Xenos Hunters Session 35

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  12.         antoine Several days after the encounter with the traitor marine you are called into the court room to testify, the mortal soldiers and nuns left outside to protect the proceedings. The room is large and circular with two men and a woman sitting behind an elevated solid wood bench. In the quartered off sections of the outer circle by the walls are alcoves containing Inquisitors and their hangers on....
  13.         antoine ...One for each ordo, leaving the accused to sit by himself in the last of the four alcoves. In the middle of the room is a small platform for witnesses to testify under the watchful gaze of the Inquisitor Lords/Lady.
  14.         antoine Your Watch Commander sits in the Ordo Xenos Alcove by your side, chatting idly as the Inquisitor Lords/Lady prepare themselves to continue proceedings
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  16.         antoine The Ordo Malleus' Grandmaster is a oppressively large man with a polished smooth silver mask encapsulating his face. The Ordo Xenos Master is a solid but unimpressive figure, from what you have heard he is cunning as a snake. The Ordo Hereticus Master is a slender figured woman with high cheek bones and an aquiline nose, her body seems perpetually set in a haughty pose.
  17.         Balmung looks completely out of place in here
  18.         Anselm  sits with his personal sword across his lap. He has dismissed Joffery to other tasks, and so will carry his weapon himself.
  19.         antoine Tellion leans over and whispers, "Alright well be up soon."
  20.         Balmung tries not to look bored
  21.         Bellerophon     observes the proceedings from his seat, dressed up in an Ultramarines themed suit, although the honor blades and gilded bolter on his person slightly altertinng that effect.
  22.         Balmung whispers low enough so only the squad members can hear "This is what the all father had in mind when he created my chapter."
  23.         Omniel  stands in full armour with the others, seemingly at rest while he observes the proceedings.
  24.         antoine The Grandmaster looks up after conferring with his fellows, a deep voice booming out of his mask, "On this 20th day of proceedings in the trial of one Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave we, the protectors of Jericho Reach give thanks to him on Terra. May Imperial justice account in all balance. Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion has called forth the Vindex Kill Team of the holy Deathwatch to testify. The...
  25.         antoine ...witnesses will stand in the circle of Emperor's light." He motions towards the center platform.
  26.         Anselm  looks up at the Terminator and grunts. "The God-Emperor intended your Chapter all for a Wolf seconded to the Deathwatch to stand in Tactical Dreadnought warplate, waiting in the midst of politics?" he whispers back, jokingly, before standing and preparing to move.
  27.         Balmung tries not to laugh
  28.         antoine Tellion points to the platform, "We're up" as she smoothly rises on her two legs and takes a place on the circular o-ring that surrounds the middle platform.
  29.         Balmung stomps into the center of the room
  30.         Anselm  follows, resting his sheathed sword against his pauldron, holding the tip in his palm.
  31.         Bellerophon     follows smoothly to the platform
  32.         Balmung glances around the room and grunts
  33.         Omniel  trundles along to the circle, looking around cautiously.
  34.         antoine The Grandmaster waits until everyone has entered the circle before stating, "Proceed Inquisitor."
  35.         antoine Tellion begins a slow walk around your team, "Thank you my Lord." she replies
  36.         Anselm  lowers his brow and follows Tellion's movement with his eyes.
  37.         antoine She looks at Omniel, "For the record, when did you first meet Inquisitor Hardgrave?"
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  39.         antoine Tellion leans in, "It's just for the record, you remember Rahas or did you replace your memory region with a new implant?" She hisses in a slow whisper.
  40.         Omniel  clears his throat. "We first encounrter Inquisitor Hardgrave shortly after the defense of Lensburg, approximately 7 months ago."
  41.         Omniel  Encountered*
  42.         antoine "How would you characterize the encounter?"
  43.         Omniel  "Confrontational."
  44.         Sinbad  grunts
  45.         Bellerophon     "To elaborate: Intensely hostile."
  46.         Bellerophon     "The sanctioned Inquisitor is not a pleasent man to be around, even briefly. I cannot imagine what sort of abuses his staff endures. However, that is neither here nor there."
