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AEB Present 1.5 Log 5

DNA-zama May 22nd, 2014 168 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Avara has connected.
  4. Chloe has connected.
  5.         Nega:   Nega loses 0 hit points.
  6. NegaVictini must wait 22.98 seconds before it may move again!
  7. Blondelle Champagne has connected.
  8.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Oh gosh," Blondelle says, "that was tough!"
  9. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay, all actors are accounted for.
  10.         Blondelle Champagne:    Indeedy-doo.
  11. Kaorin Sakura:  My memory of the last event may be a bit off due to child shenanigans last time so I'll need someone to remind me.
  12. DNA:    We smacked a bitch!
  13. Kaorin Sakura:  iirc, Zekrom had flown off after the party's encounter with him but after that I am at a loss of what transpired.
  14. DNA:    We had our 30 mins of rest interrupted by a Ditto attack. This woke up the Zekrom, who was a right prick, talking with a Reshiram, who was there.
  15. Chloe:  Nothing, that's when we called it.
  16. DNA:    Then Chloe was sad and we opted to finish up our hour of rest. After this, off-session, we agreed to go look for Nylora's peeps.
  17. Avara:  indeed.
  18. Avara:  i also believe we agreed to hide our balls so as to not offend the locals
  19. DNA:    snrk
  20. DNA:    I laughed at that and freely admit it
  21. Avara:  hurray!
  22.         NegaVictini:    The locals are right prudes I say.
  23.         Blondelle Champagne:    (that Victini has Groucho Marx eyebrows)
  24. Avara:  groucho marxini
  25.         Blondelle Champagne:    +1
  26. DNA:    +1 indeed
  27. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay then so, just to make sure we're all on the same page: The party is resting for 1 hour (the second hour to the previous 2 hour intended rest that was interrupted) and hiding their balls?
  28. Avara:  i believe that is indeed the intent.
  29. DNA:    Yes.
  30.         Blondelle Champagne:    Yes.
  31. * DNA makes a note that he can't have Dutch segues out of nowhere.
  32.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I am hidng them in my bra!"
  33. Kaorin Sakura:  I would like to know where these are being kept. I know Chloe has a backpack where she stores hers.
  34. Chloe:  Do pokeballs shrink like the anime?
  35. Avara:  that question. yes.
  36. Avara:  rather, i would like to ask it as well
  37. DNA:    I will have mine stored in the Bag.
  38. Kaorin Sakura:  They do but that still makes them 3x3 inches of space.
  39. DNA:    That's about 1/4 size, if memory serives
  40.         Blondelle Champagne:    all the better to make my rack look awesome
  41. DNA:    serves, rather.
  42. DNA:    which is odd, because I thought that was the normal size.
  43. Avara:  ... i THOUGHT i bought a backpack. apparently not. i do have a sleeping bag, that might be able to work as an improvised backpack for this. i think i shall stuff them in my sleeping bag, which in turn is presumably strapped across my back.
  44. Kaorin Sakura:  So this does not later become a surprise.
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  Drawing an item not immediately ready on your person is a Standard Action.
  46. Avara:  alright
  47. DNA:    I recall hearing this!
  48. DNA:    But it never hurts to note it.
  49. Avara:  likewise.
  50. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay then. Everyone can restore their 1/8th HP for the hours rest.
  51. Avara:  eeexcept for rochette. injured max hp right now.
  52.         Finch:  Finch is healed and gains 4 hit points.
  53.         Sacrama:        Sacrama is healed and gains 6 hit points.
  54. * Natasha is currently at injured max. We are ready!
  55. Chloe:  DItto heals too?
  56. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  57. Kaorin Sakura:  Though he's still paralyzed and frozen.
  58. Chloe:  6.375
  60. Kaorin Sakura:  You can remove the rozen condition as an Extended Action.
  61. Chloe:  Will do so
  62. Kaorin Sakura:  frozen*
  63.         Nega:   Nega is healed and gains 6 hit points.
  64. Kaorin Sakura:  Wow. f key decided to get stuck.
  65. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay, with that said:
  66.         Wineberry:      Wineberry is healed and gains 5 hit points.
  67. Actors! To the set! Remember your lines and don't fudge the script too badly!
  68. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand
  69. Action!
  70.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe Blanchett is healed and gains 5 hit points.
  71.         Rochette:       Rochette sits up, feeling a little bored after sitting around for a while.... and she wanted to work off some of the frustration from talking with an irate dragon. "So... who wants to go spelunking?"
