Immense Power [/ptfg/, Umbra]

Feb 6th, 2017
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  1. >”Imagine you woke up one day with some immense power… what would you do with it?”
  3. >You wonder what the hell is wrong with this guy
  4. >You were just trying to get a quick coffee before heading to your next class
  5. >And out of nowhere, this guy just sat at your table and started talking
  6. >I mean, that’s fine and all, you like the conversation, even though you’ve never seen him before
  7. >At first he seemed pretty normal, up until the point where he started asking you complete nonsense questions
  8. >Just like that one
  9. >You don’t really mind though
  10. >This day has been boring as all fuck, and at this point rambling about nothing with this random person sounds like a fun distraction
  11. >”So?”
  12. >You stare at him as you think about your answer
  13. >Something seems off with his eyes, making you feel a bit uneasy
  14. >It’s probably just the lack of rest though
  15. “Anything?”
  16. >You chuckle
  17. “Something over the top, and really egocentric. Build my own kingdom, or something like that.”
  18. >He nods his head slowly, scratching his chin
  19. >”Ah, the classics. Dreams of power and grandeur… wherever I go, I always find those. Fascinating.”
  20. >Again, what’s with the cryptic sentences?
  21. >He’s weird on so many levels, but you’re past the point of caring right now.
  22. “And you? What would you do with those ‘immense powers!’ ?”
  23. >You make a mock gesture of magic with your hands, but stop as you notice his gaze
  24. >He gives you a wicked smile before standing up from the table
  25. >”I ask myself that question every morning. And I always find a new answer.”
  26. >It only takes him a few moments to leave the cafe.
  27. >What a weirdo
  28. >Too bad he left though, you were starting to like this nonsense
  29. >You begin to gather your thing to leave, but take another look at the table and groan
  30. >Fucker didn’t even pay for his drink!
  32. >6:00am
  33. >The alarm’s buzz tears through your still dreaming mind
  34. >You trash around wildly in your bed, and somehow manage to slap the alarm clock into submission
  35. >You leave your eyes closed, enjoying your five minutes of respite before the damn thing nags you again
  36. >You think about the day ahead…
  37. >...the hour-long train trip to the campus...
  38. >...the various classes and assignments you forgot to finish...
  39. >...the mountain of dirty clothes in the corner of your small flat...
  40. >Wow, you’re literally bored in advance
  41. >You search your mind for some thought to motivate yourself out of bed
  42. >What was the things the guy had said the other day?
  43. >”What if you woke up one day with some immense power?”
  44. >You laugh to yourself, eyes still closed
  45. >Yeah, sure. You’re the embodiment of power right now
  46. >King Anonymous, Overlord of the city block...
  47. >Great master of the laundromat...
  48. >Holy spirit of procrastination...
  49. >...Keeper of the lost pairs of socks?
  50. >You run out of titles to give yourself as the alarm comes to life again
  51. >Your eyes jolt open as you roll onto your side
  52. >Your fumble for the ‘off’ switch, taking unusually long to find it
  53. >Wow, what’s up with your arm today?
  54. >...with your arm…?
  55. >Your whole body freezes, eyes locked onto your limb
  56. >Now, your vision is always a bit fuzzy in the morning
  57. >But this time it’s definitely not your eyes that are fuzzy
  58. >Your freaking arm is
  59. >Slowly, you roll it from side to side
  60. >Thick, grey fur covers all its length
  61. >You give a tentative tap onto the clock, and you almost choke as you feel its plastic glide against the fur’s long strands
  62. >That.. thing… is definitely yours
  63. >Your breathing becomes heavier, uneven, as you try to bring your hand to your face
  64. >At the tip, you only find a solid hoof, its black keratin hard as nails
  65. >Your head swings to the other side
  66. >Your other arm is just like this one
  67. >Terror suddenly sweeps your mind as you try to get up, but you only manage to trip and almost fall out of the bed, with your back sliding against the hard floor, but your legs still caught amidst the covers
  68. >Your mind is still screaming at you to wake up, but the way your lungs are burning tells you that this isn’t a dream
  69. >You turn your head, frantically trying to see what has happened to the rest of your body
  70. >All of it is covered in that sea of grey hair
  71. >Your legs, half-hidden under the covers, are bent in an odd shape, but they don’t feel broken
  72. >Just above them, you can see a long, curvy black tail, currently shaking from side to side from your fear
  73. >There’s no way this is happening
  74. >It’s not happening
  75. >It’s not-
  76. >You whimper, then jump at the sound of your own voice… even your voice is wrong!
  77. >Your whole body is rigid, trembling as you finally manage a coherent thought
  79. >You’re a pony
  81. >You finally stop freaking out long enough to think
  82. >It’s the guy from the cafe, you’re sure of it
  83. >You knew he seemed shady, but you certainly weren’t expecting anything like this
  84. >Suddenly his remarks about power seem to make a little more sense
  85. >...or even less sense, you’re not sure
  87. >In any case, you have to find him somehow
  88. >He has to still be around
  89. >Because why would he turn you into a pony, then just leave without seeing the results?
