Sleep (/emo/)

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  1. >”The spirits of these five ponies got us through every challenge you threw at us.”
  2. >”You still don't have the sixth Element! The spark didn't work!”
  3. >”But it did! A different kind of spark. I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you. The spark ignited inside me when I realized that you all... are my friends! You see, Nightmare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the... the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element: the element of... magic!”
  4. >...
  5. >...
  7. >One Week Later...
  9. >...
  10. >...
  11. >’THWAP!’
  12. “Huh?! What!?”
  13. >You look around frantically, startled awake by the sound.
  14. >When your eyes finally focus on the disapproving frown of your teacher.
  15. >Shit.
  16. >You fell asleep again.
  17. >Ms. Cranberry’s frown deepens and you hear a few snickers from around the room.
  18. >”Since you were asleep I’ll assume you’ve studied on pre-unification era history and don’t need to be here. See me after school and I’ll give you the final exam in detention.”
  19. “But I-”
  20. >”No ‘buts.’ We can talk about this after school.”
  21. >You sink into your seat a little bit.
  22. “Yes, Ms. Cranberry...”
  23. >You are Eri.
  24. >Miss Eri.
  25. >Yes, haha.
  26. >Your name was funny and all that.
  27. >And just like your name said...
  28. >You were miserable more or less.
  29. >A paper ball bounces off the back of your head.
  30. >Of course, Ms. Crabbycunt took that moment to turn to the chalkboard so she didn’t see anything.
  31. >You sigh and do your best to ignore the asshats behind you and get to taking notes on whatever Ms. Cranberry was going to scribble down on the chalkboard.
  32. >Or at least you would have done that if you hadn’t had drooled on your notebook.
  33. >The ink is smeared all over the place too.
  34. >Fucking great!
  35. >Wait...
  36. >You take a hoof to your cheek and bring it in front of your face.
  37. >That bitch!
  38. >You had ink on the side of your face and she wasn’t even going to tell you about it?
  39. >You tear that sheet out and crumple it up and put your hoof in the the air after a couple moments of thought.
  40. >After about five or so minutes you get an answer
  41. >”Yes, Miss Eri?”
  42. “Can I use the restroom?”
  43. >Your teacher narrows her eyes at you but give you a look and points at the door with a nod.
  44. >”Don’t be too long. I’d hate to stack detention on top of the exam.”
  45. “Yeah yeah,” you mutter, getting up.
  46. >You pick up your notebook in your mouth and walk out of class.
  47. >Immediately you make for your locker.
  48. >You only had two class periods left but you really didn’t care enough or have the energy to stay and deal with other ponies.
  49. >Your locker opened up easily enough for the first time in forever.
  50. >The door was usually jammed and the school staff wanted you to pay another locker fee to get a new one.
  51. >Cheap bastards.
  52. >Wouldn't matter at the end of the year.
  53. >After that you won't have to be here and deal with these ponies.
  54. >You retrieve your music player from the top shelf and put your earbuds in.
  55. >After using the stupid leg strap thing to fix it to a foreleg you turned on your music, threw on your saddle bags and trotted straight out the front doors into Ponyville.
  56. >’Don't grow up so fast and don't embrace the past.’
  57. >Stepping out and taking a moment for your eyes to adjust to the sunlight, you notice the town still had Summer Sun Celebration decor all around despite it being a week ago.
  58. >It doesn't surprise you considering what happened this year but you still find it a bit annoying.
  59. >Ponyville was already brightly colored and garish but the decor left about was over kill.
  60. >’This life’s too good to last and I'm too young to care.’
  61. >You make your way through town and head towards the town library.
  62. >It was the best place for you to hole up until school ended.
  63. >Nopony ever goes there during this time of days and nopony actually worked it during the day because it was based on trust or some other crap.
  64. >That and you didn't need to be caught truant by the police again.
  65. >Judge Maneworthy would let you away scott free after the last time and you really didn't need to pile house arrest or worse on top of everything else going on in your life.
  66. >As long as you weren't caught during school hours there wasn't more they could do but call your parents.
  67. >You finally found yourself at the base of the large tree.
  68. >Golden Oaks Library.
  69. >You push the door open and set your saddlebags and music player down next to the wooden head thing in the center of the room and started to browse the shelves in relative silence.
  70. >You always liked it in here.
  71. >It was nice and quiet but most of all it was a place away from everypony.
  72. >You'd spend more time here if other ponies didn't come in later in the day and break up the solitude.
  73. >You paused when you reached the R’s when you heard hoofsteps upstairs.
  74. >So much for going up there.
  75. >If you weren't trying to avoid other ponies for a reason you would just leave.
  76. >But then again, you still had half the mind to do so anyways and just risk it.
  77. >The last thing you wanted was to be around other ponies right now.
  78. >If it weren't already apparent, you didn't like it when other ponies were in ‘your’ spot.
  79. >Some days you would go upstairs to the balcony and just read if you weren't just writing yourself.
  80. >Since the whole tree/building thing was so secluded, if you were frustrated enough or just in the mood... well, you could relieve some of that stress up there with the help of an erotic novel or just your imagination much to your immortal shame.