  72.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe looked around idly for other cave enterances. 9 Perception.
  73.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Might as well. There aren't any better ideas, are there?"
  74.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe nodded.
  75. * Saturn Rosewell will do the same; 13
  76. DNA:    ...that feels good.
  77.         Chloe Blanchett:        "...we should tell Nylora where we are looking."
  78.         Rochette:       "Do you remember where she went when we decided to rest for a bit?"
  79.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Didn't she wait there?"
  80.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I didn't really notice. I was focused on the raid; I wasn't looking behind me."
  81.         Rochette:       Rochette stands up and looks around for Nylora.
  82. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Your senses are able to detect 2 other caves nearby.
  83. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: From which direction(s)?
  84. * Saturn Rosewell tries Intuition! to see where Nylora may have gone. 12
  85. * Nylora is sitting peacefully in the cave.
  86.         Saturn Rosewell:        d'oh!
  87. DNA:    Perils of typing fast.
  88. Nylora whispers: From your position at 1dcave, both are northwest. Though one is more west than the other.
  89.         Rochette:       "Nylora, we're going to start searching for more caves like the one you were stuck in. It didn't really look like there were any more places like the one you were stuck in in this one."
  90.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I can see 2 caves northwest from here. One's a teeny bit more west than the other."
  91.         Saturn Rosewell:        "We have two choices, then. Should we start with the one closest to us, or further away?"
  92.         Nylora:         "Did any of you venture from my prison?"
  93.         Nylora:         "My memory may not be the best from my immediate ressurection, but I do not recall the other door of my prison open when I was rescued."
  94.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe heard Nylora speak up for the first time in a while. Curious, Chloe walked into the cave for a listen.
  95.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Other door?"
  96.         Rochette:       "... We can take another look. We'll need a way down there, though. Should I bring out Roland again?"
  97.         Nylora:         "Yes, the other door."
  98.         Nylora:         "We exited the door of which I assume you entered. Opposite of it was another door. It was closed if my memory serves right."
  99.         Nylora:         "Have any of you ventured deeper beyond my prison?"
  100.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I think as soon as we found you, we just doubled back and headed back to camp, so...no."
  101.         Rochette:       Rochette walks over to the hole and tries to remember how far down the drop was. "Priority one was getting you out. We might've missed seeing the door at all."
  102.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Oh... there was another litwik on the other side, I was scared to open that door."
  103.         Rochette:       "Yeah... when I opened the first door I got a nice gash on my back as thanks."
  104.         Chloe Blanchett:        "There were three of them, we only startled two."
  105.         Nylora:         "What is a Litwick?"
  106.         Rochette:       "A type of pokemon. Small, candle-like."
  107. * Nylora attempts to recall the details of her prison.
  108.         Nylora:         "Ahhh, the Hitomoshi."
  109.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe lifted her hands to show the sixe, "A candle ghost, about this big. Wax body with a blue flame."
  110. DNA:    I can't believe you just said that
  111. DNA:    well, MAYBE I can
  112. Avara:  is nylora going to call all pokemon by their japanese names?
  113.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The... fire... moochi?"
  114. DNA:    It would not surprise me
  115.         Nylora:         "They do eat souls. Likely why they guarded my prison. It may be best to assume more are guarding others. And likely the other door to my prison."
  116.         Saturn Rosewell:        10 General, to see if she knows of the name
  117. Nylora: (( @Ava. That's a fairy assumption. ))
  118. Avara:  how can an assumption be fairy-type?
  119. Nylora whispers: Hitomoshi is an old name of Litwick.
  120. Nylora: (( Fair. Didn't mean fairy. ))
  121.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I think it's just an older name for Litwick, that's all."
  122.         Rochette:       "Sounds like them, yeah... Anyone else want to take the lead on this one? I think if I get too much more hurt I'm going to end up bedridden."
  123.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Not surprising, since you said you were really old."
  124. Rochette: (( it was a joke ))
  125. Nylora: (( I literally didn't mean to type fairy. >_> ))
  126. DNA:    I will now start calling all of your assumptions pink.
  127.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I can certainly take the lead," Blondelle offered Rochette. "You're looking a little fragile at the moment." She smiled reassuringly.
  128. Nylora: (( PoT and her pinks! ))
  129.         Saturn Rosewell:        "We will have to get back down there again. There was no ladder of any kind by that hole. ...I hate to pester you, Rochette, but we may have need of Roland again."
