuuuhhhhh......." Dash seems to become even more panicked as she looks all around her for something to give her an idea
  377. "We could go get something to ea-"
  378. >"Dinner! Yeah I had an uhhhhh....awesome dinner my house! Cmon Anon! Dash immediately bullets off towards her cloud house leaving you in the dust still waiting outside sugar cube corner.
  379. >Jeez this pone, what are you gonna do with her?
  380. "Dash! You know I cant fly or walk on clouds right?!" you yell in the general direction she had taken off in hoping that she might have heard you
  381. >You wait a few moments until you see a blue dot in the sky sluggishly make its way back over to you
  382. >Rainbow, now seemingly a bit embarrassed by her forgetfulness lands in front of you without directly facing you
  383. >"S-sorry Anon....b-but we can still have an awesome dinner together! I can...uhhh....I can make the food in my can.....wait outside, and I will bring it down to you when its done!" Dash puffs up her chest a little at thought of her own clever idea
  384. >You roll your eyes and give Rainbow's muzzle a quick boop, this causes her to scrunch up her nose
  385. "Or we could just have your "Awesome" dinner at my house you know."
  386. >Rainbow Dash rubs the back of her head with a hoof "Heh, yeah, that sounds like it could work to I guess."
  387. "Well its settled then, lets get a move on Dash."
  388. >"Oh one moment Anon! Let me go get my supplies for tonight!" And once again, as soon as Dash finishes her sentence she zooms back off into the sky
  389. >You try not to make much of it and just get started on heading back towards your house
  390. >Soon enough Dash meets up with you again, this time carrying a cyan blue back pack in her mouth
  391. >It was cute little back pack to. It had her cutie mark stitched on the front and it looked like the kind of backpack you would give to a kid on their first day of school
  392. "I like your backpack Dash, its really "
  393. >She lifts her head up proudly following your praise "Heh, yeah it is! This is my special overnight backpack Anon, Its packed with all the necessities!"
  394. "An overnight bag huh? Were you planning on sta-"
  395. >Suddenly realizing what the name of her bag suggests, Dash quickly responds "I-I didnt bring it because I was p-planning on uhhhhh......I just brought it be......because it has everything f-for our dinner........b-but
  396. I guess if its okay with you, I w-wouldn't mind [spoiler]sleeping over at your house[/spoiler]
  397. >Dash had gotten progressively more flustered and quiet as she spoke that your ears hadnt caught the last bit of her sentence
  398. "Wouldnt mind what Dash?"
  399. >"W-wouldnt mind.......B-beating you at a race to your house!" With that Dash for the umpteenth time today bullets away from you and down the trail that leads to your home
  400. >You shake your head, and slightly pick up your pace. Jeez that pone, Its way to dark out to be flying as fast as she is. She could get really hurt if she ran into something. Now is hardly the time for a race you have no chance of winning.
  401. >After a couple of minutes of brisk walking, your house comes into view and you can see the inside lights have been turned on
  402. >Looks like she let herself in
  403. >Stepping through your front door, you dont see any sign of Dash in your living room, but you could hear the distinct sound of rustling pots and pans emanating from your kitchen
  404. >You decide to investigate the source of the noise to figure out exactly what that little pony is getting up to
  405. >Entering the kitchen you see Rainbow's overnight bag resting on your kitchen table as well as a Rainbow tail sticking out of your lower cupboards on the ground
  406. >You smile to yourself. She certainly doesnt waste anytime
  407. "Need any help Dash?"
  408. >Dash quickly lifts her head up when she hears your voice, but momentarily forgetting where she is causes her to bonk her head on the roof of you cupboard
  409. >"Ow ow ow ow" Dash whimpers lightly as she withdraws from your cupboard while rubbing a hoof over her forehead
  410. >Tiny tears start to well up at the corner of her eyes while she continues to rub her wound
  411. >You quickly make your way over to the injured pony in order to make sure she is okay, and quickly quell any incoming waterworks.
  412. You kneel in front of Rainbow Dash "Oh dang, Im sorry Dash. I didnt mean to surprise you like that. Are you alright?" You say with apologetic concern
  413. >"Y-yeah *sniff* I-Im fine" She sniffles as a tears roll down her cheek
  414. >Despite what she said you arent quite convinced.
