Leisure Time

Feb 18th, 2019
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  1. (feet, butt, breasts, smothering, insertion)
  3. "Closer," Lady Ciruna ordered, grinning and tapping just above her exposed slit.
  5. Basil struggled to obey. He exerted all the strength in his tiny fairy body to gain an inch to her crotch, but the pressure one toe applied to his gossamer wings kept him nailed to the bed sheets.
  7. "Aww, come on, be a good boy. Closer," she repeated, rolling her head back in a slightly drunken haze and running her fingers over her silky legs - coloured a few shades bluer than her blood. The sultry night in the palace had the drow perspiring, and subtle beads of sweat added a light sheen to her curvaceous body, clumping her cascading white hair together.
  9. The fairy's whimpering movements tickled her toe. His wings, pretty even while folded, crinkled and threatened to tear from the pressure, but she was very attentive to that. There was little chance his bones would break at least - her bed was very, very soft. Ciruna's foot arched subtly, twice as tall as he was, delighting in showing off how much bigger it was than him.
  11. "Closer!" The drow pushed her foot down, catching him under the bridge, and waited for the squeak. Ciruna only relented once she heard that adorable little mew, and blindly searched for her goblet with an ornately ringed hand. Gods, what a bully I've become, she thought, giggling to herself again; decades spent in drow high society would bring that out in a person. She took a luxurious gulp of expensive wine and again began to torment her plaything. "I'm really growing impatient," she chided, resuming his treatment as a footrest.
  13. Despite the pain, Basil grunted and reluctantly took the punishment. Obedience was drilled into him, and his eyes were still locked to his final destination between those godly glistening thighs. He was not made for this, definitely not; Basil was a good-hearted and innocent little thing by all measure, or he was once, in another life. There was nothing he could do but try his very best, and provide her with entertainment.
  15. With some expert movements, the Lady used her black nail to dig under him and kick him up, sending him careening over the velvet sea to bounce off her opposite calf - bruised, fatigued, and dizzied. The drow slithered around her silky sheets, crawling closer to him. Before he even had a chance to recuperate she claimed him as a cushion - her plush, purple behind bore down on him in all its thick and smothering glory.
  17. Panic set in. He was engulfed by her. His chest creaked under her weight. All he had was a free arm which he used to impudently slap his owner, mumbling something muffled, probably a beg. Ciruna arched her back and hummed, grinding those devilish womanly hips. It was a long draught of her wine before she cared enough to address him, "Are you alright back there, darling?"
  19. No response.
  21. She tsk-tsked and leaned onto her haunches, giving just enough breathing room to wiggle free. Basil savoured the freedom, and the poor young fairy collapsed into a panting mass, narrowly glaring at her in fear. The gigantic drow twisted around like a predator; her cat-like body cast him in its shadow. What an adorable little thing he was, she thought, smacking her lips and cherishing his fear - her favourite. Basil looked so vulnerable, so delicate and brittle; his petrified face had a lovely freshness to it, despite everything she had subjected him to. His wings were so pretty - they were her favourite assets, tying him up in a neat little ribbon; she wouldn't dare injure them too badly. Admiring her little lover-boy was delightful, but she desperately wanted to get back into the fun. "Basil~"
  23. "Y-yes?"
  25. At the mere suggestion of a response she dropped her lavender breasts, crushing him and smothering his twiggy little body. "Basil, dear," Ciruna cooed, kicking her feet over her back playfully, "I'm a little disappointed in your performance tonight."
  27. The young fairy struggled underneath the weight of her gigantic tit; soft enough to envelop him but firm enough to be crushing and oppressive. Worst of all, he was pinned directly beneath her nipple. "I... I'm sorry!" he begged, gasping desperately.
  29. His beating chest felt delicious against her erogenous teat. She pinned down her plump lip and drank him up. "I'm sorry... who?"
  31. "I'm... sorry... Lady Ciruna!"
  33. "Good..." she purred. The succubus dripped arousal: pupils dilated, eyelids tightened, and, most apparent to Basil, hardened nipples - pressing him further into the sheets.
  35. "P-please... C-Ciru-"
  37. "Excuse me?!" she hissed at his impudence, pressing closer to him. How lovely he felt, his puny body brace and tickling her nipple, surely in agony... It was hard to retain her facade of outrage while brimming with delight.
  39. "*Lady* Ciruna!" he corrected, hands clasped together.
  41. Mercifully she pushed off, her great breasts dangling unsupported above her gasping little pet. Ciruna stalked over him and fell into a mass of pillows that sighed beneath her weight. She took the goblet again and sipped it, not letting Basil leave her gaze; judgmental, like a goddess. The drow was mesmerised by the rising and falling of his chest, and the barely noticeable glint in his eyes, pleading for her forgiveness. Deftly she grasped him between her prehensile toes; agile as all elves were, and unimpeded by her age. Toes to fingers, he dangled by his soft, limp arms, twitching and tender. "Anything you have to say?"
  43. "Th-thank you, Lady Ciruna," he whimpered.
