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  1. SELECT  o.imeo, o.przo, z.policajac_rad_mbr,p.rad_ime,p.rad_prz, gp.nazgp, COUNT(z.mbrz) AS br_zivotinja
  2.         FROM ((osoba o INNER JOIN zivotinja z ON o.jmbg = z.osoba_jmbg) INNER JOIN policajac p ON p.rad_mbr = z.policajac_rad_mbr)
  3.            INNER JOIN granicni_prelaz gp ON gp.idgp = p.id_prelaz GROUP BY  o.imeo, o.przo, z.policajac_rad_mbr, gp.nazgp,p.rad_ime, p.rad_prz
  4.                 HAVING COUNT(z.mbrz) > 1;
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