  415. >You have lived long enough with these ponys to know that they are kind of like bananas when it comes to injury's, and the littlest thing can set off a flood of tears
  416. >However despite being easily injured, their injury's can usually be just as easy to treat.
  417. "Dash, could you move your hoof for a second? I wanna take a look."
  418. >"I-its fine A-anon *sniff* r-really. L-lets just get started on m-making the food..." She says while avoiding eye contact as if she where trying to hide the fact that she is currently in pain
  419. "Please Dash, I just wanna make sure your okay." you say with concern
  420. >Dash looks up to you "O-okay I guess, just dont touch it." She says hesitantly as she slowly lowers her hoof from her head
  421. >As you expected, there is a hardly noticeable red bump on the center of her forehead.
  422. >Though its usually the kind of injury that would disappear after a few minutes on a human, your medical experiences with these ponys tells you that it will require a little more care than just letting time heal it
  423. >Fortunately for Dash, your essentially a walking first aid kit to these ponys
  424. >You brush aside Dash's hair with a hand and slowly bring your lips closer to the injury
  425. >She flinches at your sudden approach, but doesnt pull away from you
  426. >You give Dash's forehead a quick peck and lightly ruffle the hair on top of her head
  427. >You have kissed many booboos in your time here in Equestria. Apparently it was a valid form of first aid here in this odd horse world and even stranger enough it actually worked.
  428. >Often you would find ponys coming to you so you could kiss their scrapes, cuts, and bruises
  429. >Hell it had become such a common occurrence that Nurse Redheart had offered you a job as a professional booboo kisser at the local horsepital, but you respectfully declined being that that wasnt really something you wanted to make a career out of
  430. "All better Dashy?" you say with a smile
  431. >She puts a little space in between the two of you and quickly rubs at the spot where the small bump had been
  432. >Noticing the absence of pain as well as the little red bump, dash looks up to you gleefully "Wow Anon! Thanks for kis-" Dash, suddenly realizing what she was about to say, pauses mid sentence and quickly turns away from you
  433. "What were you saying Dash? Is everything fine?
  434. >"Y-yeah im fine now, th-thanks for the help Anon" Dash says while trying to hide her face in an open cupboard
  435. >Certain your forehead smooch did the trick, you decide to not pester Dash anymore about her weird pony behavior and instead decide to focus on the task at hand
  436. "Alright if your sure, just make sure to let me know if it starts to hurt again."
  437. >"Uh...sure thing Anon." Dash says with her face still buried inside the cupboard
  438. "Anyways, do you mind if I ask what you had in mind for dinner?
  439. >Dash slowly takes her head out of the cupboard, this time holding a medium saucepan
  440. >She places the saucepan on your stove top and turns to you with an excited grin
  441. >"Your gonna be blown away at what Im about to make Anon! Its like my most favorite food in all of Equestria!"
  442. "Oh yeah Dash? And what would that be?" you ask with growing curiosity
  443. >"Only the most delicious food to like ever exist in Equestria and like maybe even the world!" She says enthusiastically
  444. >You feel a smug yet doofy grin slowly creep onto your face
  445. >You always found Dash's tendency to often over exaggerate things to be a mix of cute and charming. It was definitely one of your more favorite quirks of hers, and was always effective in rousing your curiosity
  446. "Well I cant wait to see what it is Dashy, but I dont think I have anything that amazing in terms of ingredients on me. I only have a few vegetables, a couple eggs, and some milk in my fridge. Unless you can make do with that, we might just have to settle for omelettes tonight." you say sheepishly
  447. >Dash doesn't seem to be bothered by this however and is quick to dismiss your concerns. "Psh, dont worry about it Anon. I came prepared. Everything I need is in my overnight bag." she says nonchalantly pointing a hoof at your table as she fishes out a wooden mixing spoon from a nearby drawer
  448. "Ah I see." you say slightly relieved. "Well lemme go grab the ingredients and we can get started cooking!"