  90. >He seemed like the kind of guy to do such a thing for “entertainment”
  91. >You certainly don’t feel entertained right now
  92. >In any case, you can’t leave the house, unless you want to make this into an even bigger mess
  93. >And you’re not sure you can turn the doorknob with your hooves anyway
  94. >After a few moments spent thinking, you decide to call someone
  95. >It’s still risky, but you can’t hope to stay here forever, if only for the fridge running low
  96. >It takes you a little while to get the hang of walking with those legs
  97. >You nearly fall twice during your trip towards the bedside table
  98. >Sure enough, your phone is just where you left it yesterday
  99. >You tap the screen with a hoof, then frown as it stays black
  100. >You try again, a little harder, but still get no response
  101. >Oh yeah, touchscreens don’t work with nails
  102. >Hooves are like nails, right?
  103. >So you need something else to use your phone
  104. >You think about it for a minute, before you move your face closer to it
  105. >This is going to be unpractical
  106. >The tip of your warm muzzle touches the screen, and you you smile as it lights up
  107. >It’s not easy getting through the menus, especially when each of your breaths fogs up the screen
  108. >But with some effort, you eventually reach your contacts
  109. >You hesitate quite a bit before hitting one of the names
  111. >Matt
  112. >You’ve known him for quite some time
  113. >If there’s someone here you think you can trust, it’s probably him
  114. >You tap your hoof nervously as the ringback sounds
  115. >”Hey, Anon?”
  116. >Your ears perk up
  117. >His voice has quite a bit of static in it
  118. >Crap, he’s probably on his way already
  119. >So much for getting help right now
  120. “Oh, uh, hi Matt.”
  121. >You hear a laugh from the other end of the phone
  122. >”Has Anon finally found a hot girlfriend, or has he just lost his phone?”
  123. >Fuck, you forgot about your voice
  124. >You sigh
  125. “Alright, this is a bit hard to explain, but… it’s me. Anon.”
  126. >”If you want to prank call me, you should try harder, mate.”
  127. >You kick a hoof in annoyance
  128. “I’m not joking! Look, I can’t really describe it right now, but something happened yesterday. I can’t leave the house. Do you think you could come over here?”
  129. >He sounds perplexed
  130. >Understandably
  131. >”Hey, are you sick or something?”
  132. “Something like that.”
  133. >”Alright, I still have a few classes to attend this morning, but I can be over here in a few hours. Fine with you?”
  134. “Yeah, that’s good. See you then.”
  135. >”See ya!”
  137. >You can’t really remember his schedule, but if you’re not mistaken, he’ll be busy until midday
  138. >Probably won’t be there until 1pm
  139. >That leaves you with the whole morning in front of you
  140. >You groan, wondering what you can do with that time
  142. >Suddenly, you realise you don’t even know what pony you are
  143. >It’s been ages since you haven’t watched the show, and the vague grey coat doesn’t ring any bells
  144. >You slowly make your way to the bathroom
  145. >It feels weird going around the house being half as tall as you used to be
  146. >Of course, the mirror is too high, too
  147. >Thanks, My ‘Little’ Pony, you grumble to yourself
  148. >You manage to push a chair in front of it with your forehead
  149. >Getting atop it takes a little more effort
  151. >You gasp in surprise
  152. >In the mirror, you can see your face, covered in thick gray fur
  153. >Your ears, thin and perky, are almost hidden in frazzled, black hair, streaming down your neck
  154. >But something else catches your attention immediately
  155. >A sharp, red horn, curves out from your forehead
  156. >And your eyes…
  157. >Red and green, a stream of thin, purple smoke seems to be rising out from them
  158. >You give the mirror a small smile
  159. >The pony in the mirror smiles back, with an air of authority and command that surprises you
  160. >That small chair you’re sitting on almost feels like a throne for an instant
  161. >...King Sombra?
  162. >No, your face was definitely not that of a stallion
  163. >Your thin smile widens into a noble smirk
  164. >So that would make you…
  166. >Queen Umbra
  168. >You remember your conversation from the previous day
  169. >So that's what Discord meant, eh?
  170. >Because you're now sure that it was him
  171. >He'd asked you a cryptic question about power
  172. >You said you'd build your own kingdom...
  173. >And he made you a Queen
  174. >Somehow, you aren't completely against this...
  176. >You stop your own thoughts
  177. >What about your friends? Your family?
  178. >You can't just give up your whole life to be a small royal equine, as nice as that sounds
  179. >Even stepping outside the house is out of the question right now
  180. >You can't live like this
  181. >No, you need to find Discord somehow
  182. >You doubt anyone else could do anything about this
  183. >In the meantime, though...
  184. >Your gaze flicks towards your horn
  185. >A faint but persistent feel of power rests at its tip
  186. > one said you can't have some fun with this
  188. >You grunt in exasperation, giving the book in front of you a small kick with your hoof
  189. >After an hour of trying to get your magic to work, you're almost ready to give up
  190. >Looks like Discord hasn't been quite honest with the whole "immense power" thing
  191. >You definitely feel some potential in your mind, but it feels like it'll take you some time to even begin controlling it
  192. >You decide to try again, closing your eyes to concentrate
  193. >Visualising the book, going over its every angle with your mind
  194. >A warm sensation slowly makes its way into your horn... just like during your previous attempt
  195. >You open your eyes and focus harder, trying to project your will onto the object in front of you
  196. >Your feel like your glare could start a fire, with the way your eyes are locked in front of you
  197. >A thin red field starts forming around the book's edges, swaying like smoke under the wind... just like last time
  198. >You grit your teeth, feeling so close to your goal
  199. >The book's corner gently comes off the ground, until half of it is neatly floating, the other half still resting on the ground...
