daily pastebin goal

h loki

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  1. F1
  2. B1, Take the SCP, do as much damage as possible, more damage = more skill cooldown!
  3. B2, leave greens and reds, take other colours to make cp/SCP - dont take them until Necro skill is up,
  4. use one necro skill and then attack.DONT kill
  5. Attack then kill
  7. F2
  8. Galois skill and prep cp/SCP
  9. Attack
  10. Necro skill
  12. B2
  13. Attack
  14. Attack (until galois 1 cd left)
  15. Should be killing this bar with fever. Should be killing this bar when Galois skill has 1CD left
  17. B3-
  18. Should be galois turn here.
  19. Loki skill, Galois skill, Necro skill and attack to kill
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