  81. >You could at least but way more often than not you wouldn't need to.
  82. >There were other ways to deal with that.
  83. >You picked a book from the shelves and read the cover.
  84. >Advanced Magic Theory.
  85. >Magic was fascinating.
  86. >You were aware that you were an earthpony and couldn't do magic.
  87. >It didn't mean you couldn't try to understand it if only a little bit.
  88. >You let out a content sigh.
  89. >It's been far too long since you've been here.
  90. >“Oh, hello! I didn't hear you co-”
  91. >You interrupted the voice with a frightened squeal and threw the heavy tome at the source.
  92. >A lavender unicorn caught the book with magic and it floated in front in an aura of the same color.
  93. >”I'm so sorry! I didn’t scare you, did I?”
  94. >You wanted to make a smart assed reply but all you could manage was a slow nod while you tried to get control of your heart rate.
  95. >”Sorry about that. Didn't mean to sneak up on you.”
  96. >You again you wanted to make a witty remark but you can't really do so.
  97. “Yeah, it's cool. And sorry about y'know, throwing the book,” you apologize lamely.
  98. >”It's alright, nopony got hurt. So can I help you find anything?”
  99. >Can she help you find anything?
  100. >It almost sounds like she was a librarian or something.
  101. “No, I was going to read that book but then you came out of nowhere. Usually nopony is here.”
  102. >”Again, sorry about that. I just moved here about a week ago. I've been staying in the library at the behest of the princess to study the magic of friendship. Mayor Mare thought thought it was convenient so I ended up as the de facto librarian. Plus I really love books so everything worked out nicely.”
  103. >Looks like your spot won't be so secluded anymore.
  104. >Out of nowhere the unicorn is in your face.
  105. >You crane your neck back in surprise.
  106. >Has this mare ever heard of personal space?
  107. >”Speaking of friendship, I'm pretty knew to it and I'm trying to gain a better understanding of it. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions about your friends?”
  108. >Though you already figured it out, you let a sigh because this just reinforced the fact that it was going to be another shitty day.
  110. >Be Luna.
  111. >”Luna I’m going to be honest with you. I love you but I am two seconds away from punting you across Canterlot. I am aware you are still too weak right now for me to do this without seriously injuring you but I am very, very close.”
  112. “But sister, thy maid-” you start.
  113. >You are cut off by a long suffering look from your elder sister.
  114. >There is a very tense pause as the guards on either side of the throne room open the doors for you to enter.
  115. >As you trotted you couldn’t help but notice all the gold and sun themed banners.
  116. >The both of you make it to the base of the steps wear both thrones lied.
  117. >The large, ornate golden seat sat in the center of the pedestal and next to it sat a smaller throne made of silver.
  118. >To the untrained eye, one would call it a work of art however you can see the imperfections in the hastily constructed object.
  119. >You were thrown out of your thoughts when you sister comes to a stop.
  120. >”There are very few ponies that are willing to work with you right now, Luna. Sending these few ponies to the dungeon for trivial mistakes thins that number greatly.”
  121. “Twas not a ‘trivial mistake.’ Thy maid walked into our bedchambers unannounced while we were sleeping. What say you if she was revealed as an assassin? Thou hath seen the threats with thy own eyes! What say you then?”
  122. >”Your guards would have taken care of her first and if not them the wards that I personally placed over your room for the past week would have alerted me to her presence if she had any ill intentions in the first place. That’s not counting the fact that Feather Duster and her family have been serving me for generations and she was sent to wake you at my request.”
  123. >You blink at that.
  124. >You were in the wrong here but it mattered little.
  125. “We see. Thou can release thy maid and all will be well.”
  126. >”I already have. Feather Duster is now on a lengthy paid vacation as an apology from me. I fully expect her to hear apology from you when she returns.
  127. “Is that truly necessary? Thy maid has received compensation in the form of this ’vacation’.”
  128. >”I’m not sure what to do with you right now. But yes, it is. You have much to learn, Luna.”
  129. >A servant on the other side of the throne room has the audacity to clear throat, interrupting you both.
  130. >You open your mouth to reprimand the stallion but once again you hold your tongue at the withering look your sister has.
  131. “Is there something else we are missing?” you ask with a hint of annoyance clear in your voice.
  132. >”He was doing his job, Luna. It is well past time for court and I try to be punctual if I can help it. Just observe for now. There is much about this that has changed since you’ve... been away.”
  133. >Despite there being no graceful way to say it, you, the ponies in the room and even the dead buried all the way in Everfree Castle knew what she referred to.
  134. >You couldn’t help but wince at that and give a reserved nod.
  135. “We suppose thou have a point, dear sister. We shall... observe.”
  136. >You look on to the doors with a large crest bearing the sun.
  137. >That sun splits open as the doors do revealing an absolutely ludicrous amount of ponies.
  138. >The line stretched all the way down the grand hall and you assumed out the castle doors because you couldn’t see that far.
  139. >You’ve never held a court with so many ponies.
  140. >To your knowledge neither has your elder sister before... that.
