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  2. charliDERPToday at 3:14 PM
  3. I was asked to stop
  4. Asked staff for answer
  5. Didn’t get an answer
  6. Then you mute me for no reason
  7. I send end of topic and smiths carried it on
  8. ShyfuToday at 3:15 PM
  9. You got an answer
  10. The answer was that you're not getting an answer. Supports have a reason for what they do. They don't need to justify it.
  11. charliDERPToday at 3:16 PM
  12. Nope
  13. ShyfuToday at 3:16 PM
  14. I didn't mute you for no reason, as you stated. I muted you for continuing to talk about the topic and challenge smiths when you were asked to stop.
  15. charliDERPToday at 3:16 PM
  16. I asked a different question
  17. Is it okay to be threatened and harassed
  18. ShyfuToday at 3:16 PM
  19. No
  20. At all
  21. charliDERPToday at 3:16 PM
  22. So why do you threaten and harass me
  23. If it’s not acceptable
  24. ShyfuToday at 3:16 PM
  25. I haven't threatened or harassed you a single time
  26. charliDERPToday at 3:16 PM
  27. Have you not?
  28. I will mute you
  29. Picking on me for no reason
  30. Got all the screenshots
  31. ShyfuToday at 3:17 PM
  32. Okay. You can report them to knightstorm.
  33. charliDERPToday at 3:17 PM
  34. Please explain why you go around threatening people with mutes
  35. I have
  36. And other staff members agree so it’s not just me so explain to me
  37. ShyfuToday at 3:17 PM
  38. I don't threaten people with mutes. I let them know they're gonna get muted if they continue to act as they are
  39. charliDERPToday at 3:17 PM
  40. You do threaten them
  41. I will mute you.. that’s threatening
  42. And when a user has done nothing wrong it’s harassment
  43. I’ve been in the server much longer than you and I know the rules and I understand what’s right and wrong... so I can push my limits and then watch you crumble lmao
  44. I’ll soon be unmuted good day
  45. Bye
  46. ShyfuToday at 3:19 PM
  47. Okay. I'm not very interested in arguing like this.
  48. Knightstorm is the support manager. If you have any complaints, you can DM him about it and he'll be use to resolve your issue.
  49. Thanks.
  50. charliDERPToday at 3:19 PM
  51. Don’t say thanks
  52. Wish I could say some shit to you
  53. Fuck me
  54. Id get banned for opinions though
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