USB Redirector for Linux v.3.4

Mar 10th, 2016
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  1. USB Redirector for Linux v.3.4
  3. Usage:
  5. usbsrv <command>
  7. where <command> is one of the following:
  9. -s,-share <device>
  10. Share specified device.
  11. -t,-unshare <device>
  12. Unshare specified device.
  13. -addexclude <device>
  14. Add specified device to exclusion list.
  15. -remexclude <device>
  16. Remove specified device from exclusion list.
  17. -createcallback <address:port>
  18. Create callback connection to remote USB client.
  19. -closecallback <address:port> | <callbackid>
  20. Close callback connection to remote USB client.
  21. -l,-list [devices | clients]
  22. Display a list of all USB devices attached to USB server
  23. or a list of connected clients. Default is to display devices.
  24. -i,-info
  25. Display information about USB server state.
  26. -settcpport <port>
  27. Change TCP port number used to accept incoming connections.
  28. -autoshare on|off
  29. Enable or disable automatic sharing of USB devices.
  30. -nickname "<nickname>" <device>
  31. Set nickname for a device.
  32. Specify empty string to remove nickname.
  33. -timeout <value> <device>
  34. Set inactivity timeout for a device. Timeout value is in seconds.
  35. Set to zero to disable inactivity timeout.
  36. -version
  37. Display software version.
  39. <device> is <deviceid> | [-vid <vendorid>] [-pid <productid>] [-usbport <port>]
  40. [-serial <serial>] [-devname "<name>"]
  42. -vid Vendor ID of the USB device.
  43. -pid Product ID of the USB device.
  44. -usbport USB port number as displayed by -list command.
  45. -serial Serial number of USB device.
  46. -devname Device name as displayed by -list command.
  47. The name must be enclosed in double quotes.
  49. Examples:
  51. To share a device by vid, pid and port number:
  52. usbsrv -share -vid 0441 -pid 0012 -usbport 1-2
  54. To share a device by port number only:
  55. usbsrv -share -usbport 1-2
  57. To share a device by id:
  58. usbsrv -share 8
  60. To enable auto-sharing mode:
  61. usbsrv -autoshare on
  63. To create a callback connection to remote USB client:
  64. usbsrv -createcallback
  66. To close a callback connection to remote USB client by id:
  67. usbsrv -closecallback 3
  69. Copyright 2007-2013 SimplyCore LLC - Leading USB Solutions
  70. This new unique software product allows to share any USB devices
  71. to use them over local network or Internet.
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