Childhood Friend - 02

Oct 5th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

소꿉친구 --- Publisher Link --- By Abyo4 & Bolp

Childhood Friend ~ Thanks to 'The Professor'

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Lee Hyun Ho (MC) [N/A] Single
Sujin (FMC) [N/A] Single
Hyun Ah Do (Sis) [N/A] Single
[N/A] (Mom) [N/A] Divorced

Chapter - 02

FMC's Doorbell FMC x MC

MC is standing in front of her door, waiting FMC's arrival.. She shows up and greets MC with a bit on indifference.. MC is narrating how their first meeting after such a long time was non-dramatic at all and was a bit helpless about this.. He says how they went to his house because they have to eat when the sun sets..

MC's Bedroom

He says how right now they're in is room..
FMC is all sweaty.. She's moaning and gasps for breath.. She shouts how it's finally done.. (They were moving his stuff)
He stands behind her and keeps looking at her.. She asks him if a man is usually so heavy loaded.. He's a bit annoyed and asks her if she really thought it was a lot and if she gonna complain like that she shouldn't have helped him and went back to her house earlier.

He says how she didn't even help him that much and passed her time to talk to him.. She gets triggered by what he just said and stands up saying how she'll give him a gift.

He's a bit surprised and asks her what she means by gift.. She looks at him playfully asking him to wait a bit because she has to pick it up. He wonders what's the matter with her gist, she makes a cute pose and says how he'll be deeply moved by her gift and will never expect something like that.


MC's Bedroom FMC x MC

They're siting on the floor while drinking beer cans.. MC thanks her for the fridge saying how it's really a good present and she wasn't lying when she said it's a 'moving gift'. He says how he never thought she'll buy him a mini-refrigerator and tell her how she's so unladylike like in the past and she haven't changed a bit.

She is a bit annoyed by his reasoning and asks him what's wrong with her gifting him a fridge. She says it's practical so it's a good thing while laughing. He tells her how it's true and says how he never thought she'll buy him something so cost-effective and feels relieved about that.

She gets it the wrong way and asks him what he's meaning by feeling relieved, he tells her how he's happy because she's still the same kind of person and feels relieved about this. He explains her how he doesn't know how he would have reacted if she was a new whole person..

He tells her how he's happy because she's still the 'Friend' he left when he went in another city 16 years ago and how she's still the same.

Meanwhile Mom and Sis are chatting in the living room.. Little sis says how she wants to join MC in his room and Mom says how she should let them alone at least for tonight.

FMC repeats the word 'Friend' and says how he changed a lot since their childhood and it's a bit annoying.. MC denies it saying how he didn't changed that much just like her.
She tells him how she changed a lot physically and MC asks her like where. She's taking an alluring pose saying how he already know because he kept staring at them since they met. She tells him her 'BOOBS'..

He bursts out laughing saying how it's a nice joke, she's pissed as fuck and asks him why he's laughing he says how it's part of her body who changed the least so it's pretty funny. She gets even more angry saying how it's not the same when you're looking at them and he should touch them because they're bigger than its look.
He laughs even louder saying how there should be something to touch first before asking him to feel them.

FMC grabs him by his shirt telling how he gets her angry (She calls him 'bitch' lol).. She urges him to feel her 'breasts' and he says how he'll do it.

MC narrates how it would be a big lie if he says he wasn't disappointed when he saw FMC's body and says how thinking of it afterwards he was really grateful she didn't change that much because it helped him to get back the relationship they shared together before..

MC's Bedroom MC x FMC

MC is waking up in his bed a bit confused, he looks around and notices a naked FMC, still asleep beside him and wonders what the fuck happened. He left his room saying how he didn't believe he did it with her.

Corridor MC x Mom

MC is walking towards the water closet saying how he doesn't believe he did it with someone so tomboyish and even worse he was drunk too..
He tries to deny what he just did with her saying how he's pretty sure they just slept together and nothing more. He says how he didn't drink that much so there is no way he would have forgotten what happened.. He says how she took off her clothes because she felt too hot during the night and he must've did the same thing..

He bumps into his gorgeous mother and greets her, she laughs asking if he slept well. She looks at her bare chested son and reprimands him a bit saying how he isn't living alone anymore and to wear something.
He apologizes saying it's a bad habit.. She cuts him off saying how in the future when he's the same kind of exercise, he should lower the noise they're making.. She laughs saying how she's rooting for him and FMC..

What his Mom just said was like an electroshock for him.. He starts to recall what happened between him and Sujin last night.. His Mom says how she doesn't mind the noise but it'll be a problem if Hyun Ah and her father heard something..
(TLN: I still think they're related but who knows.. She never said sister, daughter etc.. Same for the man she used 'her' Father not 'your'.. Well whatever..)

She asks him if he was wearing a condom while doing it and if not she could lend them a 'morning after pill' from her stock and to not worry too much.. He's still recalling what happened last night and doesn't pay attention to what his mother is saying. She asks if if he's listening while MC is thinking how he knows what happened now..

MC runs back to his room without answering his mother.. She calls him 'Little Demon' and thinks about what happened yesterday and how she hope he didn't hear her.. She recalls her wild night saying how because of MC and FMC loud moans her 'man' was really excited and they did it a lot last night like when they were young..

MC's Bedroom MC x FMC

MC enters in his room, he's sweating profusely while thinking how serious the situation his right now. He's waking up from his thought by FMC's soft voice.. He looks at her, afraid of her next reaction.. She tells him how she's feeling hot right now..

He looks at her sweating naked body asking himself if he really did it with Sujin..

To be continued..
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