  141. >Celestia has always had the larger court attendance.
  142. >And from here in the little silver throne aside hers it seems as if nothing has changed between then and now.
  143. >You sigh as a lesser noble that you would have already tossed out asks your sister for tax relief on his businesses.
  144. >Today would be dreadful.
  146. >You are Miss Eri.
  147. >You barely escaped the library and that purple mare and her questions.
  148. >Your friends?
  149. >You chuckle at the joke.
  150. >Well... there was always...
  151. >No.
  152. >With the shit going on between the two of you, he couldn't be farther from a friend.
  153. >Things were just weird with him.
  154. >Since your spot was occupied, you decided it would be better if you just found another spot to hang out while school was in session.
  155. >Lucky you had a nice spot picked out.
  156. >You've been there a few times but you prefered the library.
  157. >Walking through town you did your best to keep to back alleys and side streets.
  158. >Doing so paid off because you made it without being stopped once.
  159. >Just outside of Ponyville was a small hydroelectric dam.
  160. >At the top on either side were statues that made for great shade.
  161. >Perfect to lie under and write.
  162. >You trot to the base of the large, stone pony and set your saddlebags on the ground in front of it.
  163. >After fishing out your notebook and pencil you find a comfortable spot under the hind legs and look out towards the waterfall just past the dam.
  164. >The wet roar was quieter from this distance and while you prefered being next to the falls itself, you'd rather be able to hear yourself think.
  165. >You open your notebook to an empty page and stare at it for a little while thinking about this and that.
  166. >You wish the words would come naturally to you and just flow onto the page but it's never really worked like that for you.
  167. >It's an uphill battle getting the words out most of the time but it's one of the few things you enjoy.
  168. >There's so much you want to write but just not enough time in the world to organize it in your head and get it out.
  169. >That quirk of yours often keeps you up at night affording you little sleep if any at all.
  170. >You yawn at the thought of sleep and rub your eyes.
  171. >Looking down at the still empty page and then to the sun as it approaches the western horizon, you sigh and pack up your things.
  172. >Time has flown by quicker than you would have liked.
  173. >The truth is that you've been meaning to pick up some sleep medicine for a while now but it's just slipped your mind until you hit the bed.
  174. >Seeing as you can't exactly get anything down today and that it's getting late you figure now would be as good a time as any to grab them.
  175. >Lest you forget...
  176. >You head back up the road and into Ponyville with its stupid sun themed decor.
  177. >The pharmacy was easy enough to find with the sign hanging over the door with a happy pony gobbling pills.
  178. >You smile to yourself at the unintentional joke.
  179. >You open the door and step through its threshold, a bell above the door jingling and a blast of cool air hitting you from the air conditioned building.
  180. >Shelves of various over-the-counter medications lied in rows on the right half of the building while a larger counter dominated the left.
  181. >Behind it you saw an ancient looking unicorn stallion reading a magazine with a bored expression.
  182. >He glances at you over its pages before looking back down at them, seemingly uninterested in you.
  183. >The only other pony in here was a white unicorn mare with a frazzled purple mane looking at various painkillers in one of the isles.
  184. >You walk through a few before you find what you were looking for.
  185. >There are many brands to chose from but you grab the cheapest thing you see.
  186. “Zaleplon...” you mutter looking at the generic box.
  187. >20, 10mg tablets.
  188. >’Guaranteed to get you to sleep or your money back!’
  189. >’Comparable to Sonata brand sleep aids.’
  190. >Ignoring the name, you figure this is what you need and turned to take it to the counter when you realized you don't have any bits on you.
  191. “Shit!” you curse quietly to yourself, casting a glance to the stallion at the counter.
  192. >He hasn't looked back from his magazine once.
  193. >It would probably be easy.
  194. >You look at him for a moment longer and turn back to the shelf when the mare brings up three different bottles of painkillers.
  195. >Show time.
  196. >You sit in front of the shelf and act as if you were putting the box back.
  197. >Instead the box falls out of the grip of your hooves and bounces of your haunches into an open pouch in your saddlebag the sound muffled by the cloth and the mare talking.
  198. >You get back to your hooves and casually walk to the door.
  199. >”Oh no you don’t!”
  200. >Shit shit shit!
  201. >You push your way out only to get pulled right back in by your ear.
  202. “Ouch, Hey! Let me go!”
  203. >You feel the warming tingle of magic on your ear gripping painfully.
  204. >Eventually you find yourself in front of the counter with the old stallion glaring down at you.
  205. >You shrink under his gaze and try to think of a way to talk your way out of this.
  206. >The last thing you need is your parents jumping your flank for stealing.
  207. >Celestia knows they flipped shit when they found out you smoked.
  208. >If not because they actually care it's mostly because it makes them look bad.
  209. >The white unicorn pipes up.
  210. >”Excuse me sir, but what are you doing with that filly?”
  211. >”What am I doing with her? I’ve got eyes in the back of my head. Comes with the job. You should be asking what she's doing trotting out the door without paying for this.”
  212. >The pills you acquired float out of your bag in a dirt colored glow.
  213. >”This pony is a no good thief!” he shouts.