  47.         Bellerophon     "What is relevant is his irreverent tone regarding the Ordo Xenos, the Deathwatch, and the nature and position of the Astartes. As I recall, he called us "pets.""
  48.         Sinbad  "He is a coward."
  49.         Balmung "Aye"
  50.         Balmung "He ran when we faced a greated daemon"
  51.         Bellerophon     "Also including interfering with Inquisitor Tellion's and the Apothecary Cadmus' work regarding some genestealers."
  52.         Anselm  snorts. "I can tell you exactly what sort of abuses his staff went through. They suffered the ostentatious sins of his and his retinue's decadence."
  53.         Bellerophon     "The Bloodthirster would come much later. No need to skip ahead."
  54.         Balmung tries to shrug in his terminator armor
  55.         antoine The grandmaster leans forward, "I would kindly remind the witnesses to please just answer the questions as they are given."
  56.         Anselm  "Inquisitor Hardgrave's staff was abominably arrogant," Anselm continues, "he surrounded himself with the highest ranks of the Sororitas, steeped his men in fabulous displays of wealth..."
  57.         Anselm  "His Interrogator set no limits in glorifying himself. His master was not particularly responsible with that one..."
  58.         Anselm  bangs his fist against his chestplate. "I suppose that would explain why he thought it proper to deny an Inquisitorial envoy, and assault my person."
  59.         Anselm  "I suppose he paid the price for thinking he was above the watchmen, however."
  60.         Anselm  bows his head again, content with his deviation.
  61.         Sinbad  screws up his face, holding onto his turban, thinking
  62.         Sinbad  "Throne forgive me, all I remember is that he said that Rahas was not worth defending, and that it should have been given without defense to the xenos invaders."
  63.         Sinbad  "It was at this point I demanded his life for such defeatism, only pushed back by the reason of my brothers."
  64.         Sinbad  "Still want to kill him, though."
  65.         Balmung grunts "Coward"
  66.         Sinbad  shrugs innocently
  67.         Anselm  shoots a glare at the Chaplain.
  68.         Bellerophon     "Focus, Brothers."
  69.         Anselm  whispers into his gorget-vox: ++Try not to use such antagonistic phrases.++
  70.         Balmung ++He is though++
  71.         Bellerophon     "Perhaps the Conclave would find wisdom in providing a new question."
  72.         antoine Tellion gives you all a look of exasperation, "Yes, now given those encounters would you describe those grievances as merely interpersonal conflict or do you believe the root of such conflict was from a deeper root cause?"
  73.         antoine "OBJECTION, speculation!" calls out Hargrave
  74.         Balmung glances at Hargrave
  75.         antoine "Overruled, the witnesses may speak their minds." replies the Grandmaster.
  76.         Balmung "He's a coward who runs from anything that looks mildly threatening"
  77.         Bellerophon     "Inquisitor Hardgrave clearly bears some sort of personal vendetta. That, however, seems to be secondary concern to his propsensity for being in situations he should not be."
  78.         Balmung "I thought you people were to root out evil not run away from it at the first sign of it"
  79.         Anselm  lowers his head again and speaks into his collar: ++Brother Balmung, I do not advise being accusatory towards the Inquisition, either.++
  80.         Bellerophon     "At this time I would refrence the Niveus Incident, where Hardgrave had, somehow, propmpted the spawning of a Bloodthirster."
  81.         Balmung grunts into the vox
  82.         Bellerophon     "The Ordo Malleus will no doubt agree that this is an uncommon event."
  83.         Omniel  "Inquisitor Hardgraves' questionable methodologies seem to have been the reason for our disagreements."
  84.         Balmung ++Not my fault they can't take a bruised ego++
  85.         Bellerophon     "This is ignoring his complete ineptitude at running whatever facility the Ordo Hereticus had deemed appropriate to install under the fyceline plant."
  86.         Bellerophon     "It was, in fact, only good fortune that had us on planet to prevent the entire collapse of that penal colony."