  449. >You here what you think is a confirmation "uh huh" from Dash, but its hard to tell with her face buried in your drawers
  450. >While Dash continues to fumble through your kitchen in search of utensils, you approach her baby blue bag lying on your table
  451. >Wondering what sorts things Dash had hidden away in her cute little backpack, you grasp the zipper on the side and begin to pull on it
  452. >The zipper makes the usual light hissing noise as you begin to pull it across the bag
  453. >>*clunk*
  454. >The sound of something solid suddenly hitting the floor behind you causes you to pause as you turn your head to see the source of the noise
  455. >But before you could even turn your head a few degrees, a large rainbow blur zooms around and away from you, kicking up loose papers and almost knocking you over in the process
  456. >You stumble back a bit but manage to regain your balance
  457. >Looking around in confusion, you make an effort to figure out what had just happened
  458. >Dash's bag is now absent from its spot on the table and a can opener lies on the floor near your stove where Dash had been
  459. >Speaking of the Rainbow pony, you spot her backed into the farthest corner of your kitchen, tightly clutching her little backpack in her forehooves
  460. >She is panting heavily and her eyes are wide with tiny pupils focused on you
  461. >You take a cautious step forward to the scared pone
  462. "Jeez Dash, what was all that about? Is everything alright?"
  463. Dash's face immediately becomes flushed with embarrassment and she pushes her backpack behind her and out of sight
  464. >Dash gives you a nervous smile "Y-yeah! Everythings fine! I was uhhhhh...... just really eager to get the food out of my bag and stuff! Its not like im hiding anything I dont want you to see inside of my bag or anything dumb like that haha!"
  465. >Feeling less than satisfied with her explanation of why she almost knocked you over and made a slight mess in your kitchen, you quickly find your concern replaced with a slight amount of annoyance
  466. "Well, I was about to get them for you anyways if you would have just waited a moment. You really didnt need to speed across the room you know." you say with a hint of sternness
  467. >Dash's ears fall flat against her head and she dips her head down in shame "I-Im sorry Anon, I didnt mean to.......I just didnt want you to...uhhh...I mean.....I just wasn't thinking I guess." Dash hangs her head down even lower as her misty magenta eyes stare up at you
  468. >Seeing this causes you to instantly let go of any amount of anger you had and you find it is quickly replaced with an immense amount of guilt.
  469. >You feel like the worst villain in all of history for making this cute innocent pone sad
  470. You attempt to quickly right your wrong and free yourself from this overbearing amount of guilt "H-Hey Dash! I-its okay really! It's nothing to get sad over!"
  471. >Dash wipes the moisture from her eyes and looks back to you "Really? Your not mad at me? Even after I made a big mess and wrecked up your kitchen?"
  472. "O-of course Im not mad at you! You're like my favorite pony in all of Equestria! I dont think I could ever really get mad at you. And besides, I dont think a few papers on the floor here and there really constitutes as a wreck." You pick up a few loose papers that had settled near your feet and place them on a nearby countertop. "See, its no big deal. How about I clean up a little and you start on making th-!"
  473. > You are taken off guard by Rainbows sudden full speed headbutt/embrace to your ribs
  474. >The papers you had just set on the countertop fly of once again and you almost fall over a second time, but fortunately, you are able to catch yourself once again.
  475. >Rainbow pulls her face from your chest and looks up to you with once again watery eyes, however much to your relief, there is also a smile accompanying those teary eyes. " know.......your also like my favorite human in all of Equestria and stuff." Dash pushs her face back into your chest and begins to slightly nuzzle you.
  476. >Though a little part of you wants to mention how you're the only human in Equestria, you decide its best to not possibly ruin the moment as well as diminish the weight of her comment and instead decide slowly wrap your arms around the little pony and return her embrace.
  477. >Feeling your arms hug around her causes Dash to eagerly respond with a slight increase in the frequency of her nuzzling into your chest.
  478. >The feeling of being wrapped in each other's embrace rewards you with a familiar feeling that you had already felt once earlier today.
  479. >That heartwarming completeness that had brought you so much joy earlier today had returned to you
  480. >You relished your moment with Dash and slowly began to rub your hand up and down her back in a comforting manner as she rubbed her muzzle against you
  481. >Though you wish you could enjoy this moment for a bit longer an audible growl from your little Rainbow had caused your hand to pause in its strokes. You look down curiously at the little pony
  482. >She had paused her nuzzling as well, and now with one side of her face pressed against your chest, she looks off into a random direction in your kitchen. "Uhhhh...I guess im actually getting kinda hungry......"