  200. >An instant later, the feeling in your horn disappears without warning, making the book fall back down with a poof.
  201. >Just like last time
  203. >Well, at least that's a start...
  204. >You feel yourself yearning for more, though
  205. >Something at the back of your mind isn't quite satisfied yet
  206. >You just know you can do more, so much more...
  207. >Once you manage levitation, who knows what else you could do?
  208. >You sweep those thoughts aside for the moment
  209. >Right now, your hunger is stronger than any desire for magical power
  210. >The morning's events haven't exactly given you enough time to eat anything
  211. >Leaving the book where it is -but not admitting defeat just yet-, you make your way towards the kitchen
  212. >You're getting used to walking with this body quicker than you had expected
  213. >Almost naturally, your every hoofstep is done in a deliberate, majestic motion
  214. >Your head is held high, your eyes sweeping the kitchen in search of a fitting meal
  215. >Man, it's been a while since you went down to the store
  216. >The only things in sight are a box of cereal in a half-open cupboard, and some jam on table
  217. >You ignore the jam- there's no way you can open the damn thing, let alone eat it without making a mess
  218. >The cereal is another problem, though
  219. >Raising your hoof as high as you can, it stays just out of reach of your best attempts at getting it
  220. >You sit down in front of the cupboard with a frown
  221. >The box is almost taunting you, keeping all its crispy, sweet contents away from you
  222. >You decide to teach it a little lesson
  224. >You focus once more, motivation decupled by your frustrated stomach
  225. >The red glow of your magic appears quicker than before, swirling across the side of the box
  226. >After a couple seconds, it slides a couple inches towards the edge of the cupboard
  227. >You bite your lip, every other thought fading from your mind
  228. >Everything is gone from the world, except for you... and the box
  229. >It shifts again, and you do your best to strengthen your immaterial grip around it
  230. >You smile as your tongue sticks out from your mouth, almost dripping in anticipation
  231. >Just a little bit closer, and...
  232. >The field around the box collapses
  233. >Gravity soon reclaims its might as the box topples over, showering your mane with its contents
  234. >You yelp and jump back, shaking your head from side to side
  235. >On the floor, all of the cereal lies scattered across the room
  236. >It is a sight of disappointment
  238. >Looks like you'll have to wait for Matt's help until you can get something to eat
  239. >You grudgingly leave the mess in the kitchen behind
  240. >You will have your revenge against the cereal, though
  241. >You pace around the living room for a little while, wondering what to do in the meantime
  242. >Even though you'd love to try your magic again, you just feel too tired for that right now
  244. >Oh yeah, your mane and tail are still a mess
  245. >Your panicked trashing around in the bed this morning certainly didn't help
  246. >Might as well get that sorted out
  247. >Using your muzzle again, you flick through your phone and get some calm music to play
  248. >You head to the bathroom and, after some effort, you manage to grasp a comb with the crease of your hoof
  249. >It's certainly not practical, but it'll have to do for now
  250. >You sit atop the chair again, straightening up to get a good look at yourself
  251. >Raising a hoof to your hair, you gently work the comb around your wavy, jet black strands
  252. >That feels... surprisingly nice
  253. >You breathe a sigh of relief as it glides down to the tip of your hair
  254. >You smooth out the little knots and bumps, letting it flow around both sides of your head
  255. >Each movement across your curls is delightfully relaxing
  256. >You take the opportunity to quickly brush your grey coat as well, giving it a more even appearance
  257. >After a little while, you put the comb down and admire your work
  258. >You puff up your chest and give the mirror a wide, smug smile
  259. >Oh yes, you look absolutely regal
  260. >It's still not perfect, though
  261. >The back of your neck has been hard to get to, and your tail has escaped your efforts to reach it
  262. >A thought comes across your mind
  263. >Maybe you could get somebody to take care of that for you?
  264. >You are a Queen, after all...
  266. >After you have finished taking care of yourself, you head back to your bed
  267. >You figure Matt should be there soon, so you just try to pass some time, not exactly doing much
  268. >Now that you're half the size you used to be, the way your bed seems twice as large is quite amazing
  269. >And comfy!
  270. >Even the pillows seem huge, giving you all the more fuzz to snuggle against
  271. >Eventually, you let your mind drift amidst the covers, until you hear a ring at the door
  273. >Freaking finally
  274. >You hop out of the bed and shake your head to freshen your mind
  275. >Okay, how should you go about this?
  276. >You can't risk having him freak out and leave the house
  277. >All things considered, that would probably be your reaction
  278. >You step towards the door and speak up
  279. "Who is it?"
  280. >Just to be sure
  281. >You don't want to accidentally reveal yourself to anyone else
  282. >But he voice from behind the door is familiar, and welcome
  283. >"It's me, Anon. Went as fast as I could."
  284. >You sigh in relief
  285. "Alright, hang on a second."