  214. >Fuck you need to find a way out of this!
  215. >You find your chest winding tighter because you are the center of attention.
  216. >The old pony’s glare intensifies.
  217. >”What do you have to say for yourself?”
  218. >You try to find words but nothing seems to come out.
  219. >Fuck fuck fuck!
  220. >This was the last thing you needed today!
  221. >Your heart thumps in your ears and your chest becomes heavy.
  222. >”Huh?! Say something before I call the police!”
  223. >By the grace of Celestia herself, the white mare comes to your rescue.
  224. >”Oh, stop. I don't think she needs this today. How much for this then?”
  225. >The stallion blinks and looks to her.
  226. >”What?” asks he asks in surprise.
  227. >’What’ summed it up pretty well.
  228. >She just smiles graciously.
  229. >”That box. How much for it and how much to make you forget this whole mess?”
  230. >You looked to the mare in confusion but she pays you no mind, instead giving the stallion a charismatic smile as he mulls over what she just said.
  231. >He heaves out a weary sigh and gives you one last hard look before wiping his face with a hoof.
  232. >”If it were anypony else, I'd just have the police handle this and be done with it. But just pay for it and that's that.”
  233. >Her smile wilts as a perplexed look settles over her features.
  234. >”If it were anypony else? Forgive me, but I'm not certain we've met.”
  235. >”That's because we haven’t but everypony in town knows who you are, myself included. Surely you haven't forgotten what happened just last week.”
  236. >Her smile returns, albeit a slightly uncomfortable one.
  237. >”Oh, I see,” she says and that seemed to be it.
  238. >You're not really sure what to say as bits are exchanged and you were herded outside by the older mare.
  239. >You couldn't exactly nail down a single emotion at the moment.
  240. >Everything had gone from zero to one hundred real quick and right back to zero just as fast.
  241. >The emotional whiplash has left you feeling kind of numb to say the least.
  242. >But you could manage a nervous,
  243. “Thanks, miss.”
  244. >”Think nothing of it, darling. I’m sure you learned your lesson. Now you must have somewhere to be as I do so don't let me keep you.”
  245. >You couldn't really form a response because you were having a hard time keeping up with everything that just happened over the last few minutes.
  246. >The mare doesn't give you a chance and deposits the box of pills in your saddlebags before trotting off.
  247. >”Take care now. Ta ta!”
  248. >You're left standing in front of the pharmacy feeling... something.
  249. >You're not an ungrateful shit.
  250. >That lady just kept you from getting arrested but you can't figure out for the life of you why somepony would do that.
  251. >You didn't even get her name.
  252. >Today was getting tiring to keep up with and you wanted to do nothing more than go to bed.
  253. >But...
  254. >You notice you happen to be on the right side of town for a distraction.
  255. >Thing were weird but it should work out.
  256. >Just a quickie and you'd be on your way.
  257. >Besides, you'd rather not go home and have to deal with your parents just yet.
  258. >The sun hasn't even set.
  259. >If you were quick you'd have enough time.
  260. >You made your way past the joke shop and into town square.
  261. >You make a right and take the bridge instead of taking the mane road home.
  262. >This leads you through the markets where some ponies were closing up their stalls or making a few last minute sales.
  263. >These ponies pay you no mind in your hurry and you pay none in return.
  264. >The orange sun tints everything the same hue as you make a right after the market.
  265. >This road was a dead end but it was the house at the end that you sought.
  266. >On your way up you spot a rock on the ground and pick it up in your teeth.
  267. >Ignoring the taste of sediment you sit in front of that last house and drop the rock into an outstretched hoof.
  268. >With practiced ease you toss the rock at the left window on the second story.
  269. >In your head you count backwards from ten before a grey head poke out the window.
  270. >You look into his hazel eyes and he looks into yours.
  271. >You hazard a meek smile.
  272. >If only for a moment.
  273. >The pegasus averts his gaze and with a frown before pulling back in the windows.
  274. >You frown as well.
  275. >Does he not want to see you?
  276. >You suppose he'd have every reason in the world not to.
  277. >That saps any real energy you have left right out.
  278. >You slump a little and get to your hooves.
  279. >Just before you turn to leave the door pops open and your frien-... Lover?...
  280. >Something.
  281. >It was complicated.
  282. >That energy that left you never really comes back but you were at least happy to see him.
  283. >You weren't ever sure if the same was true for him.
  284. “Hey, Cirrus...” you breathe, taking him in like it was your first time seeing him.
  285. >The pegasus’ coat was a lighter grey than yours.
  286. >Your eyes drifted to his flank, past his cracked shield cutiemark and around his whole form.
  287. >Most ponies could mistake him for a mare from the distance because of his petite build.
  288. >But being close to him anypony could see he was unmistakably a stallion.
  289. >Even with his small frame, you were still smaller.
  290. >He was half a head taller than you.
  291. >His mane and tail were a brown mess and needed a good brush.
  292. >Shit.
  293. >You probably woke him.
  294. >”Grams isn't here right now so we have the house to ourselves,” he says.
  295. “Manehattan?” you ask.