  483. >You suppress any laughter you had wanted to let loose and instead release your embrace on the pony, but not without giving her a few parting pats on the back
  484. >Dash lets go of you as well and lands on all four hooves with an audible *clip clop*
  485. >This poner, what are you gonna do with her? Not only had she ate before your date, but she also had consumed a majority of the popcorn at the movie theater, and she is the one who is getting hungry! Your the one who has hardly eaten anything today!
  486. >If you hadn't found it a mix of cute and hilarious, you would have probably mentioned something about Dash's active appetite, but instead, you decide to boop her nose for good measure.
  487. >Like clockwork, she scrunches up and gives you an angry glare
  488. "Come on Dash, let's get cooking." You make your way over to the oven and pick up the can opener laying on the floor. "I'll let you get the food from your backpack this time."
  489. >"Oh uh....right!" Dash picks up her bag with her mouth and walks out of the kitchen, and soon returns with two cylinder-like objects pressed against her chest with a forehoof
  490. >"Ok Anon, close your eyes!"
  491. >Really?
  492. "Do I really have to Dash? Cant we just get started on making the food? Im actually starting to get pretty hungry."
  493. >"Yeah you have to Anon! The surprise is a part of the awesome factor that makes this meal awesome!"
  494. You let out a slight groan and close your eyes. Might as well play along. You waited this long to figure out what the Dash is cooking so you suppose you can wait a little longer. "Ok Dash, my eyes are closed. Go ahead and do your thing."
  495. >"Alright Anon, get ready to be blown away with what I have for us!"
  496. >As soon as Dash had finished her sentence she had begun slowly making her way over to you, but not by hoof.
  497. >You are able to hear the sound of her wings flapping lightly in the air, as well as some sound effects Dash seems to be making with her mouth as she very slowly makes her way over to you. By the sound of it, each sound effect is accompanied with a quick aerial flip or twist though you cant be sure because your eyes are closed obviously.
  498. >You find it kinda cute Dash would perform little stunts in an effort to make the surprise more interesting/exciting, but you also find it to be self-defeating, being that she had you close your eyes and you cant really even see any of her nifty aerial maneuvers
  499. >"Woosh"
  500. >"Hyah!"
  501. >*clunk*
  502. >You can hear the sound of an object fall onto the ground with a thud.
  503. >"Oops!"
  504. >By the sound of it, Dash must have lost her grip on one of the objects while doing her little aerial tricks
  505. >Dash lands on the ground and retrieves whatever she had dropped and decides its probably best to just walk the rest of the way over to you so that she doesn't drop something again
  506. >Finally you can hear the sound of two solid objects being placed on the countertop right next to you
  507. >"Ok Anon, open your eyes!"
  508. >You open your eyes and are greeted with two metal cans and a beaming Rainbow Dash
  509. >One them has a slight indent on its side likely from being dropped
  510. >You pick up the non dented can and inspect its label
  511. >It reads 'Chef Poneardee Cheese and Vegetable Ravioli in Tomato sauce'
  512. >You rub your eyes to make sure you read that right and are not just seeing things, but sure enough its still a can of ravioli
  513. >You look to the other can resting on the counter and it appears to be the same as the one you have in your hand
  514. >Ravioli in a can
  515. >You look over to the smiling pegasus intent on saying something, but before you could even begin to speak you are cut off
  516. >"No need to say anything Anon! That surprised look on your face says more than enough! Your absolutely blown away by how awesome this dinner is gonna be! You are not gonna believe how awesome this ravioli is! They taste amazing Hot or cold! I just know your gonna love them! Rainbow is bursting with impossible amounts of pride as she puffs up her chest as far as it will go into the air
  517. >You turn your focus back to the canned pasta in your hand
  518. >Yeah you were definitely surprised
  519. >Though you cant say you were expecting much from her, you feel like you might have been expecting something more than just canned pasta
  520. >You actually feel a little disappointed with the end result
  521. >You never were one much for canned pasta. You only ever saw it as a food to be eaten in only the direst/laziest of times
  522. >Well you still have the eggs and all the other ingredients required to make one hell of an omelet sitting in your fridge
  523. >And an omelet definitely sounds a lot better to your stomach then canned Italian food
  524. >Surely Dash will agree
  525. >You set the canned pasta next to the other one on the counter and look to Dash
  526. >Before you were able to mention anything about the omelets, Dash quickly moves towards the can opener and speaks before you could get a word out "Heh you know I was actually thinking of bringing spaghettios or maybe even mac n cheese for dinner tonight, but I figured I should just forget that cheap junk and go all out for this one! So I decided to bring the best of the best from my own personal collection and im glad I did! Only the highest quality of pasta for my favorite human!" Dash says with a heartwarming smile
  527. >Wait, something clicks in your head and you pause briefly
  528. >An overbearing sense of guilt suddenly sucker punches you right in the stomach
  529. >Her words had warmed your heart and made you want to scoop her up into an affectionate hug
  530. >Yet they had also made you want to bang your head against the wall out of shame of your selfish thoughts from earlier
  531. >Rainbow had brought these cans of ravioli for you!