  286. >You look at the doorknob, and bite your lip
  287. >This could be difficult
  289. >Luckily for you, it isn't locked, but it's one of those door with no knob on the outside
  290. >So Matt cannot help you
  291. >You try to reach it with your hooves, but the mechanism won't budge
  292. >You really wish your magic was working better right now
  293. >You prop yourself up with your forelegs, grabbing hold of the handle with your teeth and twisting as hard as you can
  294. >Your side bumps against the door as you lean against it for support
  295. >"Hey, are you alright in here?"
  296. >You grunt through the metal in your teeth
  297. "Just give me a minute- gah!"
  298. >This doorknob is really getting on your nerves
  299. >How dare it get in the way of your goals?
  300. >You frown, huffing through your nose
  301. >How dare it get in the way of a Queen!
  302. >Suddenly, you notice a now familiar glow around the handle, thin as smoke but glowing intensely
  303. >Your horn feels warm, the indescribable feeling at its tip stronger than before
  304. >With a simple will of your mind, it twists the handle in a single motion, then fades away, as quickly as it came
  305. >The door cracks open, and you fall back down on all four hooves
  306. >That was… odd
  308. >You feel the door being pushed lightly from the other side, stopping as it hits agains your hoof
  309. "No, wait!"
  310. >You should get him inside before he sees you, there's less chance of him leaving that way
  311. >You can feel the annoyance in his voice
  312. >"Anon, could you tell me what's going on with you?"
  313. >You quickly step into a nearby room, making sure not to pass in front of the slightly opened side of the door
  314. "Just trust me, Matt. Step in and close the door behind you"
  315. >After a heavy sigh, you can hear the sound of footsteps entering the house, and the door slamming shut
  316. >"Is this some elaborate practical joke, or what?"
  317. "It's not! Just… promise me you won't freak out."
  318. >"Why should I? Fuck's sake Anon, explain yourself!"
  319. >Screw it
  320. >You walk back out of the room, coming in full view of your friend
  321. >As he sees you, he takes one full step back
  322. >Or two
  323. >His face in painted with shock like you've rarely seen before
  324. >Not too surprising, considering the situation
  325. >"The FUCK!?"
  326. >You raise a hoof towards him, but that only makes him reel back further
  327. "Hold on- Matt! It's me, Anon!"
  328. >He has his back to the door, his hand in a fierce grip around the handle
  329. >"S-stay away!"
  330. >He whips around, twisting the door's handle in panic
  331. >A flicker passes through through your horn for an instant, your mind barely registering it
  332. >He struggles to open the door, finding it locked
  333. >You don't have time to question that as you sit down on the spot, trying to seem as less threatening as you can
  334. >The purple smoke seeping out of your eyes probably does not help
  335. "Remember that time where we were at your place, and you had lost your keys?"
  336. >He stops moving for a moment , then turns towards you, his surprise turning into confusion
  337. >You manage an awkward smile as you recall that story from a few years back
  338. "Then while we were looking for them, we somehow ended up with you locked out of the house, and me locked in?"
  339. >His fear seems to slowly dissipate as he stares at you dumbfounded
  340. >The both of you stay silent for a moment
  341. >"Holy crap, it's actually you."
  343. >He looks at you with a mixture of awe and incomprehension
  344. "I'm glad you're here, Matt."
  345. >He slowly sits down on the spot, his back resting against the door
  346. >"… How?"
  347. "Talked with a suspicious guy yesterday who may or may not have been a god of trickery. Woke up like this. That's all I know."
  348. >He moves a hand on his forehead with a half-hearted laugh
  349. >"I knew you were in some trouble, but man… we don't see each other for a couple of days and you've become a horse! Anon, I…"
  350. "I'm am NOT a horse."
  351. >The words are out of your mouth before you've even realized you spoke them
  352. >The authority in your voice surprises even you
  353. >You know the truth in those words, though. You were so much more than that
  354. >Your interruption catches him off guard
  355. >"Believe me, that's what I'm seeing. A small, grey horse."
  356. >To you, it almost feels like an insult
  357. >After all those years, even your closest friend doesn't call you by your title?
  358. "I… am Queen Umbra."
  360. >He shakes his head with a sigh
  361. >"What, is it a character from that pony show? Damnit Anon, you know I've never been into that."
  362. >… a character?
  363. >You realize what you were thinking just a second ago
  364. >You open your mouth in surprise
  365. >This is getting to your head, more than you thought it did
  366. >You are Anon
  367. >Umbra is a character. She doesn't exist
  368. >Well, she technically does now, but…
  369. >It's you
  370. >… no, it's not! You just look like…
  371. >Gah, this is too weird
  372. >Your concern must be visible, as Matt sits up and takes a step towards you
  373. >"Hey, what's the matter?"
  374. >You take a deep breath, trying to gather your thoughts
  375. "Nothing. I… this is all just confusing. I'm not sure what to think anymore."
  377. >He gives you a smile as you sit up and tap your head with a hoof
  378. >"Yeah, this is pretty far out. I can't even begin to understand how or why this is happening."
  379. >"But you know what? There's one thing I know for sure. My friend needs me, and I'll do whatever I can to help. You can trust me on that."
  380. >You look up at him, and return his smile
  381. "That's why I called you, and not anyone else."
