Chain 210: Stargate SG-1

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  1. Chain 210: Stargate SG-1
  3. Location: Jack O'Neill's Closet, Earth, 1997
  4. Age: 33
  5. Identity: Drop-In
  6. Drawbacks: [0] Jack's Closet
  8. [Free]      Theoretical Astrophysicist
  9. [100/1000]  Dead Men Tell Tales
  10. [400/1000]  Remember The Time You Blew Up a Sun?
  11. [1000/1000] You Are About To Explode
  13. Jack O'Neill, with his week-long leave from the USAF ending, opened his closet expecting to pull out his uniform and get ready to drive back onto the base. What he found, however, was that the back of his closet was missing and instead led out onto a sunny beach, complete with an ocean breeze blowing past him. He paused, closing the door, then opening it again.
  15. After deliberately pinching himself (and letting out a discreet "ow"), he looked up at the ceiling momentarily and asked, "Why is this my life?", before taking the obvious bait and walking through. It was likely fortunate that he was dressed in slacks and a t-shirt, seeing as it had been chilly even indoors what with it being winter back in Minnesota, because it was nice and toasty on the beach. He was bemused to see the beach was occupied, also, and his ears picked out Australian accents in the distant conversations. And meanwhile, set directly in his path, there were a pair of lounge chairs facing away from him - one occupied, one not, with a cooler in between. The occupant of the one chair - in beach attire that matched everyone else - looked over his shoulder at Jack before waving him over. And what else could he do? He came over and sat down. One of the weirder things he'd seen over the last couple of years, but somehow... not surprising.
  17. "Hey, Jack. Good to finally meet you, I've been looking forward to this for a while."
  18. >"Yeahsureyoubetcha. And you are...?"
  19. "Oh, right, sorry. Michael Cross. Guinness?"
  20. >"Don't mind if I do, but isn't it a little early in the morning?"
  21. "Eh, it's almost six in the evening here, we're a few miles from Sydney."
  22. >"Huh. Good to know. So, uh, what's the big idea?"
  23. "Figured you'd rather be on a beach than get yanked out of your bed. Anyways, I'm from way out of town. Technically I'm a god-"
  24. >"Whoa, whoa, whoa, come on now. We've already got enough snakes running around calling themselves gods, please don't jump on that bandwagon."
  25. "I said technically. By which I mean creation ex nihilo - though I'm not on the scale of six days on, one day off - but seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to call myself a god when people pray and I answer, they die and end up in the Elysian Fields and I pop in from time to time to walk around... we're getting off topic here though..."
  26. >"Riiight. When you say 'out of town'..."
  27. "Oh, completely different multiverse, different laws of physics. Anyways, my point is, if I'm a god of anything - besides being a patron of humanity - it's of being stubbornly persistent. And so when I came here, I ended up in your closet. Because... well."
  28. >"So this is literally God telling me I'm stubborn."
  29. "Not God, Jack, just a god, and not the one from around here - the way things work here are a little funky actually, but you've not given up even when by all rights you should. I'm not here to get worshippers, but if I was, you'd be a paragon of what I'd ask for."
  30. >"Thanks, I think."
  31. "Uh huh. So, I'll give you three boons. The first is the unlimited beer of your choice, the second is an endless meat locker."
  32. >"Huh. You know, I think I can get behind that sort of reward for being stubborn. So what's the third?"
  33. "The tools humanity needs to stay alive. In short: big honkin' space guns."
  34. >"Oh, I LIKE you."
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