  296. >”Manehattan,” he confirms.
  297. >Well that was some good news.
  298. >With luck that would mean your parents are in Manehattan as well on a business trip.
  299. >Them not telling you would be normal.
  300. >The small stallion looks you over before adding, “Long day?”
  301. >You answer him with your lips and push him into the house.
  302. >”Hey wait! Er-” he tires to protest but you keep at it.
  303. >You just needed to cut out the middle pony and skip past the awkwardness.
  304. >He hesitates a bit but you shove your tongue in to chase after his before he finally kisses back.
  305. >You lips don't break apart as he takes your saddlebags off your flanks and tosses them aside with a thud.
  306. >He tries to take the lead by pushing you back in an attempt to flip you.
  307. >Or maybe it was to stop you.
  308. >Either way, you were stronger.
  309. >With your natural earthpony strength you push him back and he falls on his ass again the base of a couch which exposes him to you.
  310. >Seeing the black length poking out from between his haunches you waste no time in rushing forward.
  311. >You put a hoof to his chest to forestall any argument and take hold him in your other hoof before wrapping your muzzle securely over the tip of his member.
  312. >Taking a second to breathe deep, your lungs filling with his intoxicating musk preparing you for what comes next.
  313. >You ram your muzzle forward and gag when he hits the back of your throat.
  314. >It ends up being too much and you draw up quickly and cough into your hoof trying not vomit.
  315. >You were trying to be sexy with that move and take the whole thing but you fucked it up
  316. >Even after all the time you spent practicing it didn't help.
  317. ”That wasn't supposed to happen,” you mutter hoarsely after you recover a bit.
  318. >”Yeah, I could say the same.”
  319. >There was a hint of frustration in his voice that surprises you.
  320. >Did you do something?
  321. “It wasn't that unsexy was it?”
  322. >You glance at his softening, yet still nummy looking penis.
  323. >He looks at you with a hard expression that softens when you wince.
  324. “R-right, not about that. Sorry...”
  325. >It wouldn't be about that, especially with him.
  326. >The pegasus slumps against the base of the couch and lets his head fall back with a sigh.
  327. >The both of you sit in silence, your gaze anywhere but on him at this point.
  328. >Cirrus breaks the silence after a while.
  329. >”We probably shouldn't have done that.”
  330. >Your heart falls as he says that.
  331. >Oh...
  332. >That's what this was about.
  333. >To be honest, you could see this coming for a while now but you just didn't want to think about it.
  334. >Yet here you were.
  335. >He's said something like this before but there was a finality to his statement that just... hurt.
  336. >You tear up a bit as a sad, rueful smile graces your face.
  337. “I guess we shouldn’t have...” you say quietly.
  338. >Getting those words out was like choking back nails.
  339. >It was funny in a way.
  340. >Most other stallions wouldn’t really object to this sort of thing like he was.
  341. >But your Cirrus wasn't most stallions.
  342. >Not your Cirrus.
  343. >Not anymore.
  344. >You needed to remind yourself that from time to time.
  345. >With what the two of you have been doing it was really easy to fall back into that mindset.
  346. >There's another silence that comes between the two of you.
  347. >At some point tears had started flowing freely down your cheeks.
  348. >Fuck, you hate crying in front of other ponies.
  349. >Even Cirrus.
  350. >That wasn't quiet enough to stop you though.
  351. >The hurt was still there.
  352. >You let out a startled yelp when you feel a pair of wings wrap around you and pull you in.
  353. >Fuck you hate him right now
  354. >That makes you choke back a sob.
  355. >You hate him so much for being so complicated.
  356. >But you love him and you hate him for being so Celestia damned perfect.
  357. >He's the only one who gets you.
  358. >And there was some much to him that only you could understand.
  359. >Most ponies didn't hurt like the both of you.
  360. >You half fight his wings, half rush to him and half try to disappear into the floor as he pulls you into his chest.
  361. >You wanted to hurt him for making you hurt.
  362. >You wanted to hurt yourself for wanting to hurt him.
  363. >Knowing this whole complicated mess between you and him was ultimately your own fault which made the whole thing worse for you.
  364. >And here he was...
  365. >After you hurt him to the point where he doesn't want you, he was still going out of his way to try and comfort you.
  366. >That's just the kind of pony he was.
  367. “I'm sorry...” you whimper into his chest with a half-hearted nuzzle.
  368. >You didn't mean for all of this...
  369. >”Don't be.”
  370. “N-no. I mean it. It thought maybe if I loved you eno-”
  371. >”I know,” he interrupts quietly. “For a little bit I thought it would work.”
  372. >...
  373. >You wish he hadn't have said that.
  374. >All you could think about now was what you could have done differently to try and win him back.
  375. >You were already aware that this was your fault, but now there was a chance and you blew it?
  376. >Celestia damn him...
  377. >Cirrus just continued to hold you like that for a while.
  378. >You bury your muzzle deeper in his chest, breathing in his scent.
  379. >You savor it fearing you'd lose this closeness for what you were about to ask next.
  380. “Can we... Can we cuddle? Just for a little bit?”