  130. Avara:  kaorin, i know. i know it was a typo, i knew when i asked. that's why i asked how it can be fairy-type. i figured that was so obviously out of left field the joke would be obvious. guess not?
  131. Nylora: (( I understand it was a joke. I just didn't notice I typed fairy until you made the joke. : P It's cool. ))
  132.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Hm... if we're not traveling through the woods... I think it's safe to have our pokeballs out. Anyone who sees us heading in knows who we're here to bust out."
  133. * Nylora stands up and dusts herself off.
  134.         Rochette:       "I'm less pestered and more worried about drawing more attacks." She rustles through her sleeping bag's folds and pulls out Roland's pokeball, before letting him out. "Blondelle, pick someone to go with you first." She pulls out her other pokeballs as well at Chloe's words, readying them on her belt.
  135.         Nylora:         "Allow me to give blessings to our parting."
  136.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe readied her pokeballs as well.
  137.         Nylora:         "Please, know that all I ask is that you confirm if my sisters are still imprisoned."
  138. * Saturn Rosewell readies herself, also summoning Natasha again, for light.
  139.         Blondelle Champagne:    "June Oliver." She smiles.
  140.         Nylora:         "However, if they are and you could find it in your hearts to release them, I would be eternally grateful."
  141.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I think if we do find them, we'd try to release them anyway, right?"
  142.         Chloe Blanchett:        Intuition! 9 Spending AP.
  143.         Rochette:       "Don't know why we -wouldn't- let them out if we can. Might need time to heal now and then, but if we can help someone who's not doing harm... why not?"
  144.         Saturn Rosewell:        8 Intuition to perceive Nylora's motives
  145.         Saturn Rosewell:        ouch.
  146.         Chloe Blanchett:        "If we don't find anything, I'll make sure I stop by the Shrine of Nero on my journey for more clues."
  147.         Blondelle Champagne:    Intuition check:
  148.         Rochette:       "Shrine of Nero?"
  149. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 2d6+3 => 5 + 3 = 8
  150. Nylora whispers: She is truthful about her eternal gratitude. She seems legitimately concerned about her siblings.
  151. Rochette: (( kaorin, would you mind rolling intuition for me so i don't know what i rolled? 2d6+1 ))
  152.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle is as intuitive as Saturn.
  153. Nylora: (( you can use gm: 2d6+1 if you don't want to know the result. ))
  154. * Avara rolls: gm 2d6+1 => Invalid expression: gm 2d6+1.
  155. Avara:  ... nope, shows my roll to me
  156. Chloe Blanchett:        "I don't know where the shrine is, but Nylora said this is the key to it... and he was the one hunting them down. If there are any clues left to find, it would be where he was."
  157.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I say we trust her," Blondelle says, looking like she trusts Nylora.
  158.         Blondelle Champagne:    "You look like you only want your siblings to be safe. We can help you."
  159.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle gave the impression of somebody strong and optimistic.
  160.         Rochette:       "Blondelle, did you pick your travel buddy yet?"
  161.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe blinked to Blondelle, surprised at her statement.
  162.         Blondelle Champagne:    "June Oliver."
  163.         Nylora:         "All I asked for initially was to know if they too had escaped."
  164.         Rochette:       "How about someone you can't put in a pokeball for the trip? To make sure we can all get down there as fast as possible?"
  165.         Blondelle Champagne:    "And we can help you. We're good people and that's what good people do. They help."
  166.         Nylora:         "Actually releasing them should they be present and allowing me to re-unite with them would place me in your debt."
  167.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I don't know. Who wants me to be my partner?" she asks, looking a little shy.
  168.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I don't you in my debt. None of us do. We'll just say we're friends, how's that sound?"
  169.         Blondelle Champagne:    need you*
  170. * Nylora blushed briefly before looking away.
  171.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle smiled; she was happy.
  172.         Nylora:         "Forgive me for not believing you. I cannot believe mortals would have become so selfless."
  173.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Believe what you want."
  174.         Blondelle Champagne:    "But be prepared to be proven wrong."
  175.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Let's go!" she says. "You're my partner!"
  176.         Rochette:       "Some are, some aren't. As far as I'm concerned, though, I don't need a reward for doing this. Didn't help you for the sake of a reward, not going to do so for them. If it was something of a different cailber, I might ask for a reward, but... it isn't. So I'm not."
