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Feb 4th, 2020
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  2. hi and welcome to SCP-420J sever here is all the rules
  3. 1. Don't ask the mods or admins for stuff don't abuse others and there voice or how they act
  4. 2. Don't be that one guy that cheats bye hacking
  5. 3. Please Don't mic spam or ask for admin or mod
  7. 4. Don't kill your self when your a zombie if you do I or a mod or admnin would spawn you back in as a zombie in a black room for
  8. the whole round
  9. 5. Don't mic spam do it in the end of the game or start of the game
  10. 6. Don't be rude to mod or me the sever onwer or admins
  13. rules for the Admins
  14. 1. Don't abuse
  15. 2. Don't ask for a higher rank
  16. 3. Don't ask for owner
  17. 4. Don't try to take over me and try to get me to do what to do if you do i well give you a strike after 3 you admin are mod gets
  18. taken away
  19. 5. No spawning someone as a class only i do that
  20. 6. No spawning items only do that when a really lot of people are on
  21. 7. HAVE A LOT OF FUN
  24. email:
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