  532. >She wanted to share the experience of something she loves with you with hopes that you would enjoy it as well.
  533. >You can hardly believe you were about to shoot down her gift and the thought behind it just so you could eat a dumb omelet
  534. >Who needs omelets?!
  535. >"Anon."
  536. >Your gonna eat the canned pasta Dash brought for you and your gonna love it!
  537. >"Hey Anon."
  538. >But not because it tastes better than an omelet.
  539. >"Hello? Equestria to Anon."
  540. > It's because you get to enjoy it with your favorite pony in all of Equestria, Rainbow Dash!
  541. >A cyan hoof lightly taps the tip of your nose and effectively breaks your thought process, thus bringing you back to reality
  542. >You instinctively rub the tip of your nose and give an annoyed look towards Dash who seems to be slightly more than amused
  543. >"Haha that got your attention! I guess it works both ways!" Dash sticks her tongue out at you
  544. You find your annoyance quickly replaced with Dash's infectious grin and let out a slight chuckle "Sorry about that, just thinkin about dumb things is all. Did you want something?"
  545. >"Yeah! I wanted to know if you wanted to lick the spoon!" Dash offers you a wooden stirring spoon covered in tomato sauce
  546. >You glance towards the stove and see that she had already emptied both cans into a saucepan that now rests on the stove
  547. >Jeez she works fast
  548. >You hesitantly accept Rainbow's gift and take the sauce-covered spoon from her hoof
  549. >Sure you can see how licking a spoon covered with something like cookie dough would be enjoyable, but a spoon covered with cold canned pasta sauce? Your not certain to say the least.
  550. >You look back to Dash who apparently has her own sauce spoon that she is eagerly lapping at
  551. "Wait, why did you need to use two separate stirring spoons Dash?"
  552. >"Duh! Because I want to lick the spoon to Anon!"
  553. >Welp if you cant beat em.
  554. >You run a finger across the end of the spoon to build up a bit of sauce and then pop it into your mouth
  555. >Its not bad, but its certainly not cookie dough either
  556. >You walk over to the sink and wash the rest of the sauce from the spoon
  557. >You werent certain if Dash was going to use one of the licked spoons to mix the ravioli or if she was gonna get a third spoon in on the action, but you figure you might as just clean off your hardly touched one and use it instead. Besides, doing dishes was never really your favorite thing in the world, and the less you have to do the better.
  558. >Though when you think about it, you really wouldn't mind if she decided to use [spoiler]her licked spoon[/spoiler]
  559. >You turn the burner onto a medium heat and monitor the ravioli while stirring occasionally
  560. >Dash is currently flipping through your cupboards again in search of bowls and silverware
  561. >Though you could tell her exactly where they are, you instead decide not to
  562. >This is a good way to keep her busy while you cook the ravioli. Its better that she busy herself with this instead of practising her aerial stunts inside your house.
  563. >She was able to find the can opener and mixing spoons just fine anyways
  564. >If she really wanted your help she would just ask for it.
  565. >Besides, if you were to help her without her permission she might give you an adorable angry frown and insist that she can do it herself like she has done in the past
  566. >She is a cute scrappy pegasus pony that dont need no help finding a couple of forks
  567. >Dash flips open the cupboard that contains all your cups for the third time within the last 15 minutes "Aaaaha!.....Dang it!"
  568. "I think if they weren't in there the first or second time you checked, they probably wont be in there the third time Dashy." you say cheekily
  569. >Dash sticks her tongue out at you and resumes her searching "Well I just was triple checking! Its not my fault you have so much junk in your kitchen!" Dash opens a drawer and pulls out a whisk only to quickly toss it back in and close the drawer. "Why do you even need all this stuff anyways?"