  177.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Travellers tend to be more so than most. We have little to do and much to give. An act of kindness usually isn't too much of a stretch."
  178.         Saturn Rosewell:        "As for myself...I don't have any reason to leave them imprisoned, so..."
  179.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Gawd, you're so morally grey Saturn..." she says, scratching her head.
  180.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Heehee... really... " Chloe felt a bit bashful at how much weight was put onto this act.
  181.         Nylora:         "I shall remain here, tethered to the earth so that I may recover without feeding."
  182.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I don't know what to believe about people, Blondelle."
  183.         Nylora:         "But I shall give blessing over you for luck."
  184.         Saturn Rosewell:        "All I can do is just listen to what they say and go from there."
  185.         Rochette:       "... Chloe, you get along with Blondelle best so far. Do you mind going down first with her? Saturn and I will be right behind."
  186.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe smiled, "Thank you for your blessing." Chloe looked up. "That's alright. Blondelle, should we go?"
  187.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I do the first thing a plenty, but sometimes I forget to that last thing."
  188.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Yes!" she said, nodding at Chloe.
  189.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I will take the lead. I am the least hurt and will protect you all!"
  190. * Nylora holds up her hands and them shimmer blue briefly.
  191.         Blondelle Champagne:    She marched in first.
  192.         Nylora:         "Aura of the Earth, withdrawn from its vessel."
  193. * Nylora she holds her hands over the party, runic symbols appearing briefly as she does.
  194.         Nylora:         "Let wisdom be granted so these souls may be safe."
  195. * Roland is not a bus and cannot be marched into. He can, however, be mounted by two people.
  196.         Natasha:        "Ooh, mooi."
  197.         Chloe Blanchett:        Knowledge Occult 13. Chloe took a step back in surprise as she saw the light.
  198.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Enchanting... magic..?"
  199. The symbols briefly flash on your backs, just over your hearts.
  200.         Nylora:         "Aura of the Earth, withdrawn from its vessel."
  201.         Nylora:         "Let wisdom be granted so these souls may be safe."
  202.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Eek!" Saturn leapt in shock.
  203.         Nylora:         "So these souls, may be safe."
  204.         Blondelle Champagne:    Knowledge Occult:
  205.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wha-What was that!?"
  206. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 2d6+2 => 5 + 2 = 7
  207. * Saturn Rosewell is too surprised to make a skill check!
  208. For the next 8 hours you have been granted a blessing of protection and safety.
  209.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Wow!" Blondelle says. "Thanks! Not sure what that was, but it seems like a good thing! I feel safer already!"
  210. Your evasions have its default value raised by +1 and gain a bonus to accuracy checks of +1.
  211.         Natasha:        Yay for stacking accuracy bonuses! ^.^
  212. * Roland will ferry blondelle and chloe down to the prison as soon as they're both on his back and the blessing is done.
  213. Chloe Blanchett must wait 28.44 seconds before it may move again!
  214.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle climbs onto Roland.
  215.         Blondelle Champagne:    She reaches down a hand to give Chloe a hand getting up onto Roland's back, too.
  216.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Natasha, gaan met hen. Zij hebben behoefte aan licht."
  217.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe climbed up as well, hugging Roland tight. "Jeez... even this short of a flight is making me nervious."
  218. * Natasha nodded, and moved right above Roland's head, glowing.
  219.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Same!" she squeels a little.
  220.         Roland:         Roland lands at the prison and lowers two wings to let the girls dismount. Once that's done, he goes back up, gets the other two, and flies back down again.
  221. Blondelle and Chloe make it to the hut. The blue flames that once guarded its poorly crafted wooden doors are no longer there.
  222.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe walked around to get the jelly from her legs. "... okay, I'm ready." She said, keeping her voice down in the cave.
  223. However, a faint blue light can be seen from the other side of the hut.
  224.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle jumped off. She takes the lead as she said.
  225. Avara:  let me know when roland's second trip is done?
  226. * Saturn Rosewell is waiting for Roland's return, to join the others.
  227. Nylora: (( It can be now. But I shall briefly make myself a sandwhich. Haven't eaten since this morning. ))
  228. Avara:  okay. roland takes the two down to the prison! yaaaaay! and rochette dismounts. and presumably saturn. and then pause for eats.