  87.         Bellerophon     "Not to mention the banishment of a greater daemon."
  88.         Bellerophon     "A fact which the Inquisitor or the Ordo Hereticus have never thanked us for, I might add."
  89.         Bellerophon     "Is there a problem, Madame-Inquisitor?"
  90.         antoine The haughty Hereticus mistress looks down at you, "Oh, we did indeed thank your kind Kill Team for its efforts to fight the unholy daemon." she says flatly.
  91.         Bellerophon     "I have heard no such statement from Inquisitor Hardgrave."
  92.         antoine Tellion continues to circle you, "Given those answers I must ask. Do you believe Markus Hardgrave to be guilty of the charges laid out by this carta?"
  93.         Anselm  coughs, and looks to the Inquisitor. "For the record's sake, what precisely are those charges?"
  94.         antoine "OBJECTION, asking for an opinion your highness!" Hardgrave screeches out
  95.         Sinbad  "That's a point. Is it 'Heresy'? I bet it's Heresy."
  96.         Sinbad  "Possibly even Grand Heresy."
  97.         Bellerophon     smirks
  98.         Balmung "They like throwing the heresy flag around don't they?"
  99.         Sinbad  "Any crime is a subset of Heresy."
  100.         antoine "The most heinous crime, Extremis Diabolus, guilty of consorting with daemons and witchcraft most foul." Tellion replies
  101.         Anselm  nods.
  102.         Sinbad  "...Is that a type of Heresy? I am not a very learned man."
  103.         Balmung "Sounds about right"
  104.         antoine "Overruled, these are expert witnesses Inquisitor, they are here to GIVE their opinion." replies the grandmaster.
  105.         Anselm  looks up to the Conclave. "There is a long history of the power of the Rosette being misused, and for personal gain. Indeed, it is the reason you have called this hearing to order. Think back to Inquisitor Eisenhorn of yore, Ordo Xenos - when he walked the path of the righteous and defeated the dreaded Quixos, his foes branded him a heretic."
  106.         Anselm  "Eisenhorn turned from the Emperor's light, yes, but in his prime he was a man of action." Anselm begins to pace around the podium. "Hardgrave cannot even muster that. We found him, steeped up to his neck in foul-smelling deeds, hidden away beneath a false explosive ordinance plant, in a prison for the abominable! He hid away while the Sororitas who had pledged loyalty to him were
  107.         Anselm  slaughtered under the brunt of mutant, both of the malignant and the psyker varieties!"
  108.         Anselm  "Hardgrave is more a Quixos, with less the previous good deeds it seems. He kept a sorcerer suspended in a cage, like a pet rather than kill it. He fled even then, with a contingent of his best combatants, when the accursed warp-spawn took the field."
  109.         Anselm  "If that does not stink of Extremis Diabolus, I know not what does!"
  110.         antoine Tellion looks at the Lords and Lady sitting behind the hardwood bench for a moment and turns back to you smiling, "That is all your honor, I call the defendant to the stand."
  111.         antoine She motions for you to return to the Ordo, Xenos bench.
  112.         antoine ./alcove
  113.         Omniel  nods and clomps back to the bench, folding his various arms.
  114.         Balmung stomps back to the alcove
  115.         Anselm  returns to his seat.
  116.         Sinbad  stands, sighing, then joins his brothers on the walk back
  117.         Sinbad  ++What just happened? When does the honor duel begin?++
  118.         Bellerophon     returns to his seat
  119.         Anselm  ++Calm, Brother-Chaplain. Just take a seat.++
  120.         antoine Inquisitor Hardgrave rises and heads to the platform, giving you a scowl as he heads there.
  121.         Bellerophon     smiles with all his teeth
  122.         Balmung gives his wolfish grin
  123.         Anselm  narrows his eyes and returns the expression.
  124.         Omniel  watches Hardgrave calmly.
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  127.         Sinbad  eats a soylens bar
  128.         Balmung wishes he had some ale
  129.         antoine "Inquisitor Hardgrave, this is your final chance to explain yourself. We know you had captured witches in that prison, we know you were experimenting on them. You accuse this court of being unfair but I am giving you an open chance to defend yourself." Tellion maintains her fake but genuine looking smile.
