Cute Anon+Gilda thing

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  1. >Sipping your morning coffee, you check your mailbox for todays letters.
  2. >Your weekly flyer is in, as well as an invitation to a party from Pinkie Pie.
  3. >They're always easy to identify, since they're bright pink and have balloon stickers all over them.
  4. >Carrying your mail inside, you set them on the table before starting your toast.
  5. "Can't party without a proper breakfast," you say, preparing everything for the baking bread.
  6. >"That's right, Anon, and I really hope you can make it to the party," Pinkie says, her head popping up behind the kitchen windows.
  7. "I wouldn't plan on missing one of your parties without a good reason."
  8. >Her face dissapears, and you can hear the tell-tale bouncing sound of her well, bouncing away.
  9. >Buttering up your toast, you sit down and cut open the invitation.
  10. >As per usual, it lets out a poof of confetti, and you open the letter inside.
  11. "A party for Gilda? Wonder who that is, though I guess if I'm invited, Pinkie has some reason for me to be there."
  12. >Taking a big swallow of your coffee, you feel the caffeine starting to kick in, your body waking up fully.
  13. >The party is set for just before lunch, so you get ready to deal with your morning schedule.
  14. >Tending the garden, since you're the only source of tomatoes in Equestria, since they're toxic to ponies, and those countries that do produce them aren't gonna ship them this far for one person.
  15. >Man, you make the best spaghetti in town, but it'd be better if you could make meatballs to go with it.
  16. >Oh well, a problem for another time.
  17. >Right now, your crops need water, since those pegasii run on a schedule determined only by the big plant producers.
  18. >Besides your tomatoes, you have a few basic herbs and vegetables like oregano and potatoes, along with a small rose bush.
  19. >Your own little paradise of humanity in this land of bright coloured ponies, a place where you can sit and be alone.
  20. >Namely because Celestia actually named your garden its own country since most of the plants are illegal to grow in Equestria.
  21. >Silly ponies and their silly laws.
  22. >With your garden tended, you turn to the next chore, helping the mail depot sort their mail.
  23. >Hands really help sort out stacks of letters faster than hooves.
  24. >And while she does her best, their delivery mare can be a little forgetful, so with the time you save them, she is able to make a second round to deliver the letters she forgot.
  25. >While helping out, you can't help but notice a whole bunch more invites going out.
  26. >All to soon, the time for the party rolls around.
  27. >On the surface, everything looks like a normal Pinkie Pie party, except for a few "Subtle" signs.
  28. >The "Be nicer Gilda" sign is one of the less obvious ones.
  29. >Whoever this Gilda is must be a bit on the rougher side.
  30. >Your suspicions are confirmed when you hear a gruffer voice say, "Come on, Dash, do I have to go to this dweeby party?"
  31. >"It'll be fun, G, trust me."
  32. >"Sure Dash, if it means that much to you."
  33. >"It does, now come on."
  34. >Sitting back, you watch the door open and Rainbow Dash and a Gryphon walk in.
  35. >She notices you almost immediately, but between Pinie and Dash, she gets distracted from the "Elephant" in the room.
  36. >The first thing Pinkie does is shake hooves/claws with Gilda, and you see Gilda start twitching.
  37. >"A hoof buzzer, Nice one Pinkie," Dash says, and Gilda rolls her eyes.
  38. >"Yeah, nice one..."
  39. >It's impossible for you to not notice the sarcasm in her voice.
  40. >"Ah, come on, Lighten up G, Have some snacks."
  41. >Gilda goes for the snack table, and her eyes light up as she spots one tray in particular.
  42. >"Oh, Vanilla Lemon drops, don't mind if I do."
  43. >Popping one in her beak, she chews a few times before spitting it up, scraping her tongue.
  44. >"HOT HOT HOT!"
  45. >Dash flies up with a cup of punch, saying, "Here Gilda, some punch."
  46. >Trying to stifle the flames in her mouth, Gilda drinks from the cup, only for it to pour out of holes around the rim and down her white feathers, staining them.
