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Feb 28th, 2016
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  1. Backstory:
  3. This all started almost two years ago, when over the course of a couple days I played multiple with Tomas Stastny (HR-Oskar). After we played the games, he asked if he could borrow my m4a4 Howl (mw). Because it's a name I know and recognize from the CZ/SK scene, and a big name in CS in general, I decided to let him use it for a bit. Needless to say, he sold the skin on the market, and blocked me. At the time they we're worth around 280-300$. Sure you can say that this is my fault, and I should have made this thread instantly and all that jazz, but I didn't want to pursue him, as he blocked me and I had no real way of reaching him to discuss the events.
  5. Fast forward maybe 10months, and I stumbled upon dev1's stream, while he was playing with Oskar. I managed to get dev1's attention, who then asked Oskar about it, (dev1 thought I was kidding, based on his tone). Oskar ended up adding me and explained that he was in a bad financial state, unemployed and whatnot. He said that he regretted it, and that he was sorry, and that he's a new person now. (I smell crocodile tears) I understand he needed money and he misused my trust to get some easy funds; fair enough, still a shitty move, but understandable. When I talked to him back then, he wasn't on HR, nor was he known due to FPL, and I since I thought that we won't ever break through, I didn't really see a way of
  7. After MLG's qualifier, I added him, and asked him to repay me for what he had stolen as he's seems to no longer be in a dire financial situation (This conversation is very recent, and therefore I linked it below). He stated that he doesn't have money to send me, and that he doesn't have skins to give away. If we look at his inventory It's easy to see, that he has plenty of valuable skins that he could give me in return for what he stole. Every rational offer or idea I gave him was reply with an excuse, calling me insane, or flat out ignoring me.
  9. Recent conversation here:
  11. Translation line by line here:
  13. Proof of trade:
  15. TL:DR Got scammed by a pro when he needed money, now that he has the money, he still refuses to return what he stole.
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