  381. >Maybe you were selfish with that request.
  382. >He doesn't answer at first, instead leading you on to the couch.
  383. >He couldn't say no to you.
  384. >Maybe that was why this went on for as long as it did after the fact.
  385. >”It'll only make you feel worse, he warns.
  386. >He gets on first and you climb on after him before settling in his hooves.
  387. >Feeling his hooves draped across your body, his chest on you back, his haunches against your flank...
  388. >It was nice.
  389. >Then he puts a wing around you as icing on the cake.
  390. “I know,” you breathe.
  391. >You really do.
  392. >But that was ok.
  393. >It was a good hurt.
  394. >You know he doesn’t want you.
  395. >But here, wrapped in his wings with his heart beating in your ear... you could at least pretend.
  396. >And it was nice to pretend.
  397. >So nice...
  398. >You didn't have those scars and life was a little simpler if only for this moment.
  399. >You were with him.
  400. >A sigh escapes you and snuggle deeper into him.
  401. >It was a really good hurt...
  403. >You are the Princess of the night.
  404. >Court is finished and you thank the heavens for that.
  405. >Your sister was required elsewhere leaving you to your own devices for the time being.
  406. >It’s nearing moonrise, but not yet close enough for you to prepare.
  407. >That being said, you've retired to your chambers.
  408. >After the day you've had listening to the petty matters of the nobility that seems to make make the bulk of Celestia's petitioners, you'd rather not deal with other ponies at the moment.
  409. >This has left you with nothing to do for an hour.
  410. >You lie on your bed and occupy your time looking at star charts from that stopped being accurate a thousand years prior versus the latest one available.
  411. >You can't help but to balk at what you're seeing.
  412. >What has Celestia done to your night sky?
  413. >Everything was wrong!
  414. >Half of the constellations that used to exist simply weren't there.
  415. >At first you thought it to be grievous inaccuracies in the one chart you consulted but after going through all the others you had one of your guards fetch a cart of registered stars and stellar bodies from the Canterlot Observatory.
  416. >You spent the next half hour looking at the stars listed in the thick tome and matching those to the chart once it arrived.
  417. >Not even a fraction of the way in you stop because you've come to the same conclusion.
  418. >They simply didn't exist or the night sky has either been poorly maintained or just abandoned outright.
  419. >This was an injustice!
  420. >It would take many moons for you to even begin to repair this.
  421. >It would take many moons for you to even begin to repair this.
  422. >You wish somepony had brought this to your attention sooner but you had a hunch most living ponies didn't even know what the night used to be.
  423. >You push off your bed and trot out to your balcony.
  424. >A view of Canterlot met your eyes but was quickly forsaken for that of the purpling orange sky.
  425. >How haven't you noticed sooner?
  426. >You've been in this Canterlot for at least six or seven nights now.
  427. >Poking your head back into your room and grasping the ancient charts with your magic, you bring them to bear above your head.
  428. >With a look at the charts and then to the heavens, you snort in disgust.
  429. >Even with the sun above the west horizon at least one of the Four Sisters should have been should have been visible in the east.
  430. >With it being mid summer this fact was even more alarming.
  431. >You let out an exasperated growl before you feel a familiar pressure at the base of your horn.
  432. >Sighing, you focus and level your horn with the eastern horizon.
  433. >You let out a satisfied, almost pleasured hum as that pressure was released and the moon breached the horizon.
  434. >A star to the north finally appeared.
  435. >According to these charts that was the North Star, and the brightest one the sky had to offer and others wouldn't appear for a little while.
  436. >That being said, you had to wait to inspect the damage with your own eyes.
  437. >Not wanting to wait and sit on the frustration you've built up, you trot back you your bed and sit setting the charts in your magical grasp on the bed amongst the others.
  438. >You close your eyes and breathe deep.
  439. >If the the sky had changed since you were away, then you needed to see if the dreamscape had at all.
  440. >You didn't really expect it to have any noticeable changes but you thought that of the night sky and you wouldn't hold your breath about that.
  441. >Speaking of holding your breath, you realest the one that you were and with it every conscious thought in your mind.
  442. >And you dreamed.
  444. >You are Miss E-Oh sweet sun goddess!
  445. >You moan into a pillow when he thrusts particularly deep and gasp as he pulls out agonizingly slowly only to bring it in hard with a wet slap of flank on flank.
  446. >You craned your neck back enough so your muzzle could reach his and kissed him hungrily.
  447. >Somewhere in your head a little niggling voice was asking you why this was happening if he was so adamant that the both of you should not be an item.
  448. >Another part of you said that was because he still loved you and this was him showing it to you and that you needed a good rutting anyways.
  449. >A much larger part of you stomped the other two into paste as the pleasure radiating from your hind quarters drowned all three.
  450. >All you know was that you were cuddling and you scooted back into him and found him hanging out between your thighs.
  451. >It was a natural reaction on his part and one thing led to another.
  452. >You decided to press your luck expecting a no from him but got an ok.
  453. >With the way he sounded earlier you were sure it would have been a no.
  454. >It really didn't make sense to you but it didn't have too.
