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  1. Chat:
  2.   # Will try to modify chat to display it in defined format
  3.   ModifyChatFormat: false
  4.   # When set to true, regular and private messages (excludes clean messages) will have aditional information when hovering over it (PlaceHolderAPI supported) and can be clicked for quick reply option
  5.   # To change default hover over messages seen on sent message, go to your locale file to Chat section
  6.   ClickHoverMessages: true
  7.   # Enables support for DiscordSRV plugin
  8.   DiscordSRVPublicChat: true
  9.   # Indicator which can be used as {discord} in chat format to indicate that message came from discord and not ingame
  10.   DiscordSRVLabel: '&2[&7D&2]'
  11.   # Enables support for DynMap web chat
  12.   DynMapChat: false
  13.   # When set to false, each time you will use /r you will reply to person you previously sent message directly or to person who sent you message if there is none you have conversion before
  14.   # When this set to true, players with /r will reply to person who last sent private message. This can result in confusion when using /r while getting private messages from multiple players
  15.   ReplyToLastMessenger: false
  16.   # If ReplyToLastMessenger is set to false, then timeOut will be taken into consideration to who you should reply
  17.   # If you had conversation in last 120 seconds (default) then even receiving message from 3rd person, you will still reply to original player
  18.   # If you had conversation in longer then 120 seconds period, then you will reply to latest person who send you a message
  19.   LastMessengerTimeOut: 120
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