  229. DNA:    Correct.
  230.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((waiting for Kaorin then))
  231. Nylora: (( Back with sammiches ))
  232.         Blondelle Champagne:    (manwiches are better)
  233. DNA:    ...no.
  234.         Blondelle Champagne:    (womanwiches?)
  235. DNA:    we won't go there.
  236.         Blondelle Champagne:    goes there
  237.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Is everyone here?" Chloe asked, turning back to see if the litwick were still there. 15 Perception
  238.         Blondelle Champagne:    "We need your help." Blondelle used her angel eyes.
  239.         Blondelle Champagne:    Charm:
  240. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 3d6+3 => 8 + 3 = 11
  241.         Rochette:       "Yeah, we're all here. If we're going to keep our Pokeballs out, I think I'll just keep Roland out too. In case we need him for some reason..."
  242.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The door is still open, the two we scared off are still... scared off. Or invisible. The blue flame on the other side is still there, likely a pokemon. Is anyone sneaky enough to open the door while out of sight? It can't scald us if it cant see us. ... not Rochette. I'm not a medic, but I'm not sure if you can take much more of their scarring without putting yourself in serious condition."
  243.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If these doors are anything like before, Rochette shouldn't be going anywhere near them, not like this."
  244.         Rochette:       "I'm... -probably- the only one with stealth training, but I'm going to go ahead and guess they can hear us talking."
  245.         Chloe Blanchett:        "... it's callous, but a pokemon would be the second best option. We can't hide in pokeballs if we get to hurt, and if we go down our pokemon are helpless." Chloe shifted uncomfortably. She didn't like what she had to say, but safety was safety.
  246.         Rochette:       "How about we ask them to open the door?"
  247. * Natasha looked about, wondering what should be done.
  248.         Rochette:       "The litwicks, that is."
  249.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Oh... wait. What way does that door open?"
  250. The door you opened opens outward, away from the hut.
  251.         Rochette:       "I would have to get close enough to the door to check for hinges."
  252.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Hm... a thread wouldn't work, but a blast might?"
  253.         Rochette:       "... I guess asking and trying not to draw the anger of whoever's on the other side is out of the question, then?"
  254.         Saturn Rosewell:        "No, I think we should ask. The worst they can do is say no."
  255.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I think they made their alliance clear, but it's still worth a try."
  256.         Rochette:       "E matau ana koe ki ta au e mea e ahau?... Hitomoshi?"
  257.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I agree with Saturn." Blondelle nods at the shorter girl.
  258. Nick has connected.
  259.         Rochette:       Rochette steps a little closer to the door, but not within arm's reach. (in map terms, she's staying a full square away)
  260. Kaorin Sakura:  A deep, rolling voice emits around you.
  261. He aha ta tatou i konei? Whakaeke?
  262. * Natasha uttered a small eep in shock.
  263.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe looked around desperately for a voice! 15 Perception!
  264.         Rochette:       "... Ko matou manuhiri ki te hunga kua herea konei."
  265.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle also kept her eyes peeled for the origins of this voice.
  266.         Natasha:        Intuition: 16 To discern the intent of the voice.
  267. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 3d6+2 => 12 + 2 = 14
  268.         Rochette:       "It asked something like... 'What have we here? Offering?'"
  269.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe pointed to a few bubbles of light, "What are those?"
  270. Kaorin Sakura whispers: The voice appears curious and treacherous.
  271.         Natasha:        "Ik krijg een slecht gevoel, Saturn..."
  272.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Well, tell it 'NO' in big letters."
  273.         Rochette:       "I answered that we're visitors to the imprisoned.
  274.         Rochette:       "
  275. Te hunga herehere i konei e noho ki te konei hoki katoa taengatá. Kahore o ratou manuhiri.
  276.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe keeps an eye on the bubbles of red light.
  277. Tatari ...
  278. Kaorin Sakura:  *Suddenly, bubbles of red light appear brightly throughout the caverns and shimmer briefly.
  279.         Rochette:       "Te hunga i whakahau koutou kua roa. Kitea te kaitiaki i kōhatungia."
  280.         Natasha:        "U hoeft niet om ons te kwetsen! We zijn vriendelijk!" Charm, so they don't hurt us: 29
  281. Kua whakahaere Nylora ki te hopoia mawhiti!
  282.         Rochette:       "Kua riro koutou rangatira."
  283.         Rochette:       "Kua whakarerea e koe mo te reanga. Kua haere mano o kowhititanga marama mai i tu koe i konei."
