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  1. Help preserve Library Genesis in three steps
  2. ============================================
  3. We can all help preserve the library genesis catalogue, and guard against its destruction by the antipiracy lobby.
  5. 1. Generate a random number XXX between 0 and 789 (or total number of torrents)
  6. 2. Download torrent r_XXX000.torrent from
  7. 3. Seed for as long as possible (repeat from 1, if you have unused harddrive space left).
  8. 4. (Optional) download and keep a copy of the database
  10. Even though you personally may not be able to understand the contents of the torrents, you will provide a means for those who do to keep Library Genesis alive forever, to the benefit of *all* mankind, those who can afford books and those who cannot. Reward the authors directly, not the middlemen. We need a means to do that.
  12. Anne Dravis
  14. PS: Please translate and spread this message by retweeing or posting on facebook.
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