  455. >He made it clear that the both of you were through before this.
  456. >He even told you that you'd regret it.
  457. >You had answered him with your mouth against his.
  458. >You were sure that this wasn't the healthiest thing to be doing considering the wierd ass circumstances but you had been through this song and dance once already.
  459. >Plus you really didn't fucking care at the moment.
  460. >You were being fucked.
  461. >You wanted him to keep fucking you.
  462. >As long as he was inside you, you could ignore everything else.
  463. >All you were right now was an equine experiencing pleasure with another equine.
  464. >Not somepony who was making poor life choices.
  465. >Another moan was ripped from your throat.
  466. >It was better than the sadness.
  467. >It was better than the hurt.
  468. >As if sensing that, he gripped around your barrel and bit your neck painfully hard making your legs turn to mush.
  469. >He lost any semblance of rhythm and ploughed you fast and hard, pushing your face deeper into the couch.
  470. >You start to pant in time with his movements.
  471. >So good...
  472. >Out of nowhere that pressure within you builds enough and snaps and you cum hard, screaming into the couch.
  473. >The pegasus doesn't stop and keeps at his furious pace.
  474. >It only built on a new pressure that threatened to burst rather quickly.
  475. >You focused on it, trying to race to that next climax like a mare trying to run from something she didn’t want to face.
  476. >Cirrus beat you to the punch and ended one last deep thrust with the his head flaring deep inside you.
  477. >You'd try to move to get over that second wall of pleasure if you could but were content to just let him fill you to the brim in long, lovely spurts.
  478. >You could focus on that instead.
  479. >A voice in the back of your head chastises you for letting him finish inside you ignore it.
  480. >You weren't in season so pregnancy was unlikely.
  481. >Probably.
  482. >The stallion pulls himself out which is a bit painful with his flare dragging along your insides.
  483. >Feeling him leave you was disappointing.
  484. >You feel him paint your ass with two last ropes before he seems spent.
  485. >You could hardly move and didn't care to which left you bent over the couch with your flank in the air and your tail hiked to the side.
  486. >The thought of having to get cum out of your coat blows your afterglow a bit but you don't move, concentrating on the nice feeling of being well tenderized by your special somepony.
  487. >...
  488. >If it weren't for that last thought you might have been ok but for now...
  489. >Cirrus was right.
  490. >You would and do regret it already.
  491. >You pick yourself up with weak, shaky legs and look at him.
  492. >And you smiled.
  493. >You were good at pretending.
  494. “I should probably clean up.”
  495. >He just looked... sad?
  496. >Something.
  497. >”Yeah. You know where the bathroom is. I'll be here.”
  498. >Oh, didn't see you there.
  499. >Hi, awkward.
  500. >You make yourself scarce and waddle upstairs to the bathroom.
  501. >Cleaning up after the fact was always a little annoying.
  502. >You did your business before hopping in the show and giving yourself a good scrub down under the relaxing hot water.
  503. >It took you a little while because you kept zoning out just thinking.
  504. >About Cirrus.
  505. >About what you could have done differently.
  506. >Not rutting the stallion who just told you that you he doesn't want you like that was up there on that list of things to do differently.
  507. >When you caught yourself zoning out you prioritized on cleaning yourself well.
  508. >You were already out way past nightfall on top of skipping class.
  509. >You didn't need to smell like sex too when your parents had you by your ears.
  510. >This was easily one of the stupider things you've done.
  511. >You could have avoided this if you backed off.
  512. >Now that he's said there was a chance at some point you were sure of this fact.
  513. >But you wanted him back so badly.
  514. >You clung too tightly and strangled your love.
  515. >Your eyes burned but you were sure you didn't have shampoo in them.
  516. >After that, you stood under the stream for some time.
  517. >You weren't sure how long but it was enough for the water to grow cold.
  518. >Cold water never bothered you and you could stand there forever but...
  519. >You really needed to get home.
  520. >Stepping out of the shower you dry yourself quickly and brush your mane in a semi presentable manner with Cirrus’ brush.
  521. >Or maybe it was his grandmother’s.
  522. >Didn't matter.
  523. >You step out of the bathroom and head downstairs.
  524. >Cirrus isn't in the living room.
  525. >You look around and see him standing outside through the screen door.
  526. >Your bags are neatly set next to the door.
  527. >Moving to them and throwing them on your back you open the door and step outside.
  528. >The last bits of orange have faded from the sky and the dusk was turning to night.
  529. >A cool breeze greets you and you look at the grey pegasus who seems like he had no words.
  530. >It's a small relief to you.
  531. >You really don’t have any words either.
  532. >This whole mess was painful, confusing and frustrating enough as it was.
  533. >If you've learned anything from this, it's that you just need to cut your loses and just move on.
  534. >You looked to Cirrus.
  535. >It’s just actually doing it that seems to get you everytime.
  536. >His eyes seemed to say he was sorry.
  537. >You couldn't really fathom what he had to be sorry about, though.
  538. >It was all your fault.
  539. >You forced yourself to take the first step.
  540. >It was like your were tearing pieces of your heat it in chunk after bloody chunk.