  284. Kihai i taea e kua mawhiti ia i runga i tona ake. Tūmomo.
  285. E nui he pono. Ko ahau kore hakari i toku wahi. Ko e pono taku pononga, a taea noatia te mutunga. I muri i te katoa, hanga ana e ratou i te hinaaro o te Atua.
  286. Kaorin Sakura:  *The red bubbles suddenly vanish.
  287.         Rochette:       "Ko te kaitiaki he kohatu, he hua o te wahi o te wā. Kahore ke atu noho."
  288.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe's eyes still seem fixated on something floating.
  289. Kaorin Sakura:  And all that remains is silence.
  290.         Chloe Blanchett:        "So what are those bubbles talking about?"
  291.         Blondelle Champagne:    "What should we do?" she asks.
  292.         Rochette:       "E hiahia ana matou ki te haere ki ki te toe herehere. Kaua tatou whakaaetanga?"
  293.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Should I take the leader and try and open the door?"
  294.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wait. Rochette is still speaking."
  295. Nick is disconnected.
  296.         Rochette:       "The speaker claims ownership of a shrine. The ones here are or were followers, and I think it's calling itself God."
  297.         Rochette:       "Someone try opening the door."
  298.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The speaker is still right there." Chloe points to the space she was looking.
  299. Nick has connected.
  300.         Rochette:       Rochette turns to look where Chloe is looking.
  301. * Saturn Rosewell looks at the space in question. perception: 5
  302.         Saturn Rosewell:        ouch
  303. Kaorin Sakura: (( Ouch, indeed. ))
  304. Avara:  (kaorin, 2d6+1 secret roll?)
  305. Avara:  (tried /gm 6 before. it showed me the result)
  306. Kaorin Sakura: (( You can see it, however, as Chloe is blatantly pointing it out to you. ))
  307.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle looks there, too.
  308. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 3d6+2 => 9 + 2 = 11
  309. DNA:    Oh, so there's something actually visible?
  310. Avara:  okay
  311.         Roland:         Roland is still standing on the ground where the others are. He looks that way also!
  312.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle looks at the thing; can she do a Pokemon Edu check to know what kind of pokemon it is?
  313. Chloe points to a tiny collection of bubbles that are very faintly glowing red.
  314. Kaorin Sakura: (( Collection of tiny bubbles. Not tiny collection of bubbles. ))
  315.         Blondelle Champagne:    Pokemon Edu:
  316. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 3d6+3 => 17 + 3 = 20
  317.         Natasha:        21 Gen. Edu - What is that thing?
  318.         Rochette:       "Ko te tangata e karanga ana ano atua o tenei wahi, e tika ana?"
  319. Kaorin Sakura whispers: It's a technology of some sort though its immediate function you are unsure of. Whatever you heard, though, you wouldn't be surprised if it came through these bubbles.
  320.         Natasha:        "De belletjes kan spreken!"
  321.         Saturn Rosewell:        "That would explain why the voice was echoing..."
  322.         Blondelle Champagne:    "It's not a Pokemon."
  323.         Rochette:       "For not being a pokemon, if that's what was talking to me it sure speaks modern kanto pokemon well enough."
  324.         Blondelle Champagne:    "It's definitely not a Pokemon."
  325.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle affirms strongly.
  326.         Chloe Blanchett:        "If its setting itself up like a deity, it's a good thing to communicate with them. Was it helpful?"
  327.         Rochette:       "I informed it that its management guards are gone due to the passage of time, and we're here to visit and learn about the prisoners. It first insisted that the prisoners are here to stay without visitors forever. Now.. it's just not talking."
  328.         Chloe Blanchett:        "... where does that leave us now?"
  329.         Rochette:       "With a bunch of glowing balls staring at us."
  330.         Rochette:       "Slightly tinted red. When they were bright red earlier it was an alarm, I think."
  331.         Rochette:       "The fact that nobody attacked us was probably proof of what I was saying."
  332.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe nodded, still watching the light to make sure nothing happens.
  333.         Rochette:       "... Blondelle, do you mind trying the door? We'll keep watch on the lights."
  334.         Blondelle Champagne:    "No worries," Blondelle says, getting into position. "Everyone behind me."
  335.         Roland:         Roland positions himself between the hut door and the balls of godlight.
  336.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle opens the door in a stealthy manner.
  337. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 2d6+2 => 3 + 2 = 5
  338. * Saturn Rosewell watches the door and the bubbles, carefully...