  45. Aww, so cute! She was fluttering inside. "You're very much welcome... That said, I am still decidedly unsatisfied." The words dripped off the end of her sentence, both a cheeky suggestion and an ominous warning. The cute little fairy struggled to hide how much dread rippled through him, and the gigantic drow drank down that petrified expression. A tongue poked from between those plush, tasty lips; first to tease, but Ciruna couldn't help a taste - a drawn-out, decadent lick along his body. He was sealed like an envelope to be sent down, down, directly to where he rightfully belonged. All that bullying had gotten her into quite a tizzy, and, with a slight moan, he was inside. "Adorable!" she cooed. Only his head and the shiny tips of his gorgeous wings poked out from her slit.
  47. Basil cringed, the heavy scent of her juices was harsh on his nose. The view from between her supple thighs was terrifying - her gigantic body was like a vertical landscape of soft lavender, furnished by gorgeously rich skin, totally unwrinkled despite the hundreds of years she had lived. Lady Ciruna held the line of sight, blindly searching around the magnificent bed for a certain length of polished ivory...
  49. "Be a good boy and beat those wings for me," she purred, growled, and forced the tip inside. It slid in easily. She primed him deep within her, his perfect little body folded up tight inside. A warmth tickled the lower belly, spreading upwards, making her toes curl in the tastiest way. Ciruna traced along her skin, lip under tooth, finding that special spot her fairy hid beneath. She pressed down, just tenderly - turning on her little toy and making him beat his soaked, delicate wings for her pleasure. It was heavenly. Basil sent shivers shooting down her legs with his vibrations. "Goo~ood boy," she slurred, wobbling her head in smug satisfaction.
  51. Now with tiny beads of condensed musk all over it, the drow took the handle of the partially inserted toy and began to slowly work it back and forth. Like a prod to spur her other, deeper toy into action. Basil didn't stop his wings, he couldn't; everything so far was just fun for her entertainment, disobedience while in the throes of pleasure would be met with some very real punishment.
  53. His wings buzzed, tickling all along the walls of his enclosure. Rippling muscles contracted, the air was thick and painfully feminine; a deep burn in his lungs was debilitating. "Unf!" her lips smacked, and her deep voice rumbled in the distance. Poor, pitiable Basil was trapped; drowned amid a fleshy mountain. He begged for rest, just a little, just the tiniest time to recuperate the weak little wings that he'd never stop vibrating. Ciruna loved this far too much. A blunt, rigid thing bumped his head. 'Encouragement'. Gritting his teeth he beat even harder, pushing himself even further to the limits. "Good boy!" she moaned; her favourite epithet, as if it meant anything coming from her.
  55. Ciruna's cheeks almost hurt from the smiling. If it were at all possible she'd stay in this blissful state forever. Sprawled out on her gargantuan velvety bed, a pet deep, deep inside her, a goblet of her favourite wine. At her leisure she stroked and fondled herself, those tickles and blooms of warmth were like heaven. The lady always played a delicate game with her toys; this one was awfully fun to play with, and it wasn't wise to wear him down *too* much. That said... "Basil, if you do a good job... you'll have the whole week off."
  57. That made him go.
  59. The young man's delicate body was pushed to the limit. Everything ached, everything was dark, distant, alien. As he beat into the void she relaxed, and stroked the length of ivory back and forth. He was trying so very hard, hard enough to cause the gigantic woman to occasionally dig her slender fingers into the sheet. "Ooh~ Don't hurt yourself you silly thing," she giggled, rubbing her belly. Ciruna felt her climax mounting, and the delicious pace she kept her toy at was only increasing.
  61. Basil was going to be sore in the morning. In fact, he was sore right now. Quaking, rocking, beating all around; he forgot stillness, he was rattled to his core and burning all over. Each giggle and moan and 'good boy' she 'rewarded' him with just hurt him more. Drow were diabolical things. Pulsating contractions gripped him tight; those gossamer wings were hard to beat while doused with... her. A particularly deep plunge with her ivory member made her moan deeply, heaving out her chest. rolling back her eyes. She arched her back, letting the sweat drip off her womanly curves in her shivering. Mercifully, beautifully, Basil knew he could rest, and let those once pretty wings rest.
  63. Ciruna, panting and shiny, sprawled out and claimed as much of the bed she could. In the afterglow of her orgasm, she reached deep inside herself with a wince and snatched her poor little toy's ankle. Basil was drenched, totally limp, apparently almost dead. It was a sorry sight, which she adored. "Poor, poor thing~" she grinned. "Just rest, I'll get you some food and drink." She set him down gingerly, letting him rest on the slightly drenched bed. "We still have an entire night ahead of us."
  65. ---
  67. By the close of the night, Ciruna herself was tired, sitting on a long tally of orgasms. She slithered under the sheets, tossing Basil down before her. His unconscious, frail, battered excuse for a body would sleep here, at the feet of his owner, literally, in the tiny tent they formed. Ciruna remembered she promised him an entire week free of her... Well, she had no obligation to keep it. She sighed happily into her pillow, and playfully kneaded him under her still tingling toes.
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