Owlia's R&B (Rentals and Borrows)

May 12th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. Rules!
  3. 1: Only Shards can be taken forever. Anything else (Including Crystals) must be returned post-mission, please! I’m not made of resources, and it wouldn’t be fair to horde them all!
  5. 2: If you take an item labeled (Experimental), then PLEASE use it extensively, and be sure to have the Recorder object when you do! And make sure to USE it! Otherwise I won’t lend it to you again for a while! (I need that data!)
  7. 3: Probably obvious, but PLEASE DON’T BREAK MY STUFF. Unless it’s expected to be broken but yeah.
  9. -Data Recorder
  10. -Yeah, if you don’t have this, then you’re just wasting my time and effort. And it doesn’t work in Bags of Holding. You need to have this out and active when you’re using any of my experimental stuff. Fortunately, you just turn it on, select what you’re using, and let it do its thing! Just...know it’s a touch bulky.
  12. - x10 Shield Shards
  13. -Help defend against incoming kinetic and some magical attacks. After sustained damage, though, it’ll short out, so be careful!
  15. - x5 Shield Crystals
  16. -Like Shield Shards, but better!
  18. - x8 Assault Shards
  19. -These grant increased physical power temporarily. They’re on a strict timer, though, around 30 seconds.
  21. - x4 Assault Crystals
  22. -Like Assault Crystals, but they pack an even bigger wallop. Last half as long, though!
  24. - x3 Levitation Crystals
  25. -These are just like the one that’s in my armor! They’re not permanent, but they last a decent while! They only go at a set speed, though, there’s no fast or slow settings. About as fast as Miranda’s bike at an average pace.
  27. - x2 Protection Sigil Plate
  28. -Pretty sure I finally cracked them! These seem to specifically defend against magical attacks, but you can recharge them with your own mana!
  30. - x2 Vanishing Sigil Plate
  31. -Hold this when it’s charged, and you’re gone from sight! Not smell or anything else, though, and the invisibility doesn’t seem to be 100% perfect, especially on larger subjects…but it lasts as long as your mana does!
  33. (NEW)
  34. >Mana Spyder Mark 2: This device of Nura’s creation is meant to be part spy drone, part mana battery. The creature can be remotely controlled via an armbrace, and even has visual feeds. It’s fueled by mana crystals, and can climb all but the sheerest and slipperiest of surfaces. It can also discharge mana in bursts for self defense, or for other purposes if need be. At least, it is stated to be such intent.
  36. >Bounce Crystal: This is a secondary crystal intended for further usage in alternate systems. The crystal, when primed via mana infusion, allows for repulsion of kinetic force to an extreme level. However, the force is multiplied, meaning collateral damage may occur. This crystal has little to no effect against elemental techniques or magic in general, however.
  38. >Synth-Seither Pill: This is an experimental pill of concentrated synthetic Seither. It is less potent than the original substance, but allows for similar effects if taken. It is estimated that the substance currently works at a 2:1 ratio of effectiveness- that is, two pills of concentrated Synthetic Seither would equal roughly one pill of organic Seither. She would like descriptions of its effects.
  39. (NEW)
  41. -x1 Sigil TransPortal Plate Pair (Beta)
  43. -Now THIS I’m excited for! Okay, so, I took some data from my own research in the library, and I think I’ve managed to work out a sort of temporary portaling system that’ll allow you to essentially bend space time in a localized area to create what are essentially...well, I think the common name here is ‘wormholes’? But yeah, you can move from one place waaaay to another with this! Warning, though- they’re one way! You set the base point, and then the origin point, and BAM! Portal Back to where the base was. Gotta say, this could be suuuper useful for a quick runaway!
  44. -Upgrade: So, I think I've cracked the fragility issue! BUT! I still need more testing, for both size of transported object or person, and a stress test for repeated transports. Which means...if you're going to take this, you better be trying to transport something big and/or frequently.
  46. -Mana Extractor (Experimental!)
  47. -This handheld device is kinda something I made to adjust the energy levels in crystals- and I’ve weaponized it! Sorta. Basically, the idea is, point this at something within arms’ reach, and you can drain the mana right from them! Spooky, huh? You, uh...can’t really DO anything with it yet, though, cause among other things, I haven’t cracked the outflow system yet. It just kinda...dissipates. At least, not until I get more test data and figure out what I can do about that. Won't blow up on you, though. I think. Pretty sure. Maybe.
  49. -Revitalization Barrier (Experimental)
  50. -Okay, so this is basically taking healing to the next level. It uses a combination of nanotechnology (so fascinating!) and crystal energies to provide a mana barrier that effuses healing mana...or something like that. If it works right, it’ll fix you up quick as a wink! Or at least...that’s the INTENTION. I would, uh, NOT test this on yourselves first. Do it on someone you wouldn’t miss in case it messes up. No, seriously, please.
  52. -Operation Z1 (Experimental!)
  53. -Yup! I’m bringing X4 back, baby! This time, bigger and better than ever! And without the friendly fire...hopefully. I do need to test these, though, so, uh...yeah, probably a good idea to set this and run, just in case. Oh, and I’m pretty sure they’re not as sturdy as my old X4s, but the reason for it is super science-y so I won’t worry with the details so yeah.
  55. -Multiversal Comms (Super Experimental!)
  56. -Okay, so, blame Lorelei for this one, but basically, the idea is that you can communicate from wherever you are to ANYONE in the Intersection without using Sal as an intermediary. (And yes, I got the okay from him.) I...honestly don’t think it’ll work immediately (or soon at all), but I need to know what’s going WRONG before I know what to do RIGHT. Still, if you could...please? I'm trying a few new things with it, too. Here's hoping there's at least static!
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