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Romney 1040 Tax Returns Update

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  1. Greetings from Dr. Evil
  3. It seems the media and public has given our group this name. We never considered a name before, we thought it was kind of lame to even need a name, but it sticks. We will roll with it.
  6. We will start with the common questions in the media or public.
  8. 1. Why can't your group spell “leaders” correctly?
  9. We did scratch our heads on that one. We believe that since the Republican lady did not pick up the package until many days later, the fact that it rained on the package a few times probably caused the ink to run and a “d” could easily turn into a “r”. That would make it difficult to read. Our only advise to the Republican office is to get a mail-slot like the Democratic office had to remedy that issue.
  11. 2. Why only ask for $1 million, why not $100 million, billion, batrillion?
  12. Again, we address the polite Republican lady. $1 million might seem like pocket change to the wealthy and that is the impression we got from her, but a $1 million in bitcoins is a bit more realistic to acquire in a month's time.
  14. 3. Why wait a month to release, won't that give the  FBI or Secret Service more time to find you?
  15. Sure, assuming that we are even in the same state, with evidence taped to our vehicles and a big sign that reads “come arrest us please”. People watch too many crime shows and are in love with the infinite zoom on cameras or the ability to plug in some random material and search the entire worlds DNS code to find one single person that it came from. We don't see this as some fantasy TV show nor do the FBI or Secret Service for that matter. We respect the caliber of people working for the FBI or SS and don't need to inflate our ego by taunting them.
  17. 4. CPAs around the country claim it is not possible to get a signature from a tax form?
  18. Really? So Romney signs the tax returns or rubber stamps them and carries the forms to the IRS tax office himself? If it were that easy then why get the Secret Service involved when obviously all the CPAs are much better at solving this?
  20. 5. PWC claims there is no evidence of a break-in, thus nothing really happened.
  21. We imagine that is probably correct on a technical level since they are not doing the investigation, the Secret Service is. So of course they can get away with that statement, just as much as the local Burger King can claim they have no evidence for the event either.
  23. 6. The building owner claims they have state-of-the-art security and no break-in could have happened.
  24. We agree, the security is good. Key cards are required for after hours entry and elevator access is also restricted by key cards. Even the stairs are restricted by key cards. The problem with that logic is that somehow it was necessary to defeat the key cards to get in. Well, social engineering to the rescue. We need only convince someone in the building that we needed entry. Once a stair door is open, a simple piece of tape can keep it from locking behind. Coupled with an empty office that had the key code entry disabled so anyone could enter and happen to be right next to PWC office. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how someone can enter the office without needing to go through the front door. It would also help if the PWC actually used the alarm system.
  26. 7. Dude, where's my encrypted files?
  27. It is interesting that quite a few media outlets are holding on to the files and pretending to have nothing. Actually, it is probably because someone has it and does not want to make it public because they want to be the first to break the story. Since it appears the media isn't going to play nice and offer up copies, we will post them to some public file sharing sites instead. It's not like the files are huge or anything, geez.
  28. Find them here until they are pulled or deleted by the hosting site:
  30. http://www.4shared.com/folder/kCEh7BI4/_online.html?dirembed=false
  33. 8. So which news or media outlet has the correct story?
  34. So far, not many. There was not 20 or even 10 years worth of 1040 tax returns copied. There is no connection to Romney or anyone else in the Republican party. There is no connection to Obama or anyone else in the Democratic party. There is no connection to any “hacker” groups such as Anonymous or LulzSec. It was not one person (really, one person?) or a group of 20 or 30 people. It is not a terrorist group or a hacker group. Don't mix up hackers with us, that is just media ignorance on the subject. There is no political goals.
  36. 9. What if Romney releases his tax returns before the deadline?
  37. We had considered that and if he does, then no one will ever hear from us again. Unless of course what he releases is different than what we have. We aren't referring to blanking out social security numbers or bank account numbers either.
  39. 10. Did you sanitize the documents before stuffing them in the encrypted compressed file?
  40. No, social security numbers and bank account numbers are there for the world to see. Someone as rich as Romney can pay to give someone else a full-time job watching his credit report, and his wife, and probably kids too. Maybe he already has?
  42. 11. What if everyone gets caught?
  43. Then the country will see how a very wealthy person is treated compared to the average person should the same thing had happened. If average Joe American down the street had his tax returns taken and offered up for $1 million to get them back or face having it released to the public, would prosecution be the same? We have a good feeling that Romney would get special treatment where as your Joe American would be told to watch his credit reports for the rest of his life instead. We have also taken the liberty of setting up a “dead mans hand” release for the files and encryption key that will work regardless of what happens to us. So unless someone can find and disable all the servers out there just waiting with an e-mail in queue to send, catching us won't stop the release.
  45. 12. Did everyone find the binary message encoded into those transactions?
  46. Yes, very cute. Sorry, we can't do that to ourselves.
  48. 13. What if no one is caught and full payment is made?
  49. Then you will not hear from us ever again.
  51. The Bitcoin Address to stop the release is
  53. 16NvEaWVRR6xg7YRoR18anw3k67AKJJ8PV
  56. Cheers!
  57. Dr. Evil
  59. Verification Phrase
  60. he moment I understood the will of my Heavenly Father
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