  382. >As he rubs a hand against your shoulder, a single thought warms your heart
  383. >You are lucky to have a friend so devoted to his Queen
  385. >You sigh as you sit up
  386. >Before you can even try figuring this out, you had a few more urgent things to do
  387. "Matt? I haven't eaten anything since the morning. Could you give me a hand with that?"
  388. >He looks perplexed for a moment before speaking
  389. >"Oh yeah, those legs don't look practical for that. Sure, I'll go get something."
  390. >You mouth a quick word of thanks before walking towards the couch, while he heads for the kitchen
  391. >You lie down comfortably, relieved by the knowledge that food was finally coming
  392. >"The fuck happened to your cereal, Anon? It's everywhere!"
  393. >Damn, you'd forgotten about that
  394. "Oh, it just fell. You should probably clean that."
  395. >He pokes his head out of the doorway
  396. >He looks clearly annoyed
  397. >"You could at least ask nicely, you know?"
  398. >You smile awkwardly
  399. >That must have slipped your mind
  400. "Err, please?"
  401. >He sighs before returning inside the room
  402. "Could you, you know, hurry up though? I've been waiting for ages for some food."
  403. >You hear him mutter something to himself, but you can't quite understand what
  404. >Hey, you've just been turned into a pony, and a Queen at that
  405. >You think you're in the right to ask for some faster service
  407. >After a little while, he steps back in the room, holding a plate with one hand and a glass with the other
  408. >"There wasn't much in your kitchen, so I had to make-do with what I had."
  409. >He sets down the plate in front of you before joining you on the couch
  410. >Some diced potatoes one one side, and grapes on the other
  411. >Simple, but you're too hungry to really think about that
  412. "This shall do. Thank you."
  413. >You're starting to like the sound of your voice
  414. >Melodic, elegant, but carrying the mark of authority no matter what you say
  415. >Keeping your head level, you gaze down at the food in your plate
  416. >Your horn feels more "connected" to your mind right now
  417. >Maybe it's the rest, the hunger, or the enjoyable way your friend was serving you
  418. >Er, helping you
  419. >In any case, you feel compelled to try your magic again
  420. >It takes you much less effort to concentrate this time
  421. >The glow has barely formed around one of the grapes that it is already shifting towards you
  422. >It comes cleanly off its branch, and you waste no time bringing it to your mouth
  424. >As you chew on the delicious, juicy fruit, you notice Matt is giving you an odd look
  425. "What? Is it the magic?"
  426. >He rolls his eyes before answering
  427. >"You know what? This situation is already weird enough. I shouldn't even be surprised by details like that."
  428. >You give a bitter laugh
  429. "Guess so. Interesting part is that I could barely control it this morning, and it's pretty smooth just now."
  430. >He seems to pause in thought for a moment as you float another piece of food to your lips
  431. >"Say, in the show… that 'Umbra' character, is she… powerful?"
  432. >That definitely gets your attention
  433. >You smirk, nodding slowly to him
  434. "Oh yes, powerful doesn't even begin to describe it…"
  435. >He snorts
  436. >"That much?"
  437. "She ruled over an empire that even the Princesses feared."
  438. >That was technically Sombra, but you don't care about that little detail
  439. "And you know what? I certainly feel some power within me. Like some spark of potential just waiting to be harnessed… just within my reach."
  440. >He seems a little surprised by your words, giving you an awkward chuckle
  441. >"That's good then… should make finding the guy who changed you easier, right?"
  442. >Oh…
  443. >That was your intent, wasn't it?
  444. >Some part of you almost feels upset
  445. >How could you let such an opportunity go to waste?!
  446. >…no, you've already thought about this
  447. >You'll do whatever you can to find Discord, and you'll get him to change you back
  448. >That's the best course of action
  450. >…Right?
  452. >You do your best not to think about all this
  453. >After taking a moment to explain what happened yesterday in more detail, you keep chattering with Matt, occasionally interrupting the conversation to enjoy a piece of potato or grape
  454. >Now that you roughly control it, levitation is becoming your new favourite thing
  455. >It doesn't take long for the food to run out
  456. >You give a satisfied sigh as the last grape disappears down your throat
  457. >"So? What do you think we should do?"
  458. >You bring a hoof to your chin in thought
  459. "It's no use looking for Discord right now. I know he'll stay to admire his work, but I doubt we'll find him so soon after he's done it. It's better to wait until tomorrow."
  460. >Truth is, you don't mind waiting a little longer before beginning your search
  461. "I'm going to need you here, though."
  462. >He hesitates for a second before answering
  463. >"Sure, I guess I can't really leave you there. I'll pick up a few things at my place before tomorrow, then I can stay until this is sorted out."
  464. >You nod briefly
  465. >There was still the question of what to do with the rest of the day
  466. >Say… wasn't there something you were having trouble with earlier this morning?
  468. "Matt, would you grab the comb from the bathroom and fix my mane and tail?"
  469. >He cocks his head to the side
  470. >"Hm? Since when did you start caring about your hair?"
  471. "It's just that I can't see behind my back. Makes keeping my appearance quite hard."
  472. >"Really? I mean, it doesn't look so-"
  473. >You press a hoof on his thigh, cutting his sentence
  474. "Matt. I'd really appreciate it if you went to the bathroom… picked up that comb… and took care of my hair for a while."
  475. >You lean towards him, your muzzle only inches away from his face
  476. "Could you do that for me?"
