The Lady in Red

RoseMoonstone Nov 14th, 2019 107 Never
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  1. STlTCHZ: Lol
  2. STlTCHZ: Oh rip he left..
  3. Coniium: this fucking kiddo
  4. Coniium: Imma bop the fuck out of his head next time i see him
  5. Coniium: you'll help right
  6. STlTCHZ: Mhm
  7. Coniium: ty,
  8. Coniium: one set of bops is not enough
  9. Coniium: So how do you go about making your fleshys
  10. Coniium: wb hun
  11. STlTCHZ: Sowwie I lost connection >~<
  12. Coniium: oh ish okay love.
  13. Coniium: mobile is garbage
  14. Coniium: :O you're here :D
  15. STlTCHZ: Yush
  16. Coniium: yay
  17. Coniium: /me zooms in
  18. STlTCHZ: Lol
  19. STlTCHZ: Whaaaaa
  20. Coniium: imma creep
  21. Coniium: dunt mind me
  22. STlTCHZ: >~<
  23. STlTCHZ: Nuuuu
  24. Coniium: aw you popped back to the wall
  25. Coniium: damn it
  26. STlTCHZ: Whaaa
  27. STlTCHZ: Better?
  28. Coniium: Oh there it goes
  29. Coniium: mobile is going to keep kicking you back to the wall
  30. Coniium: yep there it goess
  31. Coniium: trash
  32. STlTCHZ: Rip
  33. STlTCHZ: I cri
  34. Coniium: me too man
  35. STlTCHZ: Heh yr
  36. STlTCHZ: Ye*
  37. Coniium: /me pokes the dead bodies with a stick
  38. Coniium: this room is so fucked
  39. Coniium: but Ilove it
  40. STlTCHZ: Heh
  41. STlTCHZ: Oh my
  42. Coniium: just saw the body?
  43. Coniium: xD
  44. Coniium: theres so many
  45. Coniium: xD
  46. Coniium: like wtf i this sign even
  47. Coniium: leg with an arrow and miley face
  48. Coniium: smile**
  49. STlTCHZ: Lol
  50. STlTCHZ: Miley face xD
  51. Coniium: yeah i suck at typing and doing englih
  52. Coniium: english
  53. Coniium: see
  54. Coniium: wtf
  55. Coniium: -.-
  56. STlTCHZ: Lol
  57. STlTCHZ: Imma head off back to bed.. tired still and falling asleep
  58. Coniium: Awww sleep well ty for staying and talking with me for a bit more ^^
  59. STlTCHZ: Okie nps ^~^
  60. STlTCHZ: Take care
  61. Coniium: you too
  62. Coniium: rest well
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