  339.         Blondelle Champagne:    creeeeeeeeeeeeekkk~
  340.         Rochette:       Rochette watches carefully as well, primed to strike if they try to.
  341. Kaorin Sakura: (( Oh Rob, you were right about the layers thing. ))
  342. Chloe Blanchett:        (( Neat. Glad that's solved. ))
  343. Avara is disconnected.
  344. Kaorin Sakura:  Ignore the bad hut sprite. >_>
  345. DNA:    I didn't even notice we had another ap.
  346. DNA:    *map.
  347. Chloe Blanchett:        (( hut isn't appearing))
  348.         Blondelle Champagne:    (what hut?)
  349. DNA:    lol
  350. Avara has connected.
  351.         Blondelle Champagne:    lol
  352. Kaorin Sakura:  Whoops on m ypart.
  353.         Blondelle Champagne:    oh that hut
  354. Avara:  i missed what now?
  355. DNA:    nothing
  356. DNA:    seriously, nothing
  357. Avara:  ok
  358. Chloe Blanchett:        ((Cavern map))
  359. Avara:  where are the balls?
  360.         Blondelle Champagne:    on my belt
  361. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay~
  362. DNA:    Yup.
  363.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle opens the door.
  364. As Blondelle opens the door blood suddenly splatters onto the floor as a gash appears along her (-1 DEF Injury) and the back of her knee (-1 SPE injury and also damn there being no scientific name for that body part).
  365. Avara:  missed a word
  366. Avara:  first injury location
  367. Kaorin Sakura: (( Ah. Back. Whoops. ))
  368.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Ouch!"
  369.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle's eyes begin watering; "the things I do for my friends!"
  370.         Blondelle Champagne:    She sniffles and cries a little.
  371.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You did good, Blondelle. Thanks a bunch!"
  372. Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe flinched, "T-two?"
  373.         Rochette:       "... Roland, could you help me out? I don't know what word I'm looking for..."
  374.         Roland:         Roland says a couple of insults in Pokemon (Kanto).
  375.         Roland:         Primarily pertaining to cowardice and jerkiness.
  376. Four Litwick appear on the other side of the hut, floating above the widened area of the elevated road above the waters of the cavern below.
  377.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If this door was that tightly guarded, there's probably something of vital importance here..."
  378. Avara:  are there less balls of light?
  379.         Wineberry:      Wineberry hits the field!
  380. Kaorin Sakura:  The amount of bubbles have not changed
  381. Avara:  has the color?
  382. Kaorin Sakura:  Also no.
  383.         June Oliver:    June Oliver, opening his eyes a little, looks a bit grumpy at Blondelle's wounds.
  384.         Rochette:       "Unless you need help, Roland and I will hold the rear, alright?"
  385.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It looks like they're going to use the hut as a choke point."
  386.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Okay! Tell them we mean no harm!"
  387.         Rochette:       "Te tikanga o matou, kihai i aha. Matou e rapu noa ki te haere ki te whare herehere."
  388.         Hitomoshi:      "Ko te tikanga o matou e koe maha raru. Koa, puta mai, kia kai matou ki a koe."
  389. DNA:    dat shiny litwick
  390.         Rochette:       "Kahore o matou i roto i ngā hopu te kehua i tenei ra. He haumaru i a matou e koe, me a koutou tamariki."
  391.         Rochette:       "... They want to eat our souls."
  392.         Rochette:       "Sooooo um. Who's ready to put out the lights?"
  393.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...darn..."
  394.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Okay, um, maybe if I get them my cutest look..."
  395.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Do we really have to do this?"
  396.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle gives them puppy dog eyes.
  397. * Blondelle Champagne rolls: 3d6+2 => 9 + 2 = 11
  398. Kaorin Sakura:  Roll that Charm.
  399.         Blondelle Champagne:    legs eleven?
  400.         Rochette:       "Their exact words were 'But we mean thou many harms. Please, come forth so that we may devour thee.'"
  401.         Natasha:        Natasha flashed her cutest look possible at them! 27
  402.         Hitomoshi:      >:?
  403.         Hitomoshi 1:    |
  404.         Hitomoshi 2:    \o/
  405.         Hitomoshi 3:    >_>
  406. Nick is disconnected.
  407. * Hitomoshi 2 gazes upon Blondelle eagerly.
  408.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle was sad.
  409. Nick has connected.
  410. * Hitomoshi 2 floats over to Blondelle with a grin.