  477. >A tingling sensation passes through your horn
  478. >For a split second, you think you saw something flicker in his eyes
  479. >"Yes… I'll do that right now."
  480. >Much better
  482. You're not quite sure what made him change his mind, but that doesn't truly matter to you. It doesn't take him long to be back at your side, after he he does as you say and sits up to get the comb.
  483. You move onto his lap, stretching your legs as you do so and resting your head against the couch. You can't wait for him to get started.
  485. "Should I start by the tail?"
  487. You chuckle to yourself. You don't care either way, but seeing him nod his head to your every command is much more satisfying. "No, the neck first".
  489. "Alright, Anon."
  491. You crane your head back towards him, with a frown on your features.
  493. "What did I tell you about my name, Matt?"
  495. He bites his lip, an apologetic look in his face. "Oh, sorry, Umbra."
  497. He gently takes hold of the hair at the back of your neck, stroking it with the comb in a smooth motion. His fingers separate the strands one by one, allowing the comb to detangle them perfectly. You let your muscles relax, almost purring in delight. You can't understand how you ever could go without this in your life.
  499. "Very good, Matt. Keep it up."
  501. Come to think of it, you probably could have done this with your now precise levitation… but this was much better. You don't even care if it is really you or your new body making you say and think those things, but the feel of authority you get as your friend takes care of your hair like a good little servant is divine.
  503. You know it's probably the most basic power fantasy out there, but every day here was a matter of taking orders from someone higher on the pecking order. It was difficult to get away from all that- who could? Rich heirs? Employees who rose above the ranks? You certainly were neither… but a Queen was different. Ruling was her utmost right, one that no one would question. It wasn't often that you got to taste a bit of royalty… might as well enjoy it as much as you could.
  505. And you are certainly enjoying yourself right now. Matt goes over your hair, your tail and coat multiple times. Each time that he ask if he is done yet, you tell him to do it once more, finding a new pretext every time. All the tension is gone from your limbs and mind, between the warmth of Matt's body against yours, the delightful touch of his fingers, and the softness of the couch. The moment drags on and on, each minute mattering so much to you.
  507. You don't even notice yourself falling asleep.
  509. >Huh?
  510. You open your eyes to the sight of… nothing. You roll your head from side to side with a groan. The lights are out, and it takes you a few moments to come to your senses. When did it get so dark? You must have fallen asleep… where's Matt?
  511. You get an idea, and focus your horn as if to levitate something. The shimmering red glow of your magic is enough to get a view of your surroundings.
  513. The flat is deadly silent, but you can see you are on your bed. You look at the sheets, carefully tucked around your body, and realize Matt must have carried you here. The thought warms your heart somewhat… how nice of him. You appreciate the dedication.
  515. As you glance at the nearby clock (it's the middle of the night, which you had figured out already), you notice a small piece of paper, folded as to sit neatly next to it. You shuffle out of the sheets to get closer, struggling to see in the faint light of your horn. You recognize the handwriting immediately, sharp strokes of black ink reading:
  517. >Went home to get food & clothes
  518. >Will be back in the morning
  519. >Good night!
  520. > -Matt
  522. You lean back into the bed with a sigh of content. Very well, you won't have to worry about food for now. Then again, why should you? You are a Queen, after all. A Queen doesn't worry herself over such things.
  523. You close your eyes and let the light of your horn go out. Your head rests against the pillow, and you try to clear your mind, letting yourself drift off to sleep again…
  525. …Any minute now, letting sleep…
  526. …come to you…
  527. …?
  529. After some time spent half-awake, you realize that this simply isn't working. You never had any problems with sleep before, quite the contrary.
  530. Truth is, you feel bored, so very bored. Not the kind of boredom that calls for rest, though. The kind that yearns to make you try out something new… but what?
  531. You groan and roll in the bed, eyes open once again. What did royalty even do when they were bored?! You never really paid any attention to that period of History, so the only image that comes in your mind is that of King Richard from that classic Disney film, smiling as he admires his gold, jewelry and exotic fabrics...
  533. Something in your mind definitely enjoys this thought. Rare, precious clothing, fit to be worn by a Queen such as you…
  534. You think about it for a moment. It's pitch black outside, and your coat is barely a shade clearer. You'd barely stand out, and your light steps would go unheard...
  535. Some part of you thinks this is probably a bad idea. Some other part is making you grin mischievously.
  537. As you hop out of the bed and start making your way towards the door, you know which part has won.
  540. Taking careful steps, your hooves barely making any noise, you make your way outside of your flat and peek out into the street.
  542. You'd forgotten how good the city looked at night. Most of the neighborhood's streetlights are dimmed or broken, and you don't dare use your horn, but the few that still work give the street an air of strangeness that makes you smile. Only a couple of stars are visible in the sky, watching over you peacefully. The silence is only broken by the distant sound of the highway and the smooth howl of the wind.
  544. You look around quickly- right, then left, then at the windows around for good measure- and smirk as you see that no one is around. Not surprising for this hour of the night, especially with how quiet the town usually is.
  545. That means nothing is standing between you and your goal.
  547. Staying close to the side of the street, you stroll peacefully, occasionally glancing behind yourself to make sure no one is here with you. The thought of being seen by someone is at the back of your mind, but walking around in your new form out in the open feels new and exhilarating. Back in your flat, you had barely walked at all, simply taking a few steps between rooms. But out here, with no walls to restrict your movements, you feel unstoppable. Each step fills you with determination.