  130.         Balmung ++Is this the part where they feed him to the wolves?++
  131.         Sinbad  ++Is that a faith trial from Fenris? Do they get set on fire at any point?++
  132.         Balmung ++No that's what happens when someone is found guilty of treason or many other crimes really++
  133.         antoine Hardgrave screws his nose up at the woman, "The Emperor walks among us. He chooses his vessels to do his work, as he has done so since time began. The rotting carcass maintained in the Golden Throne is not the Emperor, for he travels abroad, tending to his Divine Will, instilling his power into those that have been chosen. But what if the Emperor could be granted a body that does not wither...
  134.         antoine ...and die, that could be his vessel for all eternity to come? I believe that such a thing is possible, that the Emperor yet waits for his new body to be found or created. In essence, a new Emperor will be created to lead Mankind to its destiny and conquest of the galaxy."
  135.         Bellerophon     "Objection!"
  136.         Navarre yawns. He's found the whole thing boring, to say the least. And didn't bother to testify having not known Hardgrave at all. Besides, any evidence he could provide wouldn't add that much to the heap of damning they already have. "Is almost over?"
  137.         Anselm  ++Quiet, Brother. Let him dig his own grave.++
  138.         Bellerophon     "He is providing a story, not a legal defense."
  139.         antoine Tellion raises her eyebrows in mock surprise, "So you admit your insane warp experiments then?"
  140.         Anselm  ++And you aren't at the witness stand right now. Sit back down. Have some faith in Tellion.++
  141.         antoine Hardgrave starts spouting nonsense now, "The ends always justify the means. There is no right or wrong in our profession. The present changes the past from moment to moment. I only pray for the future to vindicate my actions. Mine is the story of a man who did insane things because he put in practice what many Saints have preached! Who among you can say you were as fervent in devotion? Saint...
  142.         antoine ...Casophili will be waiting for me!"
  143.         antoine Tellion gives a look to the bench, "Need I continue?"
  144.         antoine "I will join the Emperor's enternal wandering spirit, I will be reborn with him into paradise!"
  145.         Navarre "He seems rather anchored in his beliefs, doesn't he?"
  146.         antoine The grandmaster stands slowly, "You will indeed become a spirit, sooner than you think heretic." booms the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.
  147.         Omniel  nods, quite satisfied that Hardgrave has damned himself and saved them all a lot of trouble!
  148.         Sinbad  looks about confused, wondering why the stones have not yet been brought for the faith trial
  149.         Balmung ++Will someone please shoot him and be done with it?++
  150.         Anselm  ++As much as I would love to, this business must first be dispensed with.++
  151.         antoine The Ordo Xenos, Inquisitor Lord stands as well, "Agreed, Guilty. A majority vote is achieved. You will die now.". The Ordo Hereticus Mistress just looks dejected.
  152.         antoine "A volunteer then? He looks to your Kill Team.
  153.         antoine then?"
  154.         Sinbad  ++Will the burning commence then?++
  155.         Anselm  looks about.
  156.         Balmung steps forward
  157.         Sinbad  stands up
  158.         Anselm  "A member of the original number should be the one to do it."
  159.         Sinbad  looks to Balmung, and says something to him
  160.         Bellerophon     stands up!
  161.         Omniel  raises his axe.
  162.         Anselm  ++Brothers, would you, by chance, be able to all do something together... in unison?++
  163.         Anselm  ++Perhaps, I don't know, take sections of him and tug? Something particularly gruesome to appease the wrath of the Emperor.++
  164.         Balmung ++Sounds acceptable++
  165.         Sinbad  ++Splendid. That's the idea I suggested to Brother Balmung.++
  166.         Anselm  ++Brother Balmung, Brother Navarre. Let us watch. This is not our justice to deliver.++
  167.         Omniel  ++Inefficient, but symbolic. I approve.++
  168.         Balmung ++Alright++
  169.         Navarre "Agreed."
  170.         Anselm  looks out to the Conclave. "My Battle-Brothers Sinbad, Bellerophon, and Omniel, would all like to perform the execution. To appease them, I submit that we have the Inquisitor drawn... and segmented!"
