Serious MegaMan SF

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Serious MegaMan SF (Recreation)

Recreates the Serious MegaMan SF battle that was playable at Capcom events only. Video:

Replaces ProtoMan V3. Probably not entirely accurate (LongSword, BeastSlap damage values are unknown, low HP and flinch HP thresholds are unknown, etc.). Missing red palette (or maybe it's just lighting in the video?)

Enter as Action Replay DS.

521CE6F4 200F7528
221CE6F6 00000005
221CE7DA 00000005
221CE816 0000000A
221CE81E 0000000A
221CE83E 00000002
221CE86E 00000005
221CE88E 0000000A
221CE90E 0000000F
221CE938 00000014
221CE9D8 00000005
221CEA0A 00000019
221CEA22 0000000A
221CEA7E 0000001E
221CEAAA 00000008
221CEB7E 00000005
221CEC40 00000005
221CEC88 0000000A
221CED42 00000014
221CED4A 00000014
221CED88 0000000A
221CEE18 0000000A
221CEE72 00000001
221CEE9C 00000050
221CEF20 00000001
221CEF9C 00000001
221CE866 0000004B
221CEA02 00000096
221CEBF6 000000E1
121CEDCE 00000126
021CE4BC 000003B6
221CE53E 000000C8
D2000000 00000000
5206A674 00020565
2206A674 000000A4
D2000000 00000000
52087200 360002BC
12087200 000005DC
D2000000 00000000
520854F4 1011100F
220854F7 0000001D
22085502 0000001D
D2000000 00000000

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