  570. "What can I say? I like to cook." you shrug.
  571. >"Well you already have a can opener, all this other stuff seems a bit excessive if you ask me."
  572. >Is she being serious right now?
  573. " you only know how to cook canned food?"
  574. >Rainbow rolls her eyes "Oh please Anon! I can cook more than just canned food! I know how to cook like a million things like toast, boiled hay dogs, milk and cereal, and I pretty much dont even need to look at the box for more than ten minutes when making macaroni and cheese!" Rainbow says pridefully
  575. >Oh you sweet lovable blissfully ignorant poner
  576. "Ha, I guess I was mistakin Dash. You seem to be quite the little chef!"
  577. >Dash eagerly soaks up your praise. "Well it doesnt stop there Anon! Sometimes I like to cut up hay dogs and add them to my mac and cheese while its cooking! It makes it taste like a thousand times better!"
  578. >Dash glides over to you and nudges you in the side a few times. "You know Anon......if you play your cards right, I might just be tempted to make it for you one of these nights."
  579. "Oh? Well I hope im lucky enough for that dinner come to fruition, but you know it would be rather rude of me to make you do all the cooking Dashy. Maybe Ill make you something special as well one of these nights."
  580. >Dash's ears perk up with interest "Oh yeah? Like what Anon?"
  581. "Welllllll......seeing as how you seem to really enjoy ravioli, how about I make them for you one of these nights?"
  582. >Dash's curiosity fades slightly "Oh, I guess that sounds good, just make sure you stock up on cans beforehand though. The stores tend to sell out of ravioli really quickly whenever they get any in stock."
  583. >Dash pulls her attention away from you and starts to shuffle through a nearby drawer assuming the conversation is over
  584. >You turn around towards the stove and pull the pan of ravioli away from the heat and put it on an unlit burner
  585. "Eh, thats fine. I wont need to buy any cans anyways."
  586. >Dash quits her shuffling through the cuboard and looks at you as if you had just told a funny joke "Pffft you sure about that Anon? How the hay are you gonna make ravioli without ravioli?"
  587. You reach over to a nearby counter drawer and withdraw two metal forks. "Oh thats easy, I'll just make them from scratch"
  588. >Dash tilts her head in confusion "Make them from scratch? You mean like making them using a bunch of different things kinda like cake? Is that even possible?" Dash's brain kicks into overdrive as she trys to comprehend your words and their meaning
  589. "Oh believe me Dash, it's possible. It is a little bit of work, but the payoff is well worth it. Heck, if you like canned ravioli as much as you claim to then you will absolutely love the homemade kind."
  590. >You reach into the cupboard right above you and pull out a glass bowl and a slightly smaller plastic bowl.
  591. >Something nudges the side of your leg and you look down to see a starry-eyed Rainbow Dash
  592. >"Can you make it right now Anon?"
  593. >Pony please
  594. "No can do Dash. We already got perfectly good ravioli right here. Plus I would have to go shopping for ingredients and im pretty sure none of the shops are open at this time of the night." You start spooning the ravioli from the pot into the two bowls that you had retrieved
  595. >"Anoooooon!" Dash groans. "You cant just leave me hanging like this! If you dont make them tonight then when will you make them? I really want to try them now! How long do I have to wait?" Dash is looking up at you with pleading eyes.
  596. You reach down with a free hand and ruffle the rainbow pony's mane "Easy Dash, calm down. I'll make you ravioli, just not tonight. Just tell me when the best time for you is, and ill make them."
  597. >Dash's face lights up and she lets out a joyful whinny "Sweet! We'll have them tomorrow night at your house then! And then after tomorrow night we can have macaroni and hay dogs at my house, and after that you can make something yummy at your house again the next day, and then I can make......"
  598. >You reach done and poke her snout with your index finger causing her a brief pause.
  599. >You hand her the plastic bowl of ravioli
  600. >She bites down on the edge of the bowl and takes it from your hand
  601. >With plastic bowl in mouth, she gazes up at you with her mesmerizing magenta eyes
  602. "I didnt think we would be having ravioli again so soon, but despite that, tomorrow should work out just fine for me, however lets just focus on tomorrow's dinner before we go planning out any other ones okay? No need to rush."