  47. >Pinkie giggles, saying, "Well, whadya know, pepper in the lemon drops and punch served in a dribble cup."
  48. >Her mouth unquenched, Gilda dives for the punch bowl, slurping down the liquids.
  49. >"Yeah, funny. Ha. Ha," She replies, finally able to talk.
  50. >Standing up, you draw everyones attention, and step over to the trouble trio.
  51. "Dash, Pinkie, Gilda, I may not know what exactly is going on, but the three of you are being immature. You especially Dash."
  52. >"Why me?"
  53. "Because these childish pranks scream of your handywork."
  54. "Now, Pinkie, you start, explain," you say, sitting down and hooking several more chairs over.
  55. >The pink party pony sits down, knowing full well how important your serious sit down sessions are.
  56. >Dash sits as well, and after a moments hesitation, Gilda does as well.
  57. >"Well, Gilda came to town, and she's an old friend of Dash's, and they were hanging out, but whenever I tried to join in, Gilda got annoyed and tried to take Dashie away. And later I saw her take an apple without paying, and then she roared at Fluttershy because she bumped into her."
  58. "So you're telling me that Dash's friend who she probably hasn't seen for years is annoyed that you are butting in to whatever little time she has to get reacquainted with Rainbow?"
  59. >"Well, when you say it like that..."
  60. "While I don't know the circumstances, I cannot condone the theft, nor can I comment on her actions against Fluttershy."
  61. >Fluttershy approaches, hiding behind you somewhat, "Well, umm... I was guiding miss duck and her babies through town, when I accidentally bumped into her, and then she roared at me."
  62. "So it was her fault that you two collided?"
  63. >"Umm... no, I guess not. I was walking backwards, and watching to make sure her little ducklings didn't wander off..."
  64. "So it wasn't her fault, but she overreacted, though after what Pinkie had been doing, even I would be rather annoyed, and it may not be proper, all her anger going off there wasn't entirely unreasonable."
  65. >The quiet mare nods, understanding the situation, and quietly apologizes to Gilda again before ducking back beside her friends.
  66. "And Dash, I'm guessing you're pranking her to pay her back for being mean to Pinkie, even though all she wanted to do was spend time with you."
  67. >"yeah, but... she didn't have to be so mean to Pinkie."
  68. "I don't know much about Gryphons from this world, but I'm assuming you know her pretty well Dash. Is she normally a bit on the rougher side, personality wise?"
  69. >Rainbow looks a little sheepish, before nodding, "Yeah, she's always been a little abrasive, but a great friend."
  70. "So doesn't her response to being pushed aside from an old friend make sense?"
  71. >She doesn't respond, and you turn to the Gryphon of question.
  72. "And you, Gilda, you should try talking, rather than acting. Maybe if you explained to Pinkie that you wanted to spend some time reminiscing with Rainbow, she would have listened and let you two hang out."
  73. >"Maybe..."
  74. "Look, I know about people like you. Things in your past made you put up a tougher front, and while it may not be the true you, it can sometimes seep into your true personality over time. A lot of humans are like that, but if you can learn when to use that front and when to just be yourself, you'll find you can make a lot of friends."
  75. >By this point, Gilda is silent, a deep thought thousand yard stare in her eyes.
  76. "For right now though, let's enjoy this party. As long as there aren't any more pranks," you turn your gaze on Dash, who is kicking some presents away and under a table.
  77. >A smile forms, and Gilda nods, "Sure, I suppose we could do that."
  78. "But as soon as this party is done, You're coming with me to pay for that apple you took."
  79. >"Fair enough."
  80. >The rest of the party plays out like a proper Pinkie Pie Party, with proper snacks and the whole 9 yards.
  81. >It ends around four, leaving plenty of time in the day.
  82. >And Gilda doesn't even try to sneak off during the party.
  83. >Much to your surprise, she walks up to you as the party ends, though she does so quietly.
