Apple needs to get their shit together

Jun 20th, 2013
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  2. I'm sorry ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME, did you READ what I wrote? Let me quote myself from the second paragraph "(gmail, icloud and one other. added 4th today ) ooooooh I even added a phone number too. here is a quote from the email in response to that.
  4. Hello,
  6. The following information for your Apple ID was updated on 06/19/2013:
  8. Phone number(s)
  10. I didn't need to change anything, not an address, phone number i'm still at the same place using the same # and the same laptop and even the same underwear and even the same stick up my ass from when I entered a ll that information. Your software tried to force me to add payment info which in no way was needed to make a purchase because I already have CREDIT! After I said no is when it tried to verify me another way by asking me for answers to something I never answerd in the past. I did all that BS as a curiosity to see if it would help. Now thats just more information I wish you didnt have of mine In fact the one thing that I wanted to change HAS NO WAY OF BEING CHANGED!! Again did you bother to read or look at my account? NOW I AM FUCKING MAD!!! I WWANT MY MONEY, noo... I want to spend the rest of what I have AND I WANT SOMETHING MORE like maybe give me the whole album of the single I was trying to purchase and I will walk away and NEVER spend another dime with apple again.
  11. You want screen shots of itunes telling me that my laptop (I could do 2 and make a movie of them that have made purchases with gift card credit and each will say I aint never purchased anything with them and then lock myself out of my account ( yup thats right I already got that warning) and I could even give you screenies of the screen with the security ?s saying the I forgot my shit being sent to an email thats has not been listed for almost 2 years on my account and a screenie that shows it aint listed as one of my emails.
  13. THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME TO TAKE THESE SCREENSHOTS. I think I am gonna take this to court for trying to leech un needed information from customers for your own benifit. Is Apple going so far down that they are planning on scamming the consumer?
  15. Let me quote myself AGAIN
  17. Secondly for some odd reason I dont remember answering the 2nd security ? and thought it was suppose to be a different one.
  19. Now you take a good look at pictures 2 and 3 2nd question and tell me what you see
  21. #1
  22. #2
  23. #3
  25. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret that I neglectied to mention in my original email. I use LastPass as my password manager online and they have a feature called secure notes which I use frequently, one of those notes happed to be the Q&A for each site that asks for that challenge and response to let you into your account so I already knew the 2nd question was NEVER ASKED.. And then you the support says update yo shit and add some more and apple secretly tries to use it against the consumer because face it. Nothing revolutionary has been made and they are gonna be losing the market soon so they need some plan to keep getting income.. Yeah I might be reaching a bit far on that but I have no doubts in my mind that corperations do that sort of thing. I am NOT the average consumer who doesnt pay attention or the one who skips over the entire TOS agreement just to click the continue button.
  27. Any thoughts on this? Here is mine. I dont want to talk to apple support, I now want someone higher up on the food chain to give me a call on what I just added as my evening number which I will be at all day today and tell me what they can do for me so this doesnt turn into a legal battle costing thousands over a 99 cent purchase that should have been easily made with the credit left over on my account without having to give up more payment options or answer questions that were never asked. And NO, I dont just want the rights to make my purchase. I WANT MORE FOR THIS INSULT!
  30. On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 7:55 AM, iTunes Store <> wrote:
  31. Dear Blair,
  33. Thank you for contacting iTunes Store Support. I'm sorry you weren't able to make a purchase using your store credit and that you are unable to reset security questions via your email address. My name is Al, and I would be more than happy to address this for you today.
  35. Blair, in order to purchase items on the iTunes Store with your store credit, your account information in your user profile needs to be corrected. I'll walk you through this process to get you back up and running in no time.
  37. 1) Visit the My Apple ID website at:
  41. 2) If the site is not displayed in your preferred language, click the flag icon in the lower-right corner of the page, then select your country from the next page.
  43. 3) Click the "Manage your Apple ID" button.
  45. 4) Type your iTunes Store account name (which is your Apple ID) in the Apple ID field, type your password in the password field, then click the Sign In button.
  47. 5) Click "Addresses" in the column on the left. If you have multiple shipping addresses, remove any out-of-date or duplicate addresses by clicking Delete. Also, make sure the state or province field is filled out correctly for each address. To edit an address, click Edit. Edit all of your shipping addresses and make sure the appropriate state is selected in the State drop-down menus.
  49. 6) Now click "Phone Numbers" on the left. The area codes should be in the area code fields and the phone numbers should be in the phone number fields. If an area code is missing, or if it is in a phone number field, your account information may not save properly.
  51. 7) Make any other necessary corrections, then click the Save Changes button.
  53. 8) Click Log out in the upper-right corner.
  55. When you make your next purchase on the iTunes Store, you will be asked to review your billing information. At this point, you can change your information or simply click Done at the bottom of the screen to proceed. Once you click Done, you should be able to purchase on the iTunes Store using your store credit.
  57. If the iTunes Store continues to display an error message when you try to make a purchase, please include a screen shot of the error message itself.
  59. Now regarding your issue with the security questions, since you will be unable to change it on your end, please know that for security reasons, you'll need to contact our Account Security team for help.
  61. You can contact the Account Security team here:
  65. When that page loads, the "Lost or forgotten Apple ID password" option will be selected so you only need to select your country and then click Continue.
  67. On the next screen, you will have the option to call Apple Support now or have them call you later about your account. You may want to inform them of your case number which is 276118182 so they may be able to review this for you.
  69. Again Blair, I apologize for any frustration this may have caused you, and I thank you for being an iTunes Store customer. Take care and have a great day!
  71. Sincerely,
  73. Al
  74. iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support
  76. Please Note: I work Sunday-Thursday, 8:00AM-5:00PM EST
  78. First Name : Blair
  79. Last Name : Chasteen
  80. Email :
  81. Lang_Country : en_US
  82. Product : Apple ID
  83. Support Subject : iTunes Store, App Store or Mac App Store
  84. Sub Issue : 2 things, itunes says i'm on new pc when trying to purchase yet the pc is still authorized&amp; forgotten sec ?s sending to email I deleted
  85. GCRM Case ID : 458022464
  86. Details:
  87. For some odd reason, I cannot purchase a song with the $1.78 credit I have because even tho itunes is authorized on the same laptop i've been using with itunes for over a year it tells me this is a new pc and I need to verify payment options. hmm why does it need a payment options for credit I have available on a machine that has not changed. (btw I only have windows installed for itunes and 1 game otherwise it is just a secondary OS on my laptop so it never gets used enough for it to be messed up)
  89. Secondly for some odd reason I dont remember answering the 2nd security ? and thought it was suppose to be a different one so yes I need a reset but the link on the bottom points to an email address that has not been on my apple id in ages so why is it trying to send the forgot security question to an invalid email addr when I had 3 others listed (gmail, icloud and one other. added 4th today ). Point being I will NEVER get that email due to the fact when I canceled the domain the email account went with it hence me removing it from my apple id.
  91. I think thats something that might need to be considered changing, allowing for security questions emails to have their address changeable or sent to multiple verified email accounts such as iCloud along with the original.
  93. btw, the song I wanted to purchase I decided to take my business to amazon which I have credit to play with and one click purchase right one with no hassle.
  99. --
  100. Blair Chasteen
  102. Email:
  103. Raptr:
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