  603. >Dash gives you a happy affirmative nod "Ohay, ou gah it Anon! Ace ou ooo ah ouch! Dash says with a full mouth and then takes off out of your kitchen towards the living room
  604. >You walk after the speedster with a glass bowl of ravioli in hand
  606. >As you enter your living room you see the little pegasus eagerly enjoying her bowl of cheap ravioli on your couch
  607. >The entirety of her body is resting on a section of your couch and her bowl of ravioli is resting in the middle of the couch
  608. >She neglects the spoon resting in her bowl and instead opts for the "mash your face into the bowl" approach
  609. >You walk over towards the couch and sit down on the unoccupied section of the couch
  610. >Making sure not to disturb the balance of her bowl resting on the soft cushion next to you
  611. >Dash must have noticed you sitting on the couch because she withdraws her now sauce-covered muzzle from her bowl and looks up to you with a satisfied smile
  612. >This pony has a knack for getting food on her face it would seem
  613. >You set down your bowl of pasta on the nearby coffee table and retrieve a roll of tactically placed paper towels from the same table
  614. >"This stuff is awesome Anon! Are you gonna ea-!"
  615. >You interrupt Dash by rubbing her sauce-covered muzzle with a few sheets of paper towel
  616. >You would have used the hanky in your pocket if only it hadnt already been covered in sauce from Dash's face from earlier in the day
  617. >She tries her best to pull her muzzle out of the paper towel tomb you made around it, but your persistence to get every bit of sauce prevails
  618. >She finally raises her forehoof and pushes your hand away
  619. >Dash looks at you with a dissatisfied frown and slightly scarlet cheeks "Hey! Dont do that Anon!"
  620. >You cant help but give her a big dumb smile
  621. "You know Dash, I cant tell if your face is cuter with or without the pasta sauce."
  622. >Dash's face gets even redder than when it was covered with sauce and she quickly looks away from you
  623. >"J-just eat your ravioli already d-dummy!"
  624. >Deciding you have picked on her enough, you pick up your bowl from the coffee table and shovel a spoonful of ravioli into your mouth
  625. >It tastes exactly how you expected it to taste
  626. >Its not bad by any means, but its definitely no five star meal either
  627. >Its just ravioli from a can
  628. >But that doesnt stop you from enjoying it however
  629. >The taste of the ravioli isnt anything extraordinary, but the feeling you get eating them is
  630. >Its the same feeling you would get eating a homemade dinner or birthday cake
  631. >That extraordinary feeling that you have been feeling all day with this wonderful pegasus
  632. >Though your glad its returned to you once again, you feel a slight bit of nostalgia accompany the feeling
  633. >The source of the nostalgia is the flavor of the raviolis
  634. >The last time you had something like this was when you still lived on earth
  635. >As you eat your ravioli you feel your train of thought wander towards a subject you have been trying not to give to much thought about since your arrival here in magic pony land
  636. >You begin to think about your old home on earth
  637. >You think about your old life there
  638. >Though it wasnt anything special, especially compared to your life here, there were still some things you missed about it
  639. >And by things you mean people
  640. >The people who care about you
  641. >The people who miss you
  642. >The people who you cared about
  643. >The people who you miss
  644. >You close your eyes to try and collect your thoughts
  645. >This line of thinking isnt healthy, you should just forget about it
  646. >But now those people are gone
  647. >And your gone as well
  648. >And now you have no on-
  649. >Before you could even finish the thought you feel something wiggle its way on top of your lap
  650. >You open your eyes and find what seems to be a rather content Rainbow Dash resting on you
  651. >She stretches out a bit on top of you "Man that really hit the spot. What did you think Anon?"
  652. >You kick yourself mentally
  653. >How many times do you have to teach yourself this lesson
  654. >Your not alone
  655. >You do have someone, or rather somepony
  656. >And you know what, she has you to
  657. >You reach up with a free hand and wipe away the "pasta sauce" rolling down your cheek and bring down the same hand to scratch the spot in between Dash's wings
  658. "Its amazing Dash, as well as filling. I have only gotten through about half of my bowl."
  659. >Dash perks up a bit and looks up to you "Jeez Anon, you should have said something. Ill help you with that!"