  171.         Sinbad  stretches his arms preparing for justice
  172.         Anselm  "Let justice be done upon him for affronting these brave and heroic warriors!"
  173.         Sinbad  hands Anselm his turban
  174.         Bellerophon     "I say nay. His offenses require a more personal touch."
  175.         Sinbad  "Handle this for a moment, Brother? I shall bring this coward down."
  176.         Anselm  nods, and takes the peculiar head-garb.
  177.         Anselm  ++Unless you have some better idea for getting the three of you up there, I suggest you just go with it.++
  178.         Bellerophon     "Quite."
  179.         Bellerophon     draws his honor blades and steps into the witness circle with Hardgrave
  180.         Bellerophon     "Does the condemned have any last words or requests?"
  181.         Sinbad  goes forwards, reaching for the man's wrists to hold him
  182.         antoine As you grab Hardgrave and pull he screams, "Mankind stands on the shoulders of the Martyred!"
  183.         Sinbad  "And spits on the bones of its heretics."
  184.         Bellerophon     "The Conclave will note you die a heretic, not a martyr."
  185.         Bellerophon     pulls his blades towards Hardgrave's neck, and performs the Gladiator fatality
  186.         antoine As you split him in smaller pieces, gore flowing everywhere the Ordo Xenos alcove is a frenzy of activity.
  187.         Omniel  remains silent as he carries out the sentence dispassionately.
  188.         Sinbad  begins smashing into the body with his fists
  189.         antoine The two Inquisitors in the Hereticus alcove rise, "The Asp sends his thanks!" they shout as four hangers on emerge with them. Chains rattle on the floor as they rise above the ground on invisible winds.
  190.         Bellerophon     waits for the powerfield to obliterate any blood, and reseats the blades
  191.         Anselm  draws his power swords.
  192.         Anselm  ++Brothers! To arms! Protect the Conclave!++
  193.         Sinbad  is about to eat Hardgrave's liver, then looks up in chagrin
  194.         Sinbad  "Knew this couldn't be that easy. TO HOLY WAR!"
  195.         Omniel  looks to Tellion immediately, unsure which side she might be on.
  196.         Navarre "And here I was looking forward to a light day of judicial discourse. There goes my afternoon."
  197.         Balmung whistles loudly
  198.         Anselm  grunts on the vox. ++Just kill the obvious ones right now! We'll deal with the rest later!++
  199.         Sinbad  replaces his helmet, and readies his bolter and crozius
  200.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “ Balmung, Anselm, Sinbad, NPC, Belle, Omniel, Navarre, NPC”
  201.         antoine The two men call out in an arcane language, "Isho Nah, Mehur Iso'kraco Tok'meh Quizak!"
  202.         Sinbad  points
  203.         Sinbad  "Now /that/ is Heresy!"
  204.         Navarre "And rather obvious."
  205.         Balmung shouts something in fersian and charges into the men still on the ground cleaving through them with his axe
  206.         Anselm  "Stand together, Brothers!" Anselm shouts, stepping into the open and point to one of the airborne apparent-sorcerers. "Come and face me if you think me your match, heretic!"
  207.         antoine The airborne man hisses from beneath his cowl at Anselm.
  208.         Anselm  mocks with a return-hiss of his own, flinging acid-spittle between his teeth.
  209.         Sinbad  brings up his bolter, firing a burst of bolts at a member of the heretic party
  210.         antoine The shots slow down as they hit some kind of shield but it is not enough the rounds knock the figure to the ground
  211.         Sinbad  "I will wear your organs as trophies, heretic scum!"
  212.         antoine The Inquisitor Lady and Lord of Hereticus and Xenos respectively run from their benches to the malleus alcove for protection and weapons. The Grandmaster however draws a hand flamer, Shouting, "Be purged!"
