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#OpFuckHarper Press Release 12.02.2012

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Dec 2nd, 2012
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  1. Greetings Fellow Canadians & Citizens of the World!
  3. We are Anonymous.
  5. For far too long we've watched the fraudulently elected Harper get away with travesties against our rights. Bill after bill proposed that erodes our Privacy and Freedoms. Crime Minister Harper seems more concerned with importing Chinese Law and secret foreign courts over Canadian resources and markets. Not to mention acting as a shill for Israel threatening Palestine and shaming Canadians on the International Stage clearly associating the United States, Canada and Israeli Governments in their corrupt and perverse alignments of policy. Palestine is so offended that they are severing all ties with Canadians and removing them in any aspect from the peace process they are just beginning with their newly found UN Sanctioned Statehood.
  7. The primary focus of Operation Fuck Harper is to get Harper to stop fucking us! Which basically means seeing Harper out of power (ie: The House of Commons passing a Motion of No Confidence) and a Government at least moderately representative of the people is established. We hold no disillusions that the other party will be any better, but at this rate anyone is better than Harper.
  9. The secondary focus of Operation Fuck Harper is to bring further recognition and present new evidence to the fact that Harper was fraudulently elected to power via Voter Suppression facilitated by his party members, namely Conservative Riding Association President John White, Conservative Marty Burke & his Campaign Manager Ken Morgan (Fled to Kuwait...), Deputy Campaign Manager Andrew Prescott (Laying low in Alberta...) & Director of Communications Micheal Sona through a scheme unknowingly involving RackNine to misdirect Liberal and otherwise non-Conservative voters to non-existent polling stations the week/day/night of voting. There is well over 10,000 documented cases of such calls all across Canada...and those are just the ones we can prove!
  11. We have included for your review and distribution, The Official Elections Canada Court Informant Records regarding the case. In this document it is conclusively proved that Guelph Conservative Campaign Staffers were responsible for the fraudulent elections calls. We will briefly summarize the facts here.
  13. RackNine, A by contract Conservative Only Call Center for Election Calls, was paid $162.10 for 7,676 calls to a total of 6,738 numbers by RackNine Client #93, 'Pierre Poutine' aka Pierre Jones. RackNine Client #45, Andrew Prescott also paid RackNine $400 for legitimate Conservative Election calls. Both accounts were accessed by the same workstation and IP Addresses in the Guelph Conservative Campaign Office.
  15. Client #93 authenticates to RackNine under a still active session belonging to Client #45 on 05/02/2011 from . Similarly there were 3 occurrences on 05/01 and 05/02/2011 during which Client #45 authenticated to RackNine while still under an active session belonging to Client #93 . Two of these authentications occurred from for Client #45 , The same IP Address used to fund and manage Client #93 . The fact that the same session id was used indicates that the exact same workstation was used within minutes of each other to initiate the fraudulent calls using a Call List that is IDENTICAL to an INTERNAL Conservative List of OPPONENTS dated 04/27/2011.
  17. The conclusions we have drawn from this is that Director of Communications Micheal Sona confided in Campaign Manager Ken Morgan and at his direction reached out to Conservative Matthew McBain, who then confided in Riding Association President John White with Sona's intentions, after which time Sona tasked Deputy Campaign Manager Andrew Prescott with setting up a 'untraceable' RackNine account to put out the fraudulent calls.
  19. And this ladies and just 1 riding.
  21. "Court documents filed in mid-August, 2012, by the Commissioner of Elections Canada indicated that the elections watchdog had received reports of fraudulent or misleading calls in 234 of Canada's 308 ridings"
  23. When we have supporting documentation and evidence for those ridings. We will put out another Press Release. If you happen to be in possession or can direct us to this documentation and/or evidence please e-mail
  25. Check the bottom for supporting links and references. As well as the Elections Canada Court Documentation.
  27. Webchat Link
  29. We are Anonymous
  30. We are Legion
  31. We do not Forgive
  32. We do not Forget
  33. Canada & The Harper Regime
  34. Expect Us
  36. Elections.Canada-Court.Informant.Records-OPFUCKHARPER
  38. Proxy IP Saskatoon, Saskatchewan via , Used for Payments and Management of RackNine Clients #45 & #93
  39. Rogers IP Guelph, Ontario also used for Management of RackNine Clients #45 & #93
  40. RackNine Client #45 Activated 10/19/2010 Cancelled 03/06/2012
  41. RackNine Client #93 Activated 04/30/2011 Cancelled 05/02/2011
  42. Between 04/30/2011 and 05/02/2011 Client #45 and Client #93 both used the Proxy IP and the Rogers IP to access and manage their accounts.
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