  660. >Dash suddenly sits up on top of your lap and pushes her face into the bowl of ravioli you are currently holding in one hand
  661. >You were anything but prepared for this
  662. >You do your best to manoeuvre your bowl away from the eager pegasus without dropping it, but she currently has the tactical advantage with her current position on top of you
  663. "H-hey Dash! I didn't say I was done eating jeez!"
  664. >Your words fall on deaf ears as Dash continues to ravish your remaining ravioli
  665. >You wrap an arm around her barrel and try to pull her away, but she responds by unfurling her wings and flapping them in your face
  666. "Ack! Dang it Dash, you glutton! Cut it out!
  667. >You swear you could hear a muffled giggle escape from Dash
  668. >Every time you attempt to move the pegasus off of you and away from your food, her soft wings ligtly batter your face in protest
  669. >With your bowl growing ever lighter and Dash showing no sign of wanting to move, you resign yourself to your fate
  670. "Ugh fine. You can have the rest of my ravioli, but you have to do the dishes." you grumble to the pone
  671. >Dash gives an affirmative flap of her wings and then folds them back to her sides
  672. >Sit back and try to get comfortable as while she finishes your ravioli
  673. >You should be angry at this gluttonous pegasus, but her cuteness gets her a pass this time
  675. >You wipe the last bowl dry using a towel and place it back into the cupboard
  676. >After drying your own hands, you toss the towel onto the counter and head back over to your living room to check on Dash
  677. >Though you were originally going have her do the dishes you had decided to do them yourself in the end
  678. >After she ate all of her ravioli as well as yours, she groaned "that she might of ate to much" and "that she could hardly move"
  679. >And as much as you wanted her to hold up her end of the deal, the sight of her laying on her back with her cute little belly bulging slightly more than usual was just to much for you
  680. >It took all your will power to resist giving her a belly rub right then and there
  681. >But you reminded yourself that lazy pegasi dont have their laziness rewarded with tummy rubs
  682. >Entering your living room, you see Dash still lounging on the couch unmoving from the position you had last saw her in
  683. >Her eyes are closed and her tummy is gently rising and falling
  684. >Her mouth is slightly open and a little trail of drool had begun to make its way down the side of her cheek
  685. >The little potbelly pegasus seemed have went full food coma on you
  686. >The sight brings a slight smirk to your face
  687. >You tiptoe up to the couch as not to wake her from her sleep
  688. >She is currently laying on her back with her cute little tummy exposed for the whole world to see
  689. >You slowly creep a hand down and gently rest your palm against her soft furry belly
  690. >Dash lets out a small snort in response but continues her nap
  691. >You can feel the comforting warmth she gives off underneath the palm of your hand as well as the rise and fall of her stomach with every breath she takes
  692. >You begin to slowly move your hand in circles on Dash's belly, making sure rub every inch of her soft and squishy tum
  693. >Dash gives her approval of your tummy rubbing in the form of letting out a few snorts mixed with light moans
  694. >Dash loves having her tummy rubbed and you could safely say that you enjoy giving her tummy rubs just as much as she likes receiving them
  695. >You decide to let your hand venture a bit further north of this cuddly pones belly and give her chest fluff a slight ruffle
  696. >Dash's drooling open mouth expression slightly morphs into one slight satisfaction and she suddenly wraps her front forehooves around your arm
  697. >You instinctively jerk your arm back in surprise, but she has you firmly in her grip
  698. >"mmmmm.......uuuhhhhhhh....mmmmAnonnnnnnnnmmmmmm....." Dash moans sleepily
  699. >Almost immdiately after her sleep talk, Dash rolls to her side taking your arm with her
  700. >You are forced to suddenly adjust your position as she moves to rest on her side
  701. >You try to wiggle your arm away from her grip, but she only tightens it in response
  702. >"mmmmmmm.......nuuuuhhhhhhhhh...."
  703. >Jeez this pony seems to be knocked out pretty hard
  704. >You would think that with all the sudden movement she would at least be a little bit coherent
  705. >You look over to your nearest clock and are slightly taken back at the current time
  706. >No wonder Dash is so tired, its late as hell.
  707. >If you wanna get to the market at a decent time tommorow you had better get ready for bed pretty soon
  710. >You look down to the snoring pegasus who is currently still holding your arm captive
  711. "Should probably get you takin care of as well huh Dash?"
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