  549. You take a turn into another street, your destination clear in your mind. You pick up your pace, almost coming in sight of…
  551. "Come on, it must have been your imagination."
  553. >Fuck!
  554. You jump in surprise, hooves skittering as you hide behind a nearby car. Your heart is beating in your chest as you try to make your breathing as silent as possible. "Who?!" and "Where?!" are the only conscious thoughts you can manage.
  555. Another voice, one with a slight slur to it, joins the first.
  557. "I swear, dude, that cat was hu-ge! C'mon, I think it moved over there."
  559. You carefully raise your head to peek through the windshield, hind legs shaking nervously. There- you can see two people. From the way they were dressed and their slightly uneven gait, you can guess they were coming home from some late-night party…
  560. …And they were headed straight for you.
  562. You look around wildly, trying to find an issue. You don't have much time until they walk right past you, and with the way the first one was looking around for what he thought was a "huge cat", you doubt that they won't notice you.
  564. >Think… think!
  565. There's another car nearby you could hide behind, but you'd have to cross into the open. You take another peek, and immediately pull your head back. They're almost on you! Your mind starts running through what would happen if you were caught, every scenario worse than the next. What if they brought you to the police, and they put you in a kennel? Or if they took you into some horrible laboratory?… And what if they sold you to some sicko looking for exotic pets?
  567. You need to hide, but there's nowhere to go. No options left. It's over.
  569. You know you should have thought this through more carefully.
  571. As they stop right in front of you, eyes locked on the spot where you are standing, only one frantic line of thought fills your mind:
  573. >Disappear. You need to disappear. Evaporate from their sight.
  575. You wince, eyes half closed. You want to run away, but your legs aren't listening, muscles tensed in a grip you cannot fight. You shakily raise your head and stare into the eyes of the two strangers. One of them looks intrigued, his eyes darting around you.
  577. "Well?"
  579. One more minute and you'll lose it. They're just staring at you. Not saying anything, not moving, just…
  581. "I could have sworn it would be there!"
  583. >What?
  584. The other stranger gives a friendly punch on the shoulder to his friend, chuckling. They both move away slowly, returning to whatever path they were on.
  586. "Bah, that's just one too many drinks for you. There's nothing there. Let's just get home."
  588. Even as they walk farther away from you, you stay immobile, barely daring to breathe for fear of making noise. Finally, you hear their footsteps and voices fade into the night as they take a turn into another street. You let out a sigh of relief, taking a brief moment to let your respiration settle back into its rhythm.
  590. >What the heck just happened?
  591. They had been right in front of you. You thought you were done for! How did they not…
  592. You look down at your legs… and see nothing. Moving your gaze across where your body and limbs should be, you can only see the ground where you are standing.
  593. Before you have the time to freak out- which you were certainly about to do- you feel a pressure that you hadn't noticed before, in all the stress and confusion, slowly fading from your horn. Your body gradually becomes visible again, an ominous whisp of black smoke seeming to seep out from it, quickly fading with the light breeze.
  595. You look at your forelegs in awe, watching the smoke thin out and disappear, leaving only your coat's fur, gently swaying under the breeze… and you start laughing as you realize what happened.
  597. It starts out as just a brief chuckle. After a brief moment of silence, another giggle of incredulity makes its way through your muzzle. Before you know it, you are cackling to yourself like a cartoonish villain, keeping your voice just low enough as you sit back up.
  599. You can feel your heart racing in excitement. Your magic was growing by the hour, you just knew it. This time, it hadn't even been a conscious effort. The spell had simply came to you as you needed it. You revel in the thought, mouth curled up in a determined smirk. Oh, all the possibilities… If you were capable of this, who knows what else was within your reach! All the spells and ideas you could soon bend to your will…
  601. You step back into the street, moving swiftly and silently. There is still much to do, you feel… but you still had one goal for tonight.
  603. After a short while, and having slipped past a couple more people on your way, you finally reach your destination, tapping your hooves in anticipation.
  605. The local clothes store was a place you often passed by, but rarely stopped at. You only ever buy a few things there as you need them, not anything fancy or pretty. But from your time there, you know that they have some good material. Anything fitting for a Queen such as you? You'll have to find out.
  607. You close your eyes and focus on the door, letting your thoughts drift aside, picturing the lock in your mind. Your feel a surge of energy flow through your horn.
  609. The lock is in your way. You cannot let that be.
  611. You hear a click and your eyes snap open. Giving the door a tentative push, you smirk as it swings aside. You give another thought, and an instant later your body fades once again, barely leaving a shimmer in its place. Your steps are light, almost impossible to hear for anyone but you, as you enter the store, leaving the door to close behind you.
  613. You slowly walk amongst the rows upon rows of clothing, admiring some of the fine work you come across. Carefully crafted suits, hats, and a delightfully regal black dress all spark your attention.
  614. But as you keep going through the store, you frown in slight disappointment. Of course, you think, you can't wear any of this with your new body. You can't believe you hadn't thought of that before coming here.
  616. You start walking back down the aisle, but stop in your tracks and turn around as you notice another rack of clothing you hadn't seen before.