  411. DNA:    Did my Charm check not do anything?
  412.         Hitomoshi 2:    "Kei te mahana o te ra o te raumati e koe. Kia toku aroha mahana,."
  413.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Do you want to join our side?" she asks.
  414.         Hitomoshi:      -.-
  415.         Hitomoshi 1:    \o/
  416.         Hitomoshi 3:    =.=
  417. * Hitomoshi 2 sits on Blondelle's head.
  418.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Whaaa...?"
  419. * Hitomoshi 1 flutters over to Natasha.
  420.         Natasha:        "Vechten is slecht. We kunnen vrienden!" Natasha is still trying to remain as cute as possible. (Retaining previous roll)
  421.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It looks like you caught one Belle." Chloe smiled to Blondelle.
  422.         Rochette:       "Blondelle, it's hitting on you."
  423.         Hitomoshi 1:    "E kore e koe o toku rōpū hua engari e tamau tatou i roto i te romance."
  424. * Hitomoshi 1 winks at Natasha.
  425.         Hitomoshi:      "... Nae e kukume?"
  426.         Rochette:       "Same for Natasha."
  427. * Natasha 's skin crawled slightly.
  428.         Natasha:        "Dat is leuk, maar ik maak graag vrienden!"
  429.         Hitomoshi 3:    "Titiro kino atu i ngā."
  430.         Saturn Rosewell:        "She said she's just interested in making friends."
  431.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...emphasis on 'just'."
  432.         Rochette:       "And... that one over there is calling us evil."
  433.         Blondelle Champagne:    "Well, I am beautiful, so I don't blame it," Blondelle declares.
  434.         Blondelle Champagne:    "I'mma call you Charmer."
  435.         Blondelle Champagne:    Blondelle pulls out a ball and offers the floating candle to enter.
  436.         Rochette:       "Te kotahi a ahi ta e hiahia ana ia ki te tīmata rite hoa."
  437. * Hitomoshi 2 looks blankly at the ball, completely unaware of what it is.
  438.         Natasha:        "Mijn naam is Natasha! Wat is je naam?" she asked Hito #1, enthusiastically.
  439.         Blondelle Champagne:    "You poke it and get inside, silly!"
  440.         Rochette:       "Ki te pa ki a koutou te porohita iti o taua ao, ka meinga e ia te kawe te kāinga o te tini i he kaimahi ki te kotiro hina māwhero koe."
  441.         Hitomoshi 1:    " I roto i te wa e tika ai, ka hanga e tatou iti mura. Ka kite kotiro marama."
  442. * Natasha looked at Rochette hoping for an explanation. hopefully she knew what they were saying.
  443.         Hitomoshi 1:    "Rousoku."
  444.         Rochette:       ((waiting on translation))
  445. * DNA can wait
  446.         Rochette:       "I said Natasha wants to start as friends. He said that she'll see, in time they will make little flames."
  447. * Hitomoshi 2 pokes the button, unwittingly accepting capture. (It didn't pay any attention to Rochette)
  448. You have disconnected.
  449. Chloe has connected.
  450. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  451. Avara has connected.
  452. Nick has connected.
  453. * Saturn Rosewell translates for Natasha's benefit, also ensuring her that she won't let harm come to her.
  454. * Natasha takes out a Poke Ball and holds it out, like a peace offering.
  455.         Natasha:        "Je lijkt aardig. Wil je vrienden zijn?" - addressing Hito #1.
  456.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Asking if you want to be friends," Saturn asked the Litwick
  457. * Hitomoshi 1 nods to Natasha.
  458.         Rochette:       "I ahau i mea ki te aroaro o, i te porowhita iti. Ki te pa ki a koutou te reira ka waiho koutou taurereka ki te tangata nana te reira - te huruhuru te koura i roto i tenei take - a ka mahi i te reira, ano he te kāinga kawe. Mau i te kotahi marama i tēnei tūranga rite te pai."
  459. Kaorin Sakura: (( With conversation in skype as is, I think we'll break here for now. ))
  460. Kaorin Sakura: (( Trainers gain 3 XP. 1 Pokémon belonging to each Trainer may gain 10 EXP. ))
  461. Nick is disconnected.
  462. Chloe is disconnected.
  463. Kaorin Sakura:  Saving campaign and log.
  464. Avara is disconnected.
  465. Kaorin Sakura:  12
  466. You have disconnected.
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