  84. >"Ready to go, Anonymous, but..."
  85. "What's wrong Gilda?"
  86. >"I don't really have any money. It's been almost impossible for me to get a job here, so I figured I'd come to Ponyville, hang out with Dash for a while and see if she could help me get one."
  87. >"It's wrong, I know, but it's steal an apple or veggie here and there, or spend a full day hunting and run the risk of not catching anything."
  88. "Alright, how about this. I'll cover your food expenses for the time you're in Ponyville, and in return you do work for me?"
  89. >"What kind of work? I'm not gonna do nasty things or stuff like that for you."
  90. "Nothing like that. You'd help me with my garden and help keep my house tidy as well as assisting me with my work."
  91. >"I guess I can do that. As long as I don't have to wear a maid outfit."
  92. >You chuckle, and her cheeks puff up a bit.
  93. "I wouldn't make you do anything you wouldn't want to do."
  94. >Arriving at the stall, you set several bits on the table.
  95. "It's to pay for an apple she stole," you say, indicating Gilda, "as well as buy a half dozen more."
  96. >"Alright Anonymous, one moment," the stall keeper replies before ducking and grabbing a bag and filling it with apples.
  97. >Accepting the bag, you turn, motioning Gilda to follow you.
  98. "For now, you can sleep on my couch if you don't mind, and there's a key inside my tomato plant out back if you need to get in when I'm not here."
  99. >"Whoa whoa whoa," she exclaims, backing away, "I'm not gonna do illegal stuff man, I'm not that desperate."
  100. "Don't worry, Gilda, it's fine. My garden is its own country, according to Celestia. Kinda silly, but it lets me grow things I need that are poisonous to ponies."
  101. >"If you say so..."
  102. >Unlocking your door, you make a gesture her inside.
  103. "Welcome to my home. It's a little bigger than most pony homes, but you shouldn't have problems. Kitchen is there, the bathroom is down the hall. Feel free to look around whenever, just don't go digging in thinks you think you shouldn't dig through."
  104. >Turning back to her, you see her looking at the ground, beak moving but no sound is coming out.
  105. >"I... this isn't really my kind of thing, saying stuff like this, but..."
  106. >Her forearms wrap around your waist as she rears up, head pressed to your chest, "Thank you Anonymous, this is the nicest anyone has ever been to me since I left my parent's nest."
  107. >Hugging back, you feel wetness through your shirt.
  108. "It's alright, Gilda, as long as you need help, and are willing to try and help yourself, I'll be here to help you."
  109. >Quiet sobs come from her, and you slowly kneel, holding her tight as she cries into your shoulder.
  110. >Minutes pass, and she slowly calms, before stepping back and wiping her eyes.
  111. >"Thanks for that Anon, I don't often get like that, and you're a nice shoulder to cry on."
  112. >Ruffling the feathers on her head, you head for the kitchen.
  113. "So, what do you want for dinner, Gilda?"
  114. >"I dunno, what do you have?"
  115. "How about spaghetti?"
  116. >"Meatballs?"
  117. "Sorry, can't really get any meat here, and I'm not sure if you, can eat tomato sauce."
  118. >"If it isn't green tomatoes, it's fine if you don't overdo it."
  119. "Alright then. you're in for a treat."
  120. >Starting a pot to boil, you prep your toppings, including a parmesean and oregano tomato sauce.
  121. >The pasta goes in, and in a second pot you warm your sauce.
  122. >As the noodles near perfection, Gilda drifts into the kitchen, sniffing at the air.
  123. >"Mmmm, that smells amazing."
  124. "Best Spaghetti in Equestria, or so everyone tells me."
  125. >Fishing out a noodle, you throw it at a small target you set up, it sticks there.
  126. "Perfect."
  127. >"Why did you throw that at the wall?"
  128. "If spaghetti sticks, it's perfectly cooked."
  129. >"Crazy."
  130. >Straining the pasta, you lay out plates and set the pasta on the table.
