Andrew Michelmore. The epitome of American Education.

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Andrew Michelmore first Nathan who the hell are these people second if you guys are sophtmores im really ashamed to be a softmore third hitler died of natural causes fourth DaVinci is a lower level of society DHS is where its at|22 hours ago · Like ·  1 person
  4.                 Viesulas Sliupas Apparently DHS doesn't know what my good friend the "comma" is.|22 hours ago · Like ·  2 people
  6.                 Viesulas Sliupas or the apostraphe.|22 hours ago · Like ·  2 people          
  8.                 Viesulas Sliupas Or the period.|22 hours ago · Like ·  2 people              
  10.                 Andrew Michelmore no my keyboard just doesnt know what a comma is because the key is missing|22 hours ago · Like              
  12.                 Scott Isaac Connolly What about apostrophe? Also we're Juniors. I really hope you're trolling, Hitler died of natural causes?|22 hours ago · Like          
  14.                 Andrew Michelmore ya he did and it was a list lists dont have period|22 hours ago · Like      
  16.                 Andrew Michelmore and thats really sad if you guys are juniors|22 hours ago · Like            
  18.                 Viesulas Sliupas ‎*that's|22 hours ago · Like               
  20.                 Andrew Michelmore no offence|22 hours ago · Like           
  22.                 Andrew Michelmore u know what this is facebook i dont have to put every apostraphy or spell everything out ok u guys r just correcting my mistakes b/c you cant think of anything to say to that|22 hours ago · Like          
  24.                 Scott Isaac Connolly A list has commas, also you're misspelling a lot, also it's required in the business world you will eventually reach to have proper spelling and grammar as to portray yourself in a professional way, and all the practice you can get helps.|22 hours ago · Like ·  2 people               
  26.                 Scott Isaac Connolly Also I know exactly what to say. You can go straight to hell.|22 hours ago · Unlike ·  2 people 
  28.                 Andrew Michelmore DID YOU NOT READ WHAT I JUST WROTE|22 hours ago · Like           
  30.                 Scott Isaac Connolly I'll accept your caps lock, and raise you an apathy. I don't care. Go straight to hell.|22 hours ago · Like              
  32.                 Viesulas Sliupas I've enjoyed how this conversation has progressed.|22 hours ago · Like ·  2 people          
  34.                 Andrew Michelmore ‎@scott very poetic|22 hours ago · Like           
  36.                 Scott Isaac Connolly You may now take your rage to f7u12, where I will downvote it.|22 hours ago · Like               
  38.                 Andrew Michelmore naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah u kind lost it there|22 hours ago · Like             
  40.                 Andrew Michelmore whoops a key got stuck|22 hours ago · Like          
  42.                 Viesulas Sliupas You know there's a delete button?|22 hours ago · Like ·  2 people        
  44.                 Scott Isaac Connolly I didn't lose it. You just can't follow it.|22 hours ago · Like          
  46.                 Andrew Michelmore ya ik but i had already hit enter and you definitely lost the poeticness|22 hours ago · Like        
  48.                 Andrew Michelmore i dont think thats a word but wtv|22 hours ago · Like               
  50.                 Scott Isaac Connolly If I were trying to entertain you, you'd know it. You're just a moron who believes Hitler died of natural causes.|22 hours ago · Like ·  2 people               
  52.                 Andrew Michelmore ok ima leave now cuz this got really boring and its really funny how you guys still cant think of a good comeback in 21 minutes ok bye|22 hours ago · Like          
  54.                 Viesulas Sliupas Well, "ik" and "wtv" aren't words, but you didn't seem to mind.|22 hours ago · Like          
  56.                 Scott Isaac Connolly A comeback is something children do on the playground, this is a place for gentleman's verbiage only where we use remarks and retorts. The sole reason that you're so stupid you consider poisoning yourself in a bunker while being over run by the enemies forces is natural causes, doesn't mean we must sink to your level. tl:dr EAT A BOWL OF DICKS|21 hours ago · Like    
  58.                 Poya Toolongforyoutocare Hey guys what going on here...OH LAWD!!!|20 hours ago · Unlike ·  3 people          
  60.                 Stephen de Ropp my computer used to make a beep every time i got a notification...that function has since been disabled|3 hours ago · Like            
  62.                 Stephen de Ropp and Andrew Michelmore...everyone except nazis know that hitler shot himself and then had his body set on fire which i guess is natural for hitler but not so much for the rest of the world|3 hours ago · Like        
  64.                 Andrew Michelmore oh wait im confusing him w/ napoleon whoops|2 hours ago · Like      
  66.                 Andrew Michelmore oh wait im confusing him w/ napoleon whoops|2 hours ago · Like              
  68.                 Scott Isaac Connolly ‎...........HOW???|2 hours ago · Unlike ·  2 people           
  70.                 Stephen de Ropp i like how you called me my brothers name and said we should be ashamed...although then again everyone else who has commented on this except you has had a lot more education evidently|2 hours ago · Like            
  72.                 Stephen de Ropp also the fact that you thought we were sophomores when we are all at least a year if not several years older than you|2 hours ago · Like
  74.                 Andrew Michelmore oh ya thats cuz i thought u were ur brother and napoleon and hitler both tried to take over europe|2 hours ago · Like               
  76.                 Stephen de Ropp and that my friends is the beauty of the American education system...its also how magnets work|about an hour ago · Unlike ·  2 people        
  78.                 Viesulas Sliupas Yes Andrew. And so did the Holy Roman Empire.|about an hour ago · Like ·  1 person  
  80.                 Scott Isaac Connolly Speaking of which, the current Pope was a member of Hitler's Youth|about an hour ago · Like              
  82.                 Aidan Prien oh and Andrew, HITLER SUCCEEDED, if you didn't notice, seeing as Britain is an island, does ANDREW go to davinci? i sincerely hope not seeing as his kind of comments, and other inputs have shown a) typing, grammar, AND spelling aren't his strong points, meaning his career at DaVinci will be short, but not sweet.|25 minutes ago · Like   
  84.                 Aidan Prien b) seeing as this IS Facebook, everything being said and done can be seen by many people, including colleges, sadly to say, you've lost.|24 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person               
  86.                 Max McBride I figured what's wrong with Andrew:|17 minutes ago · Like         
  88.                 Max McBride
ens|17 minutes ago · Unlike ·  3 people
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