  618. Scarves. All shapes and colors, all hanging in front of you in a rainbow of smooth fabric. You smile to yourself… maybe this trip wasn't for nothing after all.
  620. Not using your levitation, for fear of disrupting your invisibility, you trot up to one that catches your eye.
  621. Deep red, seeming just wide enough for your neck, it would complement your coat perfectly. You glide you hoof across its soft, velvet-like folds, imagining how regal you would look with it draped around your neck…
  623. "Hello, Umbra."
  625. You jump in surprise, your spell almost losing its coherence as you spin around, ready to make your escape if need be, and come face to face with…
  627. Discord.
  629. "Living up to your name, I can see? I thought it would have taken you longer to perform that spell, but you've been growing into a powerful little unicorn, haven't you?"
  631. Standing far taller than you, with his head lowered close to your level, the draconequus looks nothing like the man you met the last day at the café, but you have no doubt that they are the same. Briefly, you wonder how surprised you would have been at this sight, if it wasn't for the events of the past days.
  633. You stay silent for an moment, huffing through your muzzle. His features read amusement, and you feel like he is playing some joke at your expense. It almost feels insulting to you. You ponder an answer for a moment, before realizing you only have a question to give him.
  635. "Why?"
  637. He laughs, his long, snake-like body twisting as he sits down, mismatched legs crossed in front of him.
  639. "Do you want an honest answer… 'Umbra' ?"
  641. He pauses briefly, teeth showing behind his smiling maw.
  643. "Surprisingly, being an immortal being gets old after some time. You know, been there, done that, seen it all… there's enough to leave anyone bored. And trust me, it's very hard to bore me…
  645. "But there's something that never fails to amaze me. And that's people like you. See, you mortals always wonder about bigger things, about what it would feel like to accomplish your wildest dreams, all the while knowing that those will never come true.
  647. "So finding someone like you, and giving them everything they want… it is so very fascinating to watch. You always entertain those thoughts of power, and once I grant them, even I - a god of chaos!- cannot know what will happen. No matter what city, planet or universe I find myself in, I always get to see new stories.
  649. "And you, Umbra, have been a great show so far."
  651. You scoff, intrigued by his understandable, yet otherworldly logic.
  653. "You're telling me you completely threw my life off track and turned me into a character from a show… just to sit back and watch what would happen?"
  655. He doesn't need to answer, the look in his eyes almost infuriating in its delight. He turns away from your gaze, his head hung low.
  657. "I suppose I could change you back right now, if you wanted to… there are many others I could try this on. I have all the time in the world in front of me. You, on the other hand…"
  659. You bite your lip, staying silent for a while. He's got you there. A big part of you doesn't want to give up this chance. You know that it's something you won't ever see again. As you slowly raise your gaze back towards him, he gives a low chuckle.
  661. "Just like I thought."
  663. "So what do you want from me?" you ask, a frown of annoyance on your muzzle.
  665. He springs back up on his legs with a sly look. You wonder if it's intentional, or just his resting face.
  667. "When we met, you spoke about a kingdom… I'm still waiting to see that.
  669. "But a kingdom needs subjects, doesn't it? Maybe there's something you could do about that."
  671. You frown, not understanding his train of thought. Then, your face lights up with a smile of your own. He seems pleased, chuckling as he turns around and starts walking towards the exit.
  673. "I'm glad you finally caught the hint."
  675. He gives you one last look before leaving, full of malice and determination.
  677. "You have the power now, Umbra. Go ahead. Make me proud."
  679. > --------- --------- ---------
  681. The first rays of sunlight have only begun hitting on the apartment's windows. You take a deep breath, exhausted, yet impatient and anticipating.
  683. It hadn't taken you much effort to sneak into Matt's place. No one had seen you along the way, and the lock had showed as little resistance as the one from the store.
  685. He was supposed to head back to your flat in the morning, but he was still sleeping as you had entered the room, your horn already glowing.
  686. The spell had taken you all night as he slept, unaware of what was going on, and for a while you nearly thought you had failed.
  688. But here you are, leaning towards him in anticipation as you see him starting to wake up.
  690. He groans, shifting on top of the covers as his head bumps against the wall next to his bed.
  692. He slowly opens his eyes, catching sight of you, your face close to his.
  694. "Umbra? What are you doing here?"
  696. He tries to sit up, but stumbles, surprise visible on his face.
  698. He turns his head back and his voice stays stuck in his throat. He blinks a few times, then frantically looks over himself, trying to understand what is happening.
  700. You admire his new coat, clean and blue. You run your gaze across his strong frame and blocky muzzle, up to his blonde mane, with an almost crystal-like shimmer to it. In the midst of his messy, short strands, you can see the shape of his horn.
  702. As a unicorn yourself, you can feel his… aura? Magic? You're not sure of the proper term. It's not as powerful as yours, far from that. But with him at your side, and who knows how many others after him, you'll have all the power you need.
  704. He finally manages to look towards you, almost shaking in surprise.
  706. "What is happening to-"
  708. You interrupt, taking a step closer to him.
  710. "Tell me, Matt, if you woke up some day with some immense power…"
  712. You lean in further, your muzzle almost touching his, starting straight into his eyes.
  714. "…What would you do with it?"
  716. END
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