  213.         Balmung ++Good to see they're not all cowards++
  214.         Omniel  ++Better to see that they are not all complicit.++
  215.         antoine The flames wash over Balmung without injury as your enemies scatter away from the flames, the aerial men looping and spinning away.
  216.         Bellerophon     runs and vaults over the bench they were sitting in, using it for cover as he's no longer armored, and aims his new bolter at one of the flying menaces, and pulls the trigger
  217.         antoine The menace is plucked from the air, killed by the explosive bolts.
  218.         Omniel  follows the Grandmaster's example, loosing a jet of flame towards the aeretics.
  219.         Omniel  follows up with a quick burst of plasma from his torch, aimed at the same two.
  220.         antoine The energy weapons bathe them in fire, setting one alight and eating through their robes to reveal two hovering men with a few chains dangling from their feet, their faces are visages of terror as vestigial horns slowly grow from their foreheads. Their withered hands reach out towards you.
  221.         Sinbad  "Dajjal-kin!"
  222.         Omniel  ++It seems the Inquisitorial vetting process is not quite perfect.++
  223.         antoine Inquisitors from the Ordo Xenos and Malleus alcoves draw weapons and begin adding weight of fire but achieve little against the possessed bodies.
  224.         antoine The floating man cackles with laughter before summinging a swirling vortex on top of you, the void within seeking to suck the fabric of space and time into it
  225.         Bellerophon     looks away
  226.         Balmung ignores it and continues fighting
  227.         Omniel  stands firm despite the storm. ++Do not falter, Brothers.++
  228.         Sinbad  utters the prayer of the Demonward
  229.         Navarre takes the brunt of it, stupid old man that he is. But manages to draw his bolter and points it at one of them and unleashes the PAIN!
  230.         antoine Navarre ends the life of the possessed man who summoned the vortex which still rages.
  231.         Balmung turns and cleaves the other enemy in two
  232.         Anselm  barks in anger. "Damn you, Brother Omniel, don't go setting my challenges ablaze!"
  233.         Anselm  charges his foe, intent on slaying him before it's too late.
  234.         Omniel  ++I was merely illuminating him for you, Brother. I would not wish for you to lose sight of your quarry.++
  235.         Anselm  catches the heretic as he brings his blade down, swatting the possessed man to the floor and then stomping down on his chest to pull his sword loose.
  236.         Sinbad  opens fire at the vortex, screaming foreign prayers of hate and rage and what possibly could be happiness
  237.         antoine He cannot miss, the round are plucked out of the air as he fires them, sucked into the warp maw that is raging around you.
  238.         Sinbad  "Whatever's in there, it cannot be allowed to think that this side of the Matterium is safe for it! Aid me! Fire into it with holy hatred!"
  239.         antoine The Inquisitors run from this new threat, the Grandmaster calling out, "Evacuate the room, deny the warp spawn a chance to afflict your mind!", "GO!". The grandmaster helps haul the Inquisitors to their feet and pushes them to the door.
  240.         Bellerophon     tactically retreats while shooting the last warpspawn through the bench
  241.         Omniel  sends a parting shot off before breaking into a run, mechanical legs carrying him away at a considerable pace.
  242.         antoine Balmung's fenrisian wolf growls at the warp vortex from the doorway as the Inquisitors make a run for it.
  243.         Balmung points at where the last heretic is hiding and shouts in fersian
  244.         antoine The vortex begins to shrink while drifting towards the dead hereticus inquisitor's bodies.
  245.         antoine The vortex sucks up Hardgraves dismembered corpse from the centre of the room, the droplets of blood drawn in by the gravity like pull.
  246.         Balmung roars and smashes through the bench killing the heretic
  247.         Anselm  "Balmung!" Anselm shouts. "Fall back! Fall back!"
  248.         antoine The vortex slowly dissolves into nothing in the center of the room, the room seems to be devoid of colour or lustre. As if drained of all reality.
  249.         Sinbad  leaps over, smacking at the air with his crozius futilely
  250.         Omniel  regroups at a safe distance from the courtroom. ++Brothers, status?++
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