  131. >Gilda takes a seat in the far chair, and with a go ahead from you, she starts filling her plate with spaghetti.
  132. >Pouring a thin layer of sauce on her pasta, you add a heaping dollop onto your plate.
  133. >You weren't exactly sure how you expected her to eat, but you also aren't shocked when she goes in beak first, downing pasta like worms.
  134. >Not that you assumed she ate worms.
  135. >Before you're even halfway through your plate she's done, and she silently eyes the pot.
  136. "Go ahead, you can have seconds."
  137. >Licking her beak, she scoops a second helping onto her plate before going to town on it.
  138. >Finishing off your plate, you set it and the utensils in the sink while Gilda finishes her second plate.
  139. "You can deal with the dishes tomorrow, Gilda. Tonight, you can get settled in."
  140. >"Alright boss," she says, setting her dishes in with yours.
  141. "Just call me Anon, all my friends do."
  142. >"A friend. Yeah, I can do that, Anon."
  143. >You pull out some blankets and pillows for her, and as night falls, you excuse yourself to bed.
  144. >In the living room, she snuggles up in the blankets, holding a pillow close.
  145. >"A friend. I have an actual friend."
  146. >Squeezing tight, you let out an ungryphon-like *Squee* before curling up.
  148. ~~~
  150. >Days turn into weeks, and Gilda stays with you, despite finding a job a week and a half into her stay.
  151. >"Best Spaghetti and meatballs in town," was her excuse, since on her free days she'd hunt for meat for the two of you.
  152. >You knew the truth though, and while she tried to hide it, you could tell.
  153. >She was falling in love with you.
  154. >And truth be told, you were starting to love her too.
  155. >She may be rough on the outside, but if you get past that, she's a wonderful girl.
  156. >A little protective, but sweet when she's not in public.
  157. >Her hard front stays up when dealing with others, but she's a lot less abrasive now.
  158. >You do have one big secret of hers though.
  159. >Light filtered through a ruby creates a red dot similar to a laser pointer, and something in her cannot resist chasing it.
  160. >And that's important for your plan.
  161. >Sitting on the chair in front of the window, you spin your ruby in your hand, waiting for your room-mate to return home.
  162. >The doorknob twists, and you hear the tell-tale rustle of her fluffing out her feathers.
  163. >A little gryphon sociology reading told you that she was trying to make herself look more attractive by doing that, similar to birds.
  164. >Not that it matters, you like her anyways.
  165. >You can hear her inhale as she steps inside, but is immediately distracted as you angle light through the gem, making a dot appear on the floor in front of her.
  166. >"We meet again, my little red prey," she says, crouching down to pounce.
  167. >Diving at it, she chases it wherever you lead it.
  168. >You spin it around the couch, down the hallway and back, before leading her to under the bookshelf.
  169. >The red dot vanishes, leaving her looking at a small box marked "Open me".
  170. >"Huh? what's this Anon?"
  171. "I dunno, why don't you check it out?"
  172. >Pulling the box out, she sits down and cracks it open.
  173. >Inside, there is something wrapped up in tissue paper and a folded letter.
  174. >Poking at the wrapping causes whatever is inside to reflect light and shine, inciting her to peel the tissue paper off.
  175. >A quiet gasp comes from her as she reveals the amethyst pendant with a white gold chain.
  176. >She turns back to you, but you gesture to the note, staying quiet.
  177. >Her beak silently forms the words as she opens the letter, the tension in the air palpable.
  178. >Silence dominates the room, and after a moment, she turns back to look at you.
  179. >Throwing aside the note, she dives at your chest, pressing her head up under your chin.
  180. >Nothing needs to be said as you know her answer already, your arms wrapping around her and holding her close.
  181. >Soft purrs rumble from her chest, and your hands slowly pet down her back.
  182. >Sitting in the end of the sunbeam is your note, a simple question.
  183. *Will you be my girlfriend?*
  184. >Her answer, an undeniable yes.
  186. End ~<3
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