  541. >And the next.
  542. >And then another.
  543. >You trotted.
  544. >It was simple yet the hardest thing you’ve ever done.
  545. >You trotted away.
  546. >Vaguely you were aware he was trying to say something but you didn't stop.
  547. >If you stopped now you weren't sure what you would do.
  548. >So you ignored him.
  549. >You are frustrated.
  550. >You are hurt.
  551. >You are confused out of your little pony mind.
  552. >Things have happened so quickly that you really can't make sense to much of anything.
  553. >He doesn't make sense.
  554. >You don't make sense.
  555. >Nothing does.
  556. >But that is your entire life.
  557. >Most days just blur past and you simply continue to exist.
  558. >It seems like yesterday when Cirrus got beat up trying to protect you and now it looks like you're walking out of his life forever.
  559. >You found yourself standing in front of your house when you came out of thoughts.
  560. >Too damn quickly...
  561. >You fished your keys out of your saddle bags and opened up the door.
  562. >Surprisingly the house was dark.
  563. >Your parents must be asleep.
  564. >Deciding not to press your luck for the first time today, you shut the door quietly and headed straight to your room.
  565. >You could turn on the lights but you decide against it and use a match to light the candles around your room.
  566. >In the growing light you inspected everything.
  567. >Your bed was still made and the many books on your desk sat in minor disarray around a single open book with a pen in the center.
  568. >Your walls were posterless cause you've never really cared for them.
  569. >You did have a few pages of newspaper taped to the wall next your bed.
  571. >Other than a bean bag chair between the the closet and the window and the dresser next to the door, there wasn't really anything else to take up space giving the decent sized room an empty feeling.
  572. >Nothing was out of place.
  573. >You move and set your saddlebags at the foot of your bed.
  574. >Your head swivels of its own volition to the book on your desk.
  575. >You knew you could very easily harness your sorrow and turn it into words.
  576. >However, you wanted nothing more than to sleep.
  577. >It's been quite a day...
  578. >You walk to the kitchen, and fill a glass water.
  579. >While you were doing this you spot a note on the counter.
  580. “Blah blah, yada yada were going to be in Manehattan for about a week. Sorry for not telling you sooner... Foods in the fridge... yeah. Great.”
  581. >You toss the note in the trash not bothering to read the rest.
  582. >Bringing the glass to your room, you fish out the box of pills.
  583. >You don't bother with reading the instructions and rip the box open, popping two or three into your mouth.
  584. >The water helps them go down nicely and you settle into bed.
  585. >You don't bother with the blankets and simply curl up on top of them.
  586. >You just don't have the energy to deal with them.
  587. >The position puts your line of sight on the newspaper on the wall.
  588. >Cirrus sits at the side of your hospital bed waiting for you to wake up in the picture on the front page.
  589. >You were in a medically induced coma for three weeks you think.
  590. >He'd been there every day...
  591. >You breathe out hard and close your eyes.
  592. >This way you wouldn't have to look at him while you waited for sleep to claim you.
  593. >Maybe you'd have pleasant dreams tonight...
  595. >You are Luna.
  596. >The Princess of the Night.
  597. >You are ejected from a dream when it finally collapses in a flash.
  598. >Finally!
  599. >The dreamscape hasn't changes in the slightest but there seems to be a problem.
  600. >The dreamscape hasn't changes in the slightest but there seems to be a problem.
  601. >It seems you lack enough power to actively banish nightmares.
  602. >It takes quite a bit of magic to alter somepony subconscious mind and you don't have that.
  603. >This isn't surprising since you barely had the magical strength to move the moon.
  604. >It is frustrating, however.
  605. >Just like any dream you can still influence the way the dream goes through your actions within it but you risk losing yourself in it or worse, some ponies subconscious realizing you are there.
  606. >Like you had in the last five.
  607. >You were forced to be the Nightmare in this last dream.
  608. >It was rather unpleasant.
  609. >You sigh and look around the black void that was the dreamscape.
  610. >Honestly, you should have left after realizing this in the first place but you wanted to at least try.
  611. >You've been useless to Equestria but you will not be useless here.
  612. >All you want is one success.
  613. >Just one.
  614. >You see what resembles stars in your vision.
  615. >Many motes of light in different colors went on infinitely into the void.
  616. >These were the dreams of all living creatures capable of doing so.
  617. >To an outside observer or anyone new to the dreamscape, one could not tell the difference of one light from the other except it's color.
  618. >Your familiarity with this place makes that a non issue.
  619. >You see a dim spec in amongst the lights.
  620. >A nightmare.
  621. >You want to be there and so you were.
  622. >You had to steel your nerves a bit before going in.
  623. >You didn't want to be trapped again.
  624. >One deep breath.
  625. >One exhale.
  626. >Your hooves make contact with the surface if the dream.
  627. >You decide this would be your last dream tonight if you failed.
  628. >Pushing your way into the luminous orb gives you the oddest sensation of trying to step into a vat of warm, sticky chocolate.
  629. >Slowly but surely, you disappear within.
  630. >That sensation gives way